Carolina water quality improves - mayor

2012-07-12 21:44

Johannesburg - The quality of water in the Chief Albert Luthuli municipality has improved, Mayor BP Shiba said on Thursday.

"We are pleased to inform you that there has been massive improvement of water quality processing in the water treatment plant, and the overall quality of water has significantly improved," he said in a statement .

In January, Boesmanspruit Dam was contaminated by acid mine water seepage, affecting tap water in the town of Carolina, north of Ermelo, and the surrounding areas.

The municipality set up a task team, which included officials from the department of water affairs and community development workers.

"The latest tests indicate drastic improvement as the identified metals are now on the acceptable standards... " Shiba said.

Water tanks had been placed in the area for residents' use and were being filled by water tankers.

The task team recommended that the water treatment works be upgraded and the urgent construction of a mini-lab for testing water quality.

Shiba made a show of drinking some tap water during a media briefing to demonstrate his confidence in the water quality.

Water from the Usuthu River, at Camden, was released to Nooigedacht Dam to flush out Boesmanspruit Dam late last month. This had helped to flush out the contaminants, and had reduced the heavy metals in the Boesmanspruit Dam by half.

Shiba welcomed a ruling by Judge Moses Mavundla in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday.

Mavundla ordered the Gert Sibande District Municipality to provide Carolina residents with drinkable water within 72 hours.

The municipality had to provide a minimum of 25 litres of drinkable water per person per day.