Car ignores red light, taxi rolls

2012-02-23 13:36

Pretoria - Seventeen people were injured when their minibus taxi rolled in Pretoria on Thursday morning, Gauteng police said.

Captain Marrissa van der Merwe said an Audi ignored a traffic light and drove through an intersection. The taxi tried to avoid the Audi and rolled, hitting another taxi.

Paramedics arrived to find passengers strewn across the roadway.

They were treated on the scene and were taken to various hospitals.

The driver of the Audi sustained minor injuries.

- Were you there? Send us your eyewitness accounts.

  • Typersa - 2012-02-23 13:45

    Mmmmm, this kinda thing happens when the taxis try and push to get infront of everyone and then goes when the light isn't green yet.... But yeah, shame on the Audi driver for jumping the light too

      MandrewZA - 2012-02-23 13:51

      I think a lot of CHOPS on the road. Report them at

      Coral - 2012-02-23 14:20

      Dear Typersa, i think you'll see that this was NOT the taxi's fault (for a change) and i'll be the first person to tell a taxi driver what an idiot he is but in this case its the Audi driver that almost wiped out a whole lot of people!!!

      garth.stuurman - 2012-02-23 14:32

      I have to agree with Typersa here. I've seen on numerous occasions where Taxi drivers are already half through an intersection when there is no green light for them to go yet. But also, the driver of the Audi should have stopped and all this could have been avoided.

      Hugh - 2012-02-23 14:40

      Could be the Audi went through a changing orange light while the taxi went on red as per usual. My concern is for the passengers, They take their lives in their hands every time these idiots take to the road. My sympathies to them as they have no alternatives

      Typersa - 2012-02-23 14:49

      Mmmmm, the people disliking my comment obviously use the Gautrain as they have no idea how taxi drivers drive. But yeah, nowhere did I say that it was the taxi's fault. So yeah, dislike my comment, but you all know they do it

      Josh - 2012-02-23 14:59

      The Audi driver is an idiot no question, BUT when 17 PEOPLE are in the taxi designed to hold HOW MANY? without SEAT BELTS? going HOW FAST? to roll and THROW OUT 17 PEOPLE. Use ur brains peeps.

      elspeth.hassall - 2012-02-23 15:04

      @ the article....TWO taxis were involved thanks to ONE stupid Audi driver!!

      Gavin - 2012-02-23 15:06

      Typersa, when you have learnt to read logically then feel free to comment. Why do we always blame the taxi driver even if he has nothing to do with it. A car driver endangered 17 lives and should be charged!

      Sharon - 2012-02-23 15:09

      I'd say its one for the record books!! An innocent taxi driver, wow never would have believed it!

      Thuthuka - 2012-02-23 15:17

      Are you guys serious?

      Ebon - 2012-02-23 15:30

      The irony of course is that it was the taxi industry that pioneered this behaviour of jumping red lights... The bottom line is that people think it is clever to ignore the safety margins built into traffic laws. They squeeze into gaps that aren't there, stop late at red lights, go early on green lights. All this "innovative" driving saves little bits of time here and there, but in the end it ups the risk of accidents.

  • Vicker - 2012-02-23 13:48

    Now lets not go and politicisize this, see...

      dumisiledee - 2012-02-23 14:13

      Why not? everything is politicized!

      Schmee - 2012-02-23 14:55

      He probably forgot that he didn't have his blue light flashing.

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-02-23 15:08

      Audi drivers must not come with their tendencies ! This is a revolutionary intersection .

  • Hazel - 2012-02-23 13:49

    I somehow think the taxi also didn't stop at the intersection.

      Deon - 2012-02-23 14:03

      It sounds like it was green, but nowadays it is best to drive slowly through intersections. For once it seems the Taxi('s) was not at fault here.

      dumisiledee - 2012-02-23 14:13

      Why would it stop Hazel cause the robot was green for the taxi driver? eish!

      Michael - 2012-02-23 14:55

      @Deon-I agree with you,that's what i do as well, you can't rely on the traffic lights to stop people. As the lights turn green for you, you look left and right while taking off. There are emergency vehicles that don't make noise but have their lights on,indicating they want to go through and there are those pedestrians who run accross infront of you just before take-off and these guys who jump the lights. You're not just driving your car but all these other cars too.@Hazel-I also had the same impression about the taxi, not necessarily to fully stop but slow down before the intersection. You'd find that the lights were on amber 5 seconds before the audi reached the intersection but instead of stopping in the middle he just thought let me go through and the taxi driver comes through at 80kmh looking at the audi side's traffic light and he just spoons down anticipating a green light soon and when they collide he looked correct. I'm not saying the AUDI was correct nor the taxi was wrong but these are juts possibilities. Anything is possible when a taxi is involved.

      Hazel - 2012-02-23 16:08

      Michael for president :)

  • Selebaleng - 2012-02-23 13:51

    I saw the accident this morining while I was driving to work. It was a badly smashed silver grey Audi and a taxi that was on its back, overturned. It was horrible. The Audi airbags spread inside the vehicle. And I thought to myself, imagine if thagt Audi hit me with Chev Spark. Mmmmm!!!

      Randomhero6661 - 2012-02-23 15:00

      cool story bro...

  • Xysecret - 2012-02-23 13:51

    I dropped my daughter to school today and as I approached the traffic light it turned orange so I stopped but there was a taxi behind me , and he hooted and started making hand signs that I didnt go through the red light , then when the lights turned green he crossed into the opposite lane and over took me at the lights , So I can imagine the Audi drivers nerves when driving around these maniacs ( oh , I drive an Audi as well )

      dumisiledee - 2012-02-23 14:14

      It wasn't the same taxi, this one was not at fault

      Putin the " - 2012-02-23 14:37

      ofcoz you wasting peoples time, get-off the road if you dont wanna pass through

      Hugh - 2012-02-23 14:45

      Dumisledee, how do you know? I have NEVER seen a taxi wait for the light to change green before driving, why would this guy be different? Sorry, but my assumption on this is the Audi pushed the bounds of the orange light and the taxi took off before it changed to green. As they do at every intersection.

      Thuthuka - 2012-02-23 15:24

      Hugh, is it possible that the Audi driver jumped a red light as reported?

      Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-02-23 19:00

      Happened to me twice today two robots after eachother. Taxi drove straight through a red light. As I drove off from 1st one I pulled into his lane and slowed to stop for next red robot. Nobody next to me he changed lanes so I contemplated turning in front of him to force him to stop but I didn't and he went straight through again..

  • tristan.kilian - 2012-02-23 13:57

    It usually the taxis that ignore the red lights. The eye-witnesses are lying here.

      Linda - 2012-02-23 14:17

      How do you know? Stop generalising, there are bad and good taxi drivers out there!!

      Hugh - 2012-02-23 14:46

      Fail, never seen a good one.

      Typersa - 2012-02-23 14:52

      Linda.... Good taxi drivers?? You are obviously living in your own lil dream world.

      JJ - 2012-02-23 15:07

      And all drivers are good right Typersa? Stop talking rubbish, not all taxis break the law. You're exaggerating to suit your agenda

      Typersa - 2012-02-23 15:23

      O please JJ, You and Linda live in the same lil dream world. Your story will change quickly if one crashes into you or your family

      Sharon - 2012-02-23 15:52

      I have a confession to make.... A taxi driver once gave me a gap - I nearly fell out of my car! I suppose it is the exception that proves the rule!!!

      Emily-Jane Elson - 2012-02-23 18:55

      Linda drives a taxi - Ha Ha!

  • Iain Ravenhill - 2012-02-23 14:05

    If all road users abided by the rules of the road, stopped when robot was red, drove at the appropriate and legal speed limit there would be reduced carnage on our roads. For reckless endangerment like this one should have their license revoked for 6 months!!!

      Leroy - 2012-02-23 14:11

      i call BS! 70% of people can not drive! besides rules and regulations, there are many that will not have the coordination and clear thought that is needed in sticky situations. Iv seen people move into the yellow lane to make way for a ambulance when you can clearly see he is using it??? the situation counts not the just the rules china :P

      Randomhero6661 - 2012-02-23 15:03

      i guess i must be in that 30%...are you?

  • dostomolefe - 2012-02-23 14:25

    some pple think they own the road...Hazelwood Road in Menlo Park Pretoria East has circles n pple just go straight right thru at high speed at a circle like its not even there somethin bad is gona happen on that road one day...pple must just learn to be patient and respect traffic lights n signs

  • richard.barnard2 - 2012-02-23 14:28

    17 People? All from the Taxi - what kind?

      Putin the " - 2012-02-23 14:38

      Two taxis idiot!!

      Thuthuka - 2012-02-23 15:31

      Quik, click the "Delete" link Mr Barnard.

  • Denise - 2012-02-23 14:29

    You cant even pop out 5kms to the shop without seeing 10 drivers breaking the rules of the road - these days everyone, not just taxis, drive like idiots! Dont stop at traffic lights that are out, go through 4 way stops and red lights especially lately the favourite seems to be not to stop at a red light when they are turning left. Overtaking in the emergency lane on the N14 is another new popular one. I commute between Jhb and Pta and I see all of this all the time and it is not just taxis by any means. Although I am quite sure the reasoning is if the taxis can do it so can they. It is a complete disregard for the law which starts with minor traffic offenses and then when you get away with that what next? You nearly kill 17 people. What a chop! I hope they charge him with every thing they can!

      Sthe Ndlovu - 2012-02-23 14:34

      For the very first time I see a valid comment here on News24.

      Thelma - 2012-02-23 14:40

      Agree 100% and the best is when these idiots ignore the road rules whilst their children are in the car!!!

  • Sthe Ndlovu - 2012-02-23 14:30

    From the look of things most of the people read one article and commenting to another "imaginary one"

      Randomhero6661 - 2012-02-23 15:05


  • richard.barnard2 - 2012-02-23 14:41

    The Audi ignored the traffic Light? Thought cars were operated by people - must get a self-drive one like this.

  • tyron.rees - 2012-02-23 14:57

    Is this seriously news? Whats next? are you going to report about a car that broke down on the highway becuase it ran out of fuel with the headline "Fuel Shortage Causes Caos" Or are we going to report about Timmy-the-toddler who picked his nose? News24 rather dont waste our time with rubbish like this.

  • rickvcooper - 2012-02-23 15:00

    And this is a headline?

  • hosia.modiga - 2012-02-23 15:09

    Luckily it was not the early morning situation that news24 report. Jackson Mthembu Judge Motatha and recently public proctetors son

  • TenRas1 - 2012-02-23 15:10

    wow, 1st time i read a story were a Taxi driver was not on fault...*shocked*

  • Ryan 'Fintchy' James Smith - 2012-02-23 15:14

    you where clearly not there where you? it took a great deal of effort and assistance from our public service to clear up the mess and clear the traffic it was a disaster i was in the jam it caused. well done to the public service sector for their work in clearing the mess and tending to the injured.

  • E=MC2 - 2012-02-23 15:18

    did the audi have flashing blue light on the roof by any chance?

      trix.duvenage - 2012-02-23 16:38

      No but I think it was a minibus audi....

  • Piet - 2012-02-23 15:21

    News24 just had to publish this story in a bid to argue that not all taxi drivers are complete and utter idiots...

  • SJ - 2012-02-23 15:39

    How does a car ignore a red light? The person who wrote this headline should be flogged.

  • alain.d.thomas - 2012-02-23 15:54

    Audi driver must've been an ex taxi driver.

  • Michael - 2012-02-23 16:46

    The same thing happened to Thomas Ferrereira the car skipped the red robot and no action was taken against the driver , what now ?

  • Phillip - 2012-02-23 17:30

    As a motorcycle rider, I am acutely aware of what other motorists are doing (my life depends on it), and my experience is that a large number of motorists take chances at intersections (crossing after the light has turned Red, making illegal u-turns, etc.). I somehow think a combination of the lack of law enforcement as well as an attitude of 'I am entitled' that exasperate this kind of behavior...

  • Marius - 2012-02-23 21:19

    Here you go, bad drivers in action

  • thelittlegreenhouse - 2012-02-23 23:22

    I find it difficult to believe that Seventeen people owned that one taxi: "Seventeen people were injured when THEIR minibus taxi rolled".

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