Cops catch 3 most-wanted criminals

2011-10-17 18:40

Johannesburg - Three wanted men were arrested for stealing R750 000 worth of copper cable in Germiston on the East Rand, Ekurhuleni metro police said on Monday.

The three men, aged between 26 and 36, were on the police's wanted list for several car hijackings in and around the Ekurhuleni area, said Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago.

They apparently stole a Nissan 8-ton truck in Etwatwa on Sunday before making their way to a business in Midrand to steal the copper cables, he said.

Police found the three men driving in the truck along William Hills and Lake roads in Germiston.

"On realising that they could not outpace the officers, the three abandoned the truck and ran in different directions," said Kgasago.

But police caught all three. They would appear in the Germiston Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, Kgasago said.

  • Poloyatonki - 2011-10-17 18:51

    SAPS is doing a good job, in my township i dont even lock the door when I sleep at night.

      SimnikiweNtingi - 2011-10-17 18:52

      3 down, 246997 to go. Job well done.

      africanwolf - 2011-10-17 19:40

      @ Overprivileged have you tried working? i do and believe me it helps you should try it, it won't hurt

      Leon - 2011-10-17 19:46

      overprivileged yes yes i'm poor please give to me too and i will get the farm and plant mielies for me and my wifes and children we will not go hungry again

      Levett - 2011-10-17 20:09

      @Overprivileged: You right when you say whites don't care about blacks. But you should add that we don't care ANYMORE. Your discrimination against whites is the cause of that attitude. So now you can suffer until your eyes open and realize how little your own people care for you. SUFFERRRRRRRRRRR STRUGGGGGLE ... WE DON'T CARE!

      marco.tomaso - 2011-10-17 20:35

      News24 have removed Overprivileged 7 comments,all of it! Nice one News24 please keep it going!

      Overprivileged - 2011-10-17 21:06

      Why has news 24 removed my comments?

      Yar - 2011-10-18 05:48

      @overprivileged "Why has news 24 removed my comments?" Because they are rubbish and waste space. Why do you think....

  • marco.tomaso - 2011-10-17 18:53

    That's nothing compared to what's really going on in South Africa regarding its corruption pandemic.A much bigger problem exist in the country than catching 3 "nobody" criminals. "South Africa's ultimate crime -the cover-up" by the BBC's News reporter in Africa,Andrew Harding. It's not the crime - it's the cover-up. What was true for Richard Nixon three decades ago seems to be equally applicable in South Africa today. As the establishment here sweats beneath a particularly cumbersome stack of scandals, what is most striking is not the alleged crimes themselves but the nonchalance with which the accused have shrugged off the very notion that they might be publicly accountable for their actions. President Jacob Zuma - his in-tray piled high with damning reports - seems reluctant to force the issue. So we have the board of Cricket South Africa - gloved and heavily padded - seemingly preoccupied with internal discipline rather than external transparency. Then there's the extraordinary swagger shown by Co-operative Governance Minister Sicelo Shiceka as he confronts a mountain of breathtaking evidence compiled by the country's public protector. He's accused, among other things, of flying to Switzerland at the taxpayer's expense to visit his convicted drug-dealer girlfriend in prison. And we have the Police Commissioner and the Minister for Public Works. And the list goes on. Due process must be followed of course, and the presumption of innocence honoured.

      Harry - 2011-10-17 19:03

      Every long journey begins with a single step. Ever single criminal caught is good news as far as I am concerned - no matter how small the crime. There are many problems in South Africa, however, everyday I encounter people who stand up and say no more and as a result, we are seeing more and more corrupt officials are getting caught.

      marco.tomaso - 2011-10-17 19:28

      @Harry I don't you know if you realize how big of a problem this corruption truly is in South Africa.Willie Hofmeyr,who is the head of South Africa's anti-corruption agency called the Special Investigating Unit told Parliament that around 20% of all government procurements,or about $3.8 billion,go missing each year-most of it gets stolen and the rest are untraceable because of negligence.The South African government barely blinked when that report was made which shows you how pathetic the ANC party/government truly is. Did you know that Willie Hofmeyr is currently investigating more than 900 cases of questionable contracts and conflicts of interest,valued at more than $635 million.More than 900 cases!The worst theft,he says,takes place at the local level,where there isn't that much oversight. Recommendations were made to Zuma to act against these corrupt ministers.And what is Zuma's response to all that?A presidential spokesman said that Zuma would respond to the recommendations when he is ready.When he is ready which means never.

  • marco.tomaso - 2011-10-17 18:54

    But as the weeks slip by and President Zuma sticks stubbornly to the sidelines, the knives are starting to come out for him too. And lest we think that corruption is confined to matters of business and theft, let me also throw in the scandal of the Dalai Lama's non-visit. If power corrupts, then surely the government's refusal to even acknowledge its own actions - let alone defend them - must count against it.

  • Chloe - 2011-10-17 19:50

    Yes great work by police, but they will be out on R150,00 bail !!!

  • Levett - 2011-10-17 19:55

    In a country with the most brutal farm murders the 3 most-wanted criminals are cable thieves. Is it idiotic journalism or policing?

  • naeem.essop - 2011-10-17 20:01

    This is why we can't have nice things.

  • darren.peach - 2011-10-17 20:07

    Hey, Overprivileged. What exactly do you want the so called White man to do ? Do you want my house ? Take it. Just be sure to pay the Bank the money that is owed. Do you want my car ? Take it, It is very old and is on its last legs and is not worth much. Do you want my Job ? Take it. Just be prepared to work overtime without reimbursment all the time. Sometimes you might have to work all through the night to get jobs done and then be in a 9 in the morning even if you have not slept. You want the food I buy. Come get it. My fridge is open. You want what I have got, Take it and you will probably find that I have not got much worthwhile. You want me gone ? Get me a British passport and I will go but unfortunately for you, I am just as South African as you are. You want my apology ? I am truly sorry for the oppresion of your people. I honestly dont know what I can do or say to fix the past. I am ashamed that I am a white man, Does it make you happy to hear a white man say that ? I guess the real question is, Do you want me dead ? If so then I guess I deserve it because I am white and white people are the Devil. We are the problem on this planet. We caused Wars, Famine,Disease,Racism,Crime and any other negative thing you can think of. Without us the world would be a better place. Listen to your Youth Leaders and Kill us whites.....Thats all we are good for. Sorry World.

      Levett - 2011-10-17 20:17

      He just want to wash your car so that you can give him food and some money he can spend on beer

  • marco.tomaso - 2011-10-17 20:33

    News24 have removed Overprivileged 7 comments,all of it! Nice one News24 please keep it going!

  • darren.peach - 2011-10-17 20:36

    Hey, Where are the comments that Overprivledged wrote ? My comment makes no sense now.

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