Cop captain accused of ordering robberies

2013-01-15 08:52

Kimberley - A police captain and station commander in the Northern Cape has been arrested on suspicion of orchestrating a reign of terror among foreign shop owners after a string of robberies in the Kuruman area.

Captain Anna Phorotlho, 42, the head of the Wrenchville police station, was handcuffed in her own office, reported Volksblad.

Men accused of robbing the shops belonging to foreigners alleged Phorotlho had taken them to the shops and ordered them to rob them.

Another suspect also said it had not been the first time that she had told them to rob stores.

Phorotlho appeared calm as she was arrested and did not protest against her being charged as she was led in silence from her office.

She would appear in a Kuruman court soon.  

  • johnny.better.12 - 2013-01-15 08:59

    Words fail me.

      Delene Labuschagne - 2013-01-15 09:08

      our failed us aswell

      Delene Labuschagne - 2013-01-15 09:09

      our leaders failed us aswell,

      Graham Jehoma - 2013-01-15 09:10

      no words don't fail me...people the circus is in town and not leaving soon.....if they don't shoot each other, they kill the innocent....and their speciality......yep you guessed right.....stealing the crap out of the nation....

      sipho.mathabula - 2013-01-15 09:13

      WHY @johnny.better. Where have you been for the last 19 years, on the moon. Ths shiz happens evryday in the banana republic.

      theo.schoeman.71 - 2013-01-15 09:16

      And our Mr Zuma is busy putting a integrity commitee together.. Not to worry he will sort this problems out soon Lol

      frank.kistler.31 - 2013-01-15 09:24

      Yes my people...corruption is and will be the order of the day, discipline starts at home!!!!

      Sonnyjakes - 2013-01-15 09:27

      Why, it's called cadre deployment

      klippies.coke.7 - 2013-01-15 10:11

      Sounds like job creation that went the wrong way.

      silenta.solly - 2013-01-15 10:17

      Well done Zuma, wiping out the corruption in our police ranks

      joanne.hart.589 - 2013-01-15 10:58

      I hope that the charges will include accessory to armed robbery and attempted murder (allegedly provided gun, one victim later died). Can you imagine being the shop keeper trying to report a robbery, assualt -anything - in this town? It's vital for investigators to go back over all the charges laid during her tenure & see how they panned out.

      gideon.walt - 2013-01-15 11:24

      Has she learnt nothing about being inconspicuous!

      koos.meyer.52 - 2013-01-15 13:10

      ANC Cadre deployment...

  • leslie.rabie - 2013-01-15 09:04

    Like every other corrupt cop.. she will just get stationed somewhere else

      richard.hipkin - 2013-01-15 09:25

      No, she'll be suspended with full pay for the next three years before anything further happens.. Then she'll just disappear into the system, still with full pay.

      jan.a.delport.5 - 2013-01-15 10:47


      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-15 11:36

      She's inncocent until proven guilty.

      prakash.singh.169 - 2013-01-15 12:47

      Yeah true. Now qualifies to be the Minister of Basic Police Services.

  • Delene Labuschagne - 2013-01-15 09:07

    im not even one bit surprised,,,we living in a lawless country!!! Even the law is corrupted,,

  • ntombizodwa.letty - 2013-01-15 09:15

    Good job guyz, I Nathi is goping to agree with the new law that is going 2b implimanted that side. Willingly evry province must have that team so that we can feel the safety as him, 24/7 they have bodyguard but refuse other people's rite. Go more n more deeper guyz we need this justice, you may found out that is even qualiffffffffffff 4de position but she is de. - 2013-01-15 10:05

      Say what????

      msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-15 11:40

      Okay, I think you made a mistake here. Wasn't this intended for a friend on Whatsapp?

  • Matthew - 2013-01-15 09:15

    Typical. Well done SAPS,you're such a shining beacon of hope to this country,keep up the fantastic work! Biggest gang we have in RSA is the SAPS. Not for one second does this article surprise me. disgusting

      derek.phoenix.73 - 2013-01-15 09:54

      @Matthew just because a few SAPS are convicted/accused of Robbery/Fraud/Corruption etc, does not mean that every SAPS person is guilty of an unlawful action. If you have a few bad apples in a bag do you throw them all away cause you "assume" they are all rotten? NO, so please don't generalise!!

      compos.mentis.58 - 2013-01-15 10:41

      @Derek... you are probably right, but let me tell you, South Africans fear the SAPS and the Metro Police because of their brutality and apartheid era style law enforcement. If I have a few bad apples in a box and I don't throw them away the rest will all become bad. So get rid of the brutal, the incompetent, the lazy and the corrupt. Maybe we will trust the Police again.

      martin.grobler.144 - 2013-01-15 11:47

      Most of the guys in the SAPS does their jobs with the respect it deserves otherwise she would still be in office

  • angelanair3 - 2013-01-15 09:17

    Yes failure, failure, failure - the whole damn country is a failure! WTF is happening when the cops have no respect for law and order! They are the ones that should be upkeeping the law! Corrupt police, corrupt government, corrupt teachers, corrupt doctors, corrupt game rangers! This disease called corruption is seeping into the very hearts and fabric of society. Who is accountable and who will be able to stop it? Not the police of course - How can the police, from the top to the bottom, be a bunch of liars, thieves and murderers? How and why?

  • Graham Jehoma - 2013-01-15 09:18

    kuruman nogals of all places.....

  • richard.barrett.739 - 2013-01-15 09:21

    the people that you trust to protect us ,rob us ,zuma and his cANCer buddies will just sweep this under the carpet F$cken joke

  • corrupt.anc.3 - 2013-01-15 09:22

    Wrenchville? Sounds appropriate when seeing her picture.

  • richard.hipkin - 2013-01-15 09:25

    Goodbye career, goodbye pension, goodbye life... How dumb.

  • ian.robertreid - 2013-01-15 09:29

    Tell us governing bodies where the hell do u find these mampompanes to fit into these posts?? i ask u??

  • sjhuman1 - 2013-01-15 09:52

    I just wish zuma could read so he can see what his brothers and sisters are getting the F up to in this country.

      kelebogile.trom - 2013-01-15 10:08

      As if Zuma is de 1 who commited crime,get a lyf!

  • ted.harilall - 2013-01-15 09:54

    Sad to see how our taxes are spent. Like pearls thrown to swines.

  • tiaan.truter - 2013-01-15 10:13

    not surprised anymore tbh

  • attie.mostert.9 - 2013-01-15 10:13

    Lekker, hope you rot for a long time. Time to get rid of the rubbish and weeds!!!

  • maronzapat - 2013-01-15 10:14

    she qualify to be the ........ of SAPS

  • richard.bernardo.982 - 2013-01-15 10:22

    Definitely marked for a promotion! - Deputy Police commissioner material. Full qualification and experience....

  • willem.dehaan.94 - 2013-01-15 11:01

    How did this person become a captain? When did she join? What experience did she have? What exams did she pass? How did she demonstrate and prove her ability to fill this post? On what basis was she considered to be a fit and proper person for this rank? The aswers to these questions could explain all.

  • gerhard.schutte2 - 2013-01-15 11:02

    Typical of a lawless and moralless country run by those without any morals and humanaty

  • carolyn.dewrance - 2013-01-15 11:07

    Most probably put her on suspension on full pay until the court case comes up and then find her not guilty saying she was set up, and then paying her out enough to go live with Zuma in his mansion

  • sharleen.lategan - 2013-01-15 11:18

    I am so shocked ...... WOW what next.

  • msika.bopha.9 - 2013-01-15 11:43

    Promote this woman to Deputy president of the country, she is over qualified for her current position.

      prakash.singh.169 - 2013-01-15 12:45

      Are your serious. She is your black sister. She is disadvantaged.

  • Lizette van Wyk - 2013-01-15 11:53

    I would love to see the CV's and criminal history of all police officers. Who employed these people? wtf? really? we cant even trust our police service, is this reality or are we in a bad dream!!!!

  • Lizette van Wyk - 2013-01-15 11:58

    kelebogele.trom- what is lyf? or did you and Zuma try to spell life? just asking?

  • Khomotso - 2013-01-15 12:21

    from captain to jailbird, smh

      prakash.singh.169 - 2013-01-15 12:44

      Your black sister.

  • winifred.watson.9 - 2013-01-15 12:21

    Now if this is going on in this small town can you guess that its all over the place, problem this person got caught. Government has set the bar very high for crime and corruption. Instead of thinking about lifting the education should they not have crime and intelligence schools to help criminals so that they dont get caught.

  • prakash.singh.169 - 2013-01-15 12:43

    This is the corrupt ANC government. You must be a convicted criminal or fraudster to get a job.

  • Tawizee - 2013-01-15 13:52

    In case no one has welcomed you yet; welcome to South Africa!

  • ohbizz.chabata - 2013-01-15 14:47

    Some of the things that happen in RSA are hard to believe

  • kaycee.ntsimanyane - 2013-01-17 18:08

    Pls guz take out ANC in this nd respect our president he was not there and no one knows the truth let investigation reveals the truth!whether u don't trust the SAPS or u do its ur own bussiness not all members r corrupt!

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