Clive Derby-Lewis denied parole

2011-08-26 11:29

Johannesburg - Right-winger Clive Derby-Lewis, who was convicted of the murder of SA Communist Party general secretary Chris Hani, has been denied parole, his lawyer said on Friday.

"Yes indeed," said Marius Coertze, confirming a report on SABC radio news that Correctional Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula had officially denied his parole.

Derby-Lewis and Polish immigrant Janus Walusz are serving life sentences for the murder of Hani in 1993, the year before South Africa's first democratic elections.


Derby-Lewis's legal team said earlier this year that he was being treated for prostate cancer and skin cancer.

His supporters have also compared his application to that of President Jacob Zuma's former financial adviser Schabir Shaik, who was released on parole following a corruption conviction on the grounds that he had a terminal illness.

Derby-Lewis was convicted of conspiracy to murder and was initially sentenced to death for his role in Hani's assassination, but this was changed to life imprisonment when the death penalty was outlawed in 1995.

He confessed to his role in the assassination to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, but was not granted amnesty.

The department was not immediately available for comment, but SAFM reported that the application was denied because Hani's family was not consulted before the recommendation for parole was made.

  • Annoy - 2011-08-26 11:33

    Set the man free

      Tolerant - 2011-08-26 11:49

      Yes he has done enough time and has cancer.

      Felix - 2011-08-26 12:05

      Put him on the shaky golf team, everybody gets a handicap.

      Michael - 2011-08-26 12:10

      They must jus set this guy free man, he's done his time and meets the requirements,i think some of these people in "high places" are putting pressure on the parole board. if they let out the serial-murderer Vlakplaas askari,who killed and burnt dead bodies while having a braai why are they keeping this guy there? Nonsense man!

      myancmyfutur - 2011-08-26 12:20

      The apartheid government arrested him, it was not the ANC govt who did. We are however happy to accommodate him till he dies, we would be glad to bury him next to Bin Laden at sea.

      LloydSix - 2011-08-26 13:17

      Why set him free? He is a murderer... I agree that unfortunately in this country most murderers don't get life sentences, in fact they usually don;t even get sentenced but they sure as hell deserve it and this man is no different.

      Thelma - 2011-08-26 13:44

      @ Solomon - In SA if you are white you don't receive any benefits but if you are black you get away with murder, rape, fraud please don't tell us that it is common worldwide practice in parole applications by convicted murderers and rapists.

      G.du Plessis - 2011-08-26 13:51

      Don't set this murderer free.

      LloydSix - 2011-08-26 13:59

      @KakSak - like I said, double standards are wrong but either way that does not mean he deserves to be set free. He MURDERED someone...get it? killed another human being. I don't care if he is ill or not. ALL murderers in my opinion deserve life in jail.

      Great White - 2011-08-26 14:06

      All we need is some even handedness in our justice system. Why is it that not all animals are equal in our farmyard? Why do Shaik, Winnie, Zuma and Julie-baby not get the same treatment. Play fair, for a change.

      SolomonMagalefa - 2011-08-26 14:08

      @Thelma - sorry sweetie but 2 wrongs don't make a right. If somebody cold-bloodily murders your dad and is then given parole without your blessing, would you be happy? I think not!

      GrimReaper1 - 2011-08-26 14:21

      let him die in prison,the dirty swine

      Rolie - 2011-08-26 14:29

      The cANCer government have two sets of rules, one for the darkies and one for the whities. I hope they all get the pox from their mistresses. SOB's.

      Warren - 2011-08-26 15:22

      ALL murderers should hang by the neck till they are dead... FINISH & KLAAR. It doesn't matter if you murdered Chris Hani or an entire family on a farm, the bastards should SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      RL - 2011-08-26 16:10

      parole is discretionary not an entitlement. he never came clean about his actions in order to protect one of the biggest conspiracies this country has never known. the truth shall set you free. maybe.

      CenturionX - 2011-08-26 16:16

      Everyone seems to forget that Hani's murder was politically motivated, not a common criminal murder for personal gain or because of the color of his skin. He was a target for the right wing. The ANC killed many whites over the same period for which the murderers were given amnesty. No one asked the families of those who were killed if they are happy that the murderers of their loved ones walked free. Moral of the story, Darby-Lewis and Waluz sit because the ANC wants revenge, not justice. That is wrong according to SA constitution. But hey, who gives a rats @ss about the constitution in SA!

      Teemachine - 2011-08-26 16:23

      Just to inform some. He wasn't the guy that did the murdering.

      croix - 2011-08-26 16:56

      SolomonMagalefa - Let us talk a bit about Mr McBride ........... See?

      Fred - 2011-08-26 17:11

      No chance of that. CDL is a proud and principled person who won't bribe Zuma and his buddies, so he will stay in jail until he dies. Contrast with Schabir Shaik who just bribed the right people !!!!! Typical of this country and it's leadership.

      POLLENYS - 2011-08-26 18:25

      Very simple. What everyone forgets is that Derby-Lewis did not pull the trigger.

      Boer - 2011-08-26 22:18

      Ja if this was now a swarte they will set him free in seconds. Reverse Apartheid. Although the big book says thow shall not kill your neighbour.

      Hangman - 2011-08-27 08:10

      These blacks will never let him out, he is an icon they can reflect back on and say...."you see what we did to the white man". Every year they can talk about hani and his killer, keeping the murderous white man in the memory of the iliterate population.

      Denise - 2011-08-27 10:32


  • Ederik - 2011-08-26 11:33

    Are all the families of murdered farmers consulted before the barbarians who murdered them are freed toe continue their murders?

      The Wonderer - 2011-08-26 12:16

      @Ederick, I think Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula's thinking to himself that Mr Lewis will not be released on his watch, not while Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula is still around, oh no!

      RobertKay - 2011-08-26 13:40

      @ The Wonderer - Nosiviwe is actually a female. But for the rest I agree with you.

      zee - 2011-08-26 14:17

      wat about the murder of farm workers. The farmers just say they thought it was a dog and get away with it. Is that faif???

      Johannes Viljoen - 2011-08-26 14:51

      Dude that murderes get life, the same as this @sshole and Netherland's you a sorry xcuse for a man, Hani was 1000000 times the man you will ever be, you stupid @ss and as for his parole, let this stupid ANC supporter enlighten you a little: a sentenced offender serving a determinate sentence or cumulative sentences of more than 24 months may not be placed on day parole or parole until such sentenced offender has served either the stipulated non-parole period, or if no non-parole period was stipulated, half of the sentence, but day parole or parole must be considered whenever a sentenced offender has served 25 years of a sentence or cumulative sentences. Are you willing to let all murderers free in this way? Next qstn is it in the interest of justice to let this murderer free, heybo Ima uneducated ANC sappporteer I cant even spells but what does the law say let see: Van Vuren v Minister of Correctional Services and Others (CCT 07/10) [2010] ZACC 17; 2010 (12) BCLR 1233 (CC): "The interests of justice must be determined by reference to all the relevant considerations including: the nature of the relief sought, the extent and cause of the delay and its effect on the administration of justice.62 As illustrated, above, Mr Van Vuren has made several attempts to seek redress in various courts, including this Court. There has been a delay of several years since he started to challenge the constitutionality of the impugned provisions." Ai facts of a dom ANC supporter versus you

      burtfred - 2011-08-26 18:14

      Why should the Hani family be consulted? They are not high court judges. South Africa does not have Sharia law. If justice is truly to be served, the Hanis are the last people who should be consulted as it is impossible for them to have an objective opinion on the matter. They have a material and emotional interest in retribution and revenge. I'm sorry Mrs Hani, but this should not be your decision to make. Neither should a political minister, especially not one such as the inept and corrupt travelgate cadre Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula have any say in the matter. She was the minister that ran the department of home affairs into the gutter and is now being entrusted with philosophical and philanthropic decisions such as the Derby-Lewis parole issue. Such an important consideration as this is way beyond her demonstrated personal mental ability or arena of interest. This matter should be left entirely up to senior judges to decide.

      Slingervel - 2011-08-27 08:59

      Not if they are white!

  • Will99 - 2011-08-26 11:34


      zaatheist - 2011-08-26 15:34

      I actually think that Hani may well have been more principled and less corrupt than the current gang. His death was a tragedy for the country. As for Derby-Lewis, he did it with malice aforethought in an attempt to cause chaos ans civil war. He can rot as far as I am concerned,

  • onthefence - 2011-08-26 11:35

    Learn to play golf - you'll be out in no time. Oh yes, you also need to make a few donations to a select group of people - money walks and the rest must pay for their crimes....Clive you are guilty and not connected, do the time

      ice - 2011-08-26 11:39

      onthefence you forgot to mention that you need to have terminal cancer and be on your deathbed too!!!

      onthefence - 2011-08-26 11:48

      Can a really sore throat be enough?

      NickG - 2011-08-26 11:57

      Cancer doesn't cut it these days it has to be "hyper-tension", plus a decent handicap!

      The Wonderer - 2011-08-26 12:20

      It would be interesting to see what would happen IF Mr Lewis hired Shabby Sheiks' lawyer, WILL he get off??

      onthefence - 2011-08-26 13:21

      @The Wonderer - I want his caddy

      PhillE - 2011-08-26 15:11

      ...and smoking cigars help as well... But seriously though, how could anyone think that cancer is more terminal than high blood pressure? If he suffered high blood pressure he would have been at home already! ;-)

  • 90clocknews - 2011-08-26 11:37

    Murderer.... do the time

      DW - 2011-08-26 11:49

      He has done his time. He is genuinely dying of a terminal disease but you are so full of revenge and hate that you insist that he must sit until he does die. But people like Robert McBride who murdered far more people not only walk free, and got fat salaries and promotions, but had a car accident in his drunken state and tried to defeat the ends of justice in that one too. He is a common criminal who should still be sitting in jail, but he is your hero. You are no better than he is - you and all you ANC ilk.

      HONKY101 - 2011-08-26 13:11

      Robert McBride should be in the same cell as Derby Lewis, they should both be in jail mate.

      boerqwhaas - 2011-08-26 16:27

      I hope you die!

      Monica - 2011-08-26 21:50

      Remember the Lockberie bomber?The terorist who killed hundreds people? Yet is free du to cancer.Why Lewis can^t be?

  • Rain-Man3 - 2011-08-26 11:41

    @Ederik I agree with you,!!

  • Spanners - 2011-08-26 11:41

    Clive for President! like our former president.

      Blaqpride - 2011-08-26 11:52


  • Wizard101 - 2011-08-26 11:43

    Yes double stadards in this justice system,set the murderes free that kill farmers and woman and children,but when a white person comes up for parole then there is all these rules that must be adheared to.SA justice system sucks like the goverment!!!!!!!!

      myancmyfutur - 2011-08-26 11:56

      The same regime that set murderers like farmer Scott Crossley free for feeding a man to lions, apply the double standard theory when it suites you. The concern can only be that the man is terminally ill not the double standard nonsense you're referring to. Prisons are filled with black and white people who've been serving since early 80's.

      CaptainK - 2011-08-26 11:56

      Yours is the only comment here that makes sense... The rest are all either white-hating racist black-folk__or black-hating racist white-folk! If he was connected to the current Prez and owed a few favours like Schaik is, he'd have been out ages ago... nevermind what the families of the victim has to say. Our country is FINISHED! Our current leaders took up the reigns from the former, and instead of steering the horse-cart in a different direction... they just got them to run faster ;D

      device - 2011-08-26 13:53

      Wizard101 i just love how you correctly refer to those who kill farmers as "murders" and then conveniently refer to to Mr Derby-Lewis as a "white person". not a murderer but a "white person"

  • ndosithemba - 2011-08-26 11:47

    They are just sending a message 2 all the killers like u 2 b aware when pulling a trigger u should have been given a death penalty ones and 4 all.

      Face - 2011-08-26 12:08

      Let him out - There is another problem problem to solve!!!

      kolobe - 2011-08-26 12:09

      Smaal forgot to mention the apartheid police and government

      Face - 2011-08-26 12:11

      Kolobe - I miss the good old days!!

      Wizard101 - 2011-08-26 12:23

      @ themba and pig I am thinking of a shambok right now,for you two.

      Smaal - 2011-08-26 12:27

      Oh yes, thanks for reminding me kolobe... and what about your current ANC government, muti killers, rapists, bribery and corruption instigators, farm murderers and let’s not forget .. baby executioners. What about all of them ndosithemba?

      zena - 2011-08-26 13:24

      sending a message to what killers????? clearly not sending a good enough message your has always baffled me as to how little compassion and humility black people have.....but when it comes to your sick murderers then you people have so much excuses like poverty and the best of all...blame it on apartheid.

      gatvol4corru - 2011-08-26 13:41

      Be careful,your lack of IQ is showing comrade

      Netherlander - 2011-08-26 13:54

      Ndos... don't HURT YOURSELF Bru!!!!

  • Danny - 2011-08-26 11:48

    Clive should consult with Shaik's doctors; I am sure he will be out in no time! As for the minister, she's a complete disgrace and should have been fired from parliament for ruining Home Affairs. I suppose only she knows why Zuma has still kept her on. Disgraceful things!

      Johannes - 2011-08-26 11:56

      danny you are a stupid,shaik never killed please dnt compare,ur uncle must rot in jail

      Smaal - 2011-08-26 11:59

      That could work.... if he was black.

      ~daisy_d~ - 2011-08-26 12:20

      @ Johannes - Schaik may not have been a killer, but he's a criminal nonetheless...there are double standards at play and the government (I think) is trying to prove a point. Not to mention that people who kill nowadays get let out for R5000 bail and is back to killing the next day. What's good for the goose is supposed to be good for the gander. Yet another fantastic example our government is setting....

      Ingie - 2011-08-26 12:42


      Johannes Viljoen - 2011-08-26 15:37

      Danny and his friends think black and white! Fact: Terminally ill prisoners may be released on parole. Is his cancer in such a state that he is gonna die now, no I think not, so are we going to let all say HIV convicted murderers out? Danny and this stupid Netherlander dude is not going to agree to that. Clive moet maar sit die g@t wat hy is, how can you kill a man like Hani and now u want mercy. Fact: According to UN statutes of which SA is bound to, you may not be in jail for indefinate time. But thn Clive, ai Clive you should sit atleast 25 years or until you about to die from your cancer, before you go free, THAT IS THE LAW

  • maneki - 2011-08-26 11:52

    Yet Shabir Shaik is free... Dying an EXTREMELY slow death from an illness called Old Age, Greed, Prosperity

  • Thelma - 2011-08-26 11:53

    He is not part of the "Shaik Shabir" clang.

  • SCAM - 2011-08-26 11:56

    support Julius and you'll be free in no time.

  • kolobe - 2011-08-26 11:59

    Clive Derby-Lewis should tell us who hired him,rest of the apartheid government should be sharing a cell with him

      Felix - 2011-08-26 12:10

      And 99/100ths of the current one.

      Wizard101 - 2011-08-26 12:11

      And what about your murdering friends that runs around freely?In this country it helps to be black and supporting the cANCer.Friends with zumalema.

      Montblanc - 2011-08-26 12:12

      so should the anc leadership who ordered landmines being planted to killed woman and children. useless bastards!

      Face - 2011-08-26 12:18

      Kolobe! does your mother now that you are playing on the net?

      ~daisy_d~ - 2011-08-26 12:22

      @ kolobe: then the rest of the racist black people who insist on killing farmers should also share a cell....wouldn't that be fun? :P

      Independenth - 2011-08-26 12:39

      I agree with you Kolobe, maybe Derby Lewis should be considered for parole in 15 years if he can reveal more details and who else was involved

      Ingie - 2011-08-26 12:43


      DW - 2011-08-26 14:05

      You know Kolobe, that issue was raised at the trial as well as the TRC. You are all so convinced that he was hired by someone else WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF OF THIS STATEMENT. Based on this ASSUMPTION he was denied amnesty at the TRC. And you are basing your statement on the same ASSUMPTION. If they had proof of this, why have they done nothing about it? They WANT someone else to be involved. They are not happy that the CP could have acted on their own. But in the case of many many ANC criminals there is absolute PROOF of their wrongdoings and they not only walk free, but keep doing what they are doing and there is absolutely no accountability or responsibility. Banana republic. We are NOT all equal before the law.

      The Observer - 2011-08-26 14:07

      cia kolobe cia.

      Other Justin - 2011-08-26 16:28

      For once kolobe, I agree with you, but then the reverse should apply for the crime committed by cANCer connected individuals.

      CenturionX - 2011-08-26 16:55

      @kolobe Derby-Lewis planned the murder. Waluz pulled the trigger. Slow enough for you dip Sh1t? As for the second part, I agree, but for treason not revenge.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-27 18:19

      maybe a few of the old league anc members too

  • matla - 2011-08-26 12:00

    This moron killed Hani he must rot in jail, Shaik did not murder anyone - he was just caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Matla ANC

      Newsferret - 2011-08-26 12:03

      Get real.

      unavailable - 2011-08-26 12:05

      And Robert Mc Bride?

      gizzy - 2011-08-26 12:08

      matla, I agree Derby Lewis is a scumbag. But you can't exact revenge with double standards. Mc Bride killed innocent people as did many ANC cadres who threw bombs into churches and pubs. Mc Bride even got rewarded with cushy jobs. So, if Derby Lewis must rot in jail (which I would normally agree with) then so should all those other murderers.

      Thandi - 2011-08-26 12:09

      and being caught with your hand in the cookie jar is a practice that in the eyes of the ANCorruption is not a crime, not even an embarresment, merely a silly inconvenience at being found out. Shaik is a thieving bastard who should also be getting his just desserts, not living a life of luxury at the pleasure of showerhead.

      winston.mullany - 2011-08-26 12:12

      And your point is? They both criminals, both should be doing time but Shaik is now on parole for his 'illness' so Lewis should be the same. If Shiak was in jail I would then say Lewis should also rot in jail but since Shaik isn't, Lewis should also be paroled for a genuine illness. Double standards here.

      Neil - 2011-08-26 12:19

      I think you're missing the point here. Shaik did not serve his entire prison term due to a "Terminal illness", yet he is playing golf. Clive on the other hand has terminal cancer and they won't let him out. It's got nothing to do with murder or fraud.

      Ingie - 2011-08-26 12:44


      2shy2call - 2011-08-26 12:46

      I agree Matla. I say Matla bathong. (Power to the people)

      gatvol4corru - 2011-08-26 13:42

      You also displaying a lack of IQ comrade! Forgot about Winnie & Stompie? McBride?

      Kenno - 2011-08-26 13:42

      ...and what about Robert McBride???How many INNOCENT WOMAN did he kill?? Arsehole!

      Other Justin - 2011-08-26 16:27

      Unfortunately matla, it is not only Shaik that gets away with it, there are several examples of people who are politically connected, charged with the worst crimes, getting preferential treatment. I personally feel the bloke belongs in jail, it is the different set of rules that causes me irritation.

      Fredjohn - 2011-08-27 06:37

      Clive Derby Lewis never killed anyone, Whoever gave instructions for the Church Street bomb should have also been locked up. Same thing as Hani killing !!!!!!!

      umhlopo - 2011-08-27 18:20

      dont forget about your robert mc bride

  • Marieta - 2011-08-26 12:03

    Bring back the death penalty !!!

      Ingie - 2011-08-26 12:45


      Prof - 2011-08-26 12:50

      Only to sort out Clive Derby Lewis.

  • Newsferret - 2011-08-26 12:03

    Nothing changes - some are more equal than others. It all depends on the political affiliation.

      Muffyforu - 2011-08-26 17:33

      Just like during apartheid!!! wake up politicians are politicians no matter what the colour of their skin! Lying cheating bastards and we pay their salaries>

  • Slimste - 2011-08-26 12:03

    And the "black people revenge syndrome" continues! Set him free. He is a political prisoner and paid for his deed.

  • Agwambo - 2011-08-26 12:05

    This is one good consistent decision by ANC. The only time this bugger should see light is when the walls of the prison collapse. When that will happen, only God knows the answer. well done Minister!!

      anfield - 2011-08-26 19:45

      any comments about McBride while you're in an eye for an eye mood?

  • Geraldo Mc phu - 2011-08-26 12:06

    Each time we hear of a terrible crime that has been committed ,a huge majoriy of those who comment on these fora call for the death penalty . Now here we have somebody who has been convicted of a crime of murder and funny enough some are calling for his release. Is it to do with the race of the person ? I need to know ...

      I_Say - 2011-08-26 15:10

      It's to do with the race of the person he killed !!!

      unwanted - 2011-08-26 19:48

      Nope, it is because of the clear double standards displayed by the current police/correctional services/courts/government. That people who are well enough to play golf and assault people get out of jail on "medical" parole, but those that are terminally ill do not.

      Lihle - 2011-08-27 08:43

      @unwanted. So should we release all those thousands of murderers in our jails who have cancer, Aids etc because they're about to die. Think china think....

  • Collitjies - 2011-08-26 12:08

    Let him free to die with dignity. He only killed one criminal. Actually he should have been given a top position in government like all the others.

  • Musa Ngubane - 2011-08-26 12:09

    Good decision, no parole for this murderer!

      gatvol4corru - 2011-08-26 18:26

      That should include quite a few comrades in the government if being fair?

  • letsee - 2011-08-26 12:10

    A agree with the decison but it is not acceptable that certain people are previledged.

  • Mavivi - 2011-08-26 12:11

    Let him rot in Jail there is no place for him in South Africa.

  • dragon - 2011-08-26 12:14

    Schabir Shaik, was released on parole on the grounds that he had a terminal illness. Because Clive's skin is the wrong colour perhaps?

      anfield - 2011-08-27 11:35

      Spot on. Really, were the writer is obviously belonging to the tribe that trekked South into the land of the Koi, you wont get a educated or unbiased comment. They'd still be running around aka Shaka fashion if Europe hadn't arrived to show them there's more to running around killing the next door neighbouring tribe. Mind you they're still doing it but with more sophisticated weapons. It's there mate and it aint gonna change

      umhlopo - 2011-08-27 18:22

      looks like whites dont get terminal illness

  • Falcovrod - 2011-08-26 12:18

    ANC killed more people, they are racist, because he is white, he will not be granted amnesty!!! So much for fare and democratic country...... Once again corruption and hate shows!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny - 2011-08-26 12:23

    This country law have double standards. FC the white if you are not part of the ANC. FC the ANC.

  • JustinD - 2011-08-26 12:25

    If you are prepared to murder then hang or rot in jail.

  • Vela Stardust - 2011-08-26 12:26

    The decision not to free Derby-lewis is based on skin colour.

      Smaal - 2011-08-26 12:30

      Absolutely! Bloody African double standard tendencies.

  • ChrisW - 2011-08-26 12:29

    Two rule for justice depending on who you support.

  • crocoros - 2011-08-26 12:34

    For Gods Sake let this man free. I say take Shabir Shaik back to prison if they can not give this man parole on the same grounds as they did for the thief and crook Shabir Shaik.

  • Thamie_Durba - 2011-08-26 12:34

    After all these comments (due to poor journalism) it was Janus Waluz who was denied parole!!!!!

  • Joe - 2011-08-26 12:36

    Obviously a political decision - shame on you ANC!!

  • Dubulamaburu - 2011-08-26 12:38

    Nothing makes me happy to hear the good news...u set a very good example of some people like you

  • 2shy2call - 2011-08-26 12:43

    He must rot in jail, if anyone wants to take his sentence you are welcome. I talking as someone who condem murder but not a politician. I wish he killed a family member of one of those who says free him, then you must say let him go. Idiots you dont need to play the man you need to play the game. Its seems as you have a problem with an organasation but not wrong thing. grow up. NXAAAAA

  • koos.kroep - 2011-08-26 12:46

    To be honest it doesn't matter to me if he free or not, but this case as well as the boeremag case smacks of dubble standards by government and it's cronies. Let's face it, SA is no better than the rest of Africa.

  • Prof - 2011-08-26 12:49


      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-26 13:10

      You should change your name because 'Prof' is something you sure aren't. Wishful thinking maybe. If you Chris 'Honey' was so beloved, how come you can't even spell his surname?

      zena - 2011-08-26 13:33

      YOU THINK YOU CAN HURT US WITH YOUR WORDS.......YOU ARE ONE SICK SPECIES. you will be rotting of cancer soon.

      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-26 13:38

      @Zena - Wrong AGAIN! You'll be dying of poverty and AIDS long before I get cancer. The 'sick species' is actually you and your bruddahs because you're not capable of thinking in a rational way, which is why you will always remain stuck in third world mentality. Shame. Sorry for you.

      Wacko - 2011-08-26 13:43

      Honey honey honey , do you know the song , try and google it sometime.....

      zena - 2011-08-26 14:01 was meant for Prof and so sad that you would class me with them. Ek is net so PINK soos jy.....

      TaSaqz - 2011-08-26 15:46

      When Comrade Chris was murdered, we never went out for revenge. We are not even holding a grudge against these murderers. Please grant these murderers a presidential pardon, Comrade JZ? Let them out of jail ... (This is NOT reverse Psychology)

      umhlopo - 2011-08-27 18:23

      @ pinkand prout - I call them all engineers.

      umhlopo - 2011-08-27 18:25

      did your mother name you prof or did you purchase a degree

  • Agent - 2011-08-26 12:51

    Black on white thats all it is revesed racism.

  • Steve - 2011-08-26 12:51

    The way I figure this is that the victim of this murder was an anc bum chum and so Derby Lewis is being treated as an extreme case of racist revenge. No other murderer has the family of the victim decide on the parole conditions or release. Besides that the family should by now be able to move forward just like any other victims families. Every other family is told to put big girl panties on and get over it, why can't they? I gather it is because they don't want to. It is far easier to wallow in the dust and and cry foul. Hani would have been just as useless in the modern day government as the rest of the sacp of which he was the head. If the sacp is sooo great let them stand as an independant political party in the next elections, we will then see what support they really have.

  • Bok Fan - 2011-08-26 12:51

    No problems. Lets just be consistent with all the other mfckers trying to destroy our future

      Nawe - 2011-08-27 09:27

      Bok-fan what do u mean our country? when u say our it suggests they some sense of entitlement, comrade this is not Holland....But Africa!

  • jvl - 2011-08-26 12:57

    Why does he qualify for parole hearings ,if he does not qualify in the eyes of Minister ? What is the statistic of ife sentences served,how many years is the average?These are the questions I would like the ministry to answer ,to see if they are fair and just.

  • PinkAndProud - 2011-08-26 12:59

    Well done Clive Derby-Lewis for ridding this country of the Chris Hani scum. Pity you never took more of them out. The ANC is nothing but pure filth.

      sfgemeni - 2011-08-26 13:06

      Pink.... I'm with you all the way buddy. FCUK the ANC and all the clowns running the show.

      Musa Ngubane - 2011-08-26 13:08

      That's why he must rot inside. They must keep him there for his own safety.

      Jake - 2011-08-26 13:15

      With You 100% PinkAndProud: The ANC Cancer needs to be destroyed!!!! 1 Boer 1 Township!!!!!!!

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-26 13:55

      I never took you for a troll Pink

      TaSaqz - 2011-08-26 15:48

      We like this development.

      Muffyforu - 2011-08-26 17:18

      So are you nothing but pure filth, f*ck of out of this country

  • Prof - 2011-08-26 12:59


      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-26 13:08

      You were born with a brain. Why not try using it?

      Prof - 2011-08-26 13:34

      @Pink, u must learn to shut-up and stop crying like babies, whats special about u???

      Wacko - 2011-08-26 13:38

      Caps off dumbie , then we can take you somewhere as well , a better place for us all...

      Wacko - 2011-08-26 13:39

      If you a prof that is proof why our education system is useless....

      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-26 13:52

      Prof you need to use your brains. You do have one you know. It's inside your skull ... maybe trying shaking your head really hard and your ears might klap you awake.

      zena - 2011-08-26 14:23

      I see my comment was removed, again i will say, this was our Justice System that your kind messed up like everything else. @Pink, i commented for you above, i think you mistook my comment for this punk against you that was meant for him...

      PinkAndProud - 2011-08-26 14:53

      @Zena ~ thanks for clarifying that and my apologies for the response. I thought you were replying to me. But the biggest apology of all has to be for thinking that you were one of those imbeciles.

      Tolerant - 2011-08-26 15:22

      It is a bit difficult to go oversease when you are locked up. Not so clever.

  • OZNOB - 2011-08-26 13:03

    i do not agree with nor condone his actions though i say let him go home on parole or if they want to be real dogs let him go home under house arrest - he is more deserving of parole under medical grounds than old golf playing journalist assaulting on deaths door shaik

  • Muffyforu - 2011-08-26 13:15

    Let him rot, Shaik never murdred anyone

      unwanted - 2011-08-26 19:57

      And considering corruption and stealing from the taxpayer is the norm in our government he shouldnt have been sent to prison in the first place.

  • malcolm - 2011-08-26 13:21

    My question is: What ever happened to "truth and reconciliation"? Apart from having let murderers like McBride off the hook and his poor health, he has admitted to the truth and now surely reconciliation must prevail.

      Daemos1 - 2011-08-26 13:25

      If you were the president you would chuck yyour enemies in jail and keep your buddies out. Thios is the way of the world, it's sick and it won't change until regular citizens change it

  • Deon - 2011-08-26 13:22

    So, who is actually punishing Derby-Lewis, the state or Hani's family ? Does the question of whether some-one gets parole or not always lie with the family of the victim ? Do white families of victims of murderers get the same consideration ? If so I want to make it clear that the black bastard who killed my uncle with a 4-pound hammer must forever rot in jail and I insist that any parole board get my permission before granting him parole. Where did the ANC hide that little bit of law in the constitution ? Hani is dead, live with it !

  • Wacko - 2011-08-26 13:23

    He is white that is the reason why he is kept in jail , what about mcbride ( bomber ) , mandela ( authorized bombings ) , shaik( corruption ) and the rest of the anc clan .......

  • Daemos1 - 2011-08-26 13:24

    political murder is always contextual isn't it. Whether you're a murderer or freedon fighter depends on whose side you are on and who is in power at the time. Derby-Lewis is a victim of history but a murderer nonetheless. Remember the anglo-boer war? The victor got to decide who the villan was.

  • terrydelacy - 2011-08-26 13:27

    I think this is absolutely disgusting!!! How can the government claim it is democratic and impartial? Those guily of the ST. James massacre were granted full pardons, Shaik granted parole.How many people have died as a result of being unable to access medical treatment because there was no funding. The govt is killing people every day through it's greed and nepotism, but a genuinely ill man is denied his right to live and die with his loved ones. At least Hani died at home, not that it is any consolation. He was murdered as a result of an ideological war which was ingrained into Derby Lewis by the military when he was a young and impressionable man. I am sure if a leading opposer of the ANCwere to be murdered by a member of the MK, the murderer would not only be given a pardon, but would in all likelyhood be awarded with a senior govt post as well. Maybe he needed to kill a few more people like Robert McBride. Clive is a man of principle and has been a model prisoner as well.