Child sex accused 'ready to be punished'

2012-10-30 18:21

Cape Town - A man accused of sexually abusing three girls is ready to accept his punishment, his lawyer told the Parow Regional Court on Tuesday.

During closing arguments Johannes Kleinhans' attorney Johannes Grobler said: "My client is ready to be punished, but only for what he has done wrong, and not the assault, which he denies."

Kleinhans faces 95 counts, involving indecent and sexual assaults on three girls, possession of child pornography, and taking pornographic photographs of the girls.

Kleinhans, 74, who resigned several company directorships as a result of the charges, and who held the post of chief executive, initially pleaded guilty to the charges, before Magistrate Amanda van Leeve.

However, this was changed to not guilty because in his testimony he blamed the girls for his predicament, which amounted to a denial of guilt.

During a pause in proceedings, photographers took pictures of Kleinhans seated in the dock, until he begged court officials to intervene.

Prosecutor Herculine Swart urged the court to find Kleinhans guilty of all counts.

The photographs he allegedly took of the girls were "not only pornographic, but explicit" she said.

Swart described how Kleinhans had groomed his victims, from poverty-stricken families, to regard him as a father figure by giving money, food, and clothing to their parents.

The girls and their families had addressed Kleinhans as "uncle Ian, she said. Kleinhans had abused this relationship, as well as his position of authority.

Swart said Kleinhans had specially converted a house in Parow into a private gymnasium, which only the three girls knew about.

He installed gym equipment in the house and stocked it with condoms, sex toys and alcohol.

"What kind of father would give liquor to young girls in a normal relationship?" she said.

Swart asked the court to accept the girls' testimony as honest and reliable.

It had taken her two years to persuade the traumatised girls to testify, and they had no reason to tell lies about Kleinhans. Kleinhans, on the other hand, had tried to present himself to the court as a good person.

"The accused has admitted [to] many of the charges, but he blames the girls in order to make himself innocent," Swart said.

The court would hand down judgment on 13 November.

  • morne.demeillon - 2012-10-30 18:24

    Hang the rubbish!

      spamandlan - 2012-10-30 19:02

      THIS man must be give the hard punishment so that the other guys who wish to do that they going see the law is working

      rbphiri - 2012-10-30 19:39

      One wrinkled A-hole against hundreds of horny inmates??? he is not ready at all. May the inmates ravage and pulverize you to a shred.

      moriri.mosweu - 2012-10-30 19:42

      The paedophilia gene...

  • craig.thom.376 - 2012-10-30 18:49

    Wow "ready to accept" friggin pervert hang him by his nuts

  • patrick.mampane - 2012-10-30 18:58

    What has become of this world? you get robbers using underwear to effect disguise, and then some individuals butchering people at cemeteries and now this. I give up!

  • anneri.orrenswanepoel - 2012-10-30 18:58


      thelma.flynn.96 - 2012-10-30 19:27

      I agree whole heartedly. Useless old git

  • siphom.mnguni - 2012-10-30 19:11

    A man accused of sexually assaulting three girls is ready to be punished, so says his lawyer. What a pathetic excuse for a human-being. And just because I studied that part of law that allows him to be given a lighter sentence because the court will be told he is a first offender. That he had shown remorse. And his age will come into a factor. Then he will receive just a slap on the wrist. Those three girls will be haunted by his dastardly deed for the rest of their miserable lives. Where have you ever heard a lawyer spewing this rubbish if he knew he was going to be punished in all true sense of the word. Shame on you South Africa for your pathetic \justice\. What kind of the world are going to bequeath our children?

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-10-30 19:18

    So this pratt begs them to stop taking pictures of him in court. I say HELL TO THE NO. Paste he's mug shot on all the bill boards on the hi-way from Pretoria to Cape town. Dumb pervert.

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