Complaint against CT 'dog whisperer'

2012-01-14 23:15

Cape Town - A Cape Town veterinarian laid a formal complaint with the SPCA against the owner of the Rottweiler which bit a two-year-old girl on Clifton beach in Cape Town, the Saturday Star reported.

ER24 spokesperson Andre Visser said at the time of the incident on Wednesday the girl had sustained a puncture wound to her left calf.

The girl underwent surgery on the same day and was discharged from hospital on Thursday, Pretoria News reported on Friday.

Rondebosch vet David Grant said he laid a formal complaint with the SPCA against the owner of the Rottweiler, James Lech, in June last year in connection with a separate incident at the time.

Lech, a "dog whisperer", was apparently black-listed by animal welfare organisations following the complaint.

Grant said he was called out by a client who needed his dog sedated for a trip to Johannesburg, where he met Lech.

The Saturday Star reported that Grant was presented with a dog that had been bound tightly with nylon ropes, could hardly move and was scared.

Grant apparently expressed his disapproval of the animal's treatment to Lech, who allegedly felt such treatment was acceptable.

Grant asked Lech and his client to leave after tranquillising the dog. He wrote to the client asking him not to return to his practise and reported the incident to the SPCA the next day.

When contacted for comment, Lech said he would issue a statement with facts of the matter within seven days.

  • Hallo - 2012-01-14 20:34

    Just a nother hippie who thought he could control his dog using his mind. The parents should sue the pants off him.

      gillian.sanderson - 2012-01-15 08:03

      why a 'hippie' - hippies love their animals and would never resort to anything like this 'creep' did!

      Hallo - 2012-01-15 14:54

      Hippies think their dogs should be allowed to run freely on blue flag beaches

  • Erno - 2012-01-14 20:53

    "He wrote to the client asking him not to return to his practise and reported the incident to the SPCA the next day." Money first - principles second! haha

      lydonmcg - 2012-01-14 21:10

      I would think that he did the dog a favour by sedating it. There wasn't much he could do to change the dog's situation, but he did what he can. The fact that he got paid for it should be an afterthought considering he went through the trouble of writing to the owner and reporting him to the SPCA.

      Kyle - 2012-01-14 21:18

      @Erno - yes twit, vets work for free. they have no expense they need to cover.... news24 please can we get IQ testing before allowing people to comment.

      Johan - 2012-01-15 06:17

      Go and see the dog whisperer, he mioght be able to help you.

      paulmandlankosi - 2012-01-15 10:13

      @Erno: "Is it practise or practice", just asking

      Aphrodite - 2012-01-16 09:22

      Do you work for free?? mind numbing idiot!

      sabrael - 2012-01-16 10:58

      Actually, Erno - Dr Grant never discusses money with his clients. His secretary deals with the bills - his first priority is always the animal. He's one of the most caring and intelligent veterinarians I've met. He saved my dog's life a month ago without even mentioning the bill to me after. He was out with his family at the time but rushed back to help me. Think before you speak.

  • Trevor - 2012-01-14 21:06

    Time we do in SA what they do in the UK and USA,warning with a nice fine, then banned from owning dogs if it happens again and/or it was so bad it warrants immediate banning if not jail time for the owner.

      ArchAngel - 2012-01-14 22:31

      @Trevor: nice idea and I support the sentiment BUT the problem is a million times worse in your black townships. Lets see you implement that kind of law there. Just not feasible in your 3rd world country. You treat your criminals better than your victims, no wonder animals are treated as they are.

      FelurianRed - 2012-01-15 08:13

      News from the USA. Banning doesn't work. Not even remotely. If anything, it makes things worse, especially since what the UK and USA have done isn't banning people from owning dogs, it's (certain areas in the US) banning certain breeds of dogs and it is a MASSIVE failure and has, in reality, created worse trouble.

      Marc - 2012-01-15 08:59

      ArchAngel - that's just shrugging it off and pretending it can't be done for some reason because, wow!! It’s the township. Shiver, shiver. Absolute nonsense mate. If that's where the majority of the problems are, that’s where you put the majority of your efforts. And you wear iron boots what’s more. I have taken the gloves off many a time in Thaba Nchu with so called animal owners. They are just unfeeling idiots. I am talking about getting out of car; taking charge of dogs, cutting a few chains with bolt-cutters I keep in the car, and slapping a few cheeky nitwits (forget what hue they are, it’s not relevant). Getting specific, that’s in the heart of Ratau, Ga-Rapulana, Selosesha Unit 1, the Zones and Ratlou. You can't achieve a massive turnaround in the pathetic behaviour and value systems of people (sometimes disguised or excused as 'culture') but you can make a difference to one creature at a time. Just like helping one kid at a time. You have to get off your freckle. By the way, by and large, possibly not across the board, my observation is that “dog whisperers” are a scam.

  • Matthew Patrick - 2012-01-14 21:23

    When my sister was five we had a Rottweiler / Border Collie cross who, in one snap, peeled most of the skin from the left side of her face while she was eating lunch on the kitchen stoep (she had 16 stitches and with time her face healed perfectly). I love dogs but at the end of the day they're wild animals that act according to their instinct. No amount of 'dog whispering' is going to completely suppress that instinct.

      Kyle - 2012-01-14 21:50

      yes nasty event, however a feel you're leaving out a huge junk of this stoy.... dogs are the most loyal animals and your basing your views on one insident based on very little info mixed with your young age of the time.

      Stephen - 2012-01-14 21:56

      Therin lies the problem. A badly bred "rottweiler" probably with not an ounce of training.

      Smell - 2012-01-14 22:29

      Stephen isn't it telling that criminals sometimes originate from the most wonderful families? Being well bred is apparently not a guarantee against misconduct. Not infrequently, after a serious dog attack, one will here the owner claim that the dog was usually as "meek as a lamb". So impossible to predict whether a dog potentially has one serious unexpected bite in them.

  • Marlene - 2012-01-14 22:12

    Why on earth would a Rottie run up to a little two year old child and nip her in the lower calf (pucture)! Please explain. We had a Rottie and he was the most wonderful animal anyone could have wished for. The more people around him, the happier he was. He was so sad when we had to leave him alone. Smell, your stats definitely came from America. Do you know how many people get nipped on the lower legs by any dog? Umpteen !! But be it a Pitbull or a Rottie it makes the headlines. Oh, i am really not interested anymore are all just so boring !!

      Piet - 2012-01-14 22:25

      Marlene, I bet 95% of dog owners whos dog attack someone say "Ooooh, the dog never bit anyone, he was so friendly and happy always...."

      Kyle - 2012-01-14 22:46

      @Marlene - very good question, I'd like to know why the dog was off it's leash on a beach that does not allow dogs.......cant help conclude that this is soley the owners fault

      Lorna - 2012-01-15 19:23

      Marlene, the child screamed and that is enough to make any dog bite. Parents also need to educate their children and not tell the "the dog is going to bite you". these kids grow up with an awful fear of dogs (the adult said she was afraid of dogs) Parents need to teach children to respect all dogs and first ask the owner if they can approach a dog. The fact that this moron had his dogs off leash on a public beach is deplorable and he should be punished.

  • Kyle - 2012-01-14 22:30

    Here's a nice site gives good advice:

  • Matthew Patrick - 2012-01-14 23:09

    @Kyle I think you're missing the point. The point was that attacks and other incidents can happen regardless of breed (Yes, even though I did mention the breed) or of the environment the dog lives in. I only mentioned the breed here for completeness sake. In the end it's going to act based on instinct, training and its 'upbringing' (dogs are creatures of habit and can easily pick up habits based on repetitive activities, tasks and regular happenings in their environment). Sometimes an owner can't do much to prevent it but in this case the owner should get a PK and never own a dog again. @Stephen You're going to have to take it up with the original owner. After the fact we did learn that it's a terrible breed as they develop chemical imbalances during adolescence due to their conflicting characteristics. My dad was just giving a puppy a home. We always neuter our dogs.

      Kyle - 2012-01-15 17:46

      @Matthew Patrick - I do get the point and I agree 100% in this case it was the owner fault... I just get annoyed when people blame breed as it seems to be an easy way out... they dont take into account what happened to prove the attack and just say "it that breed is dangerous so the atatck was all it's fault"

  • Marlene - 2012-01-14 23:31

    Piet, you are so pathetic. There are dogs exactly like you describe them. Possibly 101 per cent. Would you like me to walk around my town and petition people as to the WONDERFUL dog our Rottie was ????? You make me sound like a coocie-coo dumb blonde. Thanks for the thumbs down (sarc !!!), because to my honourable knowledge he really has not bitten anyone. He did catch a bird once and simply did not know what to do with it !!!!!

  • Marlene - 2012-01-14 23:44

    Piet, you are pathetic. Don't "quote" me. Come up with something intelligent ..... You make me sound like a coochie-coo dumb blonde !! That is fighting talk ... and thanks for the thumbs down (sarc.) @@@@@

  • Lucy - 2012-01-14 23:57

    In this story, I'm inclined to agree more with Hallo's comment and most of what Kyle is trying to bring across. It boils down to management. Yes some dogs have bad temperament, in which case due diligence and care should be taken. We've gone back to the guns kill people scenario here. The dog, like a firearm, or any other thing, be it animate or inanimate should be managed. The focus should be on the owner here not the dog.

      Kyle - 2012-01-15 17:44

      @Lucy - agree however there are other factors that come into play. My german sheperd jumped ur gate and attacked a guy. luckliy nothing seriousshe wasnt trying to kill, problem is this guy delivers pamphlet to our house and hits the dogs through the gate each day.... on this day my dog had had enough and jumper the gate..... I cant balme her for what she did, she was upet at being hit and teased each day. since this I have increased the height of my gate and made sure there is no way she can get out, I've also made sure the guys delivering the pamphlet know my dog will bite if they tease it and if I catch them teasing her I'll take action against them

  • Mattheus - 2012-01-15 01:29

    WTF is ur rorweiler doing on the beach !!!!????

  • Mattheus - 2012-01-15 01:30

    protecting kids ?

  • Mattheus - 2012-01-15 01:33

    typo... rotweiler

  • Grant - 2012-01-15 02:16

    What's got 4 legs and an arm? A pitbull. @Kyle, Curious what you said about breeds most responsible for attacks. You quoted bitbulls at top of the list, but bear in mind that there are far fewer pitbulls than German Shepards, dobermans or Staffies around. If pitbulls do account for the most attacks then proportionally they are very dangerous. My son has his second pitbull. The first one he cared for and trained in Plett. When his fiancee dumpted him she refused to part with the dog. My son used to run her on the beach on a lead. An English tourist came up and said a Pitbull should be muzzled. My son replied, "She's like me. Quite harmless until people don't mind their own f*cking business!"

      Kyle - 2012-01-15 17:35

      @Grant - I like your on! :) that list was taken from an aremican site listing the top fatal dog attacks. I only metion it because Smell was attaching fatal atatcks to breeds without going into the reason for the attacks, if you use a pitbull as a gaurd dog chain in a scrapp yard, there's a very good chance he's going to attack and kill anyone who crosses him. Pitbulls and especially american pitbulls are used in dog fights and to guard properties so they are going to be topping the list based on how they are used... it's unfair to say all pitbull are vicous just becuase the oner's use them in such a roll, it's not the breed's fault or the dogs.

  • Kon Karatouliotis - 2012-01-15 02:41

    This animal should be put down immediately !!!!!

      Sharon - 2012-01-15 03:03

      @Kon... The owner should be put down, and all stupid people that make stupid and dangerous comments without knowing the facts.....

  • Silvana - 2012-01-15 05:10

    Well done Dr Grant. Glad to see there are still some principled vets around. Here's where I have a problem. There are many people out there who have the gift of communicating with animals, alternate healing etc. They are sincere and can be effective. Then you get the wannabes/charlatans that practise these same crafts for financial gain. Lech seems to fall into the latter category.

  • Louise - 2012-01-15 06:45

    So looks like the SPCA did nothing to investigate. Good to have vets like this one - his complaint should have led to the removal of the dog from the owner.

  • Alice - 2012-01-15 07:11

    There used to be a phrase: There are no bad dogs, only bad handlers/ trainers/ owners. Too many comments on this article are blaming the dog or the breed.

  • KATAFRICA - 2012-01-15 07:51

    In July last year it was reported that four-year-old Sadie Kukkuk was mauled by Lech’s Rottweiler inside Hyde Park shopping centre in Joburg. CCTV footage of the attack showed Sadie running past the dog in a restaurant, when it suddenly attacked her. This guy needs to be stopped....

  • Danie - 2012-01-15 09:00

    So the comments to an article about dogs turns into a brawl between keyboard warriors saying things they would never say to another person's face. Oh internet!

  • Herman - 2012-01-15 10:28

    Mr Lech is a gisgrace for all dog owners, regardless of breed. He should be banned from ever owning any animal - fish included.

  • AntonKingsize - 2012-01-15 10:40

    Simple . . The law states that all dogs must be leashed at all time at this time of the year while on the beach and are only allowed on the beach at certain times, no one is above the law . . .and this attack really shows how effective his dog whispering skills are . .

  • johnnymacza - 2012-01-15 12:45

    how does one take such a dog to beach to begin with? it should not be allowed.

  • Ari - 2012-01-15 16:07

    All the so-called "shamans" I have met had taken too much acid at some stage or another and now, still having a flash-back, believe they are special and chosen of god. One of them jumped off Table Mountain some time back saying that, as a shaman, he could fly. Nature took its course and we have one less shaman. If anyone tells you he is a shaman, run.

  • Lorna - 2012-01-15 18:10

    it's not the particular breed of dog that is guilty of attacks but the person at the end of the leash. most people never socialise their dogs or do any training at all. they get a dog, chuck it in the back yard where nobody takes any notice of it and when it does escape this awful existence it will bite someone!!! This "dog whisperer" is not a responsible example or an expert dog handler.

      Smell - 2012-01-15 21:51

      All dogs bite, but human attacks perpetuated by Pitbulls and Rotweillers are just the most deadly. If you do not get it no-one can help you.

  • Sharon - 2012-01-16 02:44

    @Smell..... You are by far the most ignorant and arrogant Tosser I have ever had the misfortune to come across..... All you can do is say the same thing over and over and over again like a broken record. You make it obvious that you in fact know nothing about dogs, so rather keep your incompetent ramblings to yourself....

  • stacylee.walker - 2012-01-16 08:45

    Pitbulls and Rottweilers are only dangerous when they are bred, trained and brought up by the wrong type of HUMAN!! so to those of you that think this means the dog is to blame - think again! I grew up with these breeds and I've spent alot of time with many different breeds of animals and I can honestly say that it is ultimately what the owner does to the dog that depicts how the animal acts around the public. I have seen more aggressive Maltese Poodles and Daschunds - so why dont they fall under that so-called category?

  • shirley.behenna - 2012-01-16 10:40

    A dog's aggression is in direct proportion to the owner being unstable! I think it's time this Lech-erous person puts his tail between his legs and looks for another way to generate an income and leave the dog industry completely!

  • Brad - 2012-01-16 14:35

    At the end of the day, keep your dogs on a leash. I have a large male Malamute, very aggressive with other male dogs, he and my Siberian are never off a lead. I find it very difficult when other people's dogs (usually little ones) get aggressive with him as he is incredibly powerful and I have to work hard to restrain him. Why can't people keep their dogs on a leash? It is arrogance to think that they are completely under your control when they are running free, they do have a mind of their own.

  • Deidre - 2012-01-17 15:32

    Good!lay charges!lots of them! The guy is an ego maniac who needs to find another job well away from animals! 2 dog attacks on little people and he calls himself a dog whisperer???!!!! The attack on the child in the mall he hadnt even glanced at his dog in 5 minutes.He was too busy chatting up the blonde at the next table! He needs to go to jail and not be allowed to own or so called train dogs EVER!!!Have u seen his facebook page where he brags about himself???Makes me blazing mad this does!

  • Ross - 2012-01-17 15:51

  • Virginia - 2012-02-14 08:40

    Well trying to control an animal by restraining it by tightly bound ropes is absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that the owner of the dog accepted this and Lech also thought it was perfectly acceptable speaks volumes about them. As for Lech being a ''dog whisperer'' better he keeps his little secrets to himself and leave all other creatures alone!! Dr. David Grant a huge thank you for reporting him!!

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