Cops due in court over Fourways rape

2011-12-12 09:12

Johannesburg - Two police sergeants were expected to appear in court on Monday after allegedly raping a woman in Fourways, north of Johannesburg.

The cops, aged 28 and 43, were arrested last week and made their first court appearance on Thursday.

The case was postponed to Monday for a formal bail application in the Randburg Magistrate's Court, Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Tshisikhawe Ndou said.

The woman was allegedly stopped by the two policemen last Friday evening and raped by both of them.

  • Larry - 2011-12-12 09:18

    These AR**holes need to spend a long time in jail, geting the same as they gave.

  • Christo - 2011-12-12 09:19


  • 1CRAZYONE - 2011-12-12 09:24

    These two cops should not be allowed bail. They used their status as 'police - so called trustworthy people' to pull over two young ladies - sisters, to rape. These babarians should be put in jail for a long time.

  • braamc - 2011-12-12 09:32

    The in court for their bail application, then would probably completed within 3 years, in the meanwhile chill. Lock the f*ckers up, no bail. Beyond me, some more prime SAPS officers, daily in the news for there moral high ground

  • methedex - 2011-12-12 09:39

    Hang them! One time! It won't happen again...

  • Jannie - 2011-12-12 09:49

    F...king son of a bitches

  • StarStruck - 2011-12-12 09:56

    Apparently these women fear for their lives if the policemen get bail. I would love to see what the court makes of that. No Bail would be common-sense.

  • wilana.olivier - 2011-12-12 09:56

    "allegedly" - I HATE that word. Facts are facts. What will it take to bring the death sentence back??? I suppose the goverment will never "kill" people when they perceive that what happened is not truly a crime but a norm. Sad.

  • Pieter - 2011-12-12 10:11

    Mzanzi fo sho! Tshwane - we are the same.

  • Moss - 2011-12-12 10:18

    Why should they apply for bail,they should rot in jail, Bann them from working in any security duties ( including security office for private security company) and there must be permanemtly banned from working for government.

  • cliff.slabbert - 2011-12-12 10:30

    Get the death penalty back for scum like this!

  • Waren Engelbrecht - 2011-12-12 10:56

    I live in that area and I don't trust any of those cops at all!!! How do they expect us to have trust in our police and our legal system if they are allowing two monsters to apply for bail after raping this poor girl and that's not to mention the attack on her sister!!! If they walk I hope they get street justice!!! That seems to be only way things get sorted SA.

  • Philip - 2011-12-12 11:12

    Allegedly se moer! they need to change the law to "guilty until proven innocent"... the very people that are meant to procect us are the ones doing most of the crimes! A cop pulled the trigger on Chanel Henning, now this, and there are thousands of incidents that dont get reported out of fear, i rather call up friends in a situation than the police, it is sad to say, but it is safer!

  • nicn44 - 2011-12-12 12:03

    What is it that given a female is in distress, this signals RAPE ME! Is it in my genes that when I see a female in distress, that i want to protect her & help her. I dont understand that a distressing situation turns some sectors of our community on

  • andrew.peace2 - 2011-12-12 12:14

    no bail, and a very severe sentence (life), and no leave to appeal.

  • Kay - 2011-12-12 12:31

    F*** that, cut the genitals off, one time finish bt first could i kick them in the b**** . PIGS.

  • Mohsin - 2011-12-12 12:51

    its scum like this that give the force a bad name

  • Chris - 2011-12-12 13:24

    There can only be 1 cure, The Death Sentence!

  • Charl - 2011-12-12 14:09

    What am i suppose to tell my wife. "if the cops try to pull you over, don't stop, they might rape you..." These are the guys that are suppose to be protecting us. "The state of a nation can be determined by the state of the police force in that nation."

  • Tim - 2011-12-12 20:33

    In SA you can be punished more harshly for killing a police officer than killing someone else. Not necessarily a bad thing, these people are in harms way supposedly trying to protect us. However if they break that trust and are found guilty of a crime they should equally be held to account on a higher level and the penalties should be far more severe. It is the ulitmate breakdown of society when you cannot trust those sworn to protect you.

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