Clients see red, lock up tardy DJ

2011-12-07 20:21

Bushbuckridge - House maestro DJ Choice was locked up for several hours at a restaurant in Mpumalanga after being accused of arriving late and refusing to perform over the weekend.

The DJ, whose real name is Kgethego Chokoe, was billed to perform at the Pattido Restaurant in Arthur City village near Bushbuckridge.

"We paid the DJ R12 000 to come and perform on Saturday and expected him at 19:00, but he arrived after midnight and demanded that we postpone the event.

"We refused to postpone and he started to be rude and called us names," said event organiser Phenyo Marobela.

"We ordered the security guards to lock up the gate so that we can keep him inside until he gives us our money."

He said during the time the gates where locked, Chokoe asked for the event organisers' banking account numbers so he could transfer their money back.

"He stayed inside with the guards until 7am, where we released him after we received the money," he said.


Marobela said the DJ had been rude since the first day he started speaking to him about performing at the restaurant.

He said he called Chokoe on Thursday to confirm that he was still coming.

"People had paid money because it was R50 per person for the night that’s why I insisted he confirm he would come. He told me he was irritated by me and ordered me to stop phoning him.

"On Saturday, he phoned to tell me to relax because everything was fine," said Marobela.

"He said he was shocked when Chokoe failed to arrive on time, angering the crowd.

"He spent several hours at the restaurant until everyone was gone. He remained there until the morning," he said.

However, when contacted for comment, restaurant owner Patricia Chiloane told African Eye News Service that the DJ was not kept against his own will, but held to protect him.

"The crowd was so angry [at him]. If we did not protect him they would have attacked him. Despite protecting him, he also told us that he would wait at the restaurant until the money was deposited," said Chiloane.

She said in the morning award-winning artist DJ Cleo, who owns Will of Steel Productions, to which Chokoe is signed, sent an SMS asking that they release the DJ.

She said DJ Cleo told them that their money had been deposited.

"The security guards opened the gate after we got an SMS notifying us that the money was deposited," said Chiloane.

"DJ Cleo was not rude like that young man who tarnished the image of my restaurant. We were not worried about the R12 000, but the image of our company," she said.

They will pay

When reached for comment, Chokoe said there was no reason to keep him hostage because he had explained to Chiloane why he was late.

"I was performing in Phalaborwa and I left the place around 22:00 and it was raining heavily on the road.

"In fact, I was driving slowly from Phalaborwa to Bushbuckridge and I did not even know the place. I phoned her and explain why I was getting late and she sounded as if she understood my situation," said Chokoe.

He said when he arrived at the restaurant some people had already left, but that he was prepared to play or to pay back the money.

"When I arrived there the lady took me inside and called her husband. When he arrived he started accusing me of disrespecting his wife," he said.

Chokoe said he asked them to allow him to play briefly and reschedule the event to make up for lost time, but that Chiloane refused.

"When I was about to leave she ordered five people to close the gate. I pleaded with them to release me because my manager had already transferred the money, but they refused," he said.

He said they kept on pushing him around and speaking in SiSwati, saying "Uyadelela, sefuna ukukubonisa [You are disrespectful, we want to show you].

"I ended up telling them to kill me or do whatever they wanted to do," said Chokoe.

He said he was still seeking legal advice on how to deal with the matter.

"I am still interacting with my lawyers. You know I have lost R24 000 because of this. They will pay for what they did to me, just imagine being locked up alone at night in a place that you don't know," said Chokoe.

He said he did not open any case with the police.

  • Paul - 2011-12-07 20:36

    DJ Choice not the first time is it.

  • Henry - 2011-12-07 21:19

    Wrong 'Choice' of DJ I guess..

  • Go - 2011-12-07 21:22

    This is the way things need to be done nowadays, the law and justice systems offers no/inadequate cover for this type of cr@p. good for the owners !!

  • jan.v.vuuren - 2011-12-07 21:23


  • Swapie - 2011-12-07 21:24

    lol. Serves him right. Maybe we must do this with the politicians so that they are forced to do their jobs!

      John - 2011-12-07 22:04

      Or hopefully we can claim back our taxes.

  • Joseph - 2011-12-07 22:15

    419 scam,they all want fast moeny which leads to corruption and being on a waiting list to prison because the person will not want to work but earn money for doing nothing.

  • Peter - 2011-12-08 09:04

    "Africa time" did not appear to work in this instance. When your client said 19h00, they meant 19h00 and not after 24h00 - what did this idiot expect. His arrogance, and being disrespectful almost got him blixemed. Good for you Bushbuckridge.

  • Tulani - 2011-12-08 09:16

    in ma language DJ Choice ubhanxekile vha, u were sapose to be paying @ 7 and wena u left pal @ 10.........umuncu DJ

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