Cops probe gruesome murder

2010-07-05 08:50

Welkom – The names and address of a Welkom brother and sister appeared like an epitaph - scratched into a wall with a stone - at the place where their bodies were found by police on the outskirts of the city on Saturday.

Both were strangled just over two months after their grandfather was shot dead in cold blood in front of his family in the garden of their home. The shots were fired from a car in the street.

Police were investigating a possible link between the shocking murder of Tsepo, 14, and Tsepiso Mokalake, 9, and the death of their grandfather. The possibility that these were well-planned murders by someone with a grudge against the family could not be excluded, but there were still no leads.


The two bodies were found by police behind a wall at an old gold mine at the top of Lindsay Road in the Rheeder Park residential area, more than 6km from their home in Bedelia.

They had been strangled and Thepiso's hands were tied with electric wiring. Tshepo had a similar wire around his neck.

Both lay on their backs, each under the place where their names had been scratched into the cement of the wall. On top of the wall, between the two bodies, was an old empty beer bottle.

The last time the children had been seen alive was at about 11:00 on Friday - Tsepo's birthday - when they left home to buy a birthday cake for his party on Saturday.

They were reported missing that evening by their mother, Yvonne Mokalake. They had different fathers, both of whom are dead.

Hawks spokesperson Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said police had received a call at about noon on Saturday from a man who had found the bodies.

They immediately went to Rheeder Park, but couldn't find anything. The number from which the call had been made, belonged to a public phone. The man called again at about 14:00 and told police where to look. The bodies were found shortly afterwards.

Grandfather murdered

Their grandfather, Simon Mokalake, 52, a shebeen owner and part-time waiter, was shot in the head with a large calibre weapon on the evening on April 11 by someone in a silver-coloured BMW who had stopped in the street in front of his house.

This came shortly after a policeman at a neighbouring house asked the Portuguese driver of the car who he was looking for, as the man had been driving slowly past the house several times since the previous day.

The man said he was looking for a certain address and drove off.

The police investigation into Mokalake's murder had not yet turned up anything.

At the time, the children's mother had said they couldn't sleep as they feared for their lives and were worried about who would want to kill her father like that.

Police asked that the man who had called them contact them again and also asked that anyone who had seen the children on Friday or Saturday call Warrant Officer Jim Sekano on 083 422 7013.