Cape Town policeman shot dead

2013-03-19 07:47

Cape Town - A police officer stationed at Gugulethu police station was attacked and fatally wounded in Nyanga Vlei informal settlement at about 18:25 on Monday.

According to police spokesperson Tembinkosi Kinana, the deceased policeman, in his early 30s, was off-duty at the time.

He was visiting a local panel beating workshop at Allies' Place when three unknown males appeared.

They demanded a firearm and then shot and killed him. They then took his service pistol and fled the scene.

The officer, whose identity is being withheld until his next-of-kin have been informed, died at the scene.

A case of armed robbery and murder has been opened, and no arrests have been made.

  • Sicelo Mawawa Babscidoh Hlwele - 2013-03-19 07:57

    Its just so bad to be a cop in Cptwn koz you'r like an animal to people you serve koz of not knowing who wanna kill u,why nt Saps build barracks in town and cops only go to twnship whn on-duty

      megala arxithia - 2013-03-19 08:11

      And there we have it folks....a comment (in badly spelt English) from the product of the ANC's education policy.

      Silenta Solly - 2013-03-19 08:21

      Wow Megala, its good to know we have a white sangoma on this blog..... can you please throw your bones and tell me where i will be in 5 years time seeing that you threw your bones and knew that Sicelo is a product of the ANC education policy and you are not

      John Loveland - 2013-03-19 08:30

      If he was off duty and going about his private business why did he have his service pistol with him??

      Nkiti George Lebudi - 2013-03-19 11:00

      Megala, there is no master of pronounsation,don't come with that attitude here, A man has lost his life,hisfamily is in mourning and u think we a playing here,keep your good english to yourself.

  • Don Gumede - 2013-03-19 07:57

    Police killings will have to be stopped by us all. What's your role?

      Kobus Basson - 2013-03-19 08:45

      Its iminent... we are at war. eye for an eye, bullet for bullet.

      Omnivore - 2013-03-19 09:49

      My role is not going around killing and robbing people, including police.

  • Stavious Mamatepa - 2013-03-19 07:58

    R.I.P Mate....wheres the death penalty Zuma?

  • Bongiwe Bongie Mabongz Dlutu - 2013-03-19 08:04

    Its not that police does not do their jobs but South Africans have unknown anger towards police, lets protect them,Goverment must do somethn 2 protect them.

      david.luis.9822924 - 2013-03-19 08:25

      Bongiwe, "Unknown agner" my @ss!!! the SAPS abuse citizens (I stopped and assisted a lady that was knocked down by a car, called the cops and ambulance only to have a snotty cop threaten to arrest me when I told him that the lady should be moved to the nearest hospital without delays) these days the cops openly commit crime in while in uniform, steal and sell drugs and guns to criminals, the list is long, but this is not "unknown"

  • phosa.peter2 - 2013-03-19 08:12

    Off-duty but carrying a Gun, for what, maybe the officer was selling the Gun to the gangs , trying to show them how it(gun) works the bullet went off by mistake..suppose.

  • Marnus Human - 2013-03-19 08:19

    you all mis the point! They demanded a firearm and then shot and killed him. They then took his service pistol and fled the scene. so who was the dumb ass that gave them the gun and why did he have his service pistol with him if he was off duty?

      Candess Frans - 2013-03-19 08:56

      Marnus plz keep ur silly comments 2 urself, I knw ths police officer, nd he ws da mst generous man eva. Dnt u dare insult him!!!! RIP Fransie!

      Nkiti George Lebudi - 2013-03-19 10:31

      Marnus, pls make yourself a favour and keep your stupid thoughts to yourself,U really are a dump,would u have said that rubbish if this police man was your brother? Think before u open your mouth.

      nkosikhonorman.ludidi - 2013-03-21 07:25

      human police officer is always on duty 24 hour........

  • Tshisamphiri Albert Muleba - 2013-03-19 08:23

    Cop killing, Cops killing civilians by dragging them with their cars or beating them to palp, it is all the same. This is tit for tat. U slap on the face, I punch u back with much force.

      Vumile Jijana - 2013-03-19 08:53

      Can't believe that a normal person can comment this way when a human being has lost his life , u should be staying with dogs coz u don't sound like a human being , wish it was one of your family members, u got a dirty heart

      simon.selahla - 2013-03-19 09:21

      Your idiotic comment displays that you are one of those people who are against justice and peace in this country, you will need to wake up and improve.

      Nkiti George Lebudi - 2013-03-19 09:46

      There is no excuse 4 a loss of life,if mido was your brother and a police man shot in cape town was your father would u say what u have just said?

  • Sphelele Msomi - 2013-03-19 08:32

    marikana kiyona

  • CommonSense - 2013-03-19 08:40

    Condolences to the Police Officers family. Hopefully the cops catch the killers and recover all the firearms concerned.

  • Linda Horsfield - 2013-03-19 08:54

    My commiserations to his family. This is just another example of what happens when people are granted unlimited rights without corresponding responsibility. Every SA citizen, no matter how uneducated or illiterate, knows that the constitution grants them the right to basically do whatever they want. This sense of entitlement has been aggravated by the banning of corporal punishment and the anger that the promises made by the ANC in order to be voted into power havent been met. Before the first democratic elections the ANC promised that their voters would enjoy all the same benefits that the White had - and all for free. i.e. free housing, water, electricity, education, medical treatment etc etc etc. People are now angry because they are still living in squalor and not the land of milk and honey..... Its clear to me that the fight was not for democratic freedoms - but rather the fight was to gain access to the nations wealth. All the former "freedom fighters" live like royalty, whilst a lot of those who voted them into power are worse off than before. This anger, coupled with a total lack of respect for authority, is the reason why SA has the highest murder rate in the world - and it wont get any better until the government starts to enforce the rule of law and admits that it lied in its election campaign. As there is zero chance of this, SA citizens will continue to live in fear whilst the politicians use our money to provide themselves with 24 hour security guards.

  • Vumile Jijana - 2013-03-19 08:58

    May his soul rest in peace , we know for the fact that people will have something to talk about as long as the police officer died, it seems as if when a cop dies it doesn't count to a stats of dying people in SA,some will even find excuses by asking some stupid questions , y was he carring a gun while off duty none of one's bussiness, I really feel sorry to the family coz no one will be happy loosing his brother,father or friend .

  • Janet Butler - 2013-03-19 09:01

    Shocking When is something going to be done wrt all these frikken murders....Eish!

  • Candess Frans - 2013-03-19 09:07

    Ai Fransie,wen I heard da news last nyt I was shocked, I still am. I hpe they found those bastards nd let them rot in jail!!!!!

  • Mncedisi Pride Blakfesi - 2013-03-19 09:11

    To carry a gun(be it a service,a personal or a stolen one) show or make it known that you have or own a gun,in C/T,is an invitation to be robbed,killed and/get injured (if you are lucky).The gun does not scare robbers in this part of the world but incite them.I strongly believe that his death was directed to him because but because he happened to carry a gun.For fearing that they might be recognised by their victim,in future,they decided to kill him.That is the mentality of the thugs in C/T.If they rob you,for instance,be prepared to die whether they get what they want or not.Those who stay in C/T and especially in the townships will attest to what I'm sharing with you.As for the place where the guy was killed,it is well known that is where all kinds of criminals hide.I blame the western cape government for keeping that place for so long .A lot of fatalities,hijackings,robberies,rape cases happen there.That is a high risk area.

      Mncedisi Pride Blakfesi - 2013-03-19 09:36

      ADDING-his death was not directed to him because he was a policeman but because he happened to carry a gun.

  • Parrot Mashau - 2013-03-19 09:18

    If it waz police wu kil suspect dy wr gng 2 tok rubish

      Leslie Erasmus - 2013-03-19 11:09

      You were saying?

      Leslie Erasmus - 2013-03-19 11:09

      You were saying?

  • Michelle Ross - 2013-03-19 09:32

    Very sad. Condolences to family

  • Quinton Roelfse - 2013-03-19 09:34

    david its strange 4 a person or let me say it like this u talk all this bullsh about da cops u 4get when u gna be in need of a cop u gna call em as quik as u can 4ther assistnce or help bt inda meantime u mke stupid comments of em.evryone is in need of da cops

      Vido Jelashe Mbutuma - 2013-03-19 14:49

      What goes around,comes around!as Long they still kill innocent people,they're be killed too!so it go!!

      Aphinda Mxatule - 2013-03-19 18:31

      Haibo yintoni ingxaki yabantu namapolisa they are doing their job kuteni abantu bewazonda

  • Nkiti George Lebudi - 2013-03-19 10:02

    Police officers in this country must be killed then its fine,but when they kill there is too much noise,let the noise be on both sides but not on one side only,nevertheless SA is a killing ground,I have Relocated in Botswana.

  • Ndivhu Ramz Ramaru - 2013-03-19 10:46

    If a police officer kill de criminal,ppl refer the matter as violation of human rights.but an officer killed it is not violation of human rights,no one will protest against the killer so that he don't get bail.

  • Willem Mulder - 2013-03-19 11:04

    So what happened to my post, News24?

  • Ntobane Setabola - 2013-03-19 11:18

    Why mourn a cop? They kill people also and are paid to be killed

      riotousr - 2013-03-19 13:02

      What a high level of thinking. Sophisticated and refined, I tell you. I appreciate civilised people like you. Where do you come from? You must be the brightest missing person from your village. They do, they really, really, miss one of their own. Genius.

  • Happy Dikgopo - 2013-03-19 11:26

    What would have been if he short them???????police brutal shoooooting.

  • Puli Seleisi - 2013-03-19 12:21

    @Ntabane Sebapola are you for real? What is the meaning of what you just said?? that he deserve to die? You are inhuman and you should manage your stupidity. A human being lost his life here, but because you are inhuman you don't feel any pain. I have never in my life seen a job description saying that you are to kill NEVER, SO you tell me where you saw it. R.I.P and wish those trash be found they are also inhuman and shouldn't be among us.

  • riotousr - 2013-03-19 12:57

    What a refreshing and stimulating hobby.

  • Simphiwe Spijo Nxumalo - 2013-03-19 13:14

    the war is on no mercy I don't care what the Minister and the community...

  • DezLee - 2013-03-19 14:02

    Yip..Cape Town..This City Works for You!

  • Yvonne Snyman Hurley - 2013-03-19 14:52

    Did they say An OFF DUTY officer with a SERVICE PISTOL. These pistols are what the killers WANT. By law they should hand in their pistols, get changed into civilian clothes and then leave work - they will all be safer and the criminals will be none the wiser if they dont know what work you do!

  • Alicia Adams - 2013-03-20 10:32

    He is leaving behind two daughters a mom, dad, two sisters and a brother eish he was such a good person he did not deserve this

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