Cape Town club owner found dead

2012-02-07 15:47

Cape Town - The owner of a nightclub in Green Point, Cape Town, was found dead in his house on Tuesday, reports said.

Foul play is apparently suspected.

EWN stated the man was found by his domestic worker at his Sea Point home.

On Monday night, neighbours had apparently heard noises coming from the man’s house.

The nightclub is popular hang-out for members of the gay community.

  • Justin - 2012-02-07 15:49

    hate crime??

  • thedobrev - 2012-02-07 15:52

    Rational explanation: trafficking of anything illegal + money element

      Josh - 2012-02-07 16:20

      Just like a huge percentage of club owners in SA and particular in CT. How is this different to someone like Lolly Jackson?

      David - 2012-02-07 16:20

      Or perhaps think a little harder... perhaps a drug cartel wanted into his property, or perhaps a bouncer/security syndicate wanted into his property or they wanted protection money and so on and so forth and he said no... so i would suggest not making it sound as if he were the instigator of his own death. Rationally thinking of course...

  • Marion - 2012-02-07 15:53

    Sad that the neighbours heard noises coming from his house and didn't ask the police to investigate. They must have been loud for the neighbours to have heard them. Better to call the police out for a false alarm than not to call them out at all.

  • Remona - 2012-02-07 15:56

    RIP Bruno...

  • Aaron Nkosi - 2012-02-07 15:59

    I wonder what influences are behind his death - the truth will preveil

      Chris - 2012-02-07 16:04

      Three letters... SPS

  • Hermann - 2012-02-07 16:00

    Drug crime?

  • Chris - 2012-02-07 16:02

    Really sad to read... RIP Bruno

  • cheryl.kristiansen - 2012-02-07 16:04

    Why, because he was apparently gay, is it ok to make jokes about his death? This was a human being, a member of society who was brutally killed but thats ok because he was gay?? Whats teh matter with you guys? Why are you so concerned about what someone else does in his bedroom? Sis on you!

      Josh - 2012-02-07 16:09

      Don't jump to conclusions Cheryl. The chap was killed in his house. That suggests that it was something other than a hate crime. Not to say it is not, but chances are it was something apart from being gay if it was in his own house.

      Josh - 2012-02-07 16:10

      The fact that you jumped to the conclusion it was a hate crime suggests that yo are the one who needs to check ur perspective. Perhaps it was just a crime?

      David - 2012-02-07 16:24

      Wake up Josh...Chery was clearly concerned at the crazy statements above as though killing a gay man is fine and in fact read the above comments and if you never came to that conclusion get a kettle and find a pot.

      cheryl.kristiansen - 2012-02-07 16:27

      Thank you David, that is exactly my point, people are making jokes about a gay mans death (Assuming he is gay) At no point did I say it was a hate crime.

      terrance.oelsen - 2012-02-08 12:50

      You know Josh. You are just one lonely soul. I bet you this man did more for his comunity, that you have ever done.

  • J-Man - 2012-02-07 16:10

    Wow..some of the comments on here are just Its sad that in this country, to some, your life is worth nothing if you don't share the same beliefs/sexual preferences/color/ etc. And all of this based on assumptions. Wow.

      Danny - 2012-02-07 16:28

      Agreed. Some of the comments on here are so narrow minded, backward and bigoted that they beggar belief. We may think that we have the most wonderful ability to discuss various issues and current affairs but the fact is that a lot of people in this country, educated and non-educated, are so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to understanding social acceptance and responsibility it's unreal.

  • Bryan - 2012-02-07 16:10

    Clearly he was up to something no good.. However, seems we have a bunch of bigott's around here! Pretty sad that you guys joke about someone getting murdered.... He is still someones son/friend/partner....A$$holes!

  • Jymiro - 2012-02-07 16:15

    Those who have an anti gay/lesbian mentality are no different to MUGABE.

  • E=MC2 - 2012-02-07 16:17

    hahahahaha ok this TOPS the top 10 vague list for 2012 so far! "apparently suspected." Can i have a job please new24?? pleeeaaase?!?

  • melanie.christie2 - 2012-02-07 16:19

    which club?

      Robbie - 2012-02-07 16:50


  • terrance.oelsen - 2012-02-08 12:59

    This show's you how sick our world is. God created us to love each other, and then you get people as you would see in these comments, SICK. Bruno we are going to miss you a lot. May your soul R.I.P.

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