Commission will inspect Marikana scene

2012-10-01 12:07

Rustenburg - The judicial commission of inquiry into the shooting at Lonmin platinum mine will inspect the scene at Marikana on Monday, retired judge Ian Farlam said.

Farlam, who was chairing the commission, said the parties would start by looking at the Lonmin mine's shafts. The commission would not go into the shafts on Monday, but do so later if needed.

The inspection would then proceed to Wonderkop, where the commission would look at the koppie were thousands of striking miners gathered in August during their six-week strike.

"We will then go see the informal settlement," said Farlam.

The commission would also inspect the so-called "klein koppie".

"We will then go to the place on the way to Karee," he said.

This is where two policemen were hacked to death and two miners killed and one injured on 13 August.

Farlam said the living conditions of the miners would be inspected - their hostels and informal housing. Lonmin had asked the commission to look at the formal housing supplied by the mine, he said.

People would be allowed to point out places which they considered relevant to the inquiry. The descriptions of what happened at the site of the violence would be recorded.

Farlam said two days had been set aside for the inspection. Oral and documented evidence would be presented to the commission on Wednesday.

  • frans.vanderpoll - 2012-10-01 12:14

    To find what?! Total waste of time and money.

      Bob - 2012-10-01 12:22

      Whiteness or western society has become so normalised and taken for granted by whites that other cultures and experiences have been marginalised to accommodate the dominant white norm. You can see this everyday when people of colour start talking about oppression and subjugation; there will always be whites who say "let's talk about something fun" or "let's not talk about racial inequality and white privilege.” Even the language I'm speaking has been normalised. This is why white people view English as THE NORM when black people see it as a white language. Whiteness is still the standard or the default race in the same way that the numberless ball on the pool table is the default or standard ball. When you hear a foreigner talking about the "south african accent" they are actually referring to the accent of a whitey even though this is a country with a population that is 80% black. Just goes to show how powerful whiteness still is.

  • talana.malherbe - 2012-10-01 12:24

    Another commission of enquiry wasting money. I have nothing against striking for better living conditions but you don't show up with pangas and knopkierries. I doubt this will be tolerated by law enforcement in any other country.

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