Club owner found bound, marks on neck

2012-02-07 17:22

Cape Town - Western Cape police confirmed that the body of a man, believed to be the owner of a popular Cape Town nightclub, was found in his Green Point home on Tuesday morning.

"He was found lying on his back on the floor, with his hands tied with tape in front of him. Marks were found around his neck, but the cause of his death is yet to be determined," Warrant Officer November Filander told News24.

The 50-year-old man was found in his house by his domestic worker at about 08:45 in Ocean View Drive, Green Point, he said.

Filander said that the identity of the deceased is being withheld, as his next-of-kin must still be informed.

"It is also unknown if anything was taken from the house. The motive for the murder is still unknown and no arrests have been made as yet," he added.

Earlier reports said the club owner was apparently being harassed by someone.

"He came to see me on Sunday morning. He said he was very traumatised and scared of someone, who was allegedly harassing him,” a friend of the man told Eyewitness News (EWN).

Another man said: “There was some commotion here at about 23:00 on Monday night. The next-door neighbour went over to ask them to keep it down.

"She threatened to call the cops, but she didn’t."

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  • Comrade - 2012-02-07 17:38

    We can TRUST THE WESTERN CAPE .... they will show us how criminals are bought to book!

      thitos - 2012-02-07 17:43

      Russian, Chinese and Nigerian extortionists run Cape Town

      Eduard - 2012-02-07 17:47

      You like to eat your cake before it is baked? Typical SA

      Gary Niemandt - 2012-02-07 17:56

      Pitty they mentioned his name and the name of his club in a previous article but News24 removed it and states in this article he can't be named since the next of kin has not been notified?

      Kim - 2012-02-07 18:00

      @Eduard, if you do not like SA people then do not comment on this website. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder regarding all SA people. How do I know, read your wall. A true SA are not worried about the likes of you. You probably one of those runaways.

      Boer - 2012-02-07 19:36

      South-Africa.MMMMMMMMM I am a Dual Citizen for both RSA and USA, BUT I'll tell you this living in the US with my family feels much safer.

      John - 2012-02-07 20:03

      Didn't we comment alredy that club wars started in Cape Town? Why we don't have the name of the affected club?

      John - 2012-02-07 20:34

      @Kim ...You probably one of those runaways.... If you pleading for democracy, get right in the first place the following: 1. Any opinion different than yours is not necessarily wrong 2. Everyone has opinion 3. Runaaways and run-ins are not controled by you

      Janice - 2012-02-08 07:01

      They announced his name in yesterdays news, now they are with holding his name??? WTF???

      Peter - 2012-02-08 08:03

      Yeah sure, a friend of ours was murdered in 2010. Until today no one has been convicted.

  • Xanavin - 2012-02-07 18:42

    I'm sure this club owner was involved in some shady deal. Only criminals involved in organised crime will kill execution style.

      Esperanca - 2012-02-08 01:20

      Execution style - let's not make assumptions for all u care he was a good man and you are tarnishing his image with your personal opinion. "if you didn't hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don't invent it in your small mind and share it with your big mouth".

  • Barteld - 2012-02-07 18:48

    Put Mandy Wiener on the case. She will get to the bottom of this!!!

  • Ruan - 2012-02-07 18:56

    Time to seal off the borders of the Western Cape and declare it a Republic of its own and build a berlin type wall and kick our all undesirables and illegals,koeberg is enough to supply us with power and we have one of the largest narutal water catchments in the world and tourism will flourish with the biggest game farms and golf courses,we already support the rest of the countries provinces from our tourism infastructure.Autonomy NOW..... ps,,,for all you racists,the Republic of the Western Cape would be for all who want to make a country work no matter what colour you are.

      Steve - 2012-02-07 19:39

      I did a study on this a few years ago and the results were pretty interesting. The WC is the only province that does have the ability to stand on it's own feet from a financial perspective, it's income generation ability supports its current population levels but this will change in 8-10 years. Tourism, agriculture, industry right down to international trade would bring in enough revenue to enable the Western Cape to function as an independent state. The structures already exist in the form of government and provincial administration, it would require some pt but it could be done. Harbour, airport, rail network, road infrastructure, electricity generation.....all here already. There was a crowd trying to use this as a platform during the last election, but they made the mistake of including the Northern Cape - that tips the scale the wrong way even after adding revenue from the mining operations in Namaqualand. The Western Cape could quite conceivably take it's own place on the international stage, but obviously the ANC would fight it tooth and nail. Another big problem would become border control which would require a substantial investment in 'defence' capabilities to monitor, patrol and offer functional surveillance and a reactionary capability. Not insurmountable. And historically, it could be argued all four previous provinces have a claim to self-rule. What a pleasure for the people of the WC to be able to control their own destiny. UDI anyone?

  • Jacques Engelbrecht - 2012-02-07 18:59

    Actually this club owner was a wonderful man, with a kind soul and a good heart. Im sure the comments are offensive to me because i knew him, even so , it just goes to show how easily people can let pre conceived ideas tarnish their humanity. He will be missed

  • dooskop - 2012-02-07 19:40

    It appears that a HUMAN life means nothing nowadays!!! quite scary HEY!!!!! may the person said r.i.p.

  • Ashton Sibanda - 2012-02-07 20:10

    another underworld execution, am sure the National Intelligence already know all the details and top business people are involved, this will go down like the Krecjir, Beeka, Kebble and Mdluli cases. The only justice is to keep on assassinating your rivals

  • Bevan M Jeacocks - 2012-02-07 21:19

    This is a great loss- but guess there always something behind it all...

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