Celebrate children by protecting them

2011-05-24 18:04

Johannesburg - South Africans should celebrate National Child Protection Week by sharing the responsibility of ensuring that children are protected from abuse and vulnerability, the Salvation Army said on Tuesday.

Major Marieke Venter, chairperson of the Army's moral and social issues council, was addressing care givers from the organisation's children's homes around Johannesburg about the dangers South African children faced.

In recognition of Child Protection Week, which falls between May 23 and 29, Venter highlighted that South African children grew up in surroundings where they were exceptionally vulnerable to injuries, both deliberate and accidental, and that they were most vulnerable to human trafficking.

"Children are preyed upon in various ways and are literally tricked into going somewhere with their traffickers, and subsequently held against their will.

"We must also use this week to learn more about how we can help stop child-directed abuse and violence," Venter said.

She told the care givers that they had the necessary skills required to enhance the care given to neglected babies and children by making sure they got the treatment they needed both physically and emotionally.

"In an effort to improve education and give disadvantaged children the opportunity of a better future, The Salvation Army operates a number of créches and daycare centres across the country which also provides teaching facilities for the children as opposed to a simple child-minding facility," she said.

"By shielding children from harm, we are protecting the future of South Africa - doing what is our responsibility," Venter said.

  • iqanda - 2011-05-24 18:19

    It was shocking wehat that family in pretoria did those little children they molested and raped them i hope their trial puts them away for good. keep kids away from people that are like these people.

      Monica - 2011-05-24 18:55

      I hope that they will hang them iganda; along with all the other rapists and murderers. It is sad what money can do. Parents will sell and use their children for sex and prostitution all over the world. It should not happen in our country!

  • Monica - 2011-05-24 18:53

    Problem children come from problem parents and so the wheel will turn! Get the minister of Correctional Services to keep these horrible people in jail and not let them out! Why can't they go to Robben Island and take care of themselves? Why should tax-payers pick up their bills with lawyers and advocates and feed them in jail? Get rid of the problem once and for all! Get the Justice system in order! The police work so hard to catch these people just be let out on bail and they will do it again and again and again! Hang those that kill other people when they are guilty of murder! No wonder some people take matters into their own hands. The Government told us when they break into your house; just give to them to spare your life! This is rubbish! I worked for my stuff and I want a safe home as I pay rates and taxes; very heavy taxes on a salary; heavy municipal bills; levy on a townhouse that does not even have security at the gate! In those houses children live; but crime roam the streets like they own it. Our President was accused of rape! Don't you think that it an example for other to follow? Witch doctors are using children for muti. Fix the Government and Educational departments.

  • Gail - 2011-09-14 21:24

    Isn't it sad that there are so few comments on this when our children are our life and our future. What future do we offer them when they are not protected and loved.

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