Cape Town airport still operational after shooting

2014-05-28 20:38

Johannesburg – Operations at Cape Town International Airport have been unaffected by the shooting on Wednesday, according to a tweet from airport officials.

Four people were shot, one fatally, at Cape Town International Airport, Western Cape police said.

"I can confirm that one person was shot fatally and three were wounded and taken to hospital," police spokesperson Frederick van Wyk.

"That is the preliminary information. I am on my way to the airport," Van Wyk said.

On its official Twitter account the airport said it could confirm "an incident at an eatery which led to a fatality".

"The area has been cordoned off and declared a crime scene," it said on Twitter.

"This is a tragic event and our condolences go out to the friends and family.

"As it happened in a smaller section of the airport, other airport operations have not been affected."

More details were not immediately available.

  • Simon Goble - 2014-05-28 20:45

    "For people?"

      Anna-Marie Driver Boyce - 2014-05-28 21:00

      Someone died and three people are injured and all you are concerned about is a stupid spelling error. The world truly has gone made

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2014-05-28 21:13

      So what?

      Simon Goble - 2014-05-28 21:53

      It's a basic grammatical error that a reporter should not make... It has now however been corrected.

      Feik Mc Heither - 2014-05-29 00:07

      When it's breaking news, everyone wants to be the first to report and no time for that bull. This is not a 'who can write the best essay, best' contest. We get the idea, on the fly baba. Moving right along, SAPS should name and shame the cop who did this.

  • Sabine von Hase - 2014-05-28 20:47

    Is it that hard to spell four ? And I am not the first to pick it up...

      Anna-Marie Driver Boyce - 2014-05-28 20:59

      Someone died and three people are injured and all you are concerned about is a stupid spelling error. The world truly has gone made

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2014-05-28 21:14


      Bay Biscotti - 2014-05-28 22:03

      @Anna That is actually, "The world truly has gone mad". Thanks

      Feik Mc Heither - 2014-05-29 00:08

      who cares, we get the idea. The Earth won't stop moving

  • Errol Beggs - 2014-05-28 20:49

    'FOR' people? Who writes these articles?

      Anna-Marie Driver Boyce - 2014-05-28 20:58

      Someone died and three people are injured and all you are concerned about is a stupid spelling error. The world truly has gone made

      Armstrong Dreadnaught - 2014-05-28 21:14


      Wayne Hardaker - 2014-05-28 21:21

      Having deja vu here.....

      Feik Mc Heither - 2014-05-29 00:09

      Clearly this is Deja Vu night. What's wrong with you folks, lol

  • Sharon De Villiers Sillato - 2014-05-28 21:10

    Made lmao

  • Bridget Frances Ikin - 2014-05-28 21:11

    Is this possibly political?

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-05-28 21:31

      Yes. Build an international airport replete with security risks and then treat 98% of it as any other mall

  • Unathi Leonardo Belemsi - 2014-05-28 21:11

    still more shock stories are coming in our airports interms of security are very bad,i dnt understnd the are many police n securities there but the way they done their jobs its very unpleasant

  • Mthembeni Mathe - 2014-05-28 21:15

    I love the bloggers on news 24.....cwaaaaaaaa......

  • The Scribe - 2014-05-28 21:20

    I think it is time that firearm checks get done at the entrances to the airport building, not only at the boarding gates. Thoughts go out to the Loved Ones of those killed and injured.

  • Christopher Laurie - 2014-05-28 21:21

    oh would you people stop wining

      Tersia Louw - 2014-05-28 22:32

      Do you mean whining? Not the same thing...

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-05-29 00:45


  • Leeann Anthony - 2014-05-28 21:22

    Cape Town gets a very bad name overseas. Only airport in the world where people throw with poo. About the only airport in the world loosing international connections, and now the shooting, what only happens once or twice per year worldwide...

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-05-29 00:51

      Depends which 'overseas' you are referring to. I've travelled 3 continents since April and had many blank looks over "South Africa" but when I add "Cape Town" the interest, enthusiasm and anecdotes kick in. So many people have never ever been to South Africa, but have been to Cape Town :)

  • jamieleigh.brandes - 2014-05-28 21:33

    Besides it being a horrible tragedy, there are bigger security concerns here. If one can easily bring and use a gun at the airport, who's to say something more serious might not happen? They need to tighten security at the entrances of the airport now.

      Feik Mc Heither - 2014-05-29 00:11

      Not that security would have helped here though (detecting crime before it happened), the prick was a cop.

  • Abner Mophethe - 2014-05-28 21:34

    It was two people at first,now the list has grown to four,but this is still preliminary info on the incident........let's wait and c

  • Dumisani Jeyi - 2014-05-28 21:39

    Cape Town – One person has reportedly been killed and several injured during a shooting at Cape Town International Airport. ENCA reported that the shooting happened at a restaurant inside the airport on Wednesday evening. According to reports a man shot a woman before turning the gun on himself. A News24 user, William Scott, who was at the airport at the time said: “The shooter jumped over the Ocean Basket sushi bar and chased one of the ladies working at the back. She ran though the side door, just past where I was sitting, and the man following behind her pulled out his pistol. He stopped her right in front of the Ocean Basket entrance when he then shot her and followed to shoot himself in the head. Before I left the lady who was shot was still alive and was being helped by some older man.” Kathryn Swain tweeted: "A man went into Ocean Basket at the CT airport (husband/bf) and shot his gf/wife who was working there then shot himself in the head."#stolen

      Adrian Baillie-Stewart - 2014-05-28 21:53

      Great citizen-journalism! A developing story made meaningful by bystander (citizen) facts to enrich the quality of the report. Thanks.

  • Raymond Van Den Brink - 2014-05-28 22:00

    People carry on about one small typing error "Four" "For" and not about the lives lost or the image projected overseas and locally. People died, grow up/get-a-life and leave the one typo error.

  • zpeer1 - 2014-05-28 22:13

    Calm down people. It's just a normal day in RSA. Just so happened to be at the airport.

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-05-28 22:24

      By a police officer! Perfectly normal

  • Willie Uys - 2014-05-28 22:17

    Oh, Please!!!!! This nit picking on this news site is really getting to me. Many of these reports are done on the fly and although I would love to have everything perfect - Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!. Crawl back into bed wit a dictionary.

      lacrimosewolf - 2014-05-28 22:27

      Oh well no-one looks at the tag-line which in this story is SAPA. South African Press Association. Not N24. We are not a nation renowned for our rational or reading skills

  • Ayanda Nkosi - 2014-05-28 22:28

    It must be DA.

  • Jeffrey David Hamilton Walker - 2014-05-28 22:57

    News 19 minutes ago; Cop shoots 3, self at Cape airport ? so much for security, then you don't want legal gun owners to carry? Crazy. it's not guns that kill people, people kill people; gun ,knife bomb what's the difference, at least with a gun ,I stand a chance to protect myself and others, from Illegal gun carriers.

  • samuelbowker - 2014-05-29 08:49

    When will News24 grow up and become a real news source with actual pictures of the related subject? Enough of these meaningless stock photos.

  • DezLee - 2014-05-29 18:46

    Ungovernaility campaign! SAPS is under National Government. It's caused by economic refugees from Eastern Cape. 80% of the budget goes to poor communities. We asked Zuma to bring in the army - he refused. Its because of selective leaks from federal meetings.

  • Maryke Wright - 2014-05-29 20:22

    ALl happening becausethis Country is spinning out of control!

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