Channelle killer guilty of corruption

2012-02-21 22:09

Pretoria - Former policeman Gerhardus du Plessis, the man involved in the killing of Chanelle Henning, pleaded guilty to corruption charges in the Pretoria Specialised Commercial Crimes Court on Tuesday.

Magistrate Dawie Jacobs sentenced Du Plessis to 15 years in prison, which would run concurrently with the 18 years he is currently serving for the Henning murder.

The corruption charges are unrelated to the Henning case.

Du Plessis was put on medical leave in May last year because of post traumatic stress disorder after attending to a scene where an infant was murdered.

In August last, year he was approached by one Frederick Olivier to obtain a murder docket in exchange for R10 000. Du Plessis took the docket from the office of investigating officer Stephanus Kilian after getting the key under false pretenses.

In August, he handed the docket to Olivier in exchange for a number of payments which amounted to R10 000.

The State suggested the sentence of 15 years because of mitigating factors, including the fact that Du Plessis had three young children and his wife was unemployed.

His family was also homeless as they had to move out of police barracks.

  • Ken - 2012-02-21 22:21

    This man is evil and should serve all his time. He was employed by the community to protect us and he did the exact opposite.

      cameronjohnprice - 2012-02-21 22:33

      I agree Ken....i would like to see more corrupt people in government get the same type of sentence though..

  • Tanie - 2012-02-21 22:49

    Thanx to the swift ANC police, other wise the poor Africans would have been blamed. Bloody blood suckers.

      Johan - 2012-02-21 23:27

      i don't get it ... i mean your comment, of course ...

      Nico Bruwer - 2012-02-21 23:41

      Where the hell was race OR political groups EVER mentioned?Dont try stirring where there is nothing to stir!

      John - 2012-02-22 08:57

      Back into your hole.

      John - 2012-02-22 08:59

      What an appropriate facebook photo....

  • inwardk - 2012-02-22 07:33

    What a bad apple! Grrr

  • DesireeNike - 2012-02-22 09:14

    I just don't understand our justice system. Only 9 years for murder and corruption and that is before parole.

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