Cops face charges over Winnie spat

2011-09-27 11:11

Johannesburg - Two policemen who were involved in an altercation with Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and her bodyguards will face criminal charges, according to a newspaper report on Tuesday.

This follows an incident in December last year where the officers - Warrant Officer Jannie Odendaal and Constable Abel Twala - stopped Madikizela-Mandela's car because it was reportedly being driven recklessly at 150kph.

An argument ensued. The bodyguards brought charges of pointing of a firearm and intimidation against the policemen.

Beeld reported that counter charges against the bodyguards and Madikizela-Mandela were dropped but the policemen, who are on suspension, would be criminally charged.

Prosecutor Kholeka Gcaleka of the National Prosecuting Authority said on Monday that the department of public prosecutions had "enough proof" to prosecute.

  • Lebohang Bucibo - 2011-09-27 11:16

    Is this her birthday present?

      Servaas - 2011-09-27 11:18

      Nothing will happen to her, she is anc.. Criminals look after each other. Parliament is proof of this.. Look at malema's sars saga.. Now all of a sudden there is no funds available to investigate. We have the dumbest politicians in SA.

      Steen - 2011-09-27 11:18

      Possibly, we can't have 2 laws for citizens, the last time i check the highest speed one can go was 120/h.

      THE-SRG - 2011-09-27 11:24

      so its come to a point where people get criminally charged for doing their jobs...what a joke.

      Doug - 2011-09-27 11:26

      @Moron, you really have a reputation to living up to your name.

      sganja - 2011-09-27 11:30

      Can someone tell me, why can't I comment more than once? I need to refresh before I can post again. Eish News24.

      Evan - 2011-09-27 11:30

      @Moron - YES, please send them to Cape Town. Sounds to me like they were doing their job and that is how we roll in Cape Town. We do our friggin job! And FYI, Zille does not walk around with bodyguards. Unlike your Fat Cat friends, she does not waste Tax money!

      Ogre - 2011-09-27 11:31

      Moron, by all means let them come to the Western Cape, we need and appreciate people that do their jobs despite adverse conditions. That is why the WC is prospering and other provinces have to leech off our taxes.

      Who Knew - 2011-09-27 11:35

      @Moron: Opinions are like Ar$e Holes we all have one, apparently ar$e holes also have opinions.

      sefeddt - 2011-09-27 11:35

      @Moron. Correct from the ANC who have on numerous occasions threatened her, MK vets and ANCYL spring to mind.

      IsThatAFact - 2011-09-27 11:45

      I wonder if she still puts out stompies and wears necklaces

      Taboo - 2011-09-27 11:50

      Evan - good comment.

      Rooi gevaar - 2011-09-27 11:53

      It seems she is the law. Poor policemen doing their job. How could they know they were chasing an untouchable?

      Matt :-) - 2011-09-27 11:57

      @ Sganja - I have the same problem. 1 comment then refresh. Oh well... maybe that's a good thing hey ;-) Anyway, this is blatant abuse of power - will the chap on here who's compiling stuff for the UN also include this case too... if you drive like a maniac, you don't expect the police to have bodyguards set onto you. This ghastly, murderous, thieving b***h should be rotting in jail, let alone freely speed!

      Andrew Ampers Taylor - 2011-09-27 12:01

      I would like to give her a nice necklace for her birthday.

      Azazel - 2011-09-27 12:09


      umlaut - 2011-09-27 12:19

      Lets think what the cops should have done to do it the 'correct way' according to the mind of winnie the people's queen------When they pulled the car over and the driver told them to bugger off and they spotted the queen in the back seat, they should have immediately produced their names and details and addresses where the saying thank you gifts for not harassing them, could be delivered. Then they should have apologised profusely and have gone down on their knees and pleaded for mercy---then they should have jumped up and pleaded that they will escort them all the way to their destination with blue lights flashing and sirens going and once at the destination they will even wash the car. They should have organised then that other police will come and escort them back home with sirens going and travelling at breakneck speed. Do it the AFRICAN way----....sick---.

      Tom - 2011-09-27 12:19

      Bodyguards and politicians generally in every country have a very arrogant attitude, so it is fair to believe that they were provoking the police officers, but if the police pulled their firearms on them without just cause then I'm sorry to say, the cops have caused their own problems here. The police are the first "guardians" of the law, they can’t just pull their guns because the bodyguards were making them angry. I know what I am saying is not the most popular argument that I could be making, but no one here would tolerate a cop pulling a weapon on them if they were not threatening the cop’s life...

      grod - 2011-09-27 12:29

      @ Moron - are all your downvotes from racists too or just from wise, honest and decent folk...?

      SpetsnazLaz - 2011-09-27 12:37 Just give this a read and it will open the eyes of some of our idiot posters here.

      York Hunt - 2011-09-27 13:12

      One word: "VAKTAP!!!"

      WCD - 2011-09-27 13:23

      One word - Stompie

      pitbull - 2011-09-27 14:06

      @Andrew Ampers Taylor - Tyre necklaces aren't all that easy to put on, but I am sure we can rig one of C4, disguised as pearls. - 2011-09-27 15:25

      @ Evans you look Like Zille....winnie is untouchable you can whine and grind all u want boetas...lmao

      sniperman - 2011-09-27 16:54

      Just proof of how biased our law is. Remember she also got away with murder.

      ratex - 2011-09-28 12:48

      @sganja, no broer, you cant comment more than once.Probably beacuse your first post results in a low pressure or dense zone and us mere mortals can only accommodate so much low pressure / dense zone at one time. You can always post on the ancyl site, that is always a low pressure zone, so you should feel at home there

      betterness - 2011-09-29 07:02

      Matt :) ... "This ghastly, murderous, thieving b***h should be rotting in jail,..."??? I sincerely hope this is not the same Matt who proclaims and espouses Christianity on this forum. If so, Matt, this vengeful and judgmental outburst has no place amongst Christians .. you're setting a bad example bro,, all in the name of appeasing your fellow man?

      supporter - 2011-09-29 11:45

      she is a terrorist and a murderer. one day she will pay, they will all pay

  • Dal68 - 2011-09-27 11:18

    Typical SA crap....

      Dal68 - 2011-09-27 11:33

      Piet better come soon, because you (ilembe) have no clue what ruling means.....rape, theft and murder doesn't count for ruling....

      THE-SRG - 2011-09-27 11:37

      @myanc....the murderer got set free because the victims greedy family preferred money over justice...typical

      Dal68 - 2011-09-27 11:37

      @myancmyfutur......go sit outside, have a zol, think about what you wrote and then come back and then rewrite something intelligent please....your name should be myanceverybodiesdownfall.....

      Shadoz - 2011-09-27 11:50

      myanc you seem to have selective reading. why don't you accually read the articles you like to comment about . can you read at a higher level than grade 3?

      Dal68 - 2011-09-27 11:56

      Trust me myanc.....I will never employ you.....and for the part regarding approval, just get some education first.

      gksa - 2011-09-27 12:07

      @iLembe - Iron fist? More like a slack wrist...

      Dal68 - 2011-09-27 12:12

      @myanc You most propably bought your qualifications......I studied and paid for mine, never striked or burned down my the end of the day you might be a small bright spark, but in the bigger context of things, you are nothing, you show that through your ignorance of supporting a corrupt government...shame

      G-spotWizard - 2011-09-27 12:27

      The last time I checked, the speed limit on high ways was 120km/h, if her car was doing 150Km/h as the article says that is illegal. How could she give enough proof to the NPA (given that the NPA was not on the scene) to prosecute the cops? The fact that she was on the wrong side of the law does not matter here. This the woman who said that Julius Malema reminded her of the great Nelson mandela. That suggests to me that she is thug. We are becoming a contry where your political connections determine whether you have to obey the law or not.

      Servaas - 2011-09-27 12:39

      @Myancbla blA BLA: Before you say i am a racist.. Check the facts for yourself

      Tokkel Loshi - 2011-09-27 12:41

      @ myancmyfutur Why do you have to mention your so called qualifications ? You can have 3 PhD’s you will stay a moron !!

      Hannes van der Linde - 2011-09-27 13:00

      myanc... you're in a losing battle here bud. Just let it go and save some face. mkay

      moreso - 2011-09-27 13:05

      @myancmyfutur, "the fact that I'm black doesn't mean I'm uneducated and unfortunately I don't think you've achieved half of my academics." If you see racism as a qualification you are just about qualified for anything. "Continue to hide behind your skin it may get you a get you somewhere." CLEARLY, you are undereducated and carry no weight other than being a provocative racist. Good luck with doing anything honest in your life, but unfortunately, you get what you deserve and I don't see you gaining anything other than an overwhelming amount of enemies. You can hate us forever but that still won't end your `struggle` because it's self-inflicted. "I'm the reason your grandfathers came with apartheid", if all blacks were like you, I don't think there would be any of you left. Now, read this and go cry in a corner

      SpetsnazLaz - 2011-09-27 13:10

      @myanc Go and read this and tell me it is not true. That means you are no better than the apartheid government. You are a clown and on top of it a bad one.

      Tokkel Loshi - 2011-09-27 13:46

      @ myancmyfutur I been reading your crap for a long time mampara

      Dal68 - 2011-09-27 13:57

      @myanc... you are the only fool here....and a very dumb one by that it seems.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 14:34

      I presume you all have nothing to say as I can't stoep that all low as to exchange insults with a bunch of racists cowards

      ANC-FTL - 2011-09-27 16:04

      There is something really wrong with you upstairs man you need to be checked out or in a mental hospital – I’m not trying to be funny here seriously. You seem to be calling everyone racist yet you spew out racist comment on a daily basis. With your attitude I’d be surprised if any sane company would hire you… black or white. Even with your academics you probably a complete pain to work with – honesty, integrity and respect would get you a long way, you should work on it. In the one ear out the other…

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 16:11

      @ Moreso That's exactly the problem with you white people you have a script written about every black person you meet on the street, You should judge people correctly and not just paint everything you see as black. The fact that Zuma has Std 4 means all black people. The fact that being black means you've already written my script makes you racist

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 16:38

      ANC FTL Maybe I'm your boss, you'll never know

      moreso - 2011-09-28 09:05

      @myancmyfutur, Perhaps you missed the part where I said: "if all blacks were like you, I don't think there would be any of you left." Regards

      ANC-FTL - 2011-09-28 10:39

      @MYANC I'd rather choose death - you cant be Im my own boss.

  • McDaNife - 2011-09-27 11:19

    What can we say about the law in the beautiful country of ours, people in power get protected. I would think twice about being a cop

      Ohmikehunt - 2011-09-27 13:15

      Serves them right... how dare they do that to mamma Winnie!

      pitbull - 2011-09-27 13:29

      Maybe, when I next see Winnie and her protectors I will drive in front of the car and let them hit my car. I don't care if I die, but if I live I will sue her until her eyeballs fall out.

      Jack TheOnlyRipper - 2011-09-27 14:21

      I would have thought twice about stopping Winnie.... "Ah sorry mam, your car did not speed at 154, my machine is broken"

      nic - 2011-09-28 23:47

      Well, if our so called "top cop" was not one of the biggest criminals in the country he would actually step up, have the balls to fight this to protect his officers. In stead, he is eating freakin caviar and drinking champagne with Winnie

  • Cobus.P - 2011-09-27 11:20

    No law applies to polititians in RSA.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 11:28

      ANd Bulls players

      falcon2020 - 2011-09-27 11:38

      @myanc... Axe murderer Phindile Joseph Ntshongwana was also a bulls player.

      THE-SRG - 2011-09-27 11:41

      its bad when a man gets away with manslaughter because the victims family preferred money over justice.....but i think its worse when an innocent man gets charged for doing his job.

      Shadoz - 2011-09-27 11:52

      welcome to africa SRG it is ofcourse the african way to think about themselves before anything else.

      THE-SRG - 2011-09-27 12:04 the article again...they came to a plea bargain and the family got R750 000,they chose money over justice.

      THE-SRG - 2011-09-27 12:06

      it would have been easy for them to refuse the plea bargain and go on with the case but guess what,they didnt, predictable

      wombles - 2011-09-27 12:16

      bees roux my hero

      Blikaspaai - 2011-09-27 12:40

      @Myanc you give new meaning to stupid!

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 13:37

      @ Spetznaz The fact that farm murders have gone down by more than half is a reason to rejoice and I think 1 murder is too many. The fact that I disagree with white people's fear of Winnie doesn't mean I'm racist or want whites to be killed. I would lay down my own life to prevent a farm murder, so don't misjudge me kindly ask my opinion, I will respond and not draw conclusions on my behalf.

      Hannes van der Linde - 2011-09-27 14:53

      "white people's fear of Winnie" lol, ja, that's why we walk around with body guards everywhere we go. Seems it's the other way around. Bliksem, and I didn't want to get involved. Hey myanc, hows your blood pressure doing?

      HiJack - 2011-09-27 14:57

      @myancmyfutur, regarding whites killing blacks, do you have any other examples apart from Scott Crosley and Roux? Or is that all you got? You want to get me started on blacks killing whites? Thought not.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 14:59

      Van de linda What is the meaning of Bliksem Baas?

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 16:14

      Hi Jack Should I also include the killings in Swaartruggens where your boys just fired randomly at any black person they could see.

      ANC-FTL - 2011-09-28 10:51

      MyANC it’s not that we fear her it’s the fact that she thinks she is the queen bee but really all she is a selfish self-loathing racist bigot who has no problem wasting tax payers money for her own good instead of helping her own people who in turn just blame us the whites; meanwhile it’s the complete incompetence and greed of her and her mates the ANC.

  • Mnr. Smith - 2011-09-27 11:20

    Absolute rubbish!!! Beki Cele wtf?!?

      Mathaithai - 2011-09-27 12:54

      Abluebull player killed a law-enforcer, now it is Winnie-a lot of noise!!!!!!!!!!

      JMsays - 2011-09-27 13:16

      The "law-enforcer" tried to rob and attacked him, that makes it self defense, well that's what the black judge said, you are just trying to make it a race issue. Winnie is a murdered and thinks she is above the law (it looks like she is, well in SA)

      tailormade - 2011-09-27 13:48

      Math, Hey genius, stop blaming Bees Roux....he didn't decide on the charge sheet & neither did he have the power to decide on a plea bargain. If you believe he was guilty of more than self-defense, start blaming the public prosecutor's office. Oops, I forgot: you don't blame anything related to the ANC.

      Met - 2011-09-28 05:50

      A law inforcer? He was a thief man

      nic - 2011-09-28 23:55

      Beki who? He is one of the biggest criminals in the country man. If he had any integrity whatsoever this would not even have gotten this far. Winnie would have payed a substantial fine already. All Beki Cele can do as brainless rants about "shoot first" or "shoot to kill". Seriously, in what civil society do you have a police commissioner that utters "crazy talk" like this. *sigh*

  • Big mack - 2011-09-27 11:20

    This crazy woman should have been in jail years ago and is constantly a thorn in the flesh of law abiding citizens with her total disregard for the law! She has done nothing for society in general except stir up racial emotion because of her holier than thou attitude! Somebody needs to put her out to pasture as she is nothing less than an oxygen thief..!!

      Tolerant - 2011-09-27 11:37

      If Max DP is right she was involved in 3 people being killed, not only Stompie. She is an embarasment to the country.

      Jacques Jones - 2011-09-27 11:38

      @myanc does stompie ring a bell?

      sefeddt - 2011-09-27 11:39

      @sganja, pity stompies not alive to dispute your comment.

      MSGRule - 2011-09-27 11:41

      She maybe started out as a "freedom fighter" but then corruption and system abuse overcome her. And the torturing and murdering that was done by her?

      The_Realist - 2011-09-27 11:43

      "Winnie is the freedom fighter" a fire-fighter fights fires, a freedom fighter fights... (hint for ayencee sheep *the answer is FREEDOM*)

      The_Realist - 2011-09-27 11:46

      "she defeated your fathers" hahaha, she can't even defeat the fake wig on her head!

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 11:51

      @ Tolerant I remember the him well but is this a case about Stompie or you want us to debate him?

      Shadoz - 2011-09-27 11:55

      sganja are you a terrorist to? you must be to support this thief and just a general idiot. How did she defeat our fathers please explain would love to hear an uneducated story. maybe you and ur kind can invent new things like you invented the new name for pretoria. Face it Africans have no history before us white peopel got here.

      The_Realist - 2011-09-27 12:04

      @ Verbatim or even dragged behind a bakkie & then shot!

      Beeza - 2011-09-27 12:05

      @sganja there are 2 types of freedom fighters: there are noble freedom fighters such as martin luther king who is and always will be a huge inspiration to me, my family and billions of others around the world. His fight was brave and he was always true to his heart... and then there was a 'freedom fighter' named Winnie Mandikizela-Mandela who is a selfish, cowardly individual, a murderer (I'm sure no-one has forgotten about that poor boy stompie, who's life tragically ended at the hands of that evil witch) who uses her 'freedom fighting' facade as propoganda simply to further her own agenda. I also have respect for the thousands of true freedom fighters risking their lives to fight against a racist apartheid regime, but i have zero respect for winnie. It is a sad day when good honest police, black and white, get charges laid against them for doing their jobs properly, while thousands in our police force wouldn't have had the balls to stand against the wrong doings of the devil and her violent henchmen. To the ANC & its National Prosecuting Authority... you should lay your heads in shame :-(

      HappyGoLucky - 2011-09-27 12:10


      gksa - 2011-09-27 12:12

      Why do people think that having been a freedom fighter entitles you to automatic immunity on every possible offence? They aren't gods, they're people too. They CAN do wrong, and if they do, there should be consequences. If not, we're right back to feudalism.

      gksa - 2011-09-27 12:14

      P.S. (@Shadoz and @Verbatim) Don't forget to take the high road every once in a while...

      wombles - 2011-09-27 12:17

      sganja she can go cook pap had it not been for the west you and your troop hate we would still have apartheid not your so called freedom fighters hahah

      Verbatim - 2011-09-27 12:19

      @gk - the high road is void of ppl i can run over in my 4x4, so its the low road and bonus points all the way

      The_Realist - 2011-09-27 12:33

      "the high road is void of ppl i can run over in my 4x4, so its the low road and bonus points all the way" as long as you do NOT speed, remember you are NOT weenee!

      Met - 2011-09-27 13:03

      A murderess and her deluded fools right here

      Oboa - 2011-09-27 13:07

      myancmyfutur, you are the funniest comedian ever!! I like the cr@p you write! I'm just wondering if you are trying to be funny or are you just really stupid?

      Abe Moshabeane - 2011-09-27 13:08


      SpetsnazLaz - 2011-09-27 13:24

      @sganja What language? She is nothing but a common criminal. You black folk have been blinded by this so called government. Your time is running out....

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 13:38

      Oboa I' ll take that as a compliment

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 14:42

      @ Beeza Since you're not as racist as I am, so why do you think the mother of the nation should go to jail for an argument with police? You all need to heal the wounds of apartheid and move on. I look at white people and wish I could live the good life they do and I don't think that is racist and they look at me as this uneducated fool who's probably responsible for the break ins the neighbourhood and I remain the raicst as you call me. A person who's doing well in our communities is called Umlungu or Lekgowa meaning white man and that's not racist is the kind of respect we have for a white people. When you argue on anything with white people, since you are so defensive of the way you look down on black people you're so quick to wipe your conciense clear by saying "You're racist"

      Beeza - 2011-09-27 17:38

      @myanc be so kind as to read my comments again. point 1: i never called you a racist, i just said you have racist tendencies by differentiating between black & white victims. point 2: i never said that the african widow should go to jail for argueing with the police, but lets be honest now, it's absurd that these cops are being charged for having the guts to take on a bunch of thugs, while hundreds and thousands of other corrupt cops would have taken a bribe & thank you card. point 3. one of my biggest problems with the ANC of today is their blatant incitement of hatred between blacks & whites. my friend, the ANC seem to pull out the race card at pre-election time knowing that is the only way they can con poor innocent black victims into voting ANC. do you wanna know who the true racists are... look no further than the parliament buildings in pretoria. they are the ones who harp on about the struggle to try encourage us (blacks & whites) not to move on

      ANC-FTL - 2011-09-28 15:48

      MyANC – “When you argue on anything with white people, since you are so defensive of the way you look down on black people you're so quick to wipe your conscience clear by saying "You're racist” I’ve seen loads of black people being praised for good work by whites when its deserved - it’s just when we see blatant stupidity i.e. yourself then yes I agree we do complain because unlike your culture we like things that work PROPERLY not just for one person or race. Tell me why I should feel guilty when I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve never stolen or broken anything that doesn’t belonged to me. I don’t support racist parties like the NP and the ANC ever! Oh yeah I’m racist because I’m white!?!?

  • Spinnie - 2011-09-27 11:21

    Do your job and you'll get fired.

      THE-SRG - 2011-09-27 12:11

      yup..and dont to your job you get promoted...the anc way

      JMan - 2011-09-27 12:21

      Not just fired...dragged to court!

  • Annoy - 2011-09-27 11:21

    Speeding because she was going to visit stompie

      iLembe - 2011-09-27 11:29

      Those allegations against her were hallucinations.

      Taboo - 2011-09-27 11:31

      You mean his grave.......

      Tokkel Loshi - 2011-09-27 12:03

      No she was in a hurry to pick up her kick back for a tender she awarded to her son malema

      gksa - 2011-09-27 12:17

      Hmmm... maybe if they didn't stop her... Hey, I agree! They should go to jail, straight to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect R200... Why? 'Cos they stopped her from speeding! Maybe if they'd let her go, she'd have met Stompie for real by now! ;-)

  • cj - 2011-09-27 11:22

    WTF ????!!!!

      iLembe - 2011-09-27 11:39

      Shut up!!!

      Thermophage - 2011-09-27 11:51

      SERIOUSLY...WTF? :|

      Taboo - 2011-09-27 12:10

      I tend to agree - WTF

      Oboa - 2011-09-27 13:09


      Point Blank - 2011-09-27 13:30

      @iLembe, wtf? Wtf!

  • Scorpius - 2011-09-27 11:22

    Absolute farce!! The people enforcing the law, now accused of breaking it!! What happened to the 150 km/h driving in City traffic??? No fine/charges for that?? Politics!!! :(

      PB - 2011-09-27 11:53

      @myanc - it is amusing the way you elevate the corrupt traffic cop (that Bees killed IN SELF DEFENCE) to an innocent victim. If he didn't act in such a criminal corrupt way, he would not have been attacked. The taxidriver who thought he was a tow-truck claimed that he acted in self defence - do you see any similarity? These two traffic cops also had to protect themselves from Teflon Winnie's thugs, now they are being targeted. Idiotic the way the ANC can't act against the abusers of power. So now you will call me racist and ignore the facts ... again. There is none so blind as those who will not see.

      The_Realist - 2011-09-27 11:55

      "Maybe that's why Bees kills them" Damn! i agree the cops SHOULD have shot weenee! good riddance!

      tHeOrAcLe - 2011-09-27 12:15

      WTF is this country going, enough already.....

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 12:19

      @PB, You can't conclude the cop in that Bees killed was corrupt based only on Bees story because Bees made sure he killed him so that he(cop) is not there to tell his side of the story. In the taxi driver's case, we still don't know why the man broke the taxi's window whilst his girlfriend tried to block it with her body whereas the 2 vehicles didn't even collide. A few years ago a singer from Mafikizolo group decided to block a vehicle on an apparent road rage and charged at the driver, he was shot and killed we mourned for him but road rage taught us a lesson and I think you've learnt something on this. Leave the ANC out of the debate its not involved

      moreso - 2011-09-27 13:59

      @myancmyfutur, the ANC and NP merged in 2005 when they realised they have more similarities than differences. Seems like you protect the ANC with your life, are you ready to protect the NP with your life? The very party whom started apartheid? So funny, you listen to the ANC without looking at what they are made of just because they portray an attractive image for blacks, do nothing, get everything, no questions asked. Your time is running out, very fast.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 14:31

      @ Moreso A two thirds is guaranteed in the next election we are not worried ANC didn't merge with the NP, the NNP was absorbed and that's a different party altogether.

      euro-african - 2011-09-27 14:36

      PB, corrupt or not, no one (cop) deserves to die. And definately not like that. I for one am upset they let bees walk, with no jail time. However this was neither the white peoples' fault or the courts. The NPA made a plea bargain. Blame them for not doing their job correctly myanc.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 15:02

      euro-african At last someone makes sense, I fully agree with you. Now when the NPA accepts such the judgement works and when the NPA is doing what is not popular with white people the ANC this, ANC that. So we need a balance.

      euro-african - 2011-09-27 18:47

      And you think anc members toyi-toying outside courts and complaining that the judge is not a sober one, that the judiciary is unfair to their members and that the courts are not transformed or don’t understand their culture is any better?. Is this what you mean by respecting the courts? anc members are the same, if not worse then white people. I agree with you that we need a balance or common ground.

  • LVP NC - 2011-09-27 11:23

    Who is intimidating Who here? Cops should reinstate charges in this case against whinnie the poo and here gang, and force the case to the end

  • Darwinian - 2011-09-27 11:26

    With matches and tires we will rule this world....she is nothing but a reincarnation of Medusa....just uglier and dumber...

  • opinionater - 2011-09-27 11:26

    no not in the country, the world! @ Servaas

      Servaas - 2011-09-27 11:57


  • Not Black - 2011-09-27 11:28

    Great Justice System in this Country. Winnie can continue to drive at 150km/h. After all she is OUR MOTHER - Of this corrupt Nation. A sad state of affairs in SA. I rest my case.

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 13:40

      Correction, She was not driving the vehicle

      CliffB - 2011-09-29 06:37

      myancmyfutur : She is to stupid to drive !!!

  • Notuagain - 2011-09-27 11:28

    I hope that the policemen get represented by some of the best legal brains in the country. (Pro bono). If they get left to defend for themselves, then don't be surprised if other policeman simply ignore reckless driving by the 'elite'.

  • kieron - 2011-09-27 11:29

    DISGUSTING! I am absolutaly appalled (although not suprised)! Winnie if i believed that you had a conscience, I'd say that you should be ashamed of yourself!

  • sefeddt - 2011-09-27 11:31

    In SA everyone is equal before the law, except ANC politicians and their connections, they are above it.

      Darwinian - 2011-09-27 11:40

      nope...In SA everybody is equal...some are just more black than others!

  • IC1 - 2011-09-27 11:33

    Amazing, cops doing their job now gonna get charged because of this evil woman and her bodyguards, they were in the wrong, charge them instead. But you wont because it who she is and most likely because a white cop is involved.

  • Gyro - 2011-09-27 11:34

    What proof???? 25k in his bank account?

  • iLembe - 2011-09-27 11:37

    Thts what you get when you mess around with the mother of this country. No ONE messes around with OUR Winnie , Black or White. No ONE!!!

      IC1 - 2011-09-27 11:41

      Apparently her bodyguard does LOL

      daaivark - 2011-09-27 11:42

      Not to mention a certain "soccer team".

      Darwinian - 2011-09-27 11:50

      No1 = PP No2 = Winnies

      mickh - 2011-09-27 12:04

      That's right senior ANC politicians can rape, murder and steal and get away with it.

      BryanJhb - 2011-09-27 12:28

      She is not mother of the country but a convicted crimminal

      Shadoz - 2011-09-27 12:41

      more like the mother of all f&$k ups

      NowOrNever - 2011-09-27 12:43

      I also dit. For R50.

      Oboa - 2011-09-27 13:16

      iLembe, do you say this cause you don't know who YOUR real mother is?

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 14:32

      Respect is taught at any early age in our culture Winnie is the Mother to all of you

      Andre - 2011-09-27 16:10

      @myancmyfutur are you truly that stupid or do you just really try very hard to be? She was speeding, end of discussion, don't care if she is the mother of Obama, and Mandela and Bill Gates, she was wrong she should be in jail. Moron ...

      myancmyfutur - 2011-09-27 16:41

      Andre Winnie was not driving the car

      moreso - 2011-09-28 14:09

      @myancmyfutur, cool, so then by that logic I can hire someone to assassinate her without being responsible in any way. @iLembe, unless you equate mother with scumbag, your statement is false.

      nic - 2011-09-28 23:42

      say that to Stompie's mother. Bet you she does not think this murdering bitch is the "mother of a nation" good lord man. wtf do you come from?

      sefeddt - 2011-09-29 10:11

      @iLembe, actually that's not true. While Nelson was in jail Winnie enjoyed messing around with many men.

  • - 2011-09-27 11:40

    This make a mockery of the systems in place!! How can you expect people to carry out their jobs when you let the likes of these people get away with whatever they want!!! Maybe she should put a sign on her car "Winnie in transit ps. I am above the law"

  • Boxxer - 2011-09-27 11:40

    If you well connected you well protected.

  • daaivark - 2011-09-27 11:41

    This woman is something else, and then they wragtie give the "Ubuntu" award! And she syas with a straight face that she never did anything through desire for reward. Pure evil!

      Eish! - 2011-09-28 08:29

      Ubuntu award? She ain't the mother of the nation, she's the mofo of the nation.

  • tripwire - 2011-09-27 11:42

    Being part of the ANC gives you a get out of Jail & untouchable card. But you must be Corrupt at least twice a year for no less than R2 Million. SA.. what happend to you =(

  • Robin7 - 2011-09-27 11:46

    Policemen being charged for doing their job? Only in Africa! Well done ANC, this is your proud legacy.

  • Verbatim - 2011-09-27 11:47

    And the croneyism goes on in the banana republic. Bloody fat cow and her troop of apes....

  • Ogre - 2011-09-27 11:47

    The authorities in South Africa are turning into a sick joke. 1.Those that do their jobs are ridiculed and sanctioned. 2.Those that screw up are promoted, rewarded, venerated and held as examples for all. 3.ANC VIP and buddies are above the law to the detriment of the common voter. 4.Criminals are held as icons. 5.Countries that rival the apartheid government is openly supported by our government officials with jelly for brains and backbone. The list just goes on and on. No wonder that South African comedians are so prolific and popular here and internationally, they don't have to write their own jokes as they only need to follow our politics.

  • Moerseun - 2011-09-27 11:48

    Shame, not even the police can do their work properly anymore...Winnie was speeding...she is guilty...end of story! Who is she anyway??

  • Ralph2 - 2011-09-27 11:50

    Wonder what she did with her "STOMPIE?"

      s r - 2011-09-27 13:00

      she put him in the ash-tray!

  • CVDL - 2011-09-27 11:50

    We are being ruled by scum.

  • Frederick - 2011-09-27 11:51

    She is a fat cat.

      Taboo - 2011-09-27 12:23

      The-Srg - oops, thats an insult the the poor animal, and i mean the orangutan ;)

      Crabapple1 - 2011-09-29 05:04

      No, no, no..don't insult cats!Any animal is better than this low-life piece of scum.

  • 50something - 2011-09-27 11:53

    She is only good to head the open toilet saga. Where she can do the least harm. no good for anything else.

  • WhiteAfrican - 2011-09-27 11:53

    Can we please focus on real crime, the last time I looked at road regulations, only Ministers and Head of State are entitled to 'blue light' convoys - in South Africa its anyone idiot who believes they are 'untouchable' or too closely linked powers that be. Why was she exceeding the speed limit, what official position does she hold in Parliament - at last look NONE. So she is an ordinary citizen, live by the law Winnie, you arent above it! SAPS well done - give the officers a commendation for doing their jobs, VIP body guards are just pure bullies, nothing more!!

  • crackerr - 2011-09-27 11:54

    People should realize that the technology exists to record every visual and word of interactions with others and to store it. The police should use it. If the State does not budget for it the individual police members should still make a plan and among themselves to equip themselves. In this country the race card is the thing. Beautifully multifaceted and handy. Time to make that switch to the memory card. It is also time for the law to allow admissions and confessions in court only if they and the circumstances under which they have been made have been recorded. Why one should trust ANYBODY with someone's future based on a mere verbal assurance by that ANYBODY as to his / her truthfulness and credibility is beyond comprehension in today's world. Rather make sure for everybody's sake that only the real authentic occurrences are the stuff for evidential material. We all except the real skelms and liars will sleep more peacefully at night.

  • umlaut - 2011-09-27 11:54

    With normal people if you object to the traffic police for what they are doing you would get pepper spray in the face and you would be charged with obstructing the law and arrested and thrown into jail after your cell phone has been crushed so that you can not contact anybody. If you persisted to interfere in their duties at the 'crime scene' they could probably draw a weapon if it looks like you are very agressive and you might become violent. (all done to procedure). So obviously this is a case of abuse of power by political connections and the offenders are raised above the law. This is actually a criminal case the other way round--winny and her gang can get locked up--but... this is a banana republic in full swing....the court should throw out this is costing the tax payers money and is a waste of time.

  • jerry - 2011-09-27 11:58

    Wow...being charged for doing their job.I guess the rest of us working sods have to be more careful from now on....

  • Danie - 2011-09-27 12:00

    Now Adraan Basson wants to tell us that we whites got nothing to fear, and that we`ve got all the goodness in this country.. The only reason why this prosecution goes on, is that there was a white officer involved...Another few examples.. Shaik vs Derby Lewis.., The Wouter Basson saga...and there is many more..

  • Tokkel Loshi - 2011-09-27 12:01

    This murderer is above the LAW we all know that. Cant she just die already and do us all a favour ?

  • Frederick - 2011-09-27 12:04

    This is such a typical trade mark of the corrupt ANC regime… Not only will they get away with murder…they’ll even manage to shift the blame to the victim. PRICKS.

  • bradleep - 2011-09-27 12:06

    Another two great cops doing their job lost to a corrupt system!

  • john2011 - 2011-09-27 12:08

    this women is a criminal for using mandela as her last name. Mandela is a good man with a good heart. There are not many people who can fill his shoes yet this witch hijacks and piggybacks on his good name. Scum! How do u sleep at night?

  • mSholozi - 2011-09-27 12:08

    mother of the nation cannot be disrespected, it is a crime

      falcon2020 - 2011-09-27 12:11

      @mSh - no man, she cannot be the mother of the natian - i'd rather back albertina sisulu for that honour. Winnie is a skabenga.

      sefeddt - 2011-09-27 12:26

      A mother is respected as wise, comforting, nurturing.. nope she does not fit that profile.

      Badger - 2011-09-27 12:33

      your mother of your nation is frikken ugly. Is the "stinky" story about her true? Seems like you know her better.

      BryanJhb - 2011-09-27 12:34

      Was she also mother to Stompie?

      Al - 2011-09-27 12:57

      Your right dude. How dare they. The mother fought hard for a democratic society where everybody is equal and human rights are adhered too! Disrespecting her is an absolute crime against the people. Let them rot in jail.

      Verbatim - 2011-09-27 13:16

      You are so right. He ass is so big she's deffo the mother of you lot. And her children should all have been aborted or drowned at birth...zot

      euro-african - 2011-09-27 13:43

      'The mother fought hard for a democratic society where everybody is EQUAL and human rights are adhered too' - ohh the irony.

      sefeddt - 2011-09-27 14:31

      @Al, i first recall seeing Winnie Mandela in live when i was standing in a bank queue, she swept in followed by numerous bodyguards who proceeded to push their way to the front. This happened before the 94 elections before Mandela even became president. Sound like someone who thinks she is more special and equal even then.

      Al - 2011-09-27 14:42

      I was being sarcastic to mSholozi's dumb remark.

      gatvol4corru - 2011-09-28 17:31

      stay in your hole comrade

  • Bokke - 2011-09-27 12:10

    All animals are equal BUT some are MORE equal than others.

  • tripwire - 2011-09-27 12:10

    Winnie is a Child murderer But in SA ... that`s ok. Just pay a fine and renew your ANC membership

  • GypseyAnn - 2011-09-27 12:10


  • Stefan - 2011-09-27 12:10

    did she pay the fine?

  • IC1 - 2011-09-27 12:10

    I have a black bitch (dog) at home, I also call her Winnie

      Critic - 2011-09-27 12:24

      My black bitch dogs have got class - They're not called Winnie...

      IC1 - 2011-09-27 12:29


  • wombles - 2011-09-27 12:13

    only in this country that woman guilty of murder guilty of fraud guilty of corruption and now this she and her body guards should be up for obstruction of justice guess you need to carry that anc card then you can do what you like

  • st14338637 - 2011-09-27 12:14

    There's a special place in hell for her...

  • Recoil101 - 2011-09-27 12:15

    Hopefully next time, she will hit a tree at 150kph.