Conman told cops he was a Hawks brigadier

2012-07-29 20:01

Johannesburg - A conman, since declared dead by home affairs, managed to trick the police into believing he was a brigadier with the Hawks, the Sunday Independent reported.

He had been arrested for several other crimes before impersonating a policeman with such success he was allowed to use police cars and other resources while investigating other criminals.

Hawks spokesperson McIntosh Polela told the newspaper the man, who called himself Brigadier Musa Khumalo, was being investigated.

"He is in possession of a brigadier's uniform," he was quoted as saying.

"In such a case, junior officers would seldom ask a person to prove his/her rank and credentials."

A warrant of arrest had been issued.

Khumalo claimed to have been sent to KwaZulu-Natal by then acting police commissioner Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi.

He helped to arrest Sibusiso Gcabashe, who impersonated dead musician Khulekani "Mgqumeni" Mseleku, according to the newspaper.

  • scouter.fourone - 2012-07-29 20:38

    "A conman, since declared dead by home affairs..." I am assuming, although this report does not make it clear, that Home Affairs got it wrong and that this clearly talented individual is still very much part of this droll existence we somewhat optimistically call 'Life'? If not, then a Warrant of Arrest has been issued for one sadly departed - which is a tad insensitive.....

  • tw2066 - 2012-07-29 21:00

    Thats nothing. Theres this guy who has convinced people that he is a president!!! They even want to give him his own jet!! And theses other dude called Mac who is supposed to be a SPOKESMAN, but he isnt so convincing.....

      Squeegee - 2012-07-29 21:33

      Hey, he conned the Chinese into giving him a Professorship...

  • sello.mapeka - 2012-07-29 21:29


  • lacrimose.wolf - 2012-07-29 21:44

    Ghost Squad? For a slightly more detailed story

  • Gerald Jordaan - 2012-07-30 04:19

    News24 you really need to employ staff who are able to convey information accurately...You are an incompetent bunch of HACKS!!

  • mzukisijola.jose1 - 2012-07-30 06:34

    Welcome to the banana republic,I'm the president

  • lucky.luck.98 - 2012-07-30 08:54

    The guy know his job i work with him several times,he is a Hawks member and he knows his job.

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