Charges against Mohlala accused withdrawn

2012-02-01 11:30

Johannesburg - Murder charges against four men who were accused of shooting Mbombela Municipality Speaker, Jimmy Mohlala, have been provisionally withdrawn, the National Prosecuting Authority said on Wednesday.

"After consulting with witnesses our prosecution felt that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with trial and no prospects of a successful prosecution," said spokesperson Mthunzi Mhaga.

"We decided to provisionally withdraw the matter [on Monday] until such time that the police could gather more evidence."

He said the State which initially took the decision to prosecute the men based on evidence gathered, however chose to drop the matter once the witnesses were interviewed in the run up to the trial.

"At that stage there had not been consultation but only on evidence that was on paper," he said.

Mohlala was gunned down outside his home in January 2009, following his exposure of irregularities in tenders issued for the construction of the R1bn Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit for the World Cup.

Speaking to The Sowetan newspaper on Tuesday, Mohlala's wife, Bonny, said she was not surprised the charges had been dropped.

"I can't say I'm shocked with the withdrawal... I must admit that I previously said the police might have arrested the wrong people, but I do not want to repeat that now because it might seem as though I know who the real culprits are."

  • ReunionofIntelligentMinds - 2012-02-01 12:31

    Provisionally withdrawn because lack of evidence. Might I ask after 3 years do you REALLY think the police will be able to get more evidence seeing that initially they did not succeed in obtaining evidence? Evidence should be collected whilst case still fresh. Please bring back the excellent investigators the police once had before they all lost their jobs due to their high success rate.

  • Desmond - 2012-02-01 15:48

    If the charged start singing it will be a major embarasment to the ruling party.

  • eddiebant - 2012-02-01 16:49

    This happens to often now a days. Easiest excuse to use to let offenders off the hook.

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