Cape Town seeks to control local trains

2012-02-14 15:35

Cape Town - Plans are under way to transfer local passenger rail services to the City of Cape Town from the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa), the city said on Tuesday.

Rail formed part of the city's plans to create an integrated public transport system, with buses and minibus taxis, councillor Brett Herron said.

He said Transport Minister S'bu Ndebele approved the city's proposal to manage passenger rail in December, in order to better integrate all forms of public transport.

"It is extremely important for the city and for our residents that there is a substantial improvement in the quality, frequency, reliability and safety of this (rail) service," Herron said.

The city should be given full management authority, along with the rail subsidy, to plan, manage and fund the service.

Still under discussion

Prasa spokesperson Nana Zenani said the matter was still under discussion.

"There has not been an agreement," she said.

The transport department was not immediately available for comment.

On Monday, Beeld newspaper reported that the government was considering handing control of passenger train services from Prasa to cities.

Deputy Transport Minister Jeremy Cronin said the government wanted cities to develop a comprehensive transport system, taking into account buses, trains, minibus taxis and other means of transport.

"Our cities are expanding at an ever accelerating pace. The government expects that by 2030, 70% of South Africans will be living in cities, and it is therefore important to develop systems that can keep pace with this level of growth," he reportedly said.

Public transport should be integrated with the development of settlements and industries.

Currently, cities were responsible for city planning, but had no control over metro train services, which complicated co-ordination.

Cronin said Metrorail passenger services formed an integral part of city infrastructure.

Thus far, Cape Town and Durban's systems looked as though they would be the easiest to transfer from Metrorail to city authorities.

The government was still discussing the financial and logistical details with Prasa, Cronin said.

  • Bardy - 2012-02-14 15:49

    CPT rocks!!!

  • Citroes - 2012-02-14 15:51

    If City of Cape Town manages the trains as well as the My Citi buses, then things are going to go much better. The buses are running very well and we've reduced our petrol bill by quite a margin because they're reliable and on time.

  • Henri - 2012-02-14 15:58

    i like i like i like !!!!!!!!!!!

  • the_gob - 2012-02-14 16:09

    Hope they get it and transform MetroFAIL, very optimistic though, cause if its run like all other service in CPT then its a win for us.

  • !r!3 - 2012-02-14 16:14

    Nevermind on time, try atleast putting one train guard on a single train, since the prices of tickets almost doubled to apparently pay for the very FEW train stations that have been redone and for more train guards to be on the trains... uhm i think i have seen 3 train guards on a train since they promised this... Also PLEASE get rid off these damn rude and annoying preaches that are on the trains, they shout and need to learn some english before making speeches(thought preaching in public is illegal anyway)There are also MANY people who get in the metroplus carriages but most dont even have tickets because nobody seems to care!!! and thats just the tip of the ice berg........

      Abisali - 2012-02-14 22:33

      @Iris (sans the *l33t spelling) so much evil and crime in your country and you complain about those preaching God's Law? And since when is preaching God's Law in public illegal? You don't like it? Move to China!

  • pmbadenhorst - 2012-02-14 16:16

    thats great news because getting guards and CC tv up to catch the idiots who burned the last 8 coaches in 2011 should be a lot cheaper than buying a new coach each time...

  • llewellync1 - 2012-02-14 16:53

    thats good news

  • Malcolm - 2012-02-14 17:05

    Yes Please!

  • marina.poniatowska - 2012-02-14 17:55

    Would be interesting to see how things improve with this move.

  • lionwood - 2012-02-14 18:43

    17 trains cancelled today during afternoon peak time in Cape Town! PRASA's slogan "Be Moved" should be changed to "We only move our bowels"

  • JohnSA02 - 2012-02-14 21:07

    About time something started to happen. I cannot believe we are still running a system that has essentially not been upgraded for decades. The Strand / Cape Town line, well, the others two, cannot continue as single track lines, where trains have to wait for others to pass. And not to speak about the trains and overcrowding. And on the Metro Rail website, all they can say is that overcrowding is an international occurrance. Crap. Where is their planning for the future? They, Metro rail cannot even cope with the present. Hopefully the city will be able change this.

  • isabel.defaria - 2012-02-15 18:14

    Excellent news hopefully things will be organised most important is the access control people standing between carriages is a no no. I travel daily between Stikland and Koeberg and today for the first time I actually saw two school kids standing between carriages "shocking" as the youngest looked no older than 12 and was barely holding on. The train situation has been exceptionally bad on my line in the past two weeks and continues as at today. Cape talk radio has been reporting on trains for weeks and it makes me mad when ignorant people who have never used public transport or do so 30 yrs ago comment that they agree that schools should lock out pupils who arrive late many have no other means of affordable transport.

      Marlize Gerber - 2013-06-13 12:58

      Hi Isabel, I am trying to reach you urgently.. regarding the poor news report that were published on News24. Could u please email me urgently at My sincere condolences for your loss.

      Marlize Gerber - 2013-06-13 13:00

      Hi Isabel, I am trying to reach you urgently.. regarding the poor news report that were published on News24. Could u please email me urgently at My sincere condolences for your loss.

  • Abigail - 2012-02-23 16:57

    It needs to happen! Prasa is clearly not doing a good job.

  • alfred.willie - 2012-05-08 09:59

    Forsure, that will never be like today. These guys they don't care and they don't want to take a full responsibility instead they use negligence as they motto.\r\nMoney, is their song but service delivery no.\r\nYou can see how rude are all the people who are working there as if they are from one mother.\r\nRecently, I wanted to buy a ticket in lavistation but unforsunately the ticket selling window was closed.\r\nWhen I arrived at nolungile, these people they didn't want to listen in anything I want to say, they wanted money and after I paid this money I was,t given a ticket instead they show me the gate. What to nothing.\r\nYou buy monthly, trains are delaying to take a taxi when you come back you have to pay why did you paid the taxi . Wow, south africa is like a hell.

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