Cape Town brothels inspected

2011-08-31 16:59

Johannesburg - Four shebeens have been closed and 17 brothels inspected in Cape town, the city said on Wednesday.

The purpose of the operation was to ensure compliance with the city's by-laws and address the community's concerns, said spokesperson for the city's specialised law enforcement services, Nathan Ladegourdie.

In a joint operation with the police, the liquor enforcement unit inspected 40 liquor outlets and issued 46 fines totalling R36 700 for various offences

A total of 17 brothels and prostitution "hot spots" were also inspected, Ladegourdie said.

He said the unit would focus its efforts on suspected brothels in suburban areas in the coming days.

  • - 2011-08-31 18:40

    Can anybody in the D.A run City of Cape Town please explain this? PROSTITUTION is ILLEGAL. Brothels are filled with PROSTITUTES. I see nothing in the article about PROSTITUTES BEING ARRESTED. I see nothing in the article about the BROTHEL OWNERS BEING ARRESTED. Who is not doing their duty then? If a peace officer/police officer/law enforcement official is aware of a crime being committed, and does nothing about it, he/she is also guilty in the eyes of the law. Explanations anybody? Premier Helen Zille? Mayor Patricia De Lille? Commissioner Arno Lamoer?

      craig - 2011-09-01 08:24

      Prostitution like everything else is only illegal if it’s unlicensed i.e. not paying tax. That’s the only thing the government is concerned with (getting a cut of the action). Cigarettes are legal but there’s a huge campaign to get rid of illegal cigarettes, and why are they illegal? Because it’s not taxed.

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