Cops investigating Luthuli House unrest

2011-08-31 13:08

Johannesburg - No arrests have been made by Gauteng police in connection with the public violence that coincided with ANC Youth League president Julius Malema's disciplinary hearing in Johannesburg.

"We haven't arrested anyone," Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said on Wednesday.

Police had started an investigation, which included analysis of closed circuit television footage, he said.

Large groups of youths caused major streets in Johannesburg, including President and Sauer, to be cordoned off ahead of Malema's disciplinary hearing at Luthuli House, headquarters of the ruling ANC on Tuesday.

A policeman had to have stitches inserted after being hit by a rock.

Sexually threatened

At least seven journalists had objects thrown at them, while some female journalists said they had been groped and sexually threatened by the youths.

Metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said one person had been arrested while on his way to Beyers Naude Square and Luthuli House for overturning a dustbin. However, Dlamini said that there had been no arrests at all associated with Tuesday's events.

Police had opened a case of public violence and attempted murder and asked journalists who had been hurt to also make statements to the police.

On Tuesday afternoon, the ANC announced that it had changed the venue for the disciplinary hearings to a secret venue outside the CBD, out of consideration for CBD residents and businesses. By Wednesday morning, however, it had reverted to the Luthuli House venue.

No permission for the gathering in the CBD had been applied for on Tuesday, so the police's brief was to maintain law and order, Dlamini said on Tuesday.

"There were no disruptions except a few incidents of stone throwing."

Crowd control

On Wednesday, police officers, holding their riot shields, were standing in front of league supporters, who said more people were on their way.

A portion of President Street was closed after their arrival at Beyers Naude Square, which was still strewn with litter and empty beer bottles.

Meanwhile, DA spokesperson Kate Lorimer said the fact that neither journalists nor shopkeepers were protected seemed to indicate that either the police were slow to act, or did not have the capacity or capability to handle the situation.

"It is unacceptable that members of the public were not safe. Properly trained units need to be available to deal with crowd control in future," said Lorimer.

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  • saabnut - 2011-08-31 13:12

    Mark my words. Despite gigabytess of photographic evidence, no- one will be charged, or brought to book PROPERLY. I mean with a sentence that acts as a proper deterrent. Exactly the same is the COSATU affiliated strikers for the last two decades. Instead, an unruly third force will yet again be blamed...

      saabnut - 2011-08-31 13:13

      Then they will turn round and say "It wasn't our members"

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:19

      Agreed. Sadly.

      Green Oaks - 2011-08-31 13:22

      Don’t investigate too much. Who knows what other skeletons you might discover there.

      onetickie - 2011-08-31 13:24

      They will blame it all on apartheid!

      RonJeremy - 2011-08-31 13:29

      WHY WAS NO-ONE ARRESTED ON THE SCENE ??? The rest of the world's police forces do this !!! Useless ANC

      TacksGP - 2011-08-31 13:33

      @onetickie, what r you talking about Mr.

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:35

      @ RonJeremy - because all the pigs in SA are good for is speed-trapping motorists. Rest assured that if the rioters were all driving cars, they'd have all been clamped down on ASAP

      McDaNife - 2011-08-31 13:38

      Isnt thats a bit too late when you had a chance to open fire on them albeit with live ammunition

      Together - 2011-08-31 13:47

      Imagine if this crowd had SPILLED DRINKS on Luthuli House!!!!!!

      nowinlondon - 2011-08-31 14:01

      Yes, that's the difference between the London riots and what happened at Luthuli House yesterday. In London over 1000 people got arrested, have appeared in court by now and 70% are in jail! In Johannesburg you can do wat you want without any consequences. "Civilisation"??

      PetJac - 2011-08-31 15:07

      They always blame someone else.It's never their fault.

  • Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:12

    Lovely weather outside isn't it... (trying to change the subject away from Juju and his little braindead minions)

      bvdwesthuizen - 2011-08-31 13:23

      I must admit they said that the temp would get to 26 deg and I doubted it but it seems that they where right even though it seems a little hotter than 26deg today .

      onetickie - 2011-08-31 13:25

      If you want to change the subject then better you click on the weather report site or anything to do with malema and politics. Surely thats obvious???

      YohYohYoh - 2011-08-31 13:27

      I see treeeees of greeeeeen.... red roses toooo....

      Phaedioux - 2011-08-31 13:29

      At least we can deal with the weather! - we can wear warmer clothes, or we can get into shorts and t-shirts. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the 'roof leak' - they seem to be 'royal game'!

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:33

      Yes, summer is almost upon us... can't wait! Bit of a stomach bug today though, it just came out of nowhere, but hey... short sleeve shirt at work due to the hotter temperatures, gotta love it...

      MaanDonkie - 2011-08-31 13:37

      And in the sports news: "Bafana bafana's injury woes continue! Sources could not confirm if the injuries were in any way related to stone throwing outside Luthuli house." Gary Barrohowitz E-News

      Da.Liva.Delvira - 2011-08-31 13:37

      Lol!!! Matt... And Spring is in the air...

      Succubus - 2011-08-31 13:39

      Since Spring has officially begun, lets all have a great big text orgy?

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:41

      @ Da.Liva.Delvira - Dutch joke, should apply in Afrikaans too... English guy: Spring is in the air! Dutch guy: hoe hoog?

      Fedup - 2011-08-31 13:43

      Hey Matt; do you think we can see blossom on the front page of the newspapers tomorrow considering it is spring day. Something different for a change?

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:45

      @ Fedup: Blossom? But yeah, something different would be nice... a change is as good as a holiday and boy could we do with a break from it all

  • BobbyT - 2011-08-31 13:20

    A really dumb question but "By Wednesday morning, rocks in the streets had been moved to the sides of the roads around Luthuli House." WTF??? Who is helping who??

      gcr - 2011-08-31 13:30

      I also laughed at that - did they pile them up conveniently for the young jerks to re use

      Ozymandios - 2011-08-31 13:41

      Moving rocks to the side of the road for what reason? So that when they decide to riot again the arsenal of stones for throwing ay joournos and the public are nicley pilled up ready for use again. It boggles the mind when you read what's going on.

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:46

      Sprinkle some anthrax on the stones for the next time they pick them up

  • onetickie - 2011-08-31 13:24

    Absolutely agree its a waste of time. The cops and ANC will be too scared fo the backlash if they arrest folk. SA has become ungovernable. I have sent MANY letters to ALL presidential and related departmental email addresses warning them of the consequences of allowing jARSE to run riot with his mouth and behaviour. The 'zoo' is already past his sell-by date. He will never be re-elected because of his appalling handling of hARSE malema saga and continued support for corrupt officials. Can anybody tell me if Cele is still holidaying in a hospital somewhere during all the chaos that happened in Jhb yesterday and today???

      gcr - 2011-08-31 13:41

      The Cat in the Hat is repotedly back at work - seems like his hospitalisation must have given him laryngitis

  • Together - 2011-08-31 13:24

    Use the cctv footage and police statements - not sure why the public have to be the ones to step forward on this issue. Whenever the voting public attempts to comment some youth league disciple tells us that it's not our business and it's "an internal issue" - well, so is this. If the current govt can't get travelgate people to return money they were convicted of embezzling, and it throws tons of precious delivery funds at keeping crooked officials on the payroll, we cannot be made to believe that they intend to successfully deal with this issue at all.

      DW - 2011-08-31 14:37

      The police were there. Why do they need statements from the public? Why did they not just arrest the hooligans at the time? What do they need CCTV footage for? Thats what you use when you werent around at the time to try to track down culprits. What exactly were all those police doing there yesterday?

  • jc-audio - 2011-08-31 13:27

    Please just shoot and kill these yobs... its obvious non of them have day jobs, otherwise they just got fired, they have absolutely no education and no respect for anyone, is this really the youth that SA needs? (And don't assume im racist, i dont care if they black, white, indian, chinese, green, pink, they are a disgrace to SA and need to be shot in the head....) PS excuse the details used but that's how i feel

  • The Dude - 2011-08-31 13:29

    use live rounds on these worthless pieces of sh1t..

  • Maczulu - 2011-08-31 13:31

    how is it possible no arrests were made? Pathetic.

  • FU2 - 2011-08-31 13:32

    mmmh!! "gropping" = fingering or what?

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:37

      groping = generally, grabbing either of the three "areas"

  • turb - 2011-08-31 13:33


  • justmejoe - 2011-08-31 13:34


  • LOLWUT - 2011-08-31 13:36

    hey - there are some really awesome pics on news24 of these idiots making lekker masepa:

  • Phaedioux - 2011-08-31 13:37

    Catch them, send them to prison for a short period so that they can have their 'o-rings adjusted'! They will be different people when they remerge into society.

  • jc-audio - 2011-08-31 13:39

    @onetickie dam straight they will.... They probably all never even went through the apartheid era but its still an excuse for them...

  • trevor06 - 2011-08-31 13:41

    My favourite is Julius and the Pope Julius Malema and The Pope are finally on the same stage in front of a huge crowd outside the Vatican. The Pope leans towards Julius and says, “Do you know that with one little wave of my hand I can make every person in this crowd go wild with joy? This joy will not be a momentary display, like that of your followers, but go deep into their hearts and they’ll forever speak of this day and rejoice!” Julius replied, “I seriously doubt that. With one little wave of your hand? Show me.” So the Pope slapped him.

      trevor06 - 2011-08-31 13:45

      Jack: Where were you born? Malema: South Africa … Jack: Which part? Malema: What ‘which part’? The whole body was born in South Africa .

      Matt :-) - 2011-08-31 13:47

      Dude I forgot about that one... good joke!

      trevor06 - 2011-08-31 13:58 Want a good start to your day? Read this site, hell of a funny!

  • Scamatoon - 2011-08-31 13:41

    If someone chucked a brick at malemas head and grabbed his manboobs while he was acting like a revolutionary hero would the police ignore that too?

  • JudithNkwe - 2011-08-31 13:42

    Thanks SAPS and JMPD for lowering your credibility when the CPFs have been working to improve it. Just kick us in the face and hope we'll come back for more as well as funding all your station requirements.

  • matla - 2011-08-31 13:45

    JUJU must be booted out of the ANC back to rural Seshego and/or Grade 12. He is an embarrasment to the ANC and hsi behaviour has not changed from what it was when he was leading COSAS.Bloody Moron

  • Lesoo MF - 2011-08-31 13:45

    The costlty infights in the once beloved organization will unfortunately continue unabated for a time to come. It is neccessary that the leadership of the ANC should be at each others throats because so that mankind recognises and acknowledges the presence and the power of the ALMIGHTY. When dragged the name of the Lord on the streets of SA during election campaigns, playing with the name of the LORD, no one in their midst came out boldly and loud against it, instead they defended him. Now, my fellow citizen, YOU DONT PLAY WITH THE GOOD NAME OF THE LORD and not get punished. So chaos in the ruling party will be the order of the day. I pray that the leadership acn acknowledge this and swallow their eartly pride by telling GOD that they have wronged by playing with his name. Comments like :ANC will rule till Jesus comes, By Voting for ANC you will go straight to heaven.

  • mickh - 2011-08-31 13:46

    That is really pathetic that crimes can be commetted right in front of the police and no one gets arrested. The police are in the same league as Home Affairs, Health, Education. etc.

  • Stevie - 2011-08-31 13:59

    What's there to "investigate"? The cops were right there - the public violence happened right in front of them. They're supposed to arrest offenders on the spot. Muppets...

  • michael.e.bowery - 2011-08-31 13:59

    As an old London copper. Whats wrong with the police officer witnessing first hand the rioters and street rioting(For that's what it was) to arrest while witnessing it taking place. No investigation, job done - arresting officer's report , charge sheet and into bloody court. Call themselves bloody policemen?

  • Babba x - 2011-08-31 14:01

    The ANC Riot Police?

  • vicky.cronje - 2011-08-31 14:05

    Where will the police find them even if they are on camera? They were bussed in from townships and offered a free lunch!

  • Janine - 2011-08-31 14:09

    These thugs were captured on TV - do what was done in the UK - publish their photos and ask people to call in with their names. I do not, for one minute, believe that every single black person approved of what went on yesterday.

  • kingkong - 2011-08-31 14:20

    do you mean to tell me with all the camera footage and people attacking the media in full and plain view of the police you could not arrest one single person mind boggeling isnt so crime has to bite you in the ass before a arrest will be made eisch i rest my case incommpatant and useless

      lizjiz.squiral - 2011-08-31 14:51

      or you'd have to spill your drink on them to actually get some sort of reaction. these people were obviously drunk as they had no drinks to spill, therefore no arrest. pulled up past a drunk cop yesterday, and you ask why they didn't make any arrest. they were invited to the befor party anyways.

  • kingkong - 2011-08-31 14:22

    Matt i agree its on tv in taxis on radio, everywhere its like THE FOG i feel i can vommit

  • Clinton - 2011-08-31 14:42

    Surely this MUST be apartheid's fault?

  • PetJac - 2011-08-31 15:05

    Why not arrest them yesterday when they had the chance????? They are supposed to protect the public. Our police force is a circus just like the whole of government who could not even govern a country.

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