Cops search for 'underground sex slave'

2012-03-16 11:28

Welkom - A task team comprising experienced policemen and representatives of the Lesotho consulate has been created to help look for a young woman who is believed to have been abducted and taken underground to be a sex slave for illegal miners.

The woman is believed to have been forced underground naked as her clothes were found in the veld near an old mine outside Welkom.

Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Thankeng said a group of four women had gone to visit male friends in the early hours of the morning at the old Welkom mine.

The women were abducted by a group of Lesotho citizens who were working as illegal miners - the so-called zama-zamas - in Welkom.

Three of the women managed to escape but one of them, aged 28, was taken away in the dark by the men.

Her clothes - a pair of jeans, grey track suit jacket and underpants was found the day after her disappearance in the veld near the mine’s number one shaft.

Underground sex slaves

A team consisting of members of the mine’s Protea security, the Lesotho consulate, the Welkom diving team and the police’s department of visible policing was put together to investigate the abduction. It is led by Lieutenant Colonel Tokkie Jacobs.

Thankeng said the disappeared woman’s sister informed police about allegations that women were held underground as sex slaves.

He said it was the first time that this kind of information was reported to police and no stone would be left unturned to find the woman and rescue her.

The goldfields have been targeted over the years by zama-zamas who stay underground for months at a time to mine for gold.

They pay big money for food and liquor - as much as hundreds of rands for compressed bread. Police and security have in the past found completely kitted-out shops underground and several mine employees have been arrested for helping zama-zamas get underground and helping them survive.

Several mines have already prohibited workers from taking food and beverages underground as these often end up being sold to zamas for astronomical amounts.

Anyone with information that could assist police in the search for the woman, or with information about allegations of underground sex slaves, is asked to call Constable Samuel Seloana on  057 3916264 or 072 2276833.

  • John - 2012-03-16 11:45

    This is just too weird! Wow, can make a horror film with this story. Sick bastards - they should blow up up all he old mines or seal them off or something?

      Pythagoras - 2012-03-16 12:40

      They should burn these sub-human creatures alive! This is utterly f%^king disgusting to say the least! These f$%king animals belong in the wild!

      Mike - 2012-03-16 12:53

      Let's look at the ironic side of it? My brother owns a funeral parlour, maybe he has some leads.....

      Piet - 2012-03-16 17:35

      These scum belong underground, six foot.

  • Typersa - 2012-03-16 11:47

    What SICK country are we living in? Something needs to be done to take back control of the country..

      Mouldy - 2012-03-16 12:37

      kwenam, I fail to see where Typersa states anything to do with race in his comment. He merely states that "we should take back control of the country". WE as in you and me, should take it back from the criminals. You should apologise for being a twit.

      Chris - 2012-03-16 12:48

      @Kwenam and apologise for being a racist.

      Johnny - 2012-03-16 13:03

      I agree with Typersa... the country IS out of control with crimes like this !! @kwenam - where did Typersa mension whites taking back the country ?? Stop making assumptions... did you know that it's the mother of all........'s !!! (you fill in the blanks)

      thegirlwithmanyeyes - 2012-03-16 13:42

      @ Kwenam, I read Typersa's comment very differently... It's not about the colour of the government ruling our country, it's about the criminals taking control of it. So whether the government is black or white makes no difference - we all need to take our country back from the criminals who are ruining it. I hope you agree =)

  • barry.mcbride - 2012-03-16 11:47

    Wow, what an article with underground [good pun] sex slaves & zama-zamas who stay underground for months!

  • Gcwabe.KaMavovo - 2012-03-16 11:57

    Poor woman.

  • Phumi - 2012-03-16 11:59

    Why can't we release the Master Tracker himself Eugene De Kock to sort out these crimes? It is of no use for him and the country that a man with his skills and abilities is rusted 24/7 watching TV and not giving back to the country. I'm still baffled about what is this correctional supervision is all about!

  • Moss - 2012-03-16 12:06

    South Africa is been destroyed by design....5-10 year from they will be worse horrible story which mosty will be ashamed of

  • Selebaleng - 2012-03-16 12:10

    This is ridiculous. What a sick world we have.

  • lovenergy - 2012-03-16 12:18

    Oh my word! It's like the Hills have eyes! This is so disgusting! That poor woman must be in a state! I hope they find her alive. Why is our bloody borders open for every criminal in Africa?! She is a human being and they are treating her like a commodity! This is so wrong

  • xoliled - 2012-03-16 12:39

    Kwenam u r being ridivulous Typersa neva said a thing bout race, udidekile

  • dooskop - 2012-03-16 12:55


  • Barefoot - 2012-03-16 12:57

    So this week.S crimes were all about the ground ha? woman buried in shack, bodies found on sand dunes, now kidnapped woman underground

  • Mtizozo - 2012-03-16 13:04

    these criminals, which kamp did they do the trainig for this,,

  • arthurbrigg - 2012-03-16 13:06

    Rescue the girl, seal those rapist pigs in the mine so they starve to death.

  • Koos - 2012-03-16 13:21

    What amazes me is that people are still "shocked" and "horrified" at this kind of behaviour. You think that this is the "worst" these people can do? You haven't seen anything yet. Be thankfull that ignorance is bliss. Just remember that "liberalism", "human rights" and "fundamental rights and freedoms" are european concepts. European concepts has no place when the population regress to their normal state of existence and natural behaviour.

  • Samantha - 2012-03-16 13:25

    wasnt there a story recently about a woman being found dead in a mine?- maybe the same thing happened to her :(- i pray they find her safe and fast

  • Schmee - 2012-03-16 14:31

    Hope they find her because there must be more women that are being held underground.

  • rhowen.heever - 2012-03-16 16:20

    This is because our border patrol is more corrupt then our police. Everything has become a massive buddy buddy system and it filters down as low as underground. The ANC’s actions have always shown this as expectable until now. Let’s see how they turn this one around. I’m with COPE on the death penalty. Hope they get caught in a mine earthquake

  • vuyisan - 2012-03-17 10:34

    @Kwenam: i also don't think Typersa meant any racist remarks. he is refering to criminals not to blacks

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