Cops seize cars and dagga worth R2m

2012-02-19 20:14

Johannesburg - Two stolen vehicles and dagga worth an estimated R2m were discovered at a house in Soshanguve north of Pretoria on Sunday, police said.

Spokesperson Captain Pinky Tsinyane said police were acting on a tip-off when they raided the house at 04:00.

"In the main house there were about 85 bags of dagga, which were packed in different rooms, she said.

The cars, a Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner had been reported stolen at the Wierdabrug and Brooklyn police stations.

The main house, which allegedly belongs to an old man who moved out due to ill health, was deserted when police arrived, said Tsinyane.

A 23-year-old woman who occupies an outside room was taken in for questioning.

  • Andre - 2012-02-19 20:46

    Both vehicles were stolen at a police station. Just proves how useless the cops have become!

      ngoako.mathekga - 2012-02-20 18:58

      Did you read the story?

  • abdullah.sujee - 2012-02-19 23:00

    The reports were filed at those police stations...the cars weren't stolen there

      Bluemast - 2012-02-20 01:43

      Crush the bloody vehicles after three months/three weeks - They were just utilized for criminal purposes most of the time anyway - less corruption would be allowed to take place in this manner - no selling of parts/spares by corrupt off officials - let's make this country greener and smelt the metal down for reuse.

  • Bluemast - 2012-02-20 01:35

    In the UK in cases like these, the vehicles are simply sent to the crushers! Let's start following the same attitude here in SA. I think the message should start getting accross!

      Mhlophe - 2012-02-20 08:48

      The vehicles were STOLEN, returning them to the rightful owners is more just than punishing them for what the criminals did with them.

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