Chief fines teacher for poisoning animals

2012-04-12 08:50

East London - An Eastern Cape village chief has ordered a schoolteacher to slaughter a cow to feed his community as a fine for allegedly poisoning 81 animals, the Daily Dispatch reported on Thursday.

The shocked chief of the Sityi village, in Middledrift, said the poisoning two weeks ago was "animal cruelty at its worst".

Police were also investigating a case of malicious damage to property against Sonwabile Ngxabazi, after he allegedly killed 36 dogs, 17 pigs and 28 chickens in the village, Lieutenant Colonel Ernest Sigobe told the newspaper.

Ngxabazi allegedly set a lethal trap for the animals after dogs in the village mauled seven of his pregnant goats.

"This was not the first incident. Last year the same dogs killed my calf, earlier this year they killed another goat. I was just tired of losing my livestock to dogs," Ngxabazi was quoted as saying.

He laced the carcasses of the goats with rat poison and placed them in a hole in his yard.

"At night my neighbour's dogs came and dug the meat out and dragged it on the village streets," he said.

The next day, villagers awoke to find dead animals lining the streets and yards.

Apart from fining Ngxabazi, the village chief also ordered him to apologise.

  • Michael - 2012-04-12 09:14


      Foc - 2012-04-12 09:58

      Not bad investment I think ... one cow for safety of the rest of his goats now that the dogs are out the way ....

  • Chumscrubber1 - 2012-04-12 09:17

    Problem with poisoning is it is indescriminate. More non target animals are killed than anything else. I can understand the guys frustration, but poisoning is about the worst solution he could have chosen. If only people that owned the dogs looked after them properly, people who don't like dogs should not be allowed to own them. It is especially bad in poorer communities, where the well being of their animals is of minimal importance to them, due to their life circumstances. Poverty and owning a dog don't go very well together.

  • sandile.madiba - 2012-04-12 09:24

    Kill another animal to appease the death of the dead animals? pls help me folks, where is the logic in this? I'd rather prefer he was given a fine to herd the village cattle for a month, making sure they are well fed and that they are medicated. therein lies the lesson of not being cruel to animals, and at the same time he will learn to appreciate them as an important/integral part of the ecosystem that should be preserved, not harmed. irrespective of what the animals have done

      kobie.nel1 - 2012-04-12 09:57

      Sandzalito, yes, I think you got a very good idea here, BUT. First of all, that fine of yours should have been given to the owners of the dogs right in the first place, BEFORE this man got so fedup that he turned to poison. What was the rest of the people's attetude towards him? Probably, "let our dogs kill his goats, so that we can share in the meat". Yes, I grew up on a farm where we did not allow dogs for the workers, exactly for that reason.

      sandile.madiba - 2012-04-12 11:32

      i hear u Kobie, but i just feel the whole situation could have been dealt with better. i don't condone the dog-owners (whom are as guilty of animal cruelty) but a wrong and a wrong never makes a right. i am just appalled that the Chief had to sacrifice another animal for this man's blatant cruelty!

      Stephanie - 2012-04-12 13:21

      I'm so glad to see someone on these forums finally has a head on his shoulders, thank you Sandzalito! Killing one animal to punish someone for cruelty to other animals is just bizarre and cruel all on its own. For the first time, someone has actually said something intelligent

      kobie.nel1 - 2012-04-12 13:24

      Sandzalito, be realistic and you will understand my point better. I believe you are NOT a vegitarian. Even then, to eat a pumpkin you have to kill it. Cattle are food, goats are food, dogs are a way to get food by way of hunting. When dogs kill your food it must awake your survival instincs and you will protect your food, and therefore the survival of your family and you ability to provide for them. Meat does not come from some factory or the butcher at the corner or from Checkers on the corner. Milk does not come from the factory, Nestle or Parmalat like all city dwellers believe apparently. Those goats and cattle are bred to feed YOU, not as pets. Farmers care for their animals, but there is a little thing that demonstrate that "care" in a nice way. They will not name their cattle, because "Daizy" does not look good on the dinner plate. We MUST start to balance animal rights and love for animals before we can be realistic. The comments here from these animal "lovers" are childish and stupid from a food producers view. That chief did the right thing in a way by forcing the guy to replace the food he killed, but he did not whent back far enough to replace the food of the man himself. Think about it again from this and tell me what you think from that point of view.

  • lydonmcg - 2012-04-12 09:36

    Wow. That makes sense. Kill one animal for poisoning another 81! Such sound logic.

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-04-12 09:43

    What kind of teacher is this? He deserves a jail term than enjoying the meal with the community.

  • anthro45 - 2012-04-12 10:05

    Why can't they just go back to the bush instead of bringing the bush to civilization>

      sandile.madiba - 2012-04-12 11:36

      anthro45, it is unfortunate that you have had to degrade this story to a racist undertone and i hope you will look at the merits of the facts before u make such a dangerous generalization. i don't think it augurs well for "our" future as a country. i truly believe in collective democracy and i feel people who comment the way you do, make it difficult to achieve this. pls refrain from assuming that "they" all belong in the bush

  • Thato - 2012-04-12 10:37

    was confused& shocked when reading the title but now I understand- sometimes you've just got to act fast to protect your valuables *thinking of the value of a dog to several goats and a calf*

      kobie.nel1 - 2012-04-12 19:21

      Jabonga Thato, (Hope I spell that correctly), but I see you think like a man who can see past "just now".

  • Brett - 2012-04-12 13:42

    Im confused is it the year 2012 or 1612?

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