Cops hunt for bank account fraudsters

2012-08-14 14:28

Johannesburg - Authorities are searching for a man in connection with the theft of R895 000 from a university professor's bank account, Gauteng police said on Tuesday.

The money was transferred out of the account and into three other accounts in October 2011, Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said. It was not immediately clear how this was done.

Money was transferred from two of the three accounts without any of the fraudsters being caught. However, a man and a woman were caught on CCTV cameras withdrawing money from the third account at two FNB banks.

The duo made two withdrawals from an FNB bank in the Johannesburg CBD and another two from a bank at The Glen shopping mall in the south of Johannesburg.

Altogether, they withdrew about R325 000 in cash.

The FNB account was in the name of "Sihle Derrick Zondi" and police were searching for this individual.

Mbele said the pair used the same tellers at each bank. Both bank employees had since been fired and arrested.

  • kala.bafazi - 2012-08-14 15:28

    Avoid e-mails sent to you claiming that the Bank needs you to reset your password or verify your details. Its called phishing and when you get caught you lose everything.

  • Pjeerlr - 2012-08-14 17:03

    its just amazing that a professor has that much money in his account.....

      shudusO - 2012-08-14 17:07

      what's amazing about that? ... the man saved the money he did not steal from the poor...if not how much should he have?...he has a brain for heaven sake.

      gerrit.volschenk - 2012-08-14 17:14

      Why would that be amazing ?

  • olivia.karnak - 2012-08-14 17:14

    The prof prob stole the money himself. No way a prof could have so much money in his account. I smell a rat. They stole stolen money.

      braamc - 2012-08-14 17:25

      R850 000 not a lot of money nowadays

  • braamc - 2012-08-14 17:26

    Perhaps Werner got something to do with it. Not good for FNB, how can we help you?

  • SunblushStarfish - 2012-08-15 02:08

    You know that NONE of this can happen without inside assistance. The banks need to take the rap.

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