Complaint to be lodged over food poisoning

2011-01-10 11:28

Johannesburg - A total of 151 people were treated for food poisoning in Cape Town over the weekend, the city's Disaster Risk Management Centre said on Monday.

Residents of Lwandle became ill after eating expired food that had been dumped, spokesperson Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said.

After an initial investigation, authorities found the items came from the Simply Value Factory Food shop.

A complaint was expected to be lodged with the city's health department as the expired items should have been disposed at a proper dump site.

Health inspectors had taken samples of the food for testing.

Shop manager Santa Kotze was not immediately available for comment.

  • Zoolie - 2011-01-10 11:31

    One of these days we won`t be able to eat anything but what is grown in our own gardens, these who have ground will become even richer.

      Craig - 2011-01-10 11:55

      I think you have missed the point here! The food had expired so they got rid of it (maybe not in the right way) but they didn't give it to the people, the people stole it! Good luck trying to grow your own food in a city CBD!

      Irené - 2011-01-10 12:18

      Craig, how does one STEAL dumped food? You know if you are hungry, you will eat anything, so keep your damn condescending comments to yourself

      Craig - 2011-01-10 12:45

      @Irene: Sorry, 'stealing' was the wrong word and if you actually read the post again you would realise it wasn't condescending but merely pointing out the fact that this article has got nothing to do with food quality (which Zoolie pointed out by having to grow our own food) as apposed to expired food getting dumped in the wrong place so just take a chill pill!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Cynical Sci - 2011-01-10 13:07

      There's always hydroponics if you don't have land. I don't personally know what cost involved are. Another options is making racks to hold soil that could be lined along a wall. This allows for more verticle growing with the added advantage of not having to bend down to pick them :) I'm a tall vegetarian with a veggie patch, so have strong views on the matter.

  • MandyP - 2011-01-10 11:37

    They should not pick up food that has been dumped.

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-01-10 11:43

      My first reaction too. However, if it was dumped at an unregulated site, people will pick it up and eat it because they are hungry.. and the dumpster will have to face the music. I guess thats why dumping is regulated in the first place!

      watalife - 2011-01-10 11:46

      good point, but living in Africa anything that is for free people will take no matter what state its in. What are they doing on a dump site anyway, anybody who decides to eat food that is dumped should be sent to a shrink and then arrested for being stupid.

      rade8408 - 2011-01-10 13:20

      Or they are just hungry enough that they have resorted to eating dumped food? When you are starving you can comment on the stupidity of eating food that has been dumped.

      Itoldyouso - 2011-01-10 14:55

      Have any of you even been to an "official" dump site, there are 100's of desperate people searching through the rubbish for anything remotely useful or edible. Even if dumped legally / properly someone would have found and eaten it.

  • May - 2011-01-10 11:47

    I suppose it was not from Santa Claus.get well soon and dont eat dumped food!!

  • Elaine - 2011-01-10 11:47


  • KarinWalker - 2011-01-10 11:48


      postscript6167 - 2011-01-10 12:02

      I guess they can be pretty stupid when they are starving. Try it sometime and see just how dumb you could be.

      ronbonjon - 2011-01-10 12:14

      Its not stupid, its sheer desperation

      KarinWalker - 2011-01-10 16:24

      @postscript. The Blacks in this country are the most obese race in the country. And they are all on social grants. so they are NOT starving you arsehole

  • Soothsayer - 2011-01-10 11:57

    On this one I blame the consumers.When food is dumped it is no longer eatable.At least Simply Value Factory Food shop dumped the food,how about Supreme Poultry who re-works chicken and changes expiry dates and re-sell?

      harry1 - 2011-01-10 13:54

      Yeah... good point. The poor get food poisoning and the rich get cancer.

  • THH - 2011-01-10 11:59

    Sad that people are forced to eat what someone has thrown out.

      petrot1 - 2011-01-10 12:05

      Right on! (chicken stuff)

      David - 2011-01-10 12:14

      I find it even more distressfull that they now have the right to lodge a complaint against the person that threw the food out. I mean.. hellloooo... Why do these people think the food has been thrown out in the first place? SA is more becoming like the US now, where you can sue anyone for any reason whatsoever... That is Sad.

      rade8408 - 2011-01-10 13:21

      There are regulations on what can be dumped where. Dont be ignorant. i.e. you cannot dump medical waste at a garden refuse site.

  • smahlaba - 2011-01-10 12:00

    I just wonder why did they eat dumped food in the first place.

      Prophet - 2011-01-10 13:43

      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm taking a stab here but could it be hunger!

  • themantshepo - 2011-01-10 12:03

    lets see how the useless lazy government cape town deals with this, i would expect nothing less than heads to roll.... only ion cape town could something like this happen... i am disgusted and sick to the bone that something like this can happen.....would not be surprised if the DA laced that food with some ratics

      Stryder - 2011-01-10 12:18

      I agree with you being disgusted themantshepo. But blaming the DA shows your ingnorance about the situation. If people stop producing like rabbits, the situation will be different. Unfortunately we dont hear about the incidents that takes place on public dumps in the other areas where the DA is not in control. Wake up and smell the roses rabbit.

      Charles - 2011-01-10 12:22

      Why the DA? You must be an idiot my man.. It is probably one of the matrics that passed this year, pass rate lowered to 30% so that you people can also say you have matric.

      ronbonjon - 2011-01-10 12:34

      You are such a brainless idiot - why dont you emigrate

      postscript6167 - 2011-01-10 12:39

      Nice one, themantshepo. You're a shoe in for the Biggest A-Hole Award on this forum. I have it on good authority that the owner of the business that dumped the food is a card carrying member of the ANC. - 2011-01-10 12:54

      Get your facts straight before mouthing off. Before calling the CTown government "useless lazy", perhaps you should address the problem of the "useless lazy" people who ate the food? So instead of being disgusted and sick to the bone (you have no idea what a pun this is!!) do your bit by feeding at least 5 hungry people today and every day for the rest of the year.

      Willem G - 2011-01-10 12:55

      Excuse me - blame the people who stick anything in their mouths. Good grief! Nobody wants to accept responsibility for their own actions. Always blaming someone else. It's never their own fault. And of course, someone like you my dear themantshepo, making slanderous allegations behind a pseudonym like a proper coward. Why don't you make your "ratics" allegation openly, in public and under your own name?

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-01-10 13:01

      of course. there is no illegal dumping anywhere else in SA... haha

      HappySaffer - 2011-01-10 13:15

      I wondered when the likes of you and polio donkey blamed it on the DA because it happened in Cape Town! Simple minded morons you are! Like postscript said it was an ANC member who dumped the food and I bet the majority of the people who ate the rotting food were ANC voters! Not everything that goes wrong in this country is about politics with the whites at fault, sometimes it's the people's lack of desire to do something constructive with their lives and the resulting stupidity fuelled desperation that causes this sort of social embarrassment!

      Picasso - 2011-01-10 13:15

      tshepo, if you want to blame someone, blame your ANC for pushing up the fuel prices and supporting farm murders. Food prices would've been much lower if it wasn't for all the ANC shait. Then there wouldn't have been so many hungry people.

      Jay - 2011-01-10 13:15

      Dont humour him, he is ANC and looking for any way of attacking the DA. We do the same, looking for any way to attack the ANC................This is fun!

      sradsteve - 2011-01-10 13:39

      I agree it would have been so much less hassle to drop a chicken wing off the edge of Chappies......

      CygnusX1 - 2011-01-10 14:07

      themantshepo...your comment re the "uprising"...thanks for the info, by virtue of contacts I have, I have forwarded you entire comment to the National Intelligence Agency. I am sure they will have no problem in tracking you down via News24. These are very serious threats you are making, which could very well threaten the security of the State.

      AlfredNeuman - 2011-01-10 14:15

      And yet you keep your blubbering pie sealed about the patients sleeping in bloodied sheets in hospitals in the ANC area. "you imperial bastads had better change your tune fast and accept your position in the black south africa" What position is that? Is it the position of an average 30 IQ points ahead of you? Useless, filthy bastards like you better accept the fact that we didn't ask for your blessing or need your permission to be here. You can have as many "uprisings" as your little black heart desires but stop coming to me asking for handouts when you've burnt everything you own in another category 5 chimpout. Blithering, spit choking, simpleton.

      Itoldyouso - 2011-01-10 14:59

      I see it takes very little to disgust you. have you driven through the old Transkei lately and seen all the lack of infrastructure provided to your brothers and sisters by the ANC - they even have wonderful outside toilets enclosed by no less than top grade corrugated sheeting. have a nice day now... - 2011-01-10 15:41

      @themantshepo - um you are a ignorant racist and really someone should take you keyboard away. So the DA laced this food from the private sector? i cannot tell you how much i hate reading your snide responses. Utter prick! Something very sad happened here and have the nerve to say this is all a conspiracy? You are a child!

  • Boxertronic - 2011-01-10 12:09

    brave words from people with computers and full stomaches !!!

      steve.dupreez - 2011-01-10 12:16

      This is the ONE comment that makes sense.

      Irené - 2011-01-10 12:21

      exactly, it is so insenstive to call someone stupid who is merely trying to fill their stomachs. All this anger is clearly displaced.

      Dave - 2011-01-10 12:31

      Well said Boxertronic.

      Jay - 2011-01-10 13:18

      Guys Guys Guys, these are residents of Lwandle township, there are satelite dishes on alot of the shacks, and braais on the sides of the road with plenty Nyama on. Not to mention lots of fat mamas walking around. Dont make it out to be more than it is, people spotting what they though was a freebie>>>>>>>

      k1dbl4ck - 2011-01-10 13:24

      I agree Jay.. its not easy to pull the poverty card when you look like the Michelin Man.

      harry1 - 2011-01-10 13:59

      First time I see you post but your comment is spot-on.

  • jacobusvandermerwe - 2011-01-10 12:17

    It is easy to critisise when you have no idea how it feels to starve to death. If you have been without food for a couple of days to weeks and no prospect of finding any food soon you will eat just about anything. Accusing the people of being stupid is unfair. They are desperate beyond what you can imagine.

      David - 2011-01-10 12:29

      I feel for these people, I REALLY do... I am all for helping the less fortunate (not that I am fortunate though) We donate what and where we can... BUT... it bothers me that these poor people have the right to potentially harm a business... For all we know this person was trying to do a good deed, but was not aware that the food was so bad?

      Willem G - 2011-01-10 12:59

      I live in Strand and I don't see any dead people in the streets having starved to death - stop the exaggeration. These people can vote but they cannot choose not to eat rotten food!?

      johann.nell - 2011-01-10 13:49

      Whatever.. HEHE Ek dog ons sou iets hieruit kan leer ..Wys dit nie dat ons meer opleiding en beter ouerskap nodig het in ons land nie. Julle maak 'n bohaai oor niks .Elke mens is verandwoordelik vir sy eie optredes en as jy fouteer moet jy leer. (Is die hele lewe nie 'n leerskool nie) Elke Les het sy prys. Al het ek by die kos gestaan wat gedump is en honger soos 'n leeu sou ek nie gevat het nie want my algemene kennis en orrdeel ballans se dit is verkeerd en erens is daar 'n slang in die gras, en daar is 'n rede hoekom dit weggegooi is. Ek stem saam dit is SAD: duisende mense maak elke dag sad besluite. Vra gerus die jaagduiwels wat 'n m mens doodgery het. Terloops waar is die aanwysings wa jy wat mag weggooi. Is daar erens 'n handleiding vir die lewe (Behalwe jou Bybel) Dus mense Staan liewers saam en julle slim en Ryk outjies begin liewers nog 'n skool en skep so meer werksgeleenthede

  • Darwinian - 2011-01-10 12:19

    You Are What You Eat!!!

  • Dog Poo - 2011-01-10 12:22

    Another man's dump is another man's treasure.

      Dog Poo - 2011-01-10 12:24

      Some of us are wearing dumped Chinese clothes.

      Charles - 2011-01-10 12:37

      I agree. I hear this chewing gum certain people (Races) chew the whole day is made from used condoms recovered.....

      burtfred - 2011-01-10 12:40

      One man's speech is another man's dump

  • Cheldon - 2011-01-10 12:42

    Stop breeding like flies, if you can't feed them, don't breed them.

  • rethan - 2011-01-10 12:42

    I blame apartheid (:

      Charles - 2011-01-10 12:58

      Does King Mal Julius Malemma know about this? How about government? Once they have investigated the lightning issue, understanding where it comes from and how it works, they can "engage" with further discussions to investigate this issue and proceed with legal actions against the perpetraitors(sic)

      watalife - 2011-01-10 13:27

      They cant stop its in the make up. They should be locked up for acting normal. haha

  • - 2011-01-10 12:49

    Desperate times. According to other reports the shop contracted a company to dispose of the food, and a "member of the community" asked the truck driver to deliver the food to his site so he could open a spaza shop. So the trail of culpability starts with the truck driver and the aspiring spaza entrepreneur.

  • CharlSkeptic - 2011-01-10 12:55

    You can look at this from all angles, what remain is that dumping is regulated for a very good reason and if you dump illegally, you will have to eventually face the consequences. The people who ate the food were exploited.

  • muschook - 2011-01-10 12:58

    The fact that people are driven to eat "dumped" food is really sad. But the fact that some people think they are stupid is even worse! Imagine the desperation that would drive one to eat something that must have clearly been off? Shame on you for calling that stupid! You should rather try and do something about it man! Donate some of your time since you are so darn clever!

  • wanitab - 2011-01-10 13:01

    I heard that Wilfred Solomons-Johannes person interviewed on the radio this morning. This story isn't entirely accurate. The expired food (some cans having expired in 2003) was sent to a dump site, but the driver of the vehicle transporting the food and another person decided to distribute it in the community instead. They probably thought they were doing a good thing, but didn't stop to think why the food was being sent to a dump. From what I remember I think the company had obtained the correct permits for dumping the food, but I could be mistaken about that.

      Janina - 2011-01-10 15:46

      I work in the food industry. Yes they would have to get a permit before legally dumping the goods. In this case I would say the transporter is to blame because most, in fact I would say all expired food product that are marked for dumping can be very hazardous to our health because of bacteria and toxins present. God forbid one of the people die. That would be a disaster.

  • urangel4now - 2011-01-10 13:09

    LOFL... people suing for poisoning over dumped food... stop looking for handouts and try and do something, like minority of south africans working and not loafing about. If you don't have the means stop breeding... Let's see who can we blame on this one... maybe it's apartheid, xenophobia, petrol prices increases, inflation or even Graeme Smith for just being Graeme Smith... Get a grip SA, no one owes anyone an apology for this, other than people being silly in eating dumped food... Let's all have a meal treat, I know of this dumping site where Woolies through away there expired food...

  • Chucky - 2011-01-10 13:59

    How does a story about food poisoning get turned into a racial, political argument???

  • Lwazi - 2011-01-10 14:29

    People should not eat disposed food-stuffs. However, quite right, action should be taken against anyone who doesn't use designated dump sites. Pity because the street vendors in Joburg dispose their stuff on the streets.

  • Christopher - 2011-01-10 19:32

    Why after so many years do we all, (ALL of us) Keep making everthing about race? The food was dumped illegaly, desperate people took thhis out of desperation. I would not have, but then I am not desperate. If I were or my child was starving I may very well have. Lets stop perpetuating this and focus on the facts, we are in this boat together. Lets try help each other instead of sincking each other every possible opertunity.

  • penualm - 2011-03-04 09:11

    I bought meat on special from a butchery (forgot its name) near Duduza taxi rank, next to Pick n Pay, and what the food is doing to me is giving me stomach aches. I'm thinking of going to the doctor now for a report. I want to sue or see the store being closed down because poor little children are at risk and may find it disturbing for them at school after having eaten food from that butchery. please someone with better info on how to handle such a situation can you help me... My cell phone numbers are 071 733 8209

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