ConCourt judges ask SCA to hear appeal

2015-01-21 11:21

Johannesburg - Two Constitutional Court judges have asked the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) to hear an appeal in their case against the Judicial Service Commission, the Business Day reported on Wednesday.

"We have not the slightest problem testifying before a properly constituted structure," Judges Bess Nkabinde and Chris Jafta said in their application to the SCA.

In 2008, Jafta and Nkabinde alleged that Western Cape Judge President John Hlophe approached them while they were considering a corruption case involving President Jacob Zuma and arms company Thint in the multi-billion rand arms deal.

Constitutional Court judges at the time regarded discussing the case with Nkabinde and Jafta as an attempt to improperly influence its outcome and a complaint was lodged.

A judicial conduct tribunal was set up in 2013 to investigate the complaint but the judges challenged the constitutionality and lawfulness of the tribunal.

The judges argued that the complaint should not be dealt with under the amended JSC Act because it allowed a member of the National Prosecuting Authority to help the tribunal collect evidence.

They approached the South Gauteng High Court but were denied leave to appeal a previous ruling on the lawfulness of a JSC probe.

  • Joey Ranger - 2015-01-21 12:00

    I think that this should be done as a matter of urgency, but am noot holding my breath, this will be delayed until Zuma is no longer President and will then be given a Presidential pardon or medical bail...

      Beaulah Fortuin - 2015-01-21 12:45

      My word, every story read about corruption, shady deals etc you see and hear Zuma's name coming up somewhere. He must be so proud of himself.

  • Jacques Van Rensburg - 2015-01-21 12:08

    You know these days you can’t even say people are sober like judges as some of them get drunk and bump into walls — so they have discredited the good image of the judiciary. The judiciary is not transformed, if that means being racist, so be it... We want a legislation that protects our history and liberation songs....Don't allow Zuma to destroy the judiciary, we must know that we have destroyed the last hope of South Africans because the judiciary is the last thing remaining. We will ask people to march to the Constitutional Court and appeal the judgment!!!

  • Andre Van Deventer - 2015-01-21 12:36

    Why is this taking so long? These judges are playing games with the judicial system and they are allowed to get away with it!

  • Patricia Dewet - 2015-01-21 13:44

    When are they going to stop this now. This John Hlophe should have been kicked out long ago.

  • Patricia Dewet - 2015-01-21 13:45

    Hope they are paying.

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