Cops hunt Johannesburg wife killer

2012-03-16 22:07

Johannesburg - A manhunt was launched on Friday for a man suspected of killing his wife and burying her in their backyard in Kagiso, Soweto, police said.

The woman's body was discovered around 1pm, said Warrant Officer Solomon Sibiya.

He said the 49-year-old man sent his 23-year-old son shopping on Tuesday. On his return, his mother had vanished.

The man told his son that he had quarrelled with his wife, and that she had left in a car with another man.

On Friday, the woman's colleagues arrived at the house because they thought it was out of character for her to miss work, Sibiya said.

While they were in the house, one of them noticed that the soil had been disturbed in an area of the back garden.

The man stood up and walked away before the shallow grave was unearthed.

  • khehle - 2012-03-17 09:12

    Just one correction. Kagiso is in Kagiso. Soweto is in Soweto. Two different locations.

  • 0063Khuliso - 2012-03-17 10:22

    Just Leave her

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