Census - stand up and be counted

2011-03-06 17:46

Johannesburg - Cricket icon Makhaya Ntini would stand at traffic lights and visit schools to promote Census 2011 as its official ambassador, he said on Sunday.

"This is the year of the census... I will hand out T-shirts and visit schools so that it is easier for the [enumerators] to approach parents to be counted," he said.

Ntini was speaking at a media briefing in Johannesburg to launch the awareness campaign for Census 2011.

Ntini said he "knows the reality of rural areas in South Africa and how people living there do not have much involvement in what is going on in the country".

"We need to know how many people there are in the country so we can improve things like schools and their facilities."

Everyone must be counted

Project director for the census, Calvin Molongoana, said 6 000 field work co-ordinators would begin the pre-enumeration work on April 1.

Following that, 120 000 enumerators would start their door-to-door count.

"The door-to-door work will begin on October 9 and end on October 31.

"Then 30 000 supervisors will begin the 'mop up' work, checking that all the questionnaires are in".

Pali Lehohla, head of Statistics South Africa, said the budget for the census was approximately R3.8bn.

He called for South Africans to "lock up their dogs in the back and unlock their doors" so that everyone could be counted.

He said this year's census aimed to drop the under-counting of citizens from 17% in the 2001 census to two percent.

Deputy director-general of population and social statistics for Statistics South Africa, Kefiloe Masiteng, said the census was necessary to judge "how the allocation of resources should be done in the country".

"For example we need to be able to see if a school needs to be built, what the living conditions of the people are, what the fertility and mortality rates are, what the migrations statistics are," Masiteng said.

  • Grant - 2011-03-06 17:57

    "Lock up their dogs in the back and unlock their doors" in Gauteng? You have to be joking! The 'census drive' will turn into a 'wealth re-distribution' drive

      darkwing - 2011-03-06 18:45

      My dogs will go nowhere.

      Kittykat - 2011-03-06 18:55

      They didn't say anything about my snakes, did they? LMFAO!

      twolips - 2011-03-06 19:09

      My doors will remain locked! Put the form in my postbox.

      Ponkie - 2011-03-07 18:09

      Yip, put the form in my postbox and I will throw it in the trash. I will not take part in the census because South Africa has told me via Affirmative Action that as a white male I'm not good enough for SA, so SA is not good enough for me either. I do not consider myself a citizen of this pile of excrement anymore.

  • maya die by - 2011-03-06 18:40

    you can pay me for that information - thanks!

  • CheekySod - 2011-03-06 18:43

    How on earth did they come to a figure of 17% for the undercounting? Did they count the ears of the population and divided it by two and made a calculation error?. Is the objective of the census, to accurately count the population? Are they going to count the illegal alien population as well? Why have a census, if you can determine the accuracy of the census via statistical methods. Either they don’t know how many people there are in South Africa, or they are planning to blow R3.8bn. R3.8bn can do a vast amount of good towards educating the poor and creation of jobs. We don’t need a census. We need to dig South Africa out of the economic hole we are in at the moment. Maybe a census needs to be taken to count the depth of this economic hole. Just the hole is filled with political BULLSHIT.

  • twolips - 2011-03-06 19:08

    I don't see the point of Makhaya's standing at robots or visiting the schools. To take almost a month for a census is too ridiculously long. A census should be done in a 24-hour period. People fill in the form there and then, wherever they may be at that particular time. Those in urban areas would, for the most part, know what to do and the census takers can be deployed to the outlying areas.

  • - 2011-03-06 19:14

    It's funny that we have worked from home for the last 17 years and only once in this time have we been visited by cencus people. "We need to know how many people there are in the country so we can improve things like schools and their facilities." what a joke. Why I agree cencus has to be done I think in our country it's just a another way of giving out money to the unemployed. In the last cencus I saw these people sitting under trees and hanging out at food outlets. How I know, they were given t-shirts to recognize them!

  • rapatla - 2011-03-06 19:31

    And ladies and gentleman, those of you planning to bring new babies in our country this year, please put onhold your baby project. You might confuse Mr Makhaya with his counting.Babies after October..finish and klaar

  • ProudofPink - 2011-03-06 19:39

    Count me out. No way will disclose info to the ANCriminals.

  • Robert Zeelie - 2011-03-06 19:43

    They need to know where all the coloureds stay. Remember there are too many in WP.

  • Macho Mike - 2011-03-06 21:08

    Eish, i will not be taking part. Hau, no, then the taxman will know who i am, and where, eish my house she is.Then she will does tell the policie man that i is from Zimbabwe, then she will arrest me for been ill legal, then my worries she start all over again.And also the mother of my five young ones, she too will know where i stay for money for them. No better i am not counted you see,and cheeper too.

  • Sir Richard - 2011-03-07 08:00

    no census until service delivery quote *the census was necessary to judge "how the allocation of resources should be done in the country* bwahaha

  • lldoidge - 2011-03-07 09:22

    Lock up my dogs? Not a chance. I lock my dogs out for nothing and nobody.

  • Spade - 2011-03-07 10:01

    I suspect the results will be more useful to idiots like Manyi in relocating people on racial grounds. Perhaps all non-blacks should boycott the census!

  • preshengovender69 - 2011-03-07 10:35

    if you take a Viagra can you still Stand up and be counted

  • maseratifitt - 2011-03-07 21:43

    Why do these oke's want to count me? I am only one. They must count Malema. He is sicks.

  • Kim - 2011-03-08 09:05

    For the past two cencus, I have lived in a complex and we have not been counted - not through lack of willingness but because the official just spent all day sleeping on the raod under a tree. Our guards kept asking him in and he refused. I don't know any white people who were asked to take part in the last two cencus (except those who were on big brother at the time, but I don't know them personally). Wonder if we will get a chance to be counted this time or if its a deliberate ploy to make it appear there are fewer white people and therefore skew quotas for employment equity purposes?

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