Convert CT Stadium to housing: Cosatu

2012-07-02 14:30

Cape Town - Cape Town Stadium should be converted into low-cost houses, the Western Cape Congress of SA Trade Unions said on Monday.

"Cosatu has had discussions with engineers and architects who feel that it is possible to turn the stadium into low-cost housing for people in Cape Town," provincial leader Tony Ehrenreich said.

"This represents an important opportunity to integrate black and white communities, which we should not miss out on."

The city recently announced it was considering various options to make the R4.5bn structure in Green Point sustainable.

Maintenance amounted to about R44m a year, with very few hiring activities taking place due to the cost of using the venue.

One proposal was to convert it into a commercial hub, but this had been met with resistance from residents, who did not want added noise and activity.

Ehrenreich said if public funds were being spent on the stadium, it should benefit the most vulnerable citizens.

"The community of Green Point, who does not want further commercial activities in the stadium, should support the plans to promote the building of affordable housing."

  • mihaip007 - 2012-07-02 14:39

    wow - what goes for them should also go for durban, jhb that other stupid looking giraffe stadium! Ultimately, this is ANOTHER anc white elephant dumped (in this case) on the DA! No planning has been done about a life after soccer world cup - typical anc! Look at the toll gates - maybe they should be changed into low cost housing too hey? lol

      smili.fication - 2012-07-02 15:00

      It must be turned into a commercial center to create jobs. COCKSATU is just flapping it lips off without thinking again. They are not a trade union. They are Comunist thugs who want to destroy our economy. WTF? Housing? COCKSATU is an embarrassment to sa :(

      scouter.fourone - 2012-07-02 15:08

      This is just a cynical and politically motivated 'stir' by COSATU, in my opinion.

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-07-02 15:19

      What a great idea, and while we at it, why not convert old jumbo jets into taxis...its possible!

      bvniekerk - 2012-07-02 15:38

      Dismantle the Stadium and donate the material to low cost housing projects. It looks like a bedpan and has no further purpose.

      willie.vanschoor - 2012-07-02 15:48

      Tony Ehrenreich living proof that you can be brain dead and still speak...somebody please take him off that life support system he's costing some medical aid money!!!

      Werner - 2012-07-02 15:51

      While we're at it! Why don't we turn every town's golf course into cheap housing as well? Most golf courses are nice and central. Hey screw that since we're not getting text books in our schools, More cheap housing! Yay COSATU Yay!

      Tony Lapson - 2012-07-02 15:53

      Sigh if you must paul, thousands of supporters are already ready to burn the stadium down in the name of service delivery.

      Freddie - 2012-07-02 16:06

      What an absurb proposal. Typical Cosatu ignorant waffle. Imagine how many low cost units would have to be rented out to cover R44million a year... and that is if the tenants actually pay the rent.

      nasheenar - 2012-07-02 16:50

      So what rates will the occupants pay for this low cost housing. Cos surely you dont expect to stay in an upmarket area for free. WHO will pay for the upkeep of the area????

      sean.bagley.50 - 2012-07-02 16:58

      Cosatu definitely been breathing in too much diesel fuel lately coming out saying s**t like that. Destroying one of the the last places in South Africa that still attracts international tourists to the country in large numbers by putting low cost housing in their most expensive area. Whilst you're at it why don't you bring in the gangs,drug dealers,rapist,criminals and what have you aswell you idiots.

      Sharon - 2012-07-02 18:52

      cosatu should change their offices to low cost housing,at least then they will be doing some good instead of coming up with the occasional brain fart

      agvanwyk - 2012-07-02 23:26

      To be honest it was the DA that created this stunning, non-sustainable elephant. I am a DA supporter but should get facts right. But matter of fact the problem lies with the stupid old farts living in greenpoint/seapoint. Take Durban stadium, where they have commercial rights. They making so much money. It be so awesome if Cape Town Stadium, could be this amazing social hub. And will spark new development too. But give it 2-3 years then Stomers will occupy the stadium.

      Koos - 2012-07-03 02:17

      agvanwyk: Die planne om die olifant te bou is deur die anc geteken net voordat rasool uitgeskop is. Nou sit die DA met die gebakte pere. Sloop die ding so gou as moontlik.

      oomkrummel.krummel - 2012-07-03 13:40

      I think they a right in what they say. Why should Cape Town be such a nice civilized, clean , cosmopolitan, natural area, full of nice people, clean air, AND A CITY THAT WORKS FOR THE's just not's just not African.. I think that they should mess everything decent up, trash the streets, urinate everywhere, break as many things as possible... and then we can be like the rest of South Africa.. That should please COSATU.. viva new South Africa.. viva..idiots..

  • Frank - 2012-07-02 14:55

    Eishhhh! People pay R10m for flats in Mouille Point to NOT live next to low cost housing, now they want to turn the entire Green Point public space into a ghetto? Communities with such huge income disparities don't integrate, regardless of race. If anything build middle cost housing that city workers can legitimately purchase or rent. There is no point giving the houses away for free, the entire area will just degenerate and crime will increase.

      jean.tredoux.5 - 2012-07-02 15:19

      Jap... But one shouldn't be surprised with this idiotic statement of cosatu, these are the same morons that wanted to build low cost housing in clifton and constantia!

      talita.vandermerwe - 2012-07-02 17:05

      If flats are R10m, stands must be about R3m. Does not make sense to build a R50 thousand house on a R3m stand.

  • - 2012-07-02 14:58

    It should have been clear to any thinking person that the CT stadium would turn out to be a R4.5billion white elephant. Newlands could have been upgraded at a tiny fraction of that cost and the rest of the money could have been well spent on something really useful, e.g. a good public transport system. This would have been a benefit to Cape Town for decades to come. Instead, if Tony Ehrenreich has its way, we would have spent R4.5billion+ on "low cost" (imagine that) housing. Imagine the headlines: Cape Town boasts highest cost low-cost housing in the Universe!

      Harald - 2012-07-02 15:15

      When the DA took over in 2006 they canned the Stadium, saying that it was too expensive, and had no plan long term and the location was an issue... The ANC (outgoing) and provintial and national had such a S&5$t fit, that it was agreed to build it, becasue there were already time issues.... now we sit with this monster, and nothing to do with it...

      leon.j.steyn - 2012-07-02 15:18

      BAHAHA! But so true - 2012-07-03 13:46

      harald.voney has got to the heart of the problem. Our dearly-beloved government decided to build new stadiums in every town, despite that most towns already had perfectly workable stadia. They got overseas funding and believed they would get rich from the fees generated from these new facilities. No-one thought further than the ends of their noses about how it would be sustained. Now they want to break them down?! Eish, this new South Africa is being led down the wrong path. Time to find someone who knows how to lead and manage.

  • Tony Lapson - 2012-07-02 14:58

    Any reason for specific focus on CT and that stadium?

      scouter.fourone - 2012-07-02 15:05

      A rather cynical & politically inspired attempt to wind up the DA and their moneyed supporters, I should think.

      markblack10 - 2012-07-02 15:37

      It's big and shiny and it caught their attention hahaha

      johann.vanzyljnr - 2012-07-02 20:01

      probably because its a DA run province!!

      litha.zukani - 2012-07-03 13:38

      It might be the fact that it is totally not utilized at all, unlike the other ones, Moses Mabida, PE and Rustenburg one, atleast some PSL games are held there.

  • ashley.james.3701779 - 2012-07-02 15:01

    Ha Ha Ha, Joke of the day. Cosatu, are you F'EN Mad!!!!

  • pjzaayman - 2012-07-02 15:01

    Tony Ehrenreich is my favorite comedian.... Was it not so sad that he fools his supporters. First he wanted Constantia, now it's Greenpoint. I have a better idea for the stadium, one that will be worth every penny spent. Seal off the sides, dump the whole of Cosatu management in there, and fill it with water.

      sedick.gydien - 2012-07-02 16:23

      Unfortunately sh@t floats........and stinks up the place.....

  • gustav.kriel.3 - 2012-07-02 15:03

    LOL lol Lol lOL 101 l01 L O L lolololololol

      gustav.kriel.3 - 2012-07-02 15:16

      Soccer in SA should be a hobby and not a national sport.... they suck to much!

  • corne.coetzee.92 - 2012-07-02 15:06

    What a remarkable display of intelligence......

      nrgx.nrg - 2012-07-02 15:43

      remarkable indeed....showing education hasnt got in the way of ignorance

  • Pieter Joubert - 2012-07-02 15:11

    Hahaha! Serious? Whahaha!

  • fussed.anderson - 2012-07-02 15:14

    If only, talking crap could create jobs. Hay cosato.

  • Ryno - 2012-07-02 15:15

    al that i hear is "kêf kêf kêf kêf kêf..." "kêf kêf kêf..."

  • brad.ken.18 - 2012-07-02 15:15

    WTF - A squatter camp in the dead centre in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

  • brad.ken.18 - 2012-07-02 15:16

    This admission, they have so badly f***d up with housing in this country!!!!!!

  • leon.j.steyn - 2012-07-02 15:16

    Just the heading of this article made me laugh. Really people, REALLY? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, even worse than the tolling fiasco.

  • gregmcdavid - 2012-07-02 15:17

    And the ANC wonders why nobody voted for Tony. What a numptie.

  • bobbejaanspanner - 2012-07-02 15:19

    Ha-ha! Ha-ha! I have not had such a good laugh in a long time. Thank you, Cosatu.

  • rowan.maulson - 2012-07-02 15:19

    Wahahahahaha this is a pearler from Tony... Never thought he could come up with stupider suggestions, but this is just a new level of stupid. The GPRA don't want commercial activities in the area, what makes him think they'll want low cost housing?

  • peter.jefferies.90 - 2012-07-02 15:20

    Hahaaahaaaa, this is just too funny. These guys have honestly got to be the dumbest people alive!!! Yes, lets build low cost housing in a R4.5billion stadium in the heart of one of Cape Towns busiest tourist areas that will be great for the economy. It will be the most expensive "low cost" housing in the world!!!

  • wittig48 - 2012-07-02 15:24

    On what planet does Tony Ehrenreich live? Low cost housing in Green Point, get real! Ulrich Dannecker

  • Alonso - 2012-07-02 15:25

    Ai ai, Tony Ehrenreich, you and Cosatu keep on showing us what idiots you are. You are trying to play a joke on the DA but in fact the joke is on you. Why don't Cosatu focus on actions to create jobs in SA, imagine, you might be able to increase your membership by millions! That means more money for you and the rest of the (your) communists getting paid by Cosatu.

      Koos - 2012-07-03 02:18

      COSATU has a lot to say about WC lately.

  • sbu.mahwai - 2012-07-02 15:25

    I thought this article will end with words - just a joke got you. I mean really now

  • wittig48 - 2012-07-02 15:27

    Low cost housing in Green Point? The demands made by ANC members are beyong belief, unrealistic and they show ignorance.

  • roy.mckenzie.7545 - 2012-07-02 15:27

    Geeez - At R4.5 Billion - how many houses/flats do you propose putting in there to make them low cost? If you allow 15000 - that would calculate at R300k per unit. Clearly Cosatu maths at work here!!! Or wait, better yet - lets nationalise it!!!

  • seymore.butt - 2012-07-02 15:29

    Statements like these put more people off Cosatu because it simply shows ignorance and lack of thinking or any education among the people making the statement.

  • willieburgersa - 2012-07-02 15:30

    Rather convert this stadium into a high security prison for corrupt ANC officials and politicians. Oops it may be too small.

  • Rob Allen - 2012-07-02 15:31

    they should have saved this one for April the 1st LOL!

  • lizzyb93 - 2012-07-02 15:33

    This is one BEEEEG joke and Tony is the Biggest joke of Em'all!

  • Alan - 2012-07-02 15:33

    @Tony-Lapson .....yes this is another way the anc are trying to regain the WC

  • Ze Don - 2012-07-02 15:35

    I assume the recipients of this so called low cost housing (ROFL) will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property? So they won't complain and demand handouts when the whole thing collapses on their heads!

  • gregory.wellsclifton - 2012-07-02 15:36

    Tony Tony Tony. Tis 2 July mate, not 1 April! Or are you serious? In which case, hard as that would be to believe, you're a moron dude, sea-ree-yus!!!!!

  • Tiaan Liebenberg - 2012-07-02 15:45

    Surely tik (being the choice in the cape) is playing some role in this! I thought pretoria was ridiculous!!

  • Hermann - 2012-07-02 15:46

    Tony Ehrenreich is an absolute idiot - forced integration is as bad as forced segregation. R4,5bn structure low cost housing? Ehrenreich should go repeat accounting at school.

      Koos - 2012-07-03 02:19

      He just want to make sure the criminal don't have to go far for a new TV or BMW.

  • dick.oliemans - 2012-07-02 15:48

    Yes just put a Wimbledon type roof on top and let them camp on the grass toilets already there and plenty of places to sit! Ehrenreich the biggest idiot on this planet!

  • Ted Byrne - 2012-07-02 15:52

    Why not convert it into a multi - story cycle track which we could then join up to the table view one that is only used by the white middle class ......what a muppet...

  • antin.herinck - 2012-07-02 15:54

    Ja and the rate payers in Greenpoint must be ecstatic about Loony Tony's idea. 'Will have their property values drop by 30-40%. So this would be against the National Building Regulations. Should the City of Cape Town agree to this crazy idea, all the local rate payers would need to do is start a class action suit. They will win -guaranteed.

  • jannie.debeer - 2012-07-02 15:58

    Facepalm, if you house 4000 apartments there, the cost per apartment will be nearly R2m each. That does not sound like low cast housing to me. Does he open his mouth to change feet? To make it viable, the population in the stadium will have to be more dense than him.

  • dick.oliemans - 2012-07-02 15:59

    Yes put a Wimbleon type roof on it, let them camp on the grass, and plenty of seats to sit in, share the toilet facilities and voila! Ehrenreich of course, the dumbest idiot on the planet..

  • alisha.abad.7 - 2012-07-02 16:00

    There go the low crime stats in Cape Town Central. It's just a ploy the swell the ANC voting base in a DA stronghold. NEVER OVER MY DEAD BODY!

  • johan.marais.10 - 2012-07-02 16:03

    I have always wanted to stay in the stadium. May i have a room with a view?

  • ReneldaJohan - 2012-07-02 16:06


  • E=MC2 - 2012-07-02 16:06

    hahahahaha!!!!! What the hell are they thinking!

  • tshiamo.stevens - 2012-07-02 16:09

    As Sepp Blatter said at the conclusion of the world cup: "Sank youu!

  • Johan De Beer - 2012-07-02 16:10

    They never cease to amaze with their stupidity. Low cost nogal.

  • barry.burger.77 - 2012-07-02 16:12

    Low Cost Housing....REALLY?? Lets see...To build the Stadium = R4.5billion, to tare it down and build houses = +- R2.0 billion, Low Cost Houses = R6.5billion...Seriously you incompetent retard from COSATU...Do your math, or are you like your brothers in the ANC that are all about FREE PASSES and FAILING at EDUCATION? so sick and tired of the retarded APES that are running this country to the ground....For each Concert that is hosted at CT Stadium, it costs the city R1.0 million, because they remove the grass, then put in decking, then when its over, they buy new grass to install...BE SMART, build a moving floor that moves under the Stadium seating with the grass on it! DUMB ASS

  • Koos - 2012-07-02 16:12

    Level it. Simple as that, and it won't be the first time. Just ask the super efficient South Koreans why they did it after the Seoul Olimpics. But first, spray a huge ANC flag on the side of the stadium before you start.

  • Koos - 2012-07-02 16:13

    Level it. Simple as that, and it won't be the first time. Just ask the super efficient South Koreans why they did it after the Seoul Olimpics. But first, spray a huge ANC flag on the side of the stadium before you start.

  • Jannie - 2012-07-02 16:18


  • sisie.indola - 2012-07-02 16:33

    I want whatever he is smoking - it must be good stuff you get in the Cape. But on a more serious note - only what's his face Ehrenreich is just wanting some news time before people forget that he even exists. That is prime real estate and this yob wants to build low cost housing - oh pleeze i nearly wet myself laughing. It's thanks to people like him that there are toilet towns all over the place and along major highways, because pre 1994 the ANC wanted to make sure that they got all those votes so they moved people in overnight onto every patch of vacant land, all the while promising houses if you vote for me - well i think they are still waiting for the houses, but that certainly won't stop them from voting ANC, all it takes is KFC, a t-shirt & if you are lucky a cap.

  • reg.nagel - 2012-07-02 16:34

    Just,dirty little neo-commie,bastards??

  • Jan - 2012-07-02 16:46

    How strong is the stuff this oak is smoking, what a "great" idea to turn one of the more beautiful parts of Cape Town into a squatter camp