Cele not corrupt, official testifies

2012-03-05 16:21

Pretoria - A former senior police official did not believe suspended police commissioner Bheki Cele was corrupt, a board of inquiry heard on Monday.

"It is not my contention that General Cele is corrupt. It is not in my statement," Lieutenant General Hamilton Hlela, a former police procurement boss and deputy national police commissioner told the inquiry in Pretoria into Cele's conduct.

"I would have laid a corruption charge if I felt he was guilty."

Hlela, who resigned in August 2010, was the first to testify in the misconduct inquiry.

Questioning by Vincent Maleka, for Cele, revolved around Hlela's responsibility as procurement officer within the SA Police Service at the time.

Hlela said he took responsibility for the actions of his subordinates, but that Cele signed the leases for police office space.

Maleka acknowledged that signing constituted approval, but said processes had taken place before then which were Hlela's responsibility. Hlela admitted this was correct.

Hlela identified the need for a suitable building for police headquarters from as early as 2004, and later a site.

Earlier, evidence leader Viwe Notshe, SC, said he would prove through a statement made by Hlela that Cele was corrupt.

Notshe said evidence would be submitted that Cele contravened provisions of the Public Finance Management Act, Government Immovable Assets Management Act, and Treasury regulations, among other guidelines. He intended calling on four witnesses.

Cele was present at the inquiry and sat next to Maleka, listening attentively. Behind him sat his wife Thembeka.

  • Kevin - 2012-03-05 16:28

    Check that official out. He has something to hide

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-05 17:05

      Gee Alicia, you seem to know something we don't.. What travesty of justice? You speculate and then actually believe it... hahahaha..

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-05 17:06

      @kevin, why? What are you implying... something not going the way you want it to?

      TheJaydedKing - 2012-03-05 17:24

      they were both in it.

  • Lawrence Meyer - 2012-03-05 17:24

    Everyone may criticize the man for a stupid decision he made, perhaps unknowingly, but truth is General Cele has made a massive difference compared to that idiot of an ex police commissioner Jackie Selebi. I have respect for the man by just comparing their uniforms. Someone please tell me where Selebi earned all those medals he would sport on formal occasions? The moron was a diplomat before he became police commissioner (and on a by note how the hell do the ANC put a man like that in a position like that that would logically require a candidate with the necessary experience ) General, the next time I am threatened by armed thugs at home or on the street, I will definitely shoot to kill.

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-03-05 17:36

    Asking a policeman about corruption is like asking a Lion about the ethics of hunting.

      Francois - 2012-03-05 18:31

      You meant a "lion"? A "Lion" is per definition a player of the former Transvaal rugby union. Their hunting ethics are actually quite advanced. I think that your statement on the police is harsh and untrue. There are many good police officers about and those deserve our support, pity they do not get it from government or the high brass.

      goyougoodthing - 2012-03-05 18:36

      Funny Francios. I am sure there are some decent police but I don't see them very often. Mind you I don't see police very often in general. What do they do all day.

  • onlyme - 2012-03-05 18:48

    ...appears that SOMEBODY, forgot to distroy ALL the evidence...let us see what Viwe Notse rescued. This should be very interesting!!!

  • Vuyolwethu Sanele Gqwaru - 2012-03-05 18:54

    Well, this Hamilton Hlela character is probably just as corrupt. All these power-hungry, money grabbing politicians stick up for one another. Follow me on twitter @VuyoZucch

  • awelani.mudau - 2012-03-05 19:18

    cele is a good man

  • Rebaone - 2012-03-05 20:00

    He wouldn't have been investigated if he was not corrupt,then why waste our time on something we already know or maybe the government wants to give him his job back as they(government) are all corrupt.

  • Mano-Lee - 2012-03-05 21:32

    Where do you think he got that R1mil cash that was stolen from his safe?

  • sesom - 2012-03-06 08:48

    Who is the Bigger thief.....Cele or Hiela ?

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