Cops raid public protector's offices

2011-03-03 11:13

Cape Town - An SA Police Service Crime Intelligence Unit has raided the offices of the Public Protector just days after it released a report into a R500m property deal involving General Bheki Cele, EWN reported on Thursday.

The raid took place on Wednesday and the officers were allegedly searching for documents relating to the report.

Cele’s office condemned the raid and said it did not authorise it and will take urgent steps against those involved.

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela found Cele guilty of improper conduct and maladministration, when police authorised a R500m lease for the Sanlam Middestad building, in Pretoria.

Cele defended himself against the findings saying, to his knowledge, only a court of law can find him guilty.

  • amabok - 2011-03-03 11:19

    WTF? Complete anarchy is a stone's throw away.

      amos - 2011-03-03 20:56


  • CharlSkeptic - 2011-03-03 11:19

    And so this beloved country hangs over the precipice, having slipped on a banana peel ONCE AGAIN

  • truthteller - 2011-03-03 11:20

    now this is kak complete abuse of power

  • Mintirho - 2011-03-03 11:20


  • Dirk - 2011-03-03 11:22

    WTF...without his knowledge my arse....Cele ordered the raid for sure... What a zooo

  • GT - 2011-03-03 11:22

    THIS IS INSANE!!!!!! A million man march is around the corner. The cops are completely out of control. The Scorpions demise and now the hawks running interference will be the end of accountability. Raiding the public protectors office??????

      Logs01 - 2011-03-03 11:31

      @GT, I'm IN with the million man march and so are all my friends. We do however do not want it to end there, just as a "protest". These gangsterss must be lifted from the "saddle". Beginning to doubt the sence of doing it at the polls.

      Cabbie - 2011-03-03 12:15

      I am in. Name place and time.

      Ja-Nee - 2011-03-03 12:24

      An SA Police Service Crime Intelligence Unit has raided the offices it did not say the Hawks asshole. but yea it is f@*ktup

      GT - 2011-03-03 12:58

      Ja-Nee - did you not see the HAwks defending Cele after the PP report. Maybe you should read a little more and stop smelling your own poephol. run interference (American) to help someone achieve something by dealing with the people or problems that might prevent them from doing so

  • kaz - 2011-03-03 11:23

    And ofcourse, documents seized will 'go missing' and case will be overturned due to lack of evidence. What an F up this government is!!!

      Felix - 2011-03-03 11:27

      Damn Tokoloshes.

  • Midcorner - 2011-03-03 11:24

    Some people think that we stupid,the head of the intelligent is the current President and the General is a very close friend of the President and now that the general is on fire he send the intelligent to go and took those document and then claim that he did not approved that? This is the challenge of character on the promise that the President has said that he will fight corruption in his administration,so let him make that call and we are waiting

      willieman - 2011-03-03 14:28

      NO call should be made we need action no buddy buddy stories here ,now this is the opportunity to fire Cele

  • rethan - 2011-03-03 11:25

    here comes another big corrupt story!! WATCH~

  • Ivym - 2011-03-03 11:26

    South Africa is now officially a police state.

  • CheekySod - 2011-03-03 11:26

    The question is: Who watches the watchers?

  • lldoidge - 2011-03-03 11:26

    Just looking for documents in case he gets hauled before the courts. Isn't that how JZ got off his day in court?

  • bill - 2011-03-03 11:26

    Gross intimidation by goons that have no respect for the rule of law.This is the future where no court orders will be respected and human rights will be trampled.

  • Trevor - 2011-03-03 11:26

    SA - just another African tin pot dictator lead banana republic

  • Logs01 - 2011-03-03 11:26

    He,he, ai,ai, WHAT CAN ONE SAY? Maybe the die-hard ANC voters on this forum can tell me if this is the type of 'policing" they voted for. Must be some ANC Voters out there that can justify Cele and his Mafia gang? I mean you guys did vote for this type of "democracy" and "leadership", didn't you?

      Deon - 2011-03-03 11:33

      They will justify it for themselves somehow. If Cele was white or DA, THEN you would have seen an outcry like never before.

      Logs01 - 2011-03-03 11:51

      @VM1, @Barkers, @Maki, @PolioDonkyDrol, Where are you guys?? On another note: I am not worried at all about this new "con trick" of the ANC with the Manual "MOVE" to trick some Western Cape voters into supporting him as their "saviour" within the ANC. The rest of the ANC Cadre's, Cele & Mafia,ANCYL, Ministers,etc,etc, are messing up so BADLY on a daily basis that they are losing votes faster than they can "con" new one's. NB: and the Western Cape voters are NOT as stupid as what the ANC & Manual thinks!!!! They have seen through the ANC a long time ago.

      Nkunzi - 2011-03-03 15:43

      LOGS01 - If Manuel is so 'unhappy' with the ANC's spokesperson's racism, why does he not simply leave? This raid on the PP offices is anarchy! If I was the PP, I would lay a charge of tresspassing against the SAPS. If a warrant was obtained, who issued it???

  • Smaal - 2011-03-03 11:30

    And the ANC claims the police, army and so on are independent... yea right. Bloody ANC has infiltrated and corrupted everything!

  • Tamara - 2011-03-03 11:31

    How the hell can the cops now have any moral high ground when it comes to criminal activities? If the leader of the cops can use the police force to further his own agendas, and break the law and any kind of ethical standards, then the police have no right to take pursue any criminals. As far as I am concerned, the ONLY way that the SAPS and the South African justice system can restore their credibility, in SA and abroad, is not only to fire Cele outright, but to charge him with whatever criminal activities they can, and make sure that he actually SERVES whatever sentence is doled out to him.

      Smaal - 2011-03-03 11:36

      Yeah like that's ever going to happen.

      lldoidge - 2011-03-03 12:07

      The rot starts at the top. The zuluboy needs to go.

  • Thomas - 2011-03-03 11:33

    What a shambles..banana republic stuff

  • Rea1ist - 2011-03-03 11:34

    Did Jackie Selebi also not have the NPA/Scorpions raided ??????...Can anyone say...OWN PRIVATE SECURITY FORCE..... Really reminiscent of Dictatorships using state assets willy nilly..... I am sure the intelligence unit just decided to raid the public protectors office....

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-03 11:34

    As the country burns, JZ is jolling in France......

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-03-03 11:41

      nooo... he is POMPING

      Smaal - 2011-03-03 11:48

      Oh no, the world does not need French speaking little Zumas. Europe won’t survive such a tragedy!

  • ji - 2011-03-03 11:37

    well there goes the evidence to bust zuma`s buddy in crime . ANC = corruption , corruption and CORRUPTION

  • chris - 2011-03-03 11:37

    Can u believe this....clearly the ANC does not like questions, criticism or being found out of wrong doing...they want what they want and nobody is allowed to know about or talk about it...sounds like the pattern of a psychopath operating!...

      William - 2011-03-03 13:46


  • zulufox - 2011-03-03 11:39

    The apartheid gov did worst! this is just a tip of the iceberg, more still to come... some people need to learn who REALLY is in charge here and some groups need to leave this country!

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-03-03 11:42 funny baboon, you! Oh sorry, I didn't spell 'troll' correctly

      Smaal - 2011-03-03 11:54

      Just because you are in charge doesn’t not mean you can do what you want... It does not mean you can steal, rape or kill at your heart’s content, it does not mean you...... oh sorry, I see you’re a Zulu.. never mind.

      Steven - 2011-03-03 11:55

      Are you happy with who is REALLY in charge? Can you justify that to the 100's and 1000's of people who die every year because those in charge prefer a fancy car and lifestyle above the needs of the people? If the groups needing to leave the country actually does, the ANC will have big problems. These groups are paying taxes, and contributing more to this country and it's people than the ANC elite. They, together with the rest of the tax paying population, are what is keeping hope alive.

      Smaal - 2011-03-03 11:59

      Yes Zulu, you are right. You are in charge.... in charge of all this corruption, in charge of the downfall of everything that is decent, in charge of the downfall of South Africa, in charge of the murder and rape rate, in charge of a failing infrastructure, in charge of a not so great education system and a failing health system, you are in charge of another fail African state.... yes boet, you are in charge!

      lldoidge - 2011-03-03 12:10

      hey zulufox. Take your zuluboy with you and head to the hills with your loincloth and please dissapear. This country is too advanced for idiots like you and the headboy!

      Rocky - 2011-03-03 12:13

      Are you not emabarrased to be a Zulu. Such a proud heritage being completely trashed by these idiots. Corruption is affecting you directly and killing the people around you. Wake up...

      Nkunzi - 2011-03-03 15:54

      zulufox - Fuck you!

  • Alwyn - 2011-03-03 11:42

    This surely must be proof that we are facing Dictatorship in the face in the form of Zuma

  • Etienne - 2011-03-03 11:42

    Funny how the ANC cadres have gone all quiet on us!

  • Bartman - 2011-03-03 11:45

    Eish, what happened? The evidence is missing, Cele must be found not guilty, the case has to be thrown out of court due to lack of evidence. What a load of crap!!! The corruption unfortunately starts at the very top of the ladder in our country. So sad........

  • willieman - 2011-03-03 11:45

    Remember the state of emergency in the 80's,we are slowly getting there a banana republic,if cele says he does not know then he should be fired or resign.A load of bull dung if he trully says he is in the dark.We cannot have organ of state harassed by this incompetend police force.Here we come Zim,Ivory Coast,CAR,Morocco,DRC,the list is long lets join the party of dictators.

  • Pragmatist - 2011-03-03 11:45

    Ya ya - more rope to hang himself with...

  • rasta7109 - 2011-03-03 11:47

    Oh MAN!!! I miss Mbeki... at least he has some class... although his Commissioner of Police was also found to be corrupt)... but at least under Mbeki we had a less openly corrupt administration.

      rasta7109 - 2011-03-03 11:47

      after thought: Mbeki was the lesser of the two evils...

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-03-03 12:09

      Mbeki is an intelligent man, with a lot of class. He must be laughing himself sick at these droplets of spittle currently in 'charge'.

  • BigD - 2011-03-03 11:47

    Ja Cele, you condemn the raid, you more than likely ordered it to destroy all evidence.

  • Rob - 2011-03-03 11:49

    The government is out of control. These are bad times.

  • Midcorner - 2011-03-03 11:53

    The former President was wright,President Zuma doesnt have the capacity to run this country,he is so linient and not agressive on the matters of high importance and nothing good have been done so far eccept the fact that he is taking us down slowly but surely The pro-Zuma are bennefiting left and right,he told us that nationalisation of mines is not the ANC policy and then he goes and open the mine and claim that mine is the national mine and we are also aware that his family is involve in the minning business,secondly his cabinet have declaired by oarth that they dont have bussiness interest but still Tokyo in the chairman of Mvela Group and the president strategically invest via his son and when we start to question that his son claim that we are after his father and the President took R200 Million to renovate his house in the mist of this poverty and have exclussive luxury for his numerous wives,Leaders you me were are heading with this man?

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-03-03 11:58

      I share your pain, regardless of your poor literacy skills. I will help to vote the ANC out of power. I promise and pledge this with all my heart.

      stoffel - 2011-03-03 13:54

      The only problem with voting the ANC out is that it ain't gonna happen, not when we have people that believe that there are tokoloshes around stealing court papers, that's why the ANC are doing their best to uneducate the masses with their pathetic education policies.

  • lustylucy - 2011-03-03 11:54


  • justice.molotsepo.ramasala - 2011-03-03 11:54

    I smell a rat here, Mara why are guilty Cele, what are hiding Cele. Please let's SA citezen do something about the current goverment before the outbreak of a civil war in SA.

  • saxor - 2011-03-03 11:55

    This is abuse of Power,Anarchy on his way

  • Baas-Julius - 2011-03-03 11:57

    I'd like to take this time and thank everyone that voted YES to the abolishment of apartheid. We all knew there was reason for apartheid, but at least now everyone can see why. Welcome to the new police state.

      lldoidge - 2011-03-03 12:38

      Stick your apartheid wherever you deem fit! Twally.

      blondetopaz - 2011-03-03 13:38

      eh Baas-Julie. I voted YES and i dont regret it. I regret that we have not TRUELY become a free, fair and equal country. Your attitude does not help. I am calling you Julie coz you are whining like a girl - and even i dont whine like that - being a female and all :)

      Baas-Julius - 2011-03-03 14:53

      @blondetopaz - Did you honestly think, given the state of all other African countries prior to the 1992 referendum, that it would become TRUELY free, fair and an equal country? Man you must be disappointed.

      Baas-Julius - 2011-03-03 15:08

      Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. George Orwell

  • smathabe - 2011-03-03 12:00

    This was planned and blaming it on da cops is nonsensical.

      lldoidge - 2011-03-03 12:12


      Nkunzi - 2011-03-03 16:01

      I see you've set aside this special time to comment and embarrass yourself in public.

  • tazzy.leigh.brown - 2011-03-03 12:01

    Why am I no longer surprised!!

  • Lionel - 2011-03-03 12:04

    Typical of what happens when you over step the mark against anyone connected to the regime. Bheki Cele is a tyrant and mafia type operator and is lying through his teeth that he knew nothing about the raid. This country is so stuffed, just like the rest of Africa and some Central South American countries, where dictatorship rules and so called democracy is a joke.

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-03-03 12:46

      You use big words to describe Cele! He's just a thug (and so is Julius Malema and many others) hiding behind a title.

  • nobodyneedstoknowme - 2011-03-03 12:04

    Get rid of the proof so that if it does go to court, there is nothing to back up the allegations.

  • Currie_Mafia - 2011-03-03 12:06

    WTFF...Do these parasites think that civil society is stupid ?!!! NO KNOWLEDGE..well, at least they're partly correct !!!

      Smaal - 2011-03-03 12:10

      Technically speaking about 70 to 80% correct.

  • gvdmvdm - 2011-03-03 12:08

    Mbeki ordered the search. Oh sorry, I thought it was the story about Jackie Selebi. Sorry about the mistake. It was the right wing, anti-revolutionary reactionaries led by Trevor Manuel because there are too many Coloureds in the Western Cape and too few farmers killed, I suppose.

  • TDK1 - 2011-03-03 12:12

    Did they have a search warrant and found the document?

  • TDK1 - 2011-03-03 12:14

    @GT and Logs1. When is the date for the march and let's double the number of marchers and i guess the taxi drivers and owners will joins us too. We gather from Church Square, Pta, then proceed to Union Buildings. All inner city streets should be closed for a day or .............

  • Dr. No - 2011-03-03 12:16

    did not know anything about it', I suppose just like he knew nothing about the dodgy dealings. Well done ANC you have replaced a criminal cop with a .....mmmmmmmmmm another criminal cop. You guys must have huge credibility abroad. Keep up the good work and when God comes to do his rounds I am sure he will bless you with your dues. Dont think it will be what you expect though. Pride before the fall and all that

  • Jeremy - 2011-03-03 12:30

    Watch this police brutality in a restaurant in Melville. And before anybody says its racism - the black cops were hitting whites and blacks - A black woman got hit too.

  • daaivark - 2011-03-03 12:31

    So who protects the Public Protector?

  • MadMatt_88 - 2011-03-03 12:34

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

      Cabbie - 2011-03-03 12:42

      "Who will guard the guards themselves?"

  • Jannie - 2011-03-03 12:35

    All those that agree Cele arranged this with the full blessing of JZ, who disappeared for a short while so that he had an excuse for "not knowing about it"?. Hold it, hold it! I will have to get more people to help counting...

  • Pharo - 2011-03-03 12:48

    A big bust up between the Metro Police and the Blue Light Body Guards this morning too! Fists were flying bcos the metro police were towing away their cars which were illegally parked! It's the Wild West!

      Cabbie - 2011-03-03 12:58

      Yip and the sherrif is a fu%^ing retard.