Cop: Jub Jub lawyer interfered with witnesses

2011-07-14 14:09

Johannesburg - The lawyer for murder-accused musician Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye and co-accused Themba Tshabalala interfered with witnesses in the case, a policeman said at the Protea Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Maarohanye and Tshabalala face charges of murder, attempted murder and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

They were allegedly drag-racing when one of their Mini Coopers ploughed into a group of schoolchildren in Mdlalose Street, in Protea North, on March 8 last year.

Four children were killed and two others suffered severe injuries, including brain damage.

Branch commander of the Protea Glen police station, Captain Moses Segapo, said a discussion with two male passengers in the cars that were allegedly drag racing proved that they had spoken to defence lawyer, Ike Motloung, before giving their statements to police.

Segapo said two boys, Tumelo Mokoko and Mpumelelo Vezi, approached him after the accident to make a statement.

"We discussed in general what had happened in the accident and when I asked them a question one of the boys said: 'This is why Ike should have accompanied us'. It was clear that they had spoken to Ike."

Motloung asked Segapo if he had asked the two boys "which Ike?" "I knew they were referring to you... You had already coached them what to say," Segapo said.

  • SirMark - 2011-07-14 14:19

    lawyers = natural born liars . jub jub and his kind = natural born killers .

      Tinkie - 2011-07-14 16:10

      Years ago when my son was still in preprimary, his teacher contacted me and asked me in a strange way where I worked. I told her and she burst out laughing and agreed my son had given her the correct answer when he said his mommy worked for liars. I was working at a firm of attorneys at the time.

      Michael - 2011-07-14 16:33


  • Ben - 2011-07-14 14:20

    You know a justice system is retarded when a case like this takes longer than 2 days. Lock the f*ckers up!

      PB - 2011-07-14 16:15

      It is not what you know, but who you know...

  • cat8fish - 2011-07-14 14:23

    Jub Jub must rot in jail. SA needs to hire a hangman like they do in Zimbabwe

  • melchiedek - 2011-07-14 14:23

    jub jub jub jub just go to jail i tell you i give two days you will wish you never agreed to that race.good luck guys are waiting for you misss

  • biskit - 2011-07-14 14:30

    Jub Jub's lawyer should be arrested

      Ke maketse - 2011-07-15 10:28

      This lawyer is just trying to grab the media attention for himself. His antics are irritating. His clients going to jail and he knows it He is just like that lawyer who represented Constable Rasuge's killer.

  • scarface - 2011-07-14 14:30

    oh no.....

  • vandermerwe.martin - 2011-07-14 14:58

    Wonder what the policeman is being paid to make a statement like that, oath means nothing to then anyway.

      FaxM8 Fax - 2011-07-14 15:12

      Oath in africa means the same as jungle oaths !

  • Slapper - 2011-07-14 14:58

    JUb Jub should have been in jail a long time ago. Now it looks like his Lawyer should join him in jail. Te whole system of justice in South Africa is a farce.

  • whatno - 2011-07-14 15:06

    And the plot thickens. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  • FaxM8 Fax - 2011-07-14 15:10

    Sad that those with money can commit murder and by the looks of it get away with it. but luckily these communities believe in mob justice !

  • spacecowboy - 2011-07-14 15:12


  • Biko Lives - 2011-07-14 15:13

    It is clear that this case the more it delays there more those parents who lost their children their scars will never be healed! What is needed here is some kind of TRC where all families can learn to forgive and forget what happened! Jub Jub has learnt his lesson rather than throwing him in jail rather make him an ambassador of the youth against drag racing, drugs and other related intolerances. In that way we would have achieved our goal of restorative justice!

      Bra Pat - 2011-07-14 15:30

      How wud u feel if ur child gets killed with three other kids and the bastard gets a promotion for being an ambassador. Leave the campaign to us either we burn the f$#%k or he gets f$@#45ked in jail. Klaar

      JustMe - 2011-07-14 15:47

      You are retarded if you think the likes of JUB JUB should be spared a jail sentence. that will give every other criminal a right to say but JUB JUB was...he should go to jail and this will show that no one is above the law n matter your celebrity do wrong you will be punished for it. Then when he comes out he can be the ambassador for drag racing and preach how it got him to jail blah blah blah...right now he must go to jail....

      euro-african - 2011-07-14 15:50

      I dont think its up to you to award Jub Jub a medal or promote him to ambassador. Lets ask the children he ran over how they feel about giving the man a promotion. Oh yes, thats right, we cant, they are dead. If I ran over some children, would you be so forgiving of me. Can every one who drives under the influence of alchohol and kills someone get a one time get out of jail free card? Or does this only apply to anc cadres?

      Kenno - 2011-07-14 16:43

      Every time you comment you prove how stupid you are!! Your kids are killed by a drunk, drugged wannabe singer and you say forgive and forget! What are you smoking?? I bet if Jub Jub was white, you would be at the court demanding the death sentence!

      Feds - 2011-07-14 16:54

      Biko would you give me a medal and make me an ambassador if I got drunk and high one night and killed your children/wife/girlfriend/mother? My god why are you so retarded. In that way we woudl have achieved nothing aside from letting everyone know that yet again... in South Africa people can LITERALLY get away with murder

      Atoombom - 2011-07-14 18:38

      You are a FKING MORON!

      PunkBuster - 2011-07-15 12:28

      WTF dude. Seriously retarded comment...

      alansmart223 - 2011-10-10 17:39

      Well Biko Lives, You've taught me one thing with your comment. YOU CAN GET IDIOTS WITH A MINUS IQ ! ! Guess you'l rate about minus 40

  • Thina - 2011-07-14 15:14

    Its enough pls take jub jub and his friend plus their lawyer to jail they are the criminals.

  • Collitjies - 2011-07-14 15:16

    The reason it is taking so long is because they are hoping we will eventually forget about the trial. These killers should have been locked up long ago with no option of parole what so ever. Their lawyers are making a fortune so why cut the trial short.

  • Ingie - 2011-07-14 15:16

    I said the other day..they are guilty, they were drunk, on drugs, murderd children etc etc and still this case is going on and our taxes paying for it. Put them in jail and let them serve the sentence they deserve.

  • Ingie - 2011-07-14 15:18

    Also where does jub jub get the money to pay the lawyers when some lawyers fees are about R2500 an hour. I know he was a rapper etc but surely when you have had a lawyer for this long funds start getting diminshed...or maybe the lawyer is an "Uncle"

      Oompie - 2011-07-14 21:14

      That is why the case should drag out for a few more days - let his lawyer take him to the cleaners!

  • JustinD - 2011-07-14 15:20

    Hang the bastards

      FaxM8 Fax - 2011-07-14 15:52

      The anc stole all the rope already

  • lollie sue - 2011-07-14 15:25

    We need a Hangman for this case

  • OLIBO - 2011-07-14 15:29

    This it the price you pay for your "best Constitution" in the world. In another country this case would have been long finalised and the culprits sent to jail. I would like to know how much this case has cost the state so far.

  • Anonymous Thinker - 2011-07-14 15:30

    These poor families. To be put through all this for so long! And for what? They killed and injured children while under the influence. (as shown in substance tests) How does the lawyer hope to defend what they did?

  • Clive - 2011-07-14 15:35

    Why do all these cases take so long? My son was killed earlier this year in a similar circumstances and to date the bastard driving the car hasn't even been charged with anything, let alone appeared in interference me all know what I mean....Come on South Africa, lets stand up and demand justice for the man in the street. Somewhere, somehow this has to be brought to the attention of people that can and want to do something about this and prevent more injustice........and how about reduce the carnage on our roads all at the same time!!!!

  • mamakalami - 2011-07-14 15:48

    He is a Moegoe of the Year award recipient - couldnt have gone to a more deserving guy.

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:00

    put him in prison, he is guilty you idiot judge!

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:00

    burn him alive!

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:01

    the police must strike!

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:02

    why dont you guys just report it when it has been concluded that the Gov has once again failed to do their job and he is free to go and run more kids over with drag racing, nah give him a bus to do more damage. the quicker the gov. burns it, the quicker we will have to fix it.

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:03


  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:04

    if there was a coin toss between this guy and Julius, let Julius live.

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:05

    from now on, if you see someone driving a mini, hoot!

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:07

    next thing hes has foot issues so its the docters fault, or the printers fault because of the wrong expiry date on the medicine supplied by Dischem, no no its the schools fault for sending the kids to school! Burn the School down!

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:09

    so if Jub the dub can buy policeman, how much is it going to cost the Judge to eventually send him to prison?

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:09

    is prostitution cheeper?

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:10

    different products, different service, same corruption?

  • bob - 2011-07-14 16:10

    I hope Jub Jub gets a proper name. Like PRICK!

  • AgPseDaddy - 2011-07-14 16:33

    Put jub jub and his buddie against the wall and shoot them !!!

  • RobinHood - 2011-07-14 17:17

    Everybody should just vote with their feet - he is an "entertainer" - boycott the fool

  • LuCypher - 2011-07-14 17:18

    99% of all lawyers give the rest a bad name . . .

  • TeddyB - 2011-07-14 17:47

    This is just SICK!!! They are guilty as hell, what more evidence do they really need??? Its sad what these families are being put thru. But rest assured Jub Jub and friend - you can bribe your way out of this one all you want, but you cant bribe yourself out of meeting your Maker. Pay you will!!

  • RacingShark - 2011-07-14 20:27

    It seems to me that Jub Jub will most likely go free due to technicalities of the justice system. His lawyer counter is always around the validity of evidence and not about what actually happened. Its going to reach the point where all evidence will be thrown out due to incompetent cops and a bastard lawyer. Thus Jub Jub will walk free.

  • ndithi ndithi - 2011-07-14 20:45

    it's not murder, it's manslaugher. they'll be found not guilty on the charge of murder. Murder normally has to have a motive and there's none here. Incompetent state prosecutors. they blew the case

  • Tr1sh - 2011-07-15 08:07

    He killed 4 children and injured 2, what more is there to say, he must go to prison. No matter what is said in court the facts are clear, I suppose its taking soooo long so that the attornies can make more money.

  • Siyabonga - 2011-07-15 09:28

    Ja this Jub-Jub and Tshabalala thing is annoying now,let them do one thing once and for all with them if they prosecute them let it be if not I dont know.

  • Gibbonater - 2011-07-15 09:40

    Hand him over to the community.

  • RuthK - 2011-07-15 09:52

    If Jub Jub was a real man he would stand up and take accountability for his actions.... But then look at his fraud-comitting mother.... scum of the earth... I do hope he's ready for all the 'boyfriends' in prison. You know what they do to people who hurt children?

  • Kelly-Cat - 2011-07-15 10:28

    Yoh these guys r gnna get off scott free watch.. Coz the court is taking toooo long.. Its simple they killed those kids over & done with.

  • joe joe - 2011-07-15 11:49

    As long as Ike is being paid he will drag this case as long as he can.. freaking leech

  • Madam001 - 2011-07-15 13:20

    Jub Jub's mother is a criminal, he is a criminal...scum of the earth the lot of them...

  • Silvia - 2011-07-20 15:55

    it is very sad that this case has shifted focus from the four dead children to what the police officer did or did not do and I am afraid that there will be no justice for those children, thats our country for you,if you are just a normal individul your life is not worth much but if you in the media well all is fare for you.

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