Cele: A tooth for a tooth

2011-01-12 18:42

Johannesburg - No "thug" who shoots at police officers will get away with it, national police commissioner General Bheki Cele said on Wednesday.

"Nobody is going to shoot a police officer and go and sleep at home," he told a gathering of police officials at the handing over of 300 new vehicles in Hillbrow.

"I am referring to the Bible, If you take an eye from us, we will take an eye from you...If you take a tooth from us, we will take a tooth from you...There is no New Testament in South African policing.

"A tooth for a tooth ...Let's go work," he said.

He earlier told the police officers that they have no excuse not to be at a crime on time, as they now have resources.

"That famous song that there are 'no cars' (to get to a crime scene), must stop...if there are no cars, there are shoes, you must walk ...even those shoes are state shoes."

This is the third lot of vehicles to be handed to Gauteng, which Cele said contributes to half of South Africa's crime statistics.

When a crime is called in, police must get to the scene quickly, he said.

"What do you expect a human being to do? That is why you are given your equipment must take your car, take your gun and you must go."

‘Not for grocery shopping’

Cele said visibility contributed to policing in a "big way".

"These cars belong to the South African population... (it is) not for your groceries and taking your kids to school."

In September, 200 vehicles were handed to police in the province, and a further 150 at the start of the festive season. Officials will take delivery of 70 more cars later this year.

The cars were bought from a R250m vehicle budget allocated to Gauteng, and their use will be monitored by war rooms.

Wednesday's lot included BMW's, Golf GTI's and other cars which were specialised for rural policing.
The high performance cars were especially assigned to police combating hijackers.

"The cars we are giving you are serious stuff...

"You need to act wherever you are," he urged police, adding that the vehicles must be taken care of -- by highlighting that 22 000 police cars were scrapped in the North West alone, due to crashes.

"(The) cars must be treated like your kids."

Message for criminals

Cele also sent a message to criminals, that they had no place in society.

"South Africa must get smaller everyday for criminals...You must squeeze this space for criminals and make South Africa completely unliveable for them."

He warned that corruption would not be tolerated within the force, but also commended police on their efforts.
"There are those few...who really spoil the work of thousands and thousands of police members...It’s a very minute minority rubbishing our good name.

"Commanders, you must deal with them harshly, make them feel they don't belong in this organisation," he said.

He added that Brazil, the next host of the Fifa World Cup, wanted its police to learn from South African officials.

  • Great White - 2011-01-12 18:54

    Actions speak louder than words. Let's see the colour of your money, Cele.

      Janaman - 2011-01-13 09:13

      I must say Cele is an animal but man i like his 'spark' getting people excited to do their job and protect SA is exactly what we need!

  • k1dbl4ck - 2011-01-12 18:54

    good intentions. lets hope it works.

  • multicon - 2011-01-12 19:10

    What if it is cops busy with criminal activity and you have to defend yourself?

  • Sari224 - 2011-01-12 19:15

    Good intentions yes. But I smell elections. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  • thyspelser - 2011-01-12 19:21

    Well said, Hope you keep on cornering the corrupt policemen that is also part of these syndicates. And to all the good policemen/woman..please restore our country to lawfulness!

  • misterjakes - 2011-01-12 19:26

    But let us not forget the laws on self-defense, laws that the police are meant to be following to the letter: The threat has to be a deadly threat to the individual, or to another individual AND it has to be imminent. If the criminal fires and turns around and runs away, it is in most cases illegal to kill him/her because the threat to life is not imminent anymore. Difficult, yes. But this is the law and it how things should be done. I've been in that situation a few times before and trust me it is very possible to do the right thing: to follow the law correctly. Let's not have police brutality.

  • - 2011-01-12 19:36

    And? What about the cops that stopped Winni her highness?????? This is a disgrace! Bla Bla Bla... The color of those false words is brown... Sh&t...

  • ebdg3000 - 2011-01-12 19:53

    Ja, well, as long its not high ranking ANC Officials like Winnie, ne - 'cos they can mos shoot at anybody; its their right.

  • briansmith702 - 2011-01-12 20:16

    Cele is nothing more than a political cowboy who is where he is not for his knowledge of police work but rather ANC cadre, nothing more and a disgrace at that.

  • darkwing - 2011-01-12 20:18

    Mmm. This is allegedly a Christian country, refuting this philosophy. How easy or difficult is it for Christians to forgive the murder of children?

      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 20:12

      There is a difference between a pacifist and a peacemaker. Israelites did not sit back and take punishment. They waged war against their enemies. Christ did not come to give everyone peace - only those who accept him, and not the peace you are thinking about either, but inner peace. Since when is South Africa a Christian country? Many Christians, yes, but the ancestor-worshipping does not make one a Christian. Being a Christian does not mean that one will be perfect. There is still human nature. Forgive does not mean forget. Forgive does not mean let it go unpunished. It certainly does not mean one should be a pacifist, but rather a pro-active peacemaker.

  • Klong - 2011-01-12 20:22

    Bla Bla Bla and what about the criminals in the force dressed in blue? Hau cele

  • nick - 2011-01-12 20:33

    But those who shoot and murder civilians are ok?

  • maseratifitt - 2011-01-12 20:35

    Let us give Cele a chance. I like his positive approach. Personally I will be watching very closely as to how he 1) makes Winnie Mandela apologize to the policeman who apprehended her 2) deals with Petros regarding this matter 3) does forensic tests on Winnies car to determine the nature of the white powder and 4)deals with the Winnie bodyguards re regarding their aggression towards the policeman. Should Cele act with integrity and purity of purpose in these matters, he will have my vote of confidence.

      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 20:14

      You're an idiot. Cele has no clue about policing; watching too many police films. Same ANC rhetoric as all the others. Loads of chat, nothing to back it up with. Lying to their own people.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-13 20:49

      misterjakes : If you read my posting again, you will see that I have yet to make up my mind about Cele. So sadly I cannot claim the title you bestow on me yet.

  • shabba - 2011-01-12 20:38

    If there is someone that can do something about the crime in sa, it is bheki cele. We are behind you all the way general. He will get the job done

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-12 21:18

      How did they say in the "A" team?..."I love it when a plan comes together". Nice positive response, shabba.

  • Whitefedup - 2011-01-12 20:40

    can someone enlighten einstein of SA that the actual saying goes:: an eye for an eye...... disphit cele need sot go back to school or is he also one of those 2010 matrics whop got his pass rate doctored

      Rajty - 2011-01-13 11:49

      By the looks of things you need to go back to primary school....your English is putrid ( that means very rotten).

      Rajty - 2011-01-13 11:52

      And on another note...if the ANC had been so indecisive ( must say you write like a moron) then you would a citizen of a bankrupt country....right now you have internet and can scribe your dribble because the ANC set you free.

      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 21:34

      Actually, the internet became popular in the 80s and 90s, when the politics in SA happened to change. There was technology in SA before then, you know.

      Cebisile - 2011-01-14 11:43

      I really don't understand what does Cele's english got do with him delivering... I guess people will always look at the negatives than the positives. The man is working so hard to make this country a safe country but all we worry about is his English. I'm not a politician but this man has got me interested. He knows the meaning of delivery. The stats are already proving that!!!!

  • Whitefedup - 2011-01-12 20:41

    more taxis for the private use of ............

  • themantshepo - 2011-01-12 21:13

    hahahaha that was the other man general

  • rapatla - 2011-01-12 21:16

    With enough resources the police will be very effective and we all need to be supportive. Criminals are not aliens .Criminals were born like everyone of us and millions of people in South Africa are parents to those.What I am saying is we have a responsibility to channel our kids( could/would be criminals)to be better people and to learn them to fear the law.Well done General Cele.

  • Zakhele - 2011-01-12 21:42

    Whitefedup, Great White and All those who even conceive having an argument or an opinion against Mr Cele's statement. You all hate decisive leaders. Thugs are given a choice here not to shoot at the police. They still transgress this amnesty and you say police must fold their arms and try arrest them? Would you come up with fucked up statements like you do here IF IT WAS YOUR WIFE OR HUSBAND out there with these thugs? What exactly do you people want kanti? This is no brainer: Thugs kill and shoot armless women (most of them white women in surburbs)in Centurion, Pretoria with no police present. And you want Cele to say oh no don't shoot them but arrest them. Do you know that they get out quickly and kill innocent people again. Do you know that more than half thugs killers are normally out on bail? Do you know that had the guy who pulled the trigger on Anni Dewani (if Zola is telling the truth) would have been behind bars had it not been foe easy bail in this country? Or he would have died if police had killed him in the first place? Do you that the guy who will problably give you and your familiy an nighmare in the middle of the night police would have arrested that guy before and he got bail and today he is pointing a rifle to you in front of your children and your wife? WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU WANT PEOPLE? Or has it just become a norm to criticise anything by our black leaders? The guy who is trying to crrect Cele and saying he must go back to school: Fok jy brainwashed kind!

      changeisGood - 2011-01-13 10:17 can say all you want, fact is the ANC will win the elections again and this time by 2/3 majority wanna bet? If you are not happy the OR Tambo international operates 24/7, I even offer to buy you a one way plane ticket, your mates need you in OZ, Put your enrgies to good use for once in your life...Don't ever visit we don't need your negative comments. If SA was a Copropate Comapny you were gonna be fired for bringing the company into disrepute.

      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 20:15

      There is decisive and their is compromising on the very values that one proclaims.

      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 20:15

      there is

  • Bill Xhosa - 2011-01-12 21:52

    "highlighting that 22 000 police cars were scrapped in the North West alone" I assume this is a typo. If 250mil rand bought 200+150+70=420 cars then 22 000 cars would be more than 44 times 250 mil rand. That's a big number. North of 11 billion rand. How big is you police budget??

  • v3 - 2011-01-12 22:05

    This twat does not realise that "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is an *upper* limit - that if you lost a tooth you could not break your assailant's jaw. Let him start with convicted criminal Winnie MADizikela-Mandela's obstruction of justice and abuse of policemen.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-01-12 23:17

    Good, i agree with an "eye for an eye". Can we then have the death penalty back Cele, for those found guilty of murder. Now letls see the colour of your money, and let's see the killers swinging.

  • JohannV - 2011-01-13 00:28

    OK, General, well done with those new cars and recruits and whatever, I didn't read the whole story. What is want to know, is: WHAT THE HELL are YOU going to do about a certain Officer Petros who is not standing by a certain Officer Odendaal who recently pulled over a SPEEDING, RECKLESSLY DRIVEN Audi A6? This will be a truer test of the SAPS. If you stand with Winnie, then you prove to the world that the SAPS is a biased, ANC-driven tool and then we as Joe Public will not heed your laws anymore, so anarchy will reign! Are you up to it?

  • johnstonel32 - 2011-01-13 00:59

    ha ha flippin ha - what a joke - you who is crucifying one of your own, Jannie Odendaal - disgusting how a big mouth like Winnie can ruin a mans life just because he carried out his duties - Cele, stand by your workforce!! You should be ashamed of yourself! find your backbone and stand up for him ...........

  • Thouca - 2011-01-13 07:09

    guys, say what u like, but theres no denying the general is already making a positive impact on crime in many of our areas, visibility and empowering the force...good for u general...i say thanx

      changeisGood - 2011-01-13 10:29

      a positive comment at last.

      dracqlore - 2011-01-13 11:33

      I agree completely, I've seen an improvement in visible policing everywhere, In Late November I was stopped twice by cops late one night after I had to work late,both officers treated me like a citizen and went through te procedure correctly. I've seen a massive decline in robberies and urder in our area so yes General Bheki Cele might not convey his message that well to people in his 3rd or fourth language but I certainly back him all the way. Eventhough people are whining about the new headquaters I say good for them a well equipped and motivated police force will be to the benfeit of all law abiding citizens.

  • Vigorous - 2011-01-13 07:20

    If this really happens I will be a very very proud south african.

  • Will99 - 2011-01-13 07:26

    I love the way he puts words out there!

  • Tazzy - 2011-01-13 07:55

    Would this refer to Winnie "thug" MM as well Cele??? Right now we have flashy cars for high speed chases, hopefully they have been trained to drive these cars? Can we please have an acoount of how many are left at the lend of the year :-D

  • Krush - 2011-01-13 08:09

    So now youre encouraging your police force to be criminals? So if Johan Odendaal goes and pushes on the bodyguard...and swears and Winnie its going to be okay? Whatever. You make rules and regulations you can't enforce.

  • kaMazibuko - 2011-01-13 08:27

    @StupidOldThings U (mostly white) people annoy me....When people in power don't speak up against these bad habits in our public service u moan but now somebody is acknowledging that the police force need to get their act together u find something else to mask that message.....if u think South Africa will never be better then get the hell out of here, we true South Africans will keep working hard to improve our country

      141mat - 2011-01-28 16:24

      @kaMazibuko There are people out there that have such boring lives that they feel they have to comment on EVERYTHING they can. But please my fellow true south african lets build the country without colour. but other than the "(mostly white)" thing i respect and agree with your views.

  • XAD - 2011-01-13 08:34

    Cele, put your money where your mouth is, and support your Officer Odendaal.

      maseratifitt - 2011-01-13 08:53


      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 21:37

      YES YES YES! As the Commander of the Police, accountability ultimately lies with Cele. So if Odendaal did something wrong, Cele should think about resigning. If he did nothing wrong, then Cele should have the decency and moral courage expected from a leader and back him to the end!

  • beno2309 - 2011-01-13 09:19

    Bheki, you are my hero... All you apparent South Africans complaining, dig a hole and die there...The man is trying and the only way sht will come right is by supporting him and he's commanders. Support goes two ways, you cannot expect miracles in a country where the criminals outnumber the Force. Bheki Cele I salute you for your efforts and tough stance you show criminals. I say shoot them before they take your eye or tooth. You have my support, and thats MY opinion, dont care what the haters SA, viva General...

  • Zakhele - 2011-01-13 09:25

    Whitefedup: 1. ANC brought the world cup to South Africa. 2. ANC is uniting South Africans buy refusing to allow radicals like us that South Africa must go to war. 3. There should be blooshed and the ANC is saying no. 4. We in peace in my country without being asked ID book, refused entry in some places, being made to stand in long quees when white people should just jump. 5. We are slowly seeing the redistribution of wealth (evene though I must perhaps this is where my beloved ANC has failed me as a black man). 6. ANC made you enjoy the Rugby world cup. 7. ANC freed South Africa and hence whites have more money that they had during the days of apartheid (except that you guys continue stealing by colluding on tenders and you go bank it overseas; What do you make of the Checkers owner fool being caugh with R7.5 million at the Heathrow airport). 8. ANC is there for me not be treated like an animal just because white have power and money. 9. ANC is there to make sure that people like you don't beat and undermibe black people. Go around harass black people, do it! You will see how you will be brought to book. Whitefedup: Since you are fed up why don't you somewhere else bru? Oh, before I forget: Xhosa, Zulu.. words for decisive are: Umthetho webaphathi, Ukunquma, Inkokheli. Malema is decisive and WE won't let him implement what he deems decisive because the WEST will subbotage like us like they did with Mugabe. By the way, Bush & Blair were decisive when he killed innocent Iraqis

      stax - 2011-01-13 10:45

      Amandla comrade u so hit the nail.Aluta Continua!!!!!!!!

      pawsaw - 2011-01-13 20:42

      Zakhele, I would urge you not to make yourself guilty of what the other haters and brainwashed racists on both sides do on here and that is stereotyping and generalisation. You have been brainwashed into believing that the ANC alone freed South Africa. Had FW De Klerk not deposed groot krokodil and negotiated settlement that extremists on both sides still disafree with our country might well have become sodden with blood. Some whites have more money but I assure you that isn't true of all whites. I have been saying for a while now that I think Bjeki Cele is doing a good job and he can't be everywhere. I agree tho that as a white person I would like to see MP's and MEC's treated no differently than Joe Citizen of whatever colour when they break the law and a special punishment must be found for crooked cops and those who masquerade as cops, I haven;t heard about this criminal who was caught at Heathrow with R7,5 million? When was that? ABC MP's own cars worth way more than that which have been purchased with your and my money - how do you feel about that? A person is allowed to take out a certain amount of money when they go on holiday or emigrate - fill us in about this please? Is it money he has embezzled from Checkers or money he has earned working at Checkers? If it is the latter then unless he has broken the law I can't see that it is a crime.

      misterjakes - 2011-01-13 21:47

      Actually, the owner of Checkers contributes an enormous amount to the SA economy by ensuring the smooth running of the chain. The tax money from Checkers FAR outweighs the legal profit and salary that the CEO/MD can take. In other words: he legally contributes million and millions to SA and therefore, as a private company, Checkers can pay him however much they want. It's called the free-market system where those with initiative and education and ability get ahead. Not those who feel sorry for themselves and expect everything on a tray because they ONLY got the vote 16 whatever years ago. That about a whole generation, fool. A luta Continua? You are not Portuguese, nor Frelimo. The struggle continues? Why? You idiot. You already have everything legally possible. You can have more by operating within the rules set out in the Constitution and the byelaws and by showing some honest initiative. Before you learn your so-called rights, make sure they are actually rights and not unfair expectations. And more importantly, learn your social responsibilities before your rights. You might become a better human being. Ebukhusini. I know more than you think...I've been playing this game for a very long time and I'm very good at it.

  • papaown - 2011-01-13 09:33

    I LURV THIS GUY...WHAT!!!! "I am referring to the Bible, If you take an eye from us, we will take an eye from you...If you take a tooth from us, we will take a tooth from you...There is no New Testament in South African policing."

  • Black.dude - 2011-01-13 10:40

    Its Whites at it again. They just sit watch and expect things to happen. Bheki is trying to motivate his stuff, they bash him. It was a good work that cars were given to the police but not even a single white person has acknowledged this. What is it that you want people. You find a reason to moan about everything, give support to the police.

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 11:37

      His "stuff" has not provided a day of good service to me. They are slow to respond and unhelpful. I hope that the cars and whatever motivation that he offers will get them back in the game. What we (and I am sure you as well) want is a decent police force that puts the damn criminals in its place. BTW - we don't find reasons to moan - there is so much to be unhappy about. Besides - there are people that "protest service delivery" by closing roads and burning tires. I think we all want decent service - HOW ABOUT YOU?

  • emohex555 - 2011-01-13 10:51

    I am sick and tired of the rhetoric on these forums. Any outsider who reads comments on these stories will be rightly justified in concluding that south africans are nothing but headless chickens who hoard in opinion according to race. Pitiful!! What we don't realise is that this back and forth mudslinging is actually our undoing as a nation... the commissioner does a great thing for the police force, and the only comments that our white brethren can come up with are negative and riddled with sceptisism. the same is true in cases where black people defend the wrong actions of other black folk based on racial lines. grow up people. The sooner we realise that this country is all we have, and that we are stuck with each other (black and white)the better for generations to come. I wish comment on these forums could be limited to fact and not prejudices and generalisation, because as things stand, South Africans just seem like idiots who have no concept of dynamic free thought...

  • emohex555 - 2011-01-13 10:52

    I am sick and tired of the rhetoric on these forums. Any outsider who reads comments on these stories will be rightly justified in concluding that south africans are nothing but headless chickens who hoard in opinion according to race. Pitiful!! What we don't realise is that this back and forth mudslinging is actually our undoing as a nation... the commissioner does a great thing for the police force, and the only comments that our white brethren can come up with are negative and riddled with sceptisism. the same is true in cases where black people defend the wrong actions of other black folk based on racial lines. grow up people. The sooner we realise that this country is all we have, and that we are stuck with each other (black and white)the better for generations to come. I wish comment on these forums could be limited to fact and not prejudices and generalisation, because as things stand, South Africans just seem like idiots who have no concept of dynamic free thought...

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 11:26

      If he is doing SUCH A GREAT JOB then why do we have these awesome crime stats? His police force is not exactly top notch. Its not a race issue you moron - its the fact that there is a massive lack of service.

      dracqlore - 2011-01-13 11:37

      Amen brother!

      dracqlore - 2011-01-13 11:44

      carlokie - Did you know that Rome was built in a day? Are you so naive to think this problem is new? Way back when when you slept all safe and sound in your bed in the rich suburbs, criminals and the old security police were wreaking havok to lives in the locations. The sad fact is that the crime has always been there you were just protected by it and a seriously censored and pro apartheid media did not tell you so either. I am in awe that so many people just don't know......

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 13:15

      @dracqlore: Were you happy with it then - NO Am I happy with it now - NO Its naive idiots like you who accept shortcomings becuase "It has always been like this" Don't give me this nonsense of how I slept save and sound and some k@k story about the old days and rich suburbs. The crime and rape stats that exists in SA NOW are not acceptable. If you are happy with the level of service then please publication announce it. Rome was not built in a day - Yes - They certainly did not take 16 LOOONG years to sharpen up their law enforcement (among other things )either.

      emohex555 - 2011-01-13 16:47

      @Carlokie... Its okay- you just don't get it!

      carlokie - 2011-01-14 13:11

      I am all ears for your detailed explanation.

  • carlokie - 2011-01-13 11:23

    Maybe you should start with Winnie? Or do the rules only apply to thugs that are not "elected officials" (What am I saying - is Winnie even part of any political movement? ) I think that you should also come and have a look at Lyttelton police station - you wait for more then an hour when you report a positive break in .....

      dracqlore - 2011-01-13 11:46

      Again I don't see many of the NP Ministers in Jail today for the billions they stole and countless lives (Black & White) wrecked because of the devide and conquer strategy used.

      Kenko - 2011-01-13 12:56

      @dracqlore - I would like to know WHICH NP Ministers stole WHAT billions. Don't be shy, tell us.

      dracqlore - 2011-01-13 13:10

      Kenko - Let's start with the Island Pik owns in the Caribean......

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 13:18

      Unlike the CONVICTED criminals that run the country today - I would like to also know what people is guilty of this.

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 13:32

      Pik stole a Caribbean island from the people? WOW - He must be moolighting as David Copperfield. I did not know he had these powers? Do go on....

      dracqlore - 2011-01-13 13:45 have a good read, make sure you read the whole article we'll chat again....

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 14:13

      a 1998 article by Tom Lodge. I Quote: "As noted earlier, many people think that there has been an increase in corruption: even the Minister of Justice, Dullah Omar, has said that there has been a growth in administrative corruption since 1994" And "To date, though, no political office-holder has been charged and convicted for corruption; international experience suggests that it is the litmus test of the effectiveness of control measures." So let me guess - you are saying that ALL the current corruption is a root cause of a legacy government that EVERYONE abhorred. Explain please. Its a pretty convenient excuse - We are corrupt because the ruling party before us were???? pffft please man. What does this have to do with the effectiveness of the police force?

      carlokie - 2011-01-13 14:25

      Is this also the previous gov's fault? "the Agency's new director, June Mkhwanazi, also resigned after reports had surfaced that she had stolen R211,000 intended for low cost homes in her previous post" You are right - this is an interesting read...

  • Barry - 2011-01-13 11:25

    Why only may the police shoot back? What about the general public Mr Cele?

      Blah-blah - 2011-01-13 11:56

      Claiming "self defence" in SA (especially when you have a certain look about you) is akin to committing high treason or trying to assassinate "you-know-who". That should be your last resort. First try smiling or meditating the criminals to death:)

  • Rajty - 2011-01-13 11:46

    We can see an improvement in things...over the course of the year we have seen civil service improve, and crime reduce. I like this guy- he doesn't hold back. The population should fear the police- if you do something wroing you should be scared...VIVA CELE!!!

  • Blah-blah - 2011-01-13 11:48

    What did he have to say about thugs who swear, scream and sling their own delusions of grandeur at the police? I am interested to hear his views on that. The stuff you reported here, reads like empty rhetoric and smells even worse.

      pawsaw - 2011-01-13 21:04

      He was addressing the police on the occasion of handing over new vehicles and ecouraging them to put them to good yse against crimnals and warning them not to use them as their own private taxis. Ot wasn't a general media brifing on any topic but a spcific one. Iy would be good to hear is views - perhaps in a shopping mall sotto voce on the subject of WMM episode. If a security guard to an aging convicted queen on private business of her own is pulled over for a traffic infringement he should know better than to sass the police officer who is only doing his duty. Traffic fines can be sorted out in court and in the case of Winnie if she was unable to drive herself home then the security officer should have stated as much and followed police prcedure from there onwards.

  • amanda.g - 2011-01-13 12:21

    Good, get those criminals

  • JONES22 - 2011-01-13 12:27

    most of you are commenting shit,this is not about white and black its about our country.It is not about ANC.Yes some of this white people are talking shit but let us all black people talk differently not like they do.If they say fuck then we say ok.If we all they say fuck then people of this other countries will not see realy who is a fool.A White man or a Black man

  • amanda.g - 2011-01-13 12:28

    Make our SAPS the best, get rid of corrupt cops first.

      Kenko - 2011-01-13 13:03

      Now there, at last, is a comment that touches the root of the problem. It is the absence of cops, not cars, that prevents them from attending crime scenes. More vehicles will only be abused more.

  • BlackSwan - 2011-01-13 12:34

    Plonker - why the big fuss about Winnie then? Why is she allowed to abuse the police?

  • codyfrmn - 2011-01-13 12:49

    Being able to say the right stuff is the first part, lets see what Cele is made of... only time will tell

  • The horse - 2011-01-13 13:13

    Hei Hei Hei, leave the THE GENERAL ALONE TO DO HIS JOB, what did your Papa do, how many blacks did HE kill? the general is protecting all of you fools, i hope you saw the guns confiscated in the township, they were coming for you, keep on talking nonsense, those ones don't negotiate, maybe genaral must just not say a thing but then again they will say (Ja is dae ANC VEER) as the heral would say " chest out, stomach in"

      Paul - 2011-01-13 13:19

      Ye like the guys always say at the robots when they are selling you a coathanger.. "hallow big general". He is definately a big general, 9 stars with 73 commendations, still I prefer to look after my own safety, while the Big general eats KFC. My papa didnt kill any blacks, they all commited suicide by jumping into the house that his Rattel was driving over.

      pawsaw - 2011-01-13 21:08

      @Paul - That is so not funny!

      Blah-blah - 2011-01-14 10:33

      @ The Horse: Not every white and their family and the fat man they accidentally pass on the street, have killed, still kills, nor would they like to kill blacks. Get off your pony and wipe that dense rainforest from your shoulder. (You will feel better.) @Paul: Troll - let me guess - 20 going on 9. I bet you know nothing about what your father actually did, felt and still have to live with (that is, if he did anything at all). We have a lot of broken people in this country - from both sides of the fence. The only thing you have to defend yourself against is your own prejudice and self-destructive stupidity.

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-01-13 15:24

    Eish, Whitefedup, lucky dyslexia & stupidity are not criminal offences otherwise all your teeth would be missing...Stomach in, Chest out & shoot to kill, but please..only the criminals !!!

  • Moshawa - 2011-01-13 16:07

    The latest comment from Commissioner Cele are long over due. The last time we heard of a strongly worded talk, on crime,was by both former Ministers Maduna and Tshwete. We welcome the action of a , now, hands-on Commissioner that makes sure that ther are no excuses for crime combating.Long Live to Crime-Free SA Streets. Moshawa

      Blah-blah - 2011-01-14 10:41

      Your right - strongly worded statements on crime from Former Min. Maduna, Tshwete and now Genl. Cele. Did it change anything? No, unfortunately not. Maybe such words should be accompanied by actual implementable strategies, workable programs and the knowledge that your superiors will back you up. Otherwise - empty rhetoric and ra-ra tactics. If you don't mean it and have no intention of taking it further than the back door you exit after making your vehicle hand-over speech - don't say it.

  • Francois - 2011-01-13 16:16

    Comrade Cele, South Africa is a state with freedom of religion or religious belief. You are offending Christians with your statement, since in essence you are saying that the gospel of Jesus Christ does not have a place in the police force - this according to my knowledge is unconstitutional. It may also be political rhetoric, since you actually sometmes appear to be in charge of the ANC police and not of the SA police. Then the tactics that you are describing are in gross violation against the principles of human rights - something your tjommie Zuma, allegedly fought for. Also included in this list of people fighting for human rights was Gandhi, who was just praised by the president of the country. Gandhi said: "Your policy of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave all the people blind and toothless." So according to you - it is bugger Gandhi. The above technique was also used to great effect by other great leaders like yourself and they are: Hitler, PW Botha, Pol Pot, Mad Bob, Stalin and possibly Cezanne Visser, although I am not too sure about the latter. Next time when you open your mouth, can you please think about what you are going to say - because today can possibly be interpreted as hate speech, unconstitutional flabbering and political rhetorial verbal diarhoea. The score is now Poachers 333 and rhino protectors 11. So get on with your job and don't try and get votes - that is not your job.

      pawsaw - 2011-01-13 21:13

      I am wondering whether I read the same column as you as I didn't get any of that anto Christian anti Gandhi stuff you got out of it.

      Francois - 2011-01-14 08:59

      Maybe you lack a bit of general knowledge and comprehension. Where can I contact you to explain?

      Blah-blah - 2011-01-14 10:57

      "I am referring to the Bible, If you take an eye from us, we will take an eye from you...If you take a tooth from us, we will take a tooth from you...There is no New Testament in South African policing. A tooth for a tooth ...Let's go work," he said. I get what Francois is trying to say. It sounds like we are getting a violent police force - with all of the pro's and cons that goes with it. I'm not sure how he wants to implement this Old Testament eye and tooth thing - maybe he just said it to sound like a strong leader. I think we are making too much of something said in passing. (He was probably more serious about the police not using the new vehicles as their personal taxis - don't know how he plans to monitor that either:)