Chanelle: Ex's good friend linked to hit

2011-11-18 08:47

Pretoria - A close friend of the murdered Chanelle Henning’s estranged husband has been arrested in connection with her death.

The man will appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Friday. He was allegedly the link between the person who ordered the hit and those who arranged it.

Husband Nico Henning was questioned by police after his wife’s murder last Tuesday, but released.

The couple had been involved in a messy divorce for three years.

He reached an agreement with Chanelle’s parents after her death that he would have custody of their son, Benjamin, but on Thursday he delivered him to other people who will look after the child until February.

Five accused

Chanelle was shot dead by a man riding pillion on a motorbike after she had dropped Benjamin at his pre-school in Faerie Glen, Pretoria.

The case now involves at least five accused. In court on Thursday were Ambrose Monye, 37, a former Nigerian Olympic athlete, and Preshan Singh, 24.

Monye allegedly hired the killers, while Singh is accused of providing the weapon.

On Wednesday suspended police officer Constable Gerhardus du Plessis appeared in court after handing himself in to police.

He has reportedly confessed to pulling the trigger in the murder. It was his confession that led police to Monye and Singh.

The man due in court on Friday will appear with yet another accused, who allegedly drove the motorcycle on which Du Plessis rode to commit the crime.

Yet another man, drug addict Deon Schoeman, 20, was also in court on Thursday, accused of stealing the murder weapon, although not linked directly to the Henning case.

  • TypeRSA - 2011-11-18 08:51

    Still thinking this ex husband had something to do with it...

      Aisha - 2011-11-18 08:56

      The truth will come out, it is just a matter of time.

      kingsleyb - 2011-11-18 09:18

      I have to agree.

      Kobus - 2011-11-18 09:22

      one only need to read between the lines. who else but the ex-husband. pieces are coming together like a puzzle.

      Merven - 2011-11-18 09:23

      Nothing is impossible, my question is, why is the Ex friends with a drug dealer?

      Fredster69 - 2011-11-18 09:40

      Main question...why was SHE gunned down?

      Foc - 2011-11-18 09:42

      There is NO honnor amongst thieves .... AND murderers .... the cop sang like a budgie ....

      Razz - 2011-11-18 09:46

      It does'nt matter now who the rubbishes are who were involved or who was the mastermind. Her life is taken and the innocent child will grow up without a mother, that is sad to me.

      Foc - 2011-11-18 09:50

      If he IS guilty he must be totally dof because only a total moron will arrange a hit on his wife over a custody battle!! It is WAY too obvious and I dont believe ANYBODY can be so stupid.... IF he had any brains he should have tried what Divani tried and even then he would still be nailed ..... MY honest feeling?? its not the husband ... maybe SHE wasnt as innocent as people think ... drugs and money makes awkward enemies ....

      binarycape - 2011-11-18 10:16

      Me too.

      MelvernYoung - 2011-11-18 10:53

      I think she had an afair with her ex's friend. He then did'nt like the idea that she wanted to go back to her husband.

      Silvana - 2011-11-18 11:21

      @Merven. The Ex was friends with a drug dealer????

  • Andre - 2011-11-18 08:51

    Surely the husband must be invloved

      Andre - 2011-11-18 08:51

      sorry involved

      Deon - 2011-11-18 08:55

      When you read between the lines the husband is getting ready to be arrested. He gave his son to other people to look after.

      Jade - 2011-11-18 09:07

      @Deon, his son was placed in foster care by ruling of a judge, not because he gave his son to other people. Both him and the grandparents have been fighting for custody...his son going into foster care has nothing to do with him preparing to be arrested....IF he is going to be arrested! I do have to agree that something is not being revealed or they are missing a link somewhere....slowly but surely this is tracing back to her ex husband as so many predicted from the start! the truth will always come out! the police have done a great job thus far and the biggest piece of the puzzle is yet to come!!...the "WHY DID NICO HENNINGS FRIEND ORDER A HIT ON HIS WIFE"....where did HIS orders come from??!!

      Merven - 2011-11-18 09:24

      If the dad is involved it is very sad, the poor kid is loosing everything.

      Deon - 2011-11-18 09:34

      @Jade, "He reached and agreement with "C's" parents.. on the custody". The court probably only rubberstamped it. I still have my money on the husband to be locked up this weekend. Police are known to lock people up on Fridays, sometimes abuses this system.

      Jade - 2011-11-18 09:47 of the other newspapers this morning confirmed that a judge denied both his and the grandparents application for custody of Ben and has advised that the boy be placed back into foster care. The grandparents have said they will be going back to apply for custody when things "settle down" I fully agree about the husband though....I HOPE they lock him up this weekend if it turns out he is involved! But seriously...why would it go from a "drug" related motive to the exs "close friend" ordering the hit...theres your tie with the ex...all for what? getting what you buys you alot of things but if he is guilty, did he not think that if he got caught...his son would not only be without a mother, but now without his father cant hide the truth forever!

      Jade - 2011-11-18 10:00

      aaah apologies, I re-read it and I see where youre coming from...but another newspaper did mention what i said. Anyways, why didnt he give the child to his grandparents???!!! why to other people when he KNOWS the grandparents would be the better option...if hes guilty, hes killed his sons mom and is now spiting her parents by giving the child to someone else! strange.....

      MissGremlin - 2011-11-18 11:06

      One of the reports has mentioned the husband being mentally unfit to cope with the child, and thats the reason he did not get custody.

  • Ryno - 2011-11-18 08:52

    What was the motiove??????

      Sandra - 2011-11-18 09:12

      Yup I agree with you. He's behind this whole thing Im sure Its that old story. If I cant have you then no one else will.

      Repline - 2011-11-18 09:31

      If the husband was involved, the motive was to get his wife out of the way regarding the custody battle for their child.

      MoAfrika - 2011-11-18 10:11

      Maybe the custody of his son.

  • Repline - 2011-11-18 08:52

    Is it possible the X-husband can still be fingered?

      Repline - 2011-11-18 09:30

      This is always such a sad,sad thing.If the husband was involved. The poor child will have to grow up without a father and mother now. That is probably one of the worst things to put a child through. The world is a sad place sometimes. :(

      Jan - 2011-11-18 09:39

      he deserves more than that which he will soon be getting I think. Read between the lines - only one person would have gained something out of this - him ! Now a all will be lost and his son will go to strange people for the rest of his life. Hopefully he will be placed with the family sonn once the devils are behind bars and his life is safe.

      Gcwabe-KaMavovo - 2011-11-18 12:23

      They'll finger him in jail alright.

  • John - 2011-11-18 08:55

    Hang em high - all of them!

      Eric - 2011-11-18 12:04

      Are you two still living in the middle ages?? Burn her...BURN HER AT THE STAKE.

  • Arthur - 2011-11-18 08:57

    The husband...who was making a lot of noise about the fact that we must not jump to any conclusions in regard to the husband??? Let us wait and see...methinks that there are going to be a couple more people in the dock over this of them may well be the husband??

      K0BUSL - 2011-11-18 09:20

      Im in it with you Andrew. I hate it when people jump the gun, for as we know assumption is the mother of all F-ups. If "Daddy" is involved then hang him, but assuming it as fact without any evidence based on the "quality reporting" in the press cannot be condoned. Time will tell and hopefully our justice system from the Police and the Prosecutor to the Judiciary will will stand fast and show us the public that we can rely on them.

      Aquila - 2011-11-18 09:23

      There was some bitter man going on about the war on males or something, if I recall. Quite odd, in the patriarchy.

      Napolita - 2011-11-18 09:27

      @Arthur - Possibly " of them may well be the husband" BUT at this point "we must not jump to any conclusions in regard to the husband" The point is regardless of the possible husband's involvement, there just is no (neither) a legal nor logical basis to "...jump to any conclusions in regard to the husband". By all means suspect him all you want, nothing wrong with that BUT reaching conclusions without evidence is just a different matter altogether.

  • Theresa - 2011-11-18 09:06

    ...And so the plot thickens.

  • gordon.kotze - 2011-11-18 09:08

    This story has the making of a good book. Murder, drugs, divorce, corrupt cops, ex olympic athlete, stolen guns, 5 suspects. A real WHODUNNIT?

      JohnnyBGood - 2011-11-18 09:20

      Gordon, truth is weirder than fact, sometimes. In this case, that is very true. Ya, I wonder who the cast will be ?

  • George - 2011-11-18 09:08

    So a little boy now has no mother because of some crazed killers. Bring back the death penalty and rid the country of theses psychopaths.

  • marazor - 2011-11-18 09:08

    And people here were already starting to exonerate the ex-husband, just because he does not fit the usual description of a South African hoodlum... I have said it again that this man is as guilty as they come and it's only a matter of time before he is caught and punished

  • Denise - 2011-11-18 09:14

    Definitely the estranged husband ordered the hit - may he and Shrein Dewani rot in jail for the deaths of these two beautiful women.

      Charlotte - 2011-11-18 10:43

      what the eff andrew... GIVE THIS MAN A BELLS please... it was a figure of speech... It has nothing to do with their looks... So insensitive really.. i agree with you denise..

  • Lerato - 2011-11-18 09:14

    Sounds like another Dewani case....!!!Y ask for custody then give the child to someone else, sounds like the parents are scared of this guy too!!

      Napolita - 2011-11-18 09:35

      @Lerato - Why have a child and then ask mother to take care of "it"? Don't you know of people who have children and then ask their relatives to look after their child due to the current parent's circumstances? Well, in case you do not know, it does happen. What in the story suggest "...the parents are scared of this guy too"? I'll repeat what I said before in another post, which is: Regardless of the possible husband's involvement, there is nothing ANYONE has at this point to reach ANY conclusions that the husband is involved. If there was, he would be in prison.

      Lerato - 2011-11-18 09:54

      @Napolita - eish, u just gonna have to leave us all to our "own opinion" about this whole thing!!! I suppose we are all trying to make sense of what really happened or what is really happening!!!

      Charlotte - 2011-11-18 10:45

      i agree lerato. What i dont understand, is why everyone reading on here isnt asking themselves the question, why would nicos good friend, order a hit on his friends wife? and where did he get his orders from? exactly. you people say that out loud. and then ask why people are jumping to conclusions

  • Clarissa - 2011-11-18 09:16

    Dis beslis die voormalige man, maar innocent 'till proven guilty. Apie het gedink hulle gaan wegkom hiermee... Stupidity!

  • André - 2011-11-18 09:28

    Not one Soapie on TV has so much intrigue as this story !!

  • Vassie - 2011-11-18 09:35

    and so the plot thickens ...... i think def ex involved somehow

  • Marion - 2011-11-18 09:38

    No one sings as sweetly or as loudly as the first person to be arrested in my opinion. They will trace this all the way back to the person who ordered the hit. My money has been on the ex husband since day one. Nothing like an acrimonious divorce to bring out the worst in people.

      Silver - 2011-11-18 09:47


  • Rainbow - 2011-11-18 09:43

    Lets hope that the little boy crying himself to sleep every night and calling for his mom will tear at his fathers heart and urge him to do the right thing and own up. I am a single mom and my boy is 7 and even at this age they are very attached to their moms. Benjamin is a little boy in a big world and his mom was his fortress. I pray all the truth will be revealed and these sick people who are involved recieve hefty sentances. Nigerians are a scurge in this country and almost all of them are dealing in or connected to drugs. They are the underling evil that is tearing homes apart ( families with members on drugs).

      Silver - 2011-11-18 09:58

      You know Rainbow before you start blaming others I think one should start with the self. You know how these court proceeding can go. No doubt you also know the power a mother holds over a child. I have seen how woman use children for financial gain. I have seen good men brought to their knees and made “daemons” by some woman. Just maybe she pushed the wrong bloke a little too far. If the father was indeed the culprit then the question must be asked: What would drive a father to do this and I’m betting the Nigerian has nothing to do with it.

      Jade - 2011-11-18 10:21

      silver....are you the type of man(i assume you are a man) that also says..."i wonder what she did to deserve that beating from her husband" seriously doesnt matter WHAT Chanelle said or did...nothing gives ANYONE the right to take another persons life! EVER!! PERIOD!!! I happen to know for a fact, that Chanelle's ex husband put her through absolute hell...but that isnt a factor at all...the fact is, that no matter what anyone says or does, it DOES NOT give another person the right to take a life!

      Silver - 2011-11-18 10:51

      @Jade: "I wonder what she did to deserve that beating from her husband"... Seriously now! For the record I’m not. I have never, will never and do I condone hitting a woman. To say you have offended me would be an understatement! Think everyone is admirable do we? Think everyone respect our right to life do we? Reality dictated a different truth. All I’m saying is that if everyone was as admirable as you would have me believe then this South Africa would not have any need for hit men. Unfortunately people kill and wishing it away will not change that fact nor would blaming Nigerians. The fact that there are hit men and drug dealers here merely states that there is an active market for their services. In South Africa a coin does not have two sides, it has four.

      Charlotte - 2011-11-18 10:59

      @ silver... i cant even believe you have uttered those words. you can actually type them and not feel bad doing that...What would drive a father to do this... i read it and i go cold... how can you be offended by what rainbow said, when you just said something worse!!! noone deserves this. @ jade - you are right - abusers will always put the blame on someone else, will always justify their actions and never ever take responsibility for it.

      Harry - 2011-11-18 11:09

      @ Jade , everything you say is very true. But when you look at all the facts you can only wonder? And you have to agree looking at it, girl of 20 marry wealthy man twice her age, they have a child very early on, and then two yaers later she leaves him and it all end up in a terrible custody battle. At some point the child end up in foster care for 8 months, all of this sounds very strange, and I don't think only one off the two parents can be blamed for this mess. If you ask me they where both playing god with a little boys life using him to score points, and not putting his needs before their own!!!

      Silver - 2011-11-18 11:13

      @Charlotte: So a man would one day just wake up and wonder “What am I going to do today?” and after a few pondering moments decide to kill his x wife because he has nothing better to do? Ok, it’s all the Nigerians fault. He did it.

      Jade - 2011-11-18 11:40 intention was not to offend you, i do apologise. I just felt rather irate over your comment of "Just maybe she pushed the wrong bloke a little too far. If the father was indeed the culprit then the question must be asked: What would drive a father to do this and I’m betting the Nigerian has nothing to do with it" I agree with you on this country...we have lost our morals and values, its sad! no harm intended :)

      Jade - 2011-11-18 11:56

      My intention is not to step on toes here guys...I was merely quite taken aback by the comment Silver one has the right to end anothers life regardless of how they feel or what the other person may have said or done. @Harry...i agree with you, however i have a friend who married someone twice her age and they are happy, so it does happen...Im not going to comment on their feelings for each other nor question her intentions for marrying a wealthy man...i was not involved in the marrige therefore i have no place to judge, maybe it was love. However, i do know someone who knew her personally and he apparently put her through hell both when they were married AND through the the pendulum swings in the other direction too....I guess only when the police find the person who gave the "close friend" his orders, will we know the motives...bottom line though, a small boyhas lost his mom and thats really heartbreaking!

  • ryan - 2011-11-18 09:43


  • Patti - 2011-11-18 09:47

    and the plot thickens

  • Bryan - 2011-11-18 09:51

    @Wesleywt.., Justin Bieber couldn't have done it.... He still shoots blanks..!!!

  • juleigah.majiedt - 2011-11-18 09:52

    They tried so hard to cover their tracks that they left alot of breadcrumbs for the hawks lol epic fail

  • ashanti.singh - 2011-11-18 09:58

    why is preshan accussed of providing the weapon, when the weapon doesnt have his fingerprints on, there are NO telefonic, sms, photos, videos or any other link, linking him to this hit or crew of man???? why dont the cops tell the media that they didnt even find the gun on preshan or his property. Preshan doesnt even know these suspects!!!! how is he linked to this????

      Jade - 2011-11-18 10:15

      @Ashanti....Preshan was arrested for being in posession of the murder weapon...where theres smoke theres fire. There has to be a valid reason why he was arrested, seriously, everyone sees motive behind why Chanelles ex would be the guilty one yet police have no arrested him because theres no solid proof...I doubt they would have arrested Preshan without good reason! family of yours i take it?

      Shaun - 2011-11-18 11:03

      Ashanti if you can read on iol ...there it states that It was he's licenced gun that was used....

      Marieta - 2011-11-18 11:09

      Preshan Singh......Ashanti Singh....mmmmmmm

  • Jonathan.Banks.SA - 2011-11-18 09:58

    what ever

  • Saksak Motsepe - 2011-11-18 09:58

    I watched this kind of drama on Discovery last night. Maybe they can make a SA version

  • Samantha - 2011-11-18 10:02

    of course he is can run but you can't hide....

  • MoAfrika - 2011-11-18 10:04

    y does he want custody of the kid when he gives him away to other people???

  • Omnivore - 2011-11-18 10:05

    Look at all these people working together. Truly, we are the rainbow nation. Seriously though, wish they could all hang.

  • Michelle - 2011-11-18 10:13

    Why do people think they can get away with murder/crime? Especially if there's a messy divorce? The cops WILL check out the ex. You can pay whomever you like to take her out, in the end the trutht will come out. Sounds fishy to me!

  • Michelle - 2011-11-18 10:25

    The ex's good friend,hey! Methinks there's a snake in the grass!!

  • Sharon - 2011-11-18 10:30

    Another Dewani type case .... Will these men ever learn. They will pay for what they have done... SWINES !!!

  • Charlotte - 2011-11-18 10:39

    another shrien dewani. the truth will come out. you will see. I cant stand the fact that theres a picture of the husband holding the son, putting flowers on this angels coffin because if in the end, it is the husband who ordered the hit, this picture will be a reminder of just how cold a person can be. I do hope its not him though!! What kind of a person does this! You will see - without a doubt, one of the accused will crack. some one will crack under the pressure. and the husband will be implicated. Go and search for Carmen Thomas Murder New Zealand. The ex did the same thing.

  • Cherylin - 2011-11-18 10:50

    Well done SAPS and PI involved- if only all cases were solved so speedily...

  • Grant - 2011-11-18 10:51

    Strange case : So many suspects. I would have thought that a killer would involve as few people as possble. The truth is now almost certain to come out. Why did the ex cop hand himself over? Did he realise that the people involved would be eliminated? The police were certainly not 'hot on his trail', they were still busy drawing pictures of two full face helmets. Just a thought : Suppose the ex was involved in drugs and Chanelle threatened to expose him if he didn't cooperate with her demands in the divorse and custody? I've experience in life. My father shot my mother in '75 and she is still carrying lead. My older son was a bodyguard for a woman in Hout Bay who had a young son. She was divorcing her very wealthy London based husband who had local 'connections'. Fortunatly my son also had them.

      MissGremlin - 2011-11-18 11:12

      agreed. 1 person can keep a deal quiet. Not 5 or however many more crawl out from under their rocks.

  • Shirley - 2011-11-18 11:01

    Morena pounder: Clearly you cannot think-next time you are gravely ill and a white doctor is saving your life-refuse treatment!

      Charlotte - 2011-11-18 11:04

      i wish i could like this comment 100 times

  • Thopa - 2011-11-18 11:06

    @ Theresa what qualifies this specific case to been high profile as opposed to the same incident happening right across Faerie Glen in a black township called Mamelodi? Could the fact that the victim is white helped to make the case high profile? Theresa - November 18, 2011 at 10:11 Report comment Thopa, your reference to race is unjustified.This is a high profile case that why it has so much media coverage.Get rid of that chip on your shoulder!

  • kerrimg - 2011-11-18 11:26

    the exhusband is behind this. my theory from the beginning

  • Sean - 2011-11-18 11:46

    The LINK person?? The husbands on the other side

  • cindy.allman2 - 2011-11-18 12:20

    The truth will come out eventually. My heart goes out to the poor little boy who is being shipped from foster care to grand-parents to dad and has now been placed in foster care again until Feb 2012. He's just lost his mother under these terrible circumstances and now all of this unsettlement. Poor little soul.

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