Cele criticises media on police coverage

2011-04-30 14:35

Johannesburg - Police Commissioner Bheki Cele on Saturday criticised the media for not covering the funeral service of a police constable killed in Katlehong last week.

Hawks spokesperson McIntosh Polela said Cele also criticised the media for not treating the police the same way as they focus on the victims of police brutality.

He said he was besieged by the media when he visited the family of Andries Tatane who died after being shot, allegedly by police, in Ficksburg two weeks ago.

In another incident Jeanette Odendaal, 45, was shot dead, also allegedly by a police sergeant, outside the Kempton Park police station.

Cele was speaking at the funeral of Constable Fihliwe Mavis Bengeza, who was shot while responding to an ATM bombing in Zonkizizwe in Katlehong.

Bengeza, 25, died in hospital after she was shot in the face.

Her colleague, Constable Sihle Mbatha, 27, was shot in the leg.

Cele said Bengeza's eight-year-old daughter would benefit from the police trust fund, which caters for children of police officers who died in the line of duty.

Sergeant Manape Phineas Kgoale, 38, allegedly shot dead Odendaal after she reportedly crashed into a stationary police vehicle in a parking area outside the station on Tuesday evening.

He appeared in court on Friday, and his case was postponed to May 4 for a bail application.

Meanwhile, eight policemen accused of killing Tatane were refused bail in the Ficksburg Magistrate's Court on Friday.

The case was postponed to June for further investigation.

  • Slapper - 2011-04-30 14:44

    Cele is an idiotic Clown who is going to singlehandedly cost the ANC dearly in the coming elections. He is also going to cause a backfire at the next ANC summit and put Zuma on the back foot. Both are an embarrassment to the ANC and to South Africa

      Brent - 2011-04-30 20:07

      The tragic part about this is that disadvantaged black people will still vote for the ANC even though they have failed to deliver at local government level year after year. What stupidity.

  • Naartjie - 2011-04-30 15:05

    The loss of any life is tragic Constable Bengeza died at the hands of thugs and criminals while on duty. Andries Tatane and Jeanette Odendaal were honest citizens who were shot by the police just because...... ?

  • Rocky Schmidt - 2011-04-30 15:16

    Just how dumb are you. Andries Tatane is a black man. Racist fool.

  • Dan - 2011-04-30 15:25

    Don't blame the media, the police force is out of control, full of corruption, full of crime, full of ANC big shot incompetent friends, etc. Don't blame the media, the media is only the mirror you are looking into.

      Louis - 2011-04-30 17:57


      Taurusaurus - 2011-04-30 21:45

      Most of the Police Force are still perfectly functional and in control, and I must say I find it confusing that you think SAPS members are all ANC supporters; why would any of them favor the ANC after the reduced salary increases and limited bonuses, not to mention the stunt the ANC pulled last year while trying to separate Reservist cops and Permanent cops? The ANC screws over anyone who doesn't support them, and those who support them eventually land in the hot pot because their support came from corrupt hands.

  • Doublepost - 2011-04-30 15:48

    Ah, now I understand! It was the media that killed these people! If the media wasn't there, it would have never happened! Or rather, they would have been able to cover it up! Cele, won't call you General cause you are utterly useless and never earned that rank, why don't investigate these men properly, get your house in order, which of course means removing yourself from office and stop blaming the media for at least doing part of their jobs. Seriously, how can he blame the media for being around when Tatane was shot, does he think they planned it?!

  • Rocky_III - 2011-04-30 16:26

    HAHA Iquanda is a dirty little mole......

  • Scatman - 2011-04-30 17:07

    @ Iqanda, I will pray for you and hopefully the family of Andries Tatane will find it in their hearts to forgive you. Your comments about Andries Tatane indicates your support for murder in South Africa for political means. All decent South Africans should reject you as the slimeball that you are. I hope you sleep easy at night.

      Gatvol - 2011-04-30 17:57

      It is the intellectually challenged like Iquanda that support people like Malema. Soort soek soort....

  • gizzy - 2011-04-30 19:10

    Why? Was Cele at the funeral? Could that be why he is pissed off that the media didn't cover it? What a twally!

  • BluffBoy - 2011-04-30 19:48

    With the way the Cops are shooting people randomly at the moment, I would also try and avoid being around them.

  • Brent - 2011-04-30 20:03

    Oh Boo Hoo Hoo! The tragic part about Cele's claim is that it is not true. Today I read an article on how quickly and professionally the police responded when a man on Skype was attacked in his home. The problem is that Cele has still to deliver on his promises to reform the police. He needs to weed the bad apples out before they can do more damage.

  • Taurusaurus - 2011-04-30 21:40

    "Cele said Bengeza's eight-year-old daughter would benefit from the police trust fund, which caters for children of police officers who died in the line of duty." - and this is relevant to what? The fact that Cele thinks money can replace family members??????

  • Finjo - 2011-05-01 01:24

    No he was not white, but his death at the hands of the police is cannon fodder to the anti government, anti ANC strategy of the media

  • Ho - 2011-05-01 08:52

    Leeba rashun BEE four air ju ka shun!!

  • Dumisani P - 2011-05-02 16:41

    This a a bad trend that has been noted and Cele moans that he doesn't like the media's view thereon...? Common, these are only a few of the ones brought to the media's attention never mind the rest - CELE, CRITICISE YOUR MEN RATHER AND PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR SHORT COMMINGS INSTEAD - IF YOU HAD THEN YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT ANY NEGATIVE MEDIA COVERAGE!!

  • shatzi - 2011-05-02 22:39

    the more that die the better,the police force is rotten to the core

  • Hardtalk - 2011-05-03 13:09

    Mr. Cele, you need to get respect if you want the right response from the media on a police death. The people of SA are fed up with the police force you are responsible for. They kill innocent people, are corrupt and are responsible for half the problems in SA. I am sorry that Constable Fihliwe Mavis Bengeza died in the line of duty, but we have been told that the police themselves do half the ATM bombing. You talk about the stress of the job and use this to justified the death a an innocent woman motorist, did the stress of the job give the police the right to kick half to death a man in a filling station in front of cameras and other people? Did the stress of the job give the police the right to shoot and club to death an unarmed protester, look at the video they could of just walk away and ignored him. I tell you this Mr. Cele, Mr. Zuma is so stupid, uneducated and corrupt he does not know what to do to fix the problems of SA. I know that one day you will all pay for your corruptions and crimes, I hope there are plenty of cells to fit you all in. You poor excuse of human beings.

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