Cele condemns cop killings

2011-05-22 22:47

Johannesburg - The escalating number of police officers being killed in the line of duty is a national crisis, National Police Commissioner General Bheki Cele said on Sunday.

"This is indeed a crisis. The rate at which our officers are being callously gunned down is extremely alarming," he said.

Cele was responding to news that two police officers from Kraaifontein in the Western Cape were gunned down in the early hours of Sunday.

At around 01:10, Warrant Officer Gurswin Matthee, 39, and Constable Cannon Cloete,23, were attending to a complaint at the corner of Pedro and Boesak Street when they were confronted at gunpoint.

"This attack is a clear indication that there are cold-blooded criminals out there that have no value or thought for human life and we must deal with them doggedly," said Cele.

He condemned the incident and called on communities to help police track down Matthee and Cloete's killers.

"I have attended funerals of my police officers every weekend in the past four weeks and I cannot help but state that community outcry on the killing of our officers is seriously lacking."

Cele urged the public to rally in support to prevent similar attacks from progressing.

"I have called on all police officers throughout the country to continue with their work undeterred and vigilantly," he said.

In the past three days, four police officers were killed while a fifth officer remains in a serious condition in hospital after a shooting in Creighton, KwaZulu-Natal on Friday.

Police Minister, Nathi Mthethwa said that the ministry would ensure those responsible for the kililng of the police would be punished accordingly.

"As the South African Police Service [SAPS], we are a family and when one of us loses his or her life as cowardly as it has happened it pains all of us. We however urge our members to continue in fighting crime fearlessly all within the framework of the law. This is a people’s war and in the end the people shall win this war."

He said circumstances wherein police members lose their lives particularly being shot at by heartless criminals have now reached unacceptable levels. "These dedicated members lose their lives while protecting the nation. We shall never accept, nor allow this to continue because a killing of a single police officer robs the nation.

“No amount of punishment to the scoundrels who murder our police can soften our hearts to accept these evil acts. We shall not allow a few criminals to murder our law enforcement officers, who in the first place lose their lives while protecting society."

Mthethwa has urged society to work with police in arresting those responsible for killing the police.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-05-22 22:58

    Eish Mr Cele-rie, it has been a crisis for much many years now. You are top dog, get paid top dollars - pull top finger out and do something about it then.

      Blinkpens - 2011-05-22 23:45

      Eish!! He was never a cop himself??? How can he know what to do!!!

      PieLemon - 2011-05-23 01:49

      Eeee actually, eee basically, eee as a metta of fêct actually eee, das ies da problem of eee actually eee basically, eeee what I'm trying to say iz, eee actually apartheid.

      Creeky - 2011-05-23 06:13

      The problem facing South Africa is that the Minister, Mthetwa and the Commissioner Cele, HAVE NO POLICE EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet they get the Top Dollar and call the SHOTS!!!! Mthetwa THINKS he is a R&B Wannabe, and Cele is as CROOKED as they come!!! Put someone with EXPERIENCE in Charge.... and you will see the Difference in the POLICE FORCE!!!!... OVER NIGHT!!!! Waste of Tax Payers money!

      Tc - 2011-05-23 06:34

      Mr Cele, any killing is bad. It must be condemned by all. Forgive me however, to remind you that it is still safer to be a policeman than to be a farmer in the NSA.

      Francois - 2011-05-23 07:43

      Macho Mike, I think when the top dog declares war, he must know that the other side is going to come out fighting. Cele, your ego wrote too many cheques your body cannot cash. Save face on that building contract and spend the money on proper training and equipment and start using your gym that we bought for you - you are fat.

      Mattewis - 2011-05-23 08:37

      No Mike, he will just re-issue the "shoot to kill" command to his "other" police officers (the ex-MK Marxist terrorist kind), and the Jeanette Odendaal type shooting will become a daily occurrance. Cele just abuses the fact that two innocent white officers were mercilessly gunned down by criminals, to subliminally justify the killing of more innocent members of the public in future. With nearly 600 deaths (of members of the public) at the hand of police in the 2009-2010 period alone, this is a FAR bigger problem than the other way round. If they (the SAPS) now step up their campaign, it's going to be open season on the unsuspecting public, while criminals just carry on with their violent crime undeterred!

      wattalotokak - 2011-05-23 09:02

      I think that the problem here is that the two oaks probably were approached by the cops and they were afraid of the shoot-to-kill stories that have been hapenning around SA..! Or there might have been some shady thing going down between the cops and the shooters which went sour..! Who knows - somehow I don't believe a word that comes out of the police's mouth...! ESPECIALLY Cele...!

  • White Wolf - 2011-05-22 23:34

    If only we didn't have so many criminals in government. Then the death penalty would be an option but, as long as all the top officials fear that they might end up facing the death penalty it will remain off the table.

      BernieK - 2011-05-23 08:17

      You do not want the death penalty in this country my friend. It is appropriate for a country with responsible people in control - but not here. You yourself may land in jail and have the death penalty hanging over you while you are innocent. Never wish for this to happen - you may have your wish granted and you may be very sorry afterwards.

  • Herman le Roux - 2011-05-22 23:40


      kingswing69 - 2011-05-23 07:08

      Herman i agree with you , its so sad the current situation of this country and it needs to be sorted out , or else we will end up like all the other african countries ... on the dumps

      Whistleblower - 2011-05-23 07:54

      How can we expect the police to look after us when they cannot look after themselves?

  • Justme - 2011-05-22 23:42

    Maybe they misunderstood Juli-arse Malema. "Kill the Boer, Kill the Cop"..?

  • Bill - 2011-05-22 23:42

    Now that the violent crimes of this country, are spilling over from not only civilians, but now to cops also, suddenly it is an issue to you...! Get your act together in all aspects of violent crime that is being perpetrated against everyone!

  • Blinkpens - 2011-05-22 23:53

    Beide ons geagte minister en die hoof van ons Polisie weet nie eintlik wat Polisieering beteken nie? Hulle is veronderstel om leiding te gee? Die ander vraag is aan wie moet hulle leiding gee? Hulle top offisiere het ook net hul range op n skinkbord ontvang omdat hulle swart is. Belaglikke besigheid!!!!

  • tokoloshe - 2011-05-23 00:30

    We need someone with top experience to train our police! And we need to route out the corrupt and lazy fat ones who are a total waste of time!

  • thetruth - 2011-05-23 00:44

    @ tokoloshe respect u'r comment and fully agree with u... maybe we should throw Sum1 into the training of the same cops...they can use his ugly face as target practise

  • - 2011-05-23 02:19

    Yes hope they feel and WAKEUP!!!! Now its a CRISIS but what about thousands of farmers been killed,thats nothing uuhhh? Bring back the DEATH PENALTY! Make it a crisis for this killing bastards and rapists.Change the coin around.

  • Tarzan - 2011-05-23 02:23

    Cele said: "This is indeed a crisis. The rate at which our officers are being callously gunned down is extremely alarming, ...". Should rather read: "The rate at which law-abiding citizens are being callously gunned down by the Police is extremely alarming."

  • jacojansevanrensburg - 2011-05-23 04:57

    What about the number of deaths in police holding cells? What about all the cases of police brutality? What about police officers raping women they are supposed to be helping? What about a women being shot outside the police station by a policeman? What about the corruption, that starts at the top and infects the whole police force? What about the gross incompetence of ranking officers? What about overlooking someone for promotion because she is white? Cry me a river buddy...You reap what you sow, and payback is a bitch. Get used to the funerals, I am afraid there will be many more.

      Krolie - 2011-05-23 06:09

      Ja Jaco. Soos jy wel se en weet, is dit ALTYD die onskuldiges wat aan die kortste end trek. Net soos jy hierbo noem. Al daaraan gedink dat jou woorde: "Cry me a river buddy...You reap what you sow, and payback is a bitch. Get used to the funerals, I am afraid there will be many more" het eintlik WEEREENS die onskuldiges geraak? Jy het nou woorde wat bitter seermaak gemik aan die ONSKULDIGES wat jy eintlik hierbo voor "baklei". Die sogenaamde "polisiemanne" waarvan jy eintlik praat, word beskerm en sal nie eers hul tone stamp teen 'n klip nie (ergste wond) want hulle WERK nie. Hul doen net wat, wanneer, waar en hoe dit HULLE PAS. Kyk mooi om jou. Die polisie, speurders en ander in die mag wat hul uniforms/drag met trots dra, wat deur 'n ring getrek kan word en wat altyd beleefd is, IS ONS MANNE! En dit sluit anderskleuriges in. Moet nie 'n fout maak nie. Hulle het polisie kollege toe gegaan, van hulle het baie jare se ondervinding opgedoen en ander is maar jonk in die mag. Verskil tussen hulle en "die ander" is, dat hulle 'n verskil wil maak. Vir ons. Hulle het ook probleme binne die mag want hulle word onderdruk, word oor die hoof gesien waar dit kom by bevordering en so meer sodat die "ander wat net instap sonder ondervinding" aangestel word bo hulle! MAAR nogsteeds staan hul vas in hul geloof en glo hul dat hulle kan en sal 'n verskil maak vir ons onthalwe. So asseblief. Wees versigtig om nie ALMAL oor dieselfde kam te skeer nie. Hul verdien meer en beter van ons!

      Mattewis - 2011-05-23 08:48

      Yes, Jaco. I agree with Krolie. Just have a look at the names of the officers who died! The ones asleep in their patrol cars, or out shopping in the malls, usually don't see much of the action. When disturbed by members of the public requesting them to perform their duties, you get the raping, torture, shooting, etc.

      jacojansevanrensburg - 2011-05-23 09:04

      Apologies if I have offended or hurt all the 'Real' police or 'innocent' people with my previous comment. I should have given indication that this is my direct response to Bekhi Cele himself. The way social media is now-a-days,I was sure he would get it anyway. I know a little bit about how the South African police works, and I know that in some areas of policing, South Africa is arguably the best in the world at what they do. Unfortunately, like you so rightly said, it is always the innocent that has to suffer. My question would be why? It is clear that the police motto of protecting the innocent, has gone out the window with the current management structure. All my deepest , sincerest heartfelt condolences goes out to all the families that already had to say goodbye to their loved ones, and I believe that list is just simply way too long,and the incidents too frequent. It is time this clown gets his finger out, and get these so called'fake' policemen out, and if he can not do it, he should go.The police deserves better, like you said. He should believe that too. How on earth, can any country in the world have 'fake' police in their ranks, and expect not to be digging a lot of graves? He is the commissioner of police, he should not have to be told this by an ordinary guy on the street. Ps....and what just happened in Sabie's holding cells Bekhi??

      hellcom666 - 2011-05-23 12:04

      @Krolie , I agree with Jaco in a way and need to challenge. My son is a victim of police brutality, and now you ask if it is just. my son was arrested because he transported a knife in his car from the store to the house, are you not allowed to transport a knife in your vehicle or is that against the law, according to the Norkempark police and their station commander it is against the law, even the experienced DWO Bekker could not see the point why the case must be dismissed, needless to say the case was dropped the following morning. Just wonder how many similar intimidation cases exist that is not reported by the press. How do you expect the community to stand with the saps when this level of intimidation continues, I call on all fellow CPF member to stop their support as I did.

      Krolie - 2011-05-23 21:44

      @hellcom666. From what I understand, it has to do with the size of the knife and whether you (your son in this case) was in a "hotspot" when the knife was "found". From what I understand, being in a hotspot with a large size knife (any weapon=guns etc) determines that it is against the law and would you be taken into custody, charged with a class b offence and freed the next day with a fine. It sounds a bit "nuts" though, but I suppose they have to have these "regulations" in place in order to be able to take "real criminals" into custody, and it was real unfortunate that your son had to be in the wrong place at the wrong time for sure! On the other side, withdrawing your support and help from the CPF will have negative results in the end. At the moment we have the wrong element present in the police, put there by our corrupt *&^%^, but with the current exposure we have now in the media after the brutal killings of the two cops, I have a feeling the tide is busy turning. I'll tell you why. @nico already told me on a previous blog that the suspects were already in custody. 5 Hours after the murders. Why would Cele not have that broadcasted? Now I might be wrong, maybe the circumstances icw the suspects have changed in the meantime, but I have the distinct feeling that after the ANC lost face and votes so badly, they will be trying to make themselves look real good in the eyes of the public so that perceptions can change. CONTINUE...

      Krolie - 2011-05-23 21:52

      @hellcom666. They most probably also think that they will gain back their votes plus more if they string this along, and then announce that the culprits have been taken into custody etc. I do not think that the guys (our guys) that have actually arrested them will be tapped on the shoulder, but the other side rather! Take note that in all other aspects the ANC will suddenly start shining brightly with all that they will be doing for the people (high time though), and it will all be broadcasted with fanfare. The purpose purely to gain back votes as previously mentioned. Either way, lets hope that in this process that they will start with removing those that do not fit in the force and do not deserve to be there. Today on the news (ch 403) they were showing (non-stop) how groups of people in different township areas were being recruited for the navy, the mines etc. Why only now? And all this media fuss around it as well. Well, that's my penny's worth. Lastly, I am so sorry that happened to your son. It could not have been a good experience at all! Take care

  • jacojansevanrensburg - 2011-05-23 05:03

    And please, for the love of all and anything you hold dear, stop calling for the reinstatement of a death penalty. You REALLY don't want these clowns to have that kind of power. Imagine the consequence.

      Krolie - 2011-05-23 06:12

      @jaco. Here I agree 100% with you.

      mphozania - 2011-05-23 06:51

      I think you rite. With this kind of set up and the ugly man @ da helm of things, DP will be a disaster. I think they should just fire him, He is the reason for all this. He called for the shootings, now the criminals are shooting first. very stupid comrade.

  • Marcell - 2011-05-23 05:04

    Isolated incident?

      Matimba - 2011-05-26 15:03

      You can say it again, when the police are killed its a serious issue but when the police kills innocent civilians its an isolated incident. May be the killers were fighting fire with fire since the police have a tendency to shoot innocent people.

  • jacojansevanrensburg - 2011-05-23 05:22

      Krolie - 2011-05-23 06:13

      @jaco. Definitief NIE ONS MANNE NIE!! Hierdie is die "fake" polisie!

  • Creeky - 2011-05-23 05:54

    If I am not mistaken, Malema's argumenbt in court is that when he sings about "KILL THE BOER" he is actually meaning COP!!!! In the Apartheid era, COPS were called BOERE!

      Anonymous Thinker - 2011-05-23 08:53

      Hehe Creeky. They still are called Boere in a lot of communitites.

  • - 2011-05-23 06:58

    The biggest reason here is : untrained, uneducated, bee appointed policemen.

      Spoofed - 2011-05-23 07:21

      Couldn't agree more.. same thing is happening with the Nursing in this country.. it's not a calling anymore eish its just a job...

  • RAEGAN CHETTY - 2011-05-23 07:07

    well if this country wants the crime rate to drop firstly all the corrupt fat catz need to be booted off the gravy train and secondly justice to those who murder must be hanged or lethaly injected and to those who rape they should be castrated and to the thieves that steal their hands should be chopped off so they would be easily recognised in society,we need to start puttin fear into the basturds!!!!!!

      me - 2011-05-23 07:40

      problem with chopping off hands and fingers is that there are a lot of industrial accidents, motor accidents and health related amputees...I for one lost fingers in an industrial accident and wouldn't like your punishment made legal...I didn't steal a Cent !!

  • kingswing69 - 2011-05-23 07:07

    there is no respect for police , this is what happens when you let people in across the borders .

  • OuWitBooi - 2011-05-23 07:09

    While I feel very sorry for the cops, and particularly for the families left behind, what we have here is a classic "arms race" situation. The criminals know that the cops are under orders to "shoot to kill" so the criminals have to get their shots in first, or be killed. Unfortunately violence begets violence, and the cops (or rather, Cele) have initiated the escalation of the violence. A Police Chief who had gone through the ranks would know this. It will get worse before it gets better.

      Gungets Tuft - 2011-05-23 09:36

      OuWit - you have hit the nail right on the head. It is the DIRECT (unintentional I know) result of Cele's call to "shoot to kill". All criminals know that they have be the fastest on the draw. But all the gung-ho commentators praised him when he made the call!!!! You cannot put unlawful force into the hands of the general policeman - I spent 4 years in the SAP so I am qualified to comment. Terribly, terribly sad for the cop on the beat and for their families. It is time for Cele to make some sense and back down from his stand.

  • Mdavu-zn - 2011-05-23 07:32

    Mr Cele please maybe now u have to utilize the skills of being in charge of that possition. Maybe u should have agreed that ja that shoot to kill formula must be taken to acount. too many cops dying out there so why mercy!!!!! (angry)

  • Thandi - 2011-05-23 07:32

    My condolences to the families of the killed policemen - but get real Cele, the lack of performance by the police, especially the Metro police has been a national crisis for years.

  • Thingamebob - 2011-05-23 07:45

    I don't trust the police in SA, one little bit. I am terrified that i am going to get shot when i go to a cop shop, a blue light is going to get me stopped and then i hope its a cop and all i have to do is bribe him or its a "cop" and i will get mugged, robbed, shot, etc. Women will be raped. Plain clothes cops are the worst. You just dont know what coming. Cele must get his finger out his ar$& and stop the corruption which usually starts from the top and works it way down.

  • RAEGAN CHETTY - 2011-05-23 08:01

    what surprises me alot is how did some cops make it in the force, im talkin about the overweight officers, how the hell can they chase after a suspect!!! and also the ones at the charge office who cant spell words when writing a statement, g'wizz''.. its pathetic .......

  • - 2011-05-23 08:09

    @ Everyone, with the elections behind us and the results on ours minds, why not comment on your thoughts more comprehensively submit an article to, we always enjoy hearing what’s on your mind. Otherwise visit our site and tell us what you think.

      jacojansevanrensburg - 2011-05-23 09:13

      Cheers buddy, or you can simply see what we have to say on here...? Maybe..? LOL..and I really hope you can comprehend my thoughts on

  • MacDaKnife - 2011-05-23 08:20

    Cele and Nathi you guys should be fired, you have no balls for this kind of job. Not sure why Cele got this job in the first place. These killers are not afraid of the government threat. Chuck your pride and get some advise from the former NP government. There will be law and order like old times.

  • Born To Fish - 2011-05-23 08:41

    Try to target unlicensed firearms. Get the laws in place to severely punish somebody caught with such an weapon and stop making life difficult for your law abiding citizens to own guns to protect ourselves against your friend with unlicensed firearms...

  • Brett Scheepers - 2011-05-23 08:46

    Gen Cele,please stop condemning the killings,and start training the police better. I was in SAPS for 20 years and I was in more shoot-outs than i can remember.I went home to my family every time as i knew what i was doing and i was trained properly. There are many men and women who don't know how to use there fire arms,they get passed on the shooting range but have no clue what they are doing.If they are failed then the instructors are blamed,so they rather just pass them.Some SAPS members can't even hit a target at 5 meters Bring back discipline as a start.

  • Wayne - 2011-05-23 08:47

    A lot of condemning going on but no clear direction on what to do about it. I guess he'll plan a few 'business lunch meetings' at top restaurants around the country to address his condemnation. My friend has been waiting for a year to get back into the SAPS and he's heard nothing. He's a forensics specialist and has worked for several United Nations agencies doing lectures and investigating war crimes around the world...but clearly the new SAPS has no place for good policemen anymore. Talk is cheap. Well you get what you vote for...

  • Anonymous Thinker - 2011-05-23 08:48

    Death penalty! Maybe if this keeps going Cele will open his mouth and "be misquoted" by also saying that the good old SA deterent (death penalty) should be brought back.

  • c1 - 2011-05-23 08:51


      RAEGAN CHETTY - 2011-05-23 09:13


  • Phumlani Blose - 2011-05-23 08:58

    Funny how police officers want to be treated with respect but they can't do that themselves to the society they claim are protecting. Police brutality is very rife and these killings is due to the treatment they give to people and officers forget that they are people too. We all human beings and we need to respect one another irrespective of proffesion and gender.

  • JewelZA - 2011-05-23 09:04

    In the last 17 years ANC has lurched from one crisis to another. Nothing is done in this country until it is a crisis. It is terrible that so many people are killed every day here - regardless of their profession. So much for fudging and hiding the crime stats. This is an admission that crime is out of control

  • ANC Ancestor - 2011-05-23 09:15

    It seems like news24 deleted my post. They didn't like what I had to say about what should happen to the criminals. Are you guys standing up for these criminals????

  • Warren - 2011-05-23 09:18

    Maybe now something will be done to bring back the death penalty for murder because it's too easy to go to jail then be release for good behaviour!

  • solly - 2011-05-23 09:34

    As you sow, so shall you reap

  • Daniel - 2011-05-23 09:47

    While I agree that these stats are alarming Mr Cele, in case you did not notice, approx. 55 civilians are being murdered every day in South Africa, would this also not raise some concerns, or are they simply just expendable???

  • LadyJJ - 2011-05-23 10:22

    We shall never accept, nor allow this to continue because a killing of a single police officer robs the nation. What about the lives of the public that is being taken daily by police ...think about that and ask youself why is this happening

  • - 2011-05-23 11:06

    That's right Cele. Condemn it. That should do it. And how in hell will a rally stop all this, pray tell? All you fools can do or know is rallies.

  • Horza - 2011-05-23 11:15

    It is sad that police are being killed. WHICH I might add is what the rest of us (the sheep) are going through.

  • abby scinclair - 2011-05-23 11:19

    Why does Mr. Cele or any other politician not publically condemn the murder of innocent farms across our country? The usually make a soft statement on it but never CONDEMN it.

  • Milana - 2011-05-23 12:52

    When is he gonna condem the killing of innocent people by the cops, cow.

  • enstin - 2011-05-24 09:07

    an eye for eye tooth for a tooth... the old teaching of our parents... how many citizens should be killed by the cops likewise how many cops should be killed by the citizens... respect goes both ways, a pity few cops are loosing their lives but how many of us are dogged by cops, like its some military compound out here... Word

  • - 2011-05-26 14:44

    Beki Cele, you visited the scene where two more Police officials were killed in cold blood and you “shed a tear.” Those dead policemen deserve more than “a tear.” Their living colleagues deserve more that “a tear.” The Police require more resources, better training, more radios, more bullet proof vests, more manpower and more assistance. We know this requires more money but a ready supply of MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF RANDS is available and staring you in the face, as this is what is currently being spent on the failed FCA. It is obvious that the Firearms Confiscation Act has been a dismal failure. It has had no impact on reducing crime, has had no impact of removing guns from the hands of criminals and has cost this country BILLIONS OF RANDS. Why not pressurize your colleagues to scrap that useless and unconstitutional piece of legislation (the FCA), use all those millions of Rands to better train and equip the Police Force, empower the Law ABIDING CITIZENS and get them all on the side of the Police once again? The very act of scrapping the FCA will free up many, many more desk bound Police officers from tedious FCA duties and allow them to be more visible on the streets, backing up their colleagues, as was absent in Kraaifontein. Do this and watch your own Police members and their families salute you not for your rank, but for your leadership quality and ability to address the real problem. The Law Abiding Citizens have a right to defend themselves against the criminal scum, so do the Police. The families of Police members deserve the right to know that the millions of Rands wasted on implementing the unimplementable FCA will rather be used to better equip their husbands, their wives, their children, your members. Why continue to make law abiding citizens and Police members easier targets for the criminal scum? Push for the scrapping of the FCA, General Cele, and watch your popularity grow in leaps and bounds.

  • tiotudg - 2011-05-26 17:29

    Het Cele hom al OOIT uitgelaat oor die moord op boere en hulle gesinne? Het Cele al ooit veskoning gevra vir die tallose onopgeloste moorde op boere en hulle gesinne? Het Cele al ooit erken hoeveel boere en hulle gesinne vermoor is? Is die lewe van 'n polisieman/vrou meerwer as die van 'n boer of sy gesin? Cele, die plaaslike verkiesing is vereers verby, laat staan om nou te probeer stemme werk, DOEN iets aan die saak.

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