Cele: I didn't say shoot to kill

2011-10-25 18:32

Mbombela - Suspended national police boss General Bheki Cele has denied telling police officers to "shoot to kill".

Cele, who was at Matsulu outside Mbombela a few hours before President Jacob Zuma announced his suspension on Monday, was speaking with police at the launch of the Festive Season Duty Calls campaign.

"I want to tackle this issue that makes me infamous; I never said police must shoot to kill," said Cele.

"You media must listen to me now. This is what I said: If a member of the police is called to a dangerous situation to protect the public and, in that situation, somebody makes his work of arresting criminals difficult to the extent that somebody must lose his/her life, that must not be a member of the South African police who loses his/her life.

"The police must always win.

"If that is called shoot to kill, I'm sure that I'm not an English speaker. And we have to understand that those criminals are not carrying brooms but carrying serious stuff, and you police must use your serious stuff that we gave you,” said Cele.

The now suspended commissioner said he was tired of burying police officers who were deliberately killed.

"I have seen enough police killings and now I'm saying to you officers, protect the nation, protect one another and mostly protect yourself as an officer,” he said.

Cele dedicated this year's Festive Season Duty Calls campaign to the protection of children.

"As you are going to protect the whole public this festive season, please, I'm asking you as parents to protect children. As for the parents whose children are being raped and killed, please take extra care and protect your children.

"They are young and defenceless and the only thing they have is trust in you as the police, so please don't betray them," said Cele.

He said children were being targeted by criminals.

"I was ashamed by the recent murder and rape of children as young as one. In North West a mother killed her five children just because she had an argument with their father. What happened to parents?

"From what I know is that children have to find safety from their parents and relatives, but now things have changed. Who do you want them to run to?

"Where does it start for an old man to rape a 2-year-old?” said Cele.

Cele also interacted with children from Little Angels pre-school in Matsulu.

Most of the children told General Cele that all they want is for criminals to be arrested.
Cele assured the children that he would pass the message on to the police.

"These children say you must arrest criminals and drug dealers. They also say they want to live in a crime-free environment. So, that is your job this festive and please do it for them,” said Cele.

  • sycomachinery - 2011-10-25 18:38

    Well OK if you shoot, what do you intend to do? Scare?? Wound?? I'm confused.

      Delusion - 2011-10-25 19:00

      Yes,yes, that was taken out of context What he actually said was: "Lets make a killing here, comrade cadre bru Roux Shabangu, f@ck the, poor and f@ck the stupid taxpayers. The bad white press bloody agents will never find out"

      Vukani - 2011-10-25 19:09

      ?"You have to build a nation." See, this is where you are wrong. You cannot build a country on an uneven base. It won't work out. You first have to deconstruct the uneven base before you set about building the country together

      Delusion - 2011-10-25 19:57

      Vukani, I learned 4 things from your postings: a) You are a racist b) you are crippled and stunned by a self-imposed victim mentality. c) you regard blackness a some disease or curse. d) you live in the past. And Vukani, there is no future in the past. Get over it. Pick up your chin, consider yourself as a proud member of Homo Sapiens and get a life.

      eric.vanvuuren - 2011-10-25 19:58

      @Vukani - 'White people' you say? 'racial Justice'... whatever you say. Blah blah, Do you even live in this country? Where are you from, the US, you sound about equally informed. Your lapping on and on about, Bla Blah Blah!?! Even facing BEE AA EST. We still overcome and refuse to live like animals. Why don't you catch a wake-up!?! You are so caught up in your generalization of an entire people, that you have lost all sight of the Individual. Have you ever, at any point stopped to remind yourself in all this, that the real Vukani has also gone Fishing.

      Kala - 2011-10-25 19:58

      Thanks for your essay Vukani. The problem is the current government, which you will agree, is mosty black. Believe it or not, but it is the government that controls where the spending is to take place. So if the money that the government has, and has got as a result of the people with money paying tax, doesn't go to the upliftment of the oppressed, who don't contribute very much to the economy, then how the hell can you blame the white man!!!????

      Kyle - 2011-10-25 20:10

      @Vukani: STFU! This isn't a place for you to dump your delusional black liberation essay. Pseudo instinctual rubbish like this makes me sick. You speak so much about context and yet you never discuss how Europeans brought civilization to SA and how different tribes and black races treated each other and themselves before Europeans arrived. Oppression by a minority is bad. Oppression through corruption and incompetence is evil. Blaming a minority that is entirely politically, socially and economically disconnected from government is just plain pathetic.

      pirba - 2011-10-25 20:35

      @ Vukani; Why do you post the same post almost every time? it is really losing value and starts to get annoying....

      Tiger - 2011-10-25 22:00

      Vuka. I appreciate the fact that You understand the impact of apartheid on us however Clearly "taking" from whites is not gonna help. We need to install a mentality of hard work to our people. Politicians do not tell whole picture, S.A is far advanced than any african states that is because of whites(europeans) and tax rates are very high, who is milked here, whites. Our people must abandon the mentality installed during apartheid era, we far much problems which we need to solve. Look around whats happening within our people, Teenage pregnancy at alarming rate, children are smoking dagga , Everyone have deserted the idea of education is key to success insteads politics is master key to success this days. Think about this carefully.Yes some whites comments on news24 will push you to support land graps, mine nationisalition. But Do not fall onto this trap. The other factor contributing to Blacks Poverty is our population size, how crazy is it for cleaner earning R1600 a month to have 6 kids , How is this cleaner gonna sustain this kids and provide proper' chance of having a brigther future is slim, all can I forsee is that those kids will be criminals as no proper education means no proper jobs. Vukani we facing a serious challenge than You think. I can provide you with other issues which as blacks we need to resolve before entertain Economic freedom agenda.Believe me we personally have a key economic emancipation through addressing our challenges as blacks.

      Kala - 2011-10-25 22:15

      @Tiger - With you I can have a meaningful conversation.

  • Kate - 2011-10-25 18:49

    So, the media are the liars? Right now I would believe them over you !!

      George - 2011-10-26 10:12

      what i dont understand is how Cele could negotiate multi billion deals without the knowledge of the president and the minister of police. Who is in charge? How could the minister not have known about these multibillion deals? How could the police headoffice be moved without the minister and the president not knowing? Is Cele senior to the Minister of Police? If Cele can negotiate multi-billion deals for the police without the minister and the president knowing then what are their roles? Surely Cele's role is to operationalise police work, deals running into billions and other top strategic issues should be at the behest of the president and the minister. What's going on. In the corporate world governance would not allow such incompetence as both the minister and the president's heads would roll.

  • Gerry Wakko - 2011-10-25 18:51

    I like the while shoot to kill idea! Mow them dog down, I say!! The world will not miss them!!

      Gladwin - 2011-10-26 09:13

      Yes mow them down you say , the police officers take this in the wrong way they will shoot at anyone who comes their way even innocent people.What if you and your family drives in a same brand car that was just hi-jacked and the police just starts shooting at you , it happened before it can happen to anyone so be carefull what you wish for, giving police the power to fire at will is rectless and dangerous. How many innocent people have been killed after CELE made his "Shoot to kill" speech.

      Bianca - 2011-10-26 09:40

      Unfortunately, our Police arent trained. They couldnt run a block in persuit of anyone so "mowing them down" would be the easy way out. Most of them can barely shoot and risk a stray bullet doing the "Mowing" If our Police had the fitness and ablilty to take on a gun fight I would be all for it but untill then, more innocent than guilty will be at risk.

      richard.hipkin - 2011-10-26 11:09

      @Bianca, what a pathetic generalization. Gawd, people like you make me vomit.

  • celeste.rsa - 2011-10-25 18:55

    People moan about crime and criminals, but what do you want the police to do? Slap the perpetrators with a powder puff?? As someone who lost a loved one to a thug that didn't hesitate to 'shoot to kill', I fully support the police in using deadly force if necessary.

  • mikeangell61 - 2011-10-25 18:58

    If you are not shooting to kill use a water pistol.

  • Trudy - 2011-10-25 19:00

    I haven't really read the article, but have an opinion anyway, I don't mind shoot to kill for criminals, but then institute the death penalty as well.........

  • Peter - 2011-10-25 19:07

    In a nutshell what he means is to protect themselves and the public against criminals,by acting within the bounds of the law.Criminal procedure does allow the police to use that necessary force to protect themselves and public,against the onslaught of a criminal on them.

  • Juan - 2011-10-25 19:12

    Oh Cele I've seen footage of you telling police to shoot to kill. But that's ok, really those scumbags deserve die. What I don't like is the fact that your hands was in the cooky jar, and that's not cool.

  • Shadho - 2011-10-25 19:15

    The ANSWER is simple. The law indicating use minimal force in carrying out your duty or arresting criminals must be expunged from the statuates. Criminals are aware of this law of minimal force and WILL abuse this right! There is no truer philosophy in life...YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD, BE PREPARED TO DIE BY THE SWORD!! So yes my EX colleagues apply your minds implicitly at all times but Shoot to KILL when the reason/situation arises. This is the only way Safety and sanity for ALL will prevail in the RSA!!!

  • ronaldclaudesmith - 2011-10-25 19:19

    If Cele won't say it, then I will.... SHOOT TO KILL.

  • ogodisengk - 2011-10-25 19:32

    shoot to kill statement arosed death of inocent ppls even if they were not armed the like of the late andries tatane who was beaten and shot by these bulldogs called SAPS Cele said protect urself against armed criminals not defenceless individuals.and the next thing the police kills randomly mxm. All the police should be suspended too if not fired. and to that also Mr cele ddnt say shoot urself to kill.

  • Steenbra - 2011-10-25 19:53

    a gunowner who draws his/her weapon does'nt draw the weapon to show big or small it is, or to show the criminals that you have a weapon. You draw it to inflict maximum damage to whoever poses a threat to you and your family.

  • Nomqhele - 2011-10-25 19:55


      Sharon - 2011-10-26 08:57

      Get a life and an education before you write such BS on this forum

  • Sterling - 2011-10-25 19:55

    Cele is talking about those criminals like he is not one of them.

  • Kala - 2011-10-25 20:00

    Well thanks for taking sooooo long to clear that up. By the way.... You're fired!!

  • Nomqhele - 2011-10-25 20:13


  • Ina - 2011-10-25 20:26

    He was just doing his job in a country where it is just about impossible to do it to the satisfaction of all the people, and under very difficult circumstances. At least he has enthusiasm, and he seems to me to be very sincere in his wish to make a difference. Also seen to be concerned for the people who worked under him. Give credit where credit is due. Nobody is perfect, but at least he tried.

  • Sunil Muganpersad - 2011-10-25 20:32

    Whose is this dumb reporter - Cele is pretty clear in his message - police should not be the ones losing their lives - maybe this reporter should go for some English classes

  • Jeff - 2011-10-25 20:35

    This photo looks like the great apes of central africa. The missing link?

  • Hermann - 2011-10-25 20:42

    Fourth edition (amended again) of the statement.

  • Jaap - 2011-10-25 22:48

    The only good thing he ever said was " shoot to kill" and now he is distancing himself , why , because el Presidente?

  • aby.j.vanvuuren - 2011-10-25 23:36

    Vukani I consider myself in the first and foremost a South African and proud to be a member of the Rainbow nation. It is your attitude and perception that should be deconstructed. Our country has had going on 20 years to even out the so called "uneven basis" but instead of doing so the new leadership and their friends has chosen to rather form a new elite "disadvantage group" squandering the money and means they could and should have used responsibly to reach this target. Most of them becoming filthy rich in the process without even thinking of their poor fellow citizens and by the way how old are you? Most of the youthful generation today were not even born yet when the "so called apartheid era" ended or were so young that they were not adversely affected thereby. What came after this era was architected by the new leadership. Lets also be careful that when the cat has kittens we don't blame it on "Apartheid". Wake up and look around you and you will see that we have a beautiful country filled with wonderful people trying to make a success thereof in spite of your attitude.

  • Benmica - 2011-10-26 08:04

    Cele did a good job. Crime is down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • phumlanii - 2011-10-26 08:25

    If what this article says it true, then Cele is a liar because I've seen footage where he instructed police officers to Shoot to Kill. Now that he's been suspended he wants to be godly and innocent.

  • Jason - 2011-10-26 08:46

    shoot to kill, couldnt agree more, these criminals wont hesitate when killing you and I, or a cop for that matter, they couldnt give a flying f#ck - I am all for it.. I do think our SAPS deserve better salaries, so we need to give them decent salaries, maybe there wont be so much bribery!!

  • Theodore - 2011-10-26 09:50

    You know they should be allowed to shoot to kill under the correct circumstances and anybody that can't understand that, is just an idealist living in an untouched world. @ Vukani: Honestly we are all humans but if culture differs you can't work together in perfect harmony. All you can do is treat all others, as human beings and then maybe just we can move forward to a point that we can actually just be; without everybody jumping on a high horse about some racial issue

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