Cops on standby after Cape Town protest

2012-03-16 11:28

Cape Town - A service delivery protest in Cape Town that turned violent late on Thursday had died down by Friday morning. Cape Town police said.

“At the moment there are no protests and we are monitoring the situation,” said Yolanda Faro, deputy chief of the Cape Town metro police.

Protesters stoned cars, burned tyres and blockaded a section of the N2 late on Thursday evening.

Between 100 and 150 people took part in the protest on the highway near Cape Town International Airport.

A witness told News24 that cars were driving on the wrong side of the freeway to avoid the chaos. Faro said two men were injured in an accident.

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  • methedex - 2012-03-16 11:30

    It is reported today, that the Public Investment Corporation - an investment manager for state institutions - has bought R17 billion in SANRAL bonds. 89% of this investment is made-up of the Government Employees Pension Funds. "Finally it is clear why government wants to save this project at all cost, despite it being unfeasible and despite it receiving so much public resistance. These types of cover-ups were prevalent during the apartheid regime, but never could one have imagined such a huge cover-up in our post-democratic dispensation," said Narend Singh MP, the IFP's spokesperson on Finance and on the e-tolling project. It is now clear that there are huge economic issues at stake. If the tolling project fails, Government will not only have to bail-out SANRAL, but it will also have to bail-out the civil servants' pension funds as well. We believe that this might possibly be one of the biggest post-democratic era scandals to date. I will raise this matter at the next possible opportunity at Parliament, as the taxpayer deserves answers on this matter," concluded Singh. Mr Narend Singh MP, Inkatha Freedom Party, March 11 2012

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-16 11:47

      ...and he got ceremoniously dumped by Pravin Gordhan who explained this in more detail.

      Carol 'Hildebrand' Sardinha - 2012-03-16 13:10

      re the PIC its been a known factor for a few weeks, i'm surprised News24 has made no mention of it.

      methedex - 2012-03-16 13:27

      whether we decide to pay for the tolls or not, we the tax payer will suffer for this scandal... But I for one would rather not pay the toll fees and see the ANC humiliated when they have to bail out all those pension funds.

  • Pythagoras - 2012-03-16 12:29

    I don't understand how you can drive on the wrong side of the N2... How do you even access it that they? You can't just from the right lane into the wrong one because there is a barricade in the middle and there is no way that you can do it using the off or on ramps?

  • Epher - 2012-03-16 13:14

    Anarchy...People throwing stones at innocent people must be arrested for attempted murder.

  • Lacrimose - 2012-03-16 22:59

    Curiouser and curiouser. Last night's protest (according N24) started circa 10pm. Just seen traffic reports for tonight - again circa 10pm. It's an interesting time to choose - not rush-hour traffic, not mainstream news time. Any rioters out there, want to answer and/or explain what this week's grievance is about? We'd like to know!

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