Census fieldworkers paid: Stats SA

2011-12-12 20:22

Pretoria - Almost all Census 2011 fieldworkers have been paid, save for a few exceptional cases, Statistics SA said on Monday.

A total of 135 380 people were employed for the census, comprising 109 496 fieldworkers and 25 884 fieldwork supervisors, said Kefiloe Masiteng, deputy director general responsible for population and social statistics.

She told reporters during a media tour of the Census 2011 data processing centre in Hermanstad, Pretoria, that 99% of the workers had been paid as planned, leaving 1 354 exceptional cases.

"The exceptions were caused by incomplete work, including quality check of the boxes, incorrect identification numbers, cell [phone] numbers or [bank] card numbers."

Outstanding issues related to fieldworkers' access problems caused by lost or blocked bank cards and forgotten PIN numbers.

A total of 7 067 vehicles were used during the enumeration process, which began on October 10.

The census field operations ended more than a month ago and data processing was currently underway, with questionnaires from all over the country arriving at the 24-hour data processing centre.

The data-capturing process transformed the paper-based questionnaires into electronic images. Approximately 225 million pages would be handled and scanned during this phase.

The images were stored in backup sites "to ensure nothing gets lost, even if a disaster was to strike at the production centre", according to Stats SA.

Masiteng said the census data would be made available in various formats including printed reports, and electronically through compact discs and on the internet.

  • Elaine - 2011-12-13 07:45

    They didn't fetch my form! So my family is not counted... Exactly how accurate do they claim these numbers are going to be?

  • Jimmy - 2011-12-13 09:28

    I'm still waiting in great anticipation for them to collect my form which is still lying at the front door table.

  • heretic - 2011-12-13 10:22

    still waiting to be counted ....

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