Chappies activist to appear in court

2012-02-21 18:17

Cape Town - Hout Bay activist Fiona Hinds will appear in court after refusing to leave the site of a proposed toll building on Chapman's Peak in Cape Town.

The Cape Argus reported that Hinds was arrested on Monday evening after being served with a court order to vacate the premises.

She was released with a warning to appear in the Wynberg Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

She faced charges of trespassing and malicious damage, after being accused of spray-painting a shade net attached to a fence, and damaging signs.

Civil Rights Action group (Crag) member Bronwen Lankers-Byrne told the newspaper that Hinds was expected to pay R5 000 in damages.

Hinds said: "We have delayed the construction for five days, and they had to get us off the site because I’m sure that the lorries will now come and start pouring the concrete, and once the builders are there it will virtually be impossible to stop them.

"This arrest and warning to keep away from the site for 48 hours is not going to make me stand back. Come Thursday, I will be there."

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-02-21 19:14

    Depends how this process is to work. If tourists pay a full amount and locals get some kind of multiple discount, then I can't see the problem with the toll.

  • SarelJBotha - 2012-02-21 19:15

    It is such a pity that there is not 100000 people on that site with her. That way the message will be clearer and the powers that be wll not be able to focus their attack.

  • amanda - 2012-02-22 09:56

    This reminds me of the words of the song "Paradise is almost closing down" Fiona Hinds has been charged with trespassing and malicious damage to property. Really? What about the malicious damage to Chapmans Peak when this monstrosity of an office block is constructed. And on a World Heritage site as well!! We all know it was a ploy to get her off site so that Murray and Roberts can start pouring the concrete today. Disgusting state of affairs.

  • amanda - 2012-02-22 10:10

    Another thing. Why has construction NOT been halted while there are still ongoing consultations between Province, San Park Parks and Crag?? Why the indecent haste to construct this building of monstrous proportions plus larger more unsightly tolls. The present ones are bad enough! They are a blot on the landscape. Ah Money is the root of all evil. I can hear the cash registers ringing already!

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