Chapman's Peak closes for fortnight

2011-06-04 09:43

Johannesburg - Chapman's Peak will be closed for the next two weeks after loose rocks above the Noordhoek side of the road fell over a catch-fence, the Western Cape transport department said on Friday.

Western Cape MEC for Transport, Robin Carlisle, said engineers would have to remove the fencing, protect the pass with tyres and then trigger a rock fall, dislodging about 60 tons of rock.

The risk area, a gully leading down to the road, was closed on Thursday.

  • Kobus - 2011-06-04 10:02

    please explain to me how a 4kg per tyre wall is going to block a 60 ton rock slide . the logic in this country fails

      GH - 2011-06-04 10:45

      The tyres are to protect the road surface, while they trigger the rock slide.

      Allin - 2011-06-06 20:42

      The logic of a kakhuiskriek fails everyone, including himself

  • BigMoose - 2011-06-04 10:19

    At R 60.00 per round trip, it can stay closed, for all I care.

  • GH - 2011-06-04 10:46

    It is a pleasure to pay R30 for the best view in the country. If you see what they have done, it's worth every penny!

      Realist - 2011-06-04 23:01

      So essentially it is reduced to a tourist attraction and no longer a route to access the city. I assume you do not use it every day to get to the city, hence your comment about R30 for a view.

      Ross - 2011-06-04 23:16

      A route to access the city? It connect Hout Bay to Noordehoek, that's all. If you cant pay, go around to ou kaapse weg. Do you know how much money goes into making sure the road is safe? You pay money so your car doesn't get crushed by rocks every time you drive along it.

      Realist - 2011-06-05 13:21

      @Ross, but the feeder to Noordhoek comes from Fishoek, Simon's Town Kommetjie, Scarboroogh, etc. Dont be so closed minded. By the way, that is exactly why the increase in traffic over Ou Kaapse Weg has occurred. So not only myself but countless others feel the same way. I must assume that you are in the tourist business or have a company expense account that picks up your toll fees - OR you are not affected because you do not live in the far south of the peninsula.

  • bar-one - 2011-06-04 10:53

    The original was built by prisoners of war with picks and shovels ,these so called modern engineers with modern materials ,haven't got a clue on how to do it . LOL

      GH - 2011-06-04 12:00

      Actually, parts are built half into the rock and half cantilevered over the edge. Quite an engineering achievement. Ever been there?

  • struth - 2011-06-04 12:23

    Luckily no one was injured when the rock fall occurred. I am always a bit anxious whenever I drive along there. Best keep away after we have had heavy rains as we have had here in the South lately.

  • Realist - 2011-06-04 15:02

    I wonder when this country will get to using common sense. Making Chapmans Peak a Toll Road only diverted traffic from it onto other roads. Just look at the congestion at the bottom of Ou Kaapse Weg. No I see they are trying to modify it to ease the congestion (which was created by making Chapmans a Toll Road). Also look at Boyes Drive - since traffic has been diverted from the Main Roads over it will now require extensive repair. Toll roads should be scrapped unless it is a brand new route set up by a contractor. But the process of making existing roads toll roads is criminal as they have originally been paid for by the taxpayer and their maintenance should come from the same source. It is ironic that the more you use a road you get a reduction in cost of the toll. Where is the logic in that a toll road is supposed to make the user who does the most damage (i.e. by his use) is then given a reduction. What in fact is happening is the person who uses the road on the odd occasion actually subsidises the frquent user of the toll road. Wherews the fairness in this?

  • Organist-1 - 2011-06-04 16:51

    So all those billions spent before the DA took charge of the province and Cape Town was all wasted? I wonder if this was one of Malema's ANC contracts at that time and who pocketed the funds finishing a 3rd rate job.

      Allin - 2011-06-06 20:43

      Clearly most of your thinking is done with your organ. This project is a PPP. In any case, it was not undertaken before the DA took charge of the province.

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