Cape Town woman vanishes

2012-02-08 13:49

Cape Town - Police, family and friends are frantically hunting for a 55-year-old woman from Tokai in Cape Town who went missing without a trace three days ago.

Geneva Vietri was last seen on Monday evening at her house in Stonehurst Mountain Estate, her daughter Candice Vietri told News24.

“Police and sniffer dogs have thoroughly searched the estate [and] divers have searched the dam,” Candice said. Despite this, not a trace of her mother has been found.

A police helicopter was also involved in the search.

Vietri had also left all her belongings behind, including her cellphone and bag. She also left her car at home.

Candice did not know what her mother was wearing when she went missing but says she weighs about 56kg, is 1.7m tall, tanned and has blue eyes and short dark hair.

It was Vietri’s birthday on Tuesday.  

Anyone with information can phone Constable Shaun Mostert at 082 522 1216 or on 021 787 9000 at the Muizenberg police station.

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  • renejupp - 2012-02-08 14:02

    Hope she is found unharmed!

      Angela - 2012-02-08 14:43

      Second that Rene. Strength to the family. She will be in our prayers.

      Joan - 2012-02-08 14:48

      Yes I agree Rene, let her have just lost her memory or something like that. Not harmed, I Just hope she is OK. xxx

      dumisiledee - 2012-02-08 14:51

      Wishing for her safe return and unharmful one. This is really sad

      SGL - 2012-02-08 15:02

      Who on earth are the sick people giving thumbs down to these comments!!! I agree Renee, hope she is found unharmed. Prayers go out to her, her family and friends.

      kyle.boshoff - 2012-02-08 15:05

      @SGL I was thinking the same thing!

  • Stan - 2012-02-08 14:23

    has blue eyes? those eyes look green...

      Gregory Wells-Clifton - 2012-02-08 14:32

      Where is pic?????

      violet.bossut - 2012-02-08 14:59

      Does it matter what colour her eyes are she is MISSING and her daughter is frantic.

      Daniël - 2012-02-08 15:01

      Your sure are a stupid idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Makatikamusona - 2012-02-08 15:22

      @violet.bossut - yes eyes matters as they helps in identifying the person, I could identify most of my friend by their eyes. But I am not sure about when they are closed

      Makatikamusona - 2012-02-08 15:45

      @ivan.coetzee2 what is your point broer? It does not matter the color of one's skin, I bet you think all black people's eyes are the same. Well let me educate you and you don't have to pay a single cent for this. No single person on earth has identical eyes, just like the finger print, there you go you can now educate your children as well tell them you got that one from me

  • Dumblabrat - 2012-02-08 15:22

    OMG how weird! haven't seen her for years and actually didn't recognise her pic here. Do hope she is found and that it was all just a false alarm.

  • Brenda - 2012-02-08 16:20

    Geneva is the kindest most caring person and friend. Im just so happy for her and her family that she has been found. Yay

  • rory21 - 2012-02-08 16:58

    Quote from Candice's FB page Dear all! My moms been found on the mountain alive!!! Very weak and dehydrated and she has been air lifted to hospital!! Thank god and everyone for their support!!!!

  • Candice - 2012-02-09 10:48

    To everyone who has posted nice comments, thank you. My mother is still unconscious but alive, and that's all that matters at this point. For those of you who clearly have NOTHING better to do, than to sit on the internet writing horrible, rude comments, please remember that people like me (her daughter) has to read these comments. Put yourself in my families position, and think about what you would like people to say about your mom if she went missing. my mom is amazing, and is the kindest person in the world.

      alan.pio - 2012-02-09 11:58

      Well said Candz! I seriously hope nothing bad happens to any of these idiots own mothers! Just saying....

  • schoeman.charlene - 2012-02-09 11:26


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