Corrie lay over daughter to shield her

2012-09-23 22:53

Pretoria – Ex-world heavyweight champion Corrie Sanders died while shielding his daughter during a robbery at a restaurant in Brits on Saturday.

Sanders, who was shot in the stomach, died in the Kalafong Hospital on Sunday after undergoing emergency surgery.

He was shot while lying over his 15-year-old daughter Marinique.  He’d whispered to her to pretend that she was dead, Beeld reported.

His ex-wife, Sunette, said he’d been a world hero in his boxing heyday and he’d died one.  

She said Corrie had told her in the ambulance to take their children home, as he didn’t want them  to see him like that.

Corrie's brother, Mike, said the three robbers had fired indiscriminately.

"They fired about 30 shots."

Police spokesperson Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said on Sunday night that no arrests had been made.


  • ian.frost.9047 - 2012-09-23 23:00

    What is happening to our land? May God be with us all.

      ingi.raikes - 2012-09-24 07:11

      What a question! It's the A.N.C. bru! Our Country is being run by savages, where what's yours is theirs! Celebrate Heritage day??? .........we should all be in bloody mourning!!! VOTE FOR CHANGE, VOTE D.A. WHERE OUR AT LEAST OUR DEMOCRACY WILL BE DEMOCRATIC!!!

      ian.frost.9047 - 2012-09-24 15:19

      We all like to think its the ANC, but its the people of our nation, the democracy you speak about. Our fellow countryman who vote in a DEMOCRATIC country.The ANC is nothing more than the voice and actions of the people of this country, that is my worry. I hope you had a good Heritage day IQ. Again I say, let the voice and will of good overcome the vote of madness.

  • christelle.james.7 - 2012-09-23 23:01

    This man, and every other man, woman and child whom have died in the brutal, senseless murders...............ANC - look at the monster you have created by your slack-a#$e, no spine attitude towards crime!!!!

  • cliff.slabbert - 2012-09-23 23:03

    A true hero!

  • dylan.mugabe - 2012-09-23 23:04

    This is so sick. I cannot believe it. Dam the ANC to hell honestly.

  • Nkosie Celimpilo Mbatha - 2012-09-23 23:15

    Mzansi this is one of the saddest things that has happened to us...

  • Adriaan - 2012-09-23 23:22

    ANC what a great shame your name has become!

      nico.brits.581 - 2012-09-24 19:15

      They didn't become a great shame they were that from the beginning. They were killing and torturing their own cadres that were asking some difficult questions. They had their camps in Angola etc

  • BulletProof. - 2012-09-23 23:22

    And the ANC just keep quite about all situation THIS IS GENOCIDE with permission of the rest world.

      blou.johnny - 2012-09-24 00:14

      ...yip.... ...the genocide continious... ...and the rest of the world turns a blind eye..... ...they appload our wonderfull democracy... ..what a joke...!

      Clayton Richard Delport - 2012-09-24 09:31

      Them a explain the term genocide? Then check the stats an open your eyes!!!

      BulletProof. - 2012-09-24 18:10

      @ Themba Tupid, Who spoke on colour Idiot.

      edward.d.beesley - 2012-09-24 18:26

      Themba, I've been following your comments, and applaud you for your reasoning and logic. Crime affects everybody, and the sooner we can de-racialize our perception of it, the sooner we can deal with it effectively. As you may have read before, I'm totally for the Death Penalty because these psychopaths simply have to be removed from society. They are beyond redemption. They do not deserve any attempts at rehabilitation. They are the walking dead. Apologies for being so dramatic, but too many have died; too many have been scarred for the rest of their days by the loss of loved ones in the most cruelest ways, and it's enough now.

      johand.dutoit - 2012-09-25 06:33

      themba.thwala.98- So why don't you people stand united with all other groups to eradicate this problem from our country! We are being held ransom by a small minority and they know it!

  • nompumelelo.madonda - 2012-09-23 23:25

    RIP Corrie. My condolences to the family and friends. As for his killers; may you also suffer and pay for this cruel deed!!!

  • Olivia Jansen - 2012-09-23 23:41 will always be remembered as a hero especially for protecting your daughter. May your soul Rest In Peace. My condolences to your family. The nation has lost a true hero...

  • khethu.ndlovu.3 - 2012-09-23 23:48

    May the good Lord have mercy on us, nobody else is showing any.

  • marlene.vorster2 - 2012-09-23 23:56

    We must start doing the same...maybe someone will listen then!!!!!!! we are sick and tired of all the talk and NO ACTION..........

  • fort.horseman.7 - 2012-09-24 00:26

    The good guys die young.You were a Fighter till the end Corrie.

  • Eduannn - 2012-09-24 01:02

    And in the photo the SA flag proudly over his heart - unfortunately it cost him his life - so sad. Wonder who will be next.

      FeebleGastro - 2012-09-24 01:14

      "And in the photo the SA flag proudly over his heart - unfortunately it cost him his life" Yeah...

  • nico.leroux1 - 2012-09-24 01:19

    More than 187000 murdered over 10 years. More than Iraq an Afghanistan combined. What a country!!!

      jack.blacking.56 - 2012-09-24 09:14

      very sad indeed, God help Africa

  • kamogelo.setshedi.3 - 2012-09-24 01:50

    I was only 13 when i saw you dismantle klintscho. I saw then you were something unique about your heroism, but this transends all thoughts. You did your job. Farewell my mentor. Perhaps fathers day needs to be changed to Corrie's memorial ? What a man.

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-09-24 02:34

      @kamogelo: well said, a hero even at death he preferred to take the bullets on behalf of his daughter farewell champ we are with you in our thoughts! To the cowards who untimely and unnecessarily took away your life one day they will be judged harshly in heaven, and they will be sent to hell where they will burn in the eternal flames. You did not deserve to depart so tragically in front of your family. You did not provoke any fight. Go well SNIPER!!!

      joubert.joep - 2012-09-24 04:13

      What a man!

  • mariska.stephens - 2012-09-24 02:21

    My only comfort is in knowing that every single one of these murderers will be judged and brought to justice when they leave this world...

  • marc.grondein - 2012-09-24 04:12

    All South Africans our country has become a battle field,enough is enough.

  • leon.young.9003 - 2012-09-24 05:19

    Also think about the unknown being murdered daily in this barbaric country.

  • mlondolozi.mbolo.5 - 2012-09-24 06:02

    Lala ngoxolo mfwetu ulifezile olakho uhambo,inkosi yezulu iwamnkele umphefulo wakho.Izizalwane zakho mazikukhulule ngoxolo.

      beki.khumalo - 2012-09-24 11:55

      As to why such a warm hearted message of condolences would receive 10 'thumbs down' or dislikes puzzles me. People are sick!

      johand.dutoit - 2012-09-25 06:39

      Because they did not understand! Slim nê?

  • mphela.kelatu - 2012-09-24 06:10

    whos de first person to send the condolences to the family????

  • teboho.seretlo - 2012-09-24 06:15

    RIP Corrie Sanders. This is one of those very heartbreaking stories. Did he really have to go in such a brutal manner, in front of his family? May the Lord give his family strength during this very dark hour.

  • frik.vanzyl.9 - 2012-09-24 06:33

    lets unite as an natoin and pray

  • kumbulani - 2012-09-24 07:05

    We have a problem here with crime yet more comments are based on racial discrimination and apartheid. Those are history why nt focus on curbing crime as a nation and stop the blame game. Its a step forward and 10 back whilst the thugs go on and on. Its high time people cme up with solutions and take a stand before its too late

      jayjay.mlungu - 2012-09-24 07:15

      Agree 100% Kumbulani. I think the death penalty will not stop this thing. I think all guns should be banned. Give 1 year for all guns to be destroyed, thereafter anyone caught in possession of one should automatically get life with hard labour, no questions asked

      anton.debeer.3701 - 2012-09-25 00:11

      Kumbulani. I agree with you. JayJay, sorry but i do not agree. These robbers are not bound by laws and therefore your "law" against guns will not take the guns ut of their hand but will only take the guns out of the law abiding victims hands and leave the victim defenceless. You thinking that the death penalty will not stop this is not a valid argument. Go research states that have the death penalty and compare crime statistic in these countries to those that do not have the death penalty. With that said, our current system is not ready to justly and effectively implement the death penalty. We should start off by cultivation a culture of nonviolence and respect. Get well-trained detectives, a much more efficient police force and streamlined judicial system.

  • roy.wadhams.1 - 2012-09-24 07:08

    @sebenza,have you no better comments to make than these that you have written here? When your people march and destroy because of your unhappiness with what your ANC government is NOT doing it is OK but when comments are made by people who are unhappy about the crime rate etc your stupid remarks against them are commented on in a ridiculous way. Are you so STUPID that you think it is OK for your people,who are employed,to stay out of work to demonstrate your unhappiness but others cannot do so? GROW UP YOU ASSh---e!

  • springbokke - 2012-09-24 07:13

    What a senseless crime, am lost for words but may the perpetrators of this rot in f***king hell. To all Corries family and friends ...Bless you guys . I do remember watching some of Corries earlier bouts , real class.

  • johan.bosman.3766 - 2012-09-24 07:26

    How do we celebrate Heritage day whilst things like this happens in SA?? This is not my heritage to sit back and see how innocent peolpe are getting killed on a daily basis, curse our government to allow this!!!

      ian.dejongh.562 - 2012-09-25 12:41

      The government will most certainly allow this to continue. Why you ask? Can you imagine how much money the goverment will lose if the effectivly prevent crime from taking place? Alot of our tax money goes to the SAPS to protect us against crime. SAPS hugely fails in this space, so now we spend billions of rands every year on security to try and protect our families. Can you imagine how much this generates in taxes that goes straight back into the goverment coffers? So from a business (income) point of view it will be financially stupid for the covernment to try and stop crime because for them "crime does pay"

  • siphom.mnguni - 2012-09-24 07:49

    @themba.thwala for the most intelligible and incisive comment. It is the best I've ever read since this tragic report surfaced. I got some thumbs down when I raised a similar argument, brother, you know the law. I'm also doing my third year in LLB. It really does not matter whether we shout at rooftops for the return of death penalty as long as S v Makwanyane is the only judicial precedent. No governing party can do anything until section 11 of the Constitution remains as it is and that Constitutional Court case is the only authority.

  • raymond.lloyd.73 - 2012-09-24 07:58

    No arrests had been made .....because its juast a white person being killed ......And saps say crime is coming down....these guys went in shooting , so they knew they could hit someone and still get away ...

      mshiniboys - 2012-09-24 11:44

      you are a sick sicko.shooting is not colour coded you fool.

  • markbritz - 2012-09-24 08:10

    RIP Corrie you made the ultimate sacrifice by giving your life for your daughters I am sure you will be embraced by Jesus as you enter heaven. My condolences to the Sanders family and friends, my God strengthen you during this difficult time.

  • sithembisopa.phewa - 2012-09-24 08:18

    why we only talk when there is someone prominent dead there are a lot of heros, bread winners, mothers, feathers brothers an sisters who are killed sense lessly every day we should hv revolt long time ago this is crazy

  • leviy - 2012-09-24 08:22

    its amazing that some blames apartheid to justify murder...whereas most of the people who are commiting this crimes where born post apartheid...this problem of crime will not get better as long as we are still been governed by criminals...lets get our house in order***get rid of criminal leaders

  • mynhardt.johan - 2012-09-24 08:29

    We do talk about it, but it's a fart against thunder and the corrupt government.

  • Arnotte Payne - 2012-09-24 08:37

    Bad Reporting. he died Shielding his daughter and whispering to her, and was hit in the stomach. may his soul rest in peace and may God comfort the famly. something mus b done abt crime in S.A..more urgently than tenders, fraud and government corruption..whether its a white or black thats a victm, its crime

  • niel.phillips.7 - 2012-09-24 08:49

    RIP Corrie - Thank you that you made us proud during your lifetime.

  • edgar.mooi - 2012-09-24 08:51

    Anada life lost ,moment to blame one anada, those dat du ds evil killings are free reading all ds comment an feeling no remorse to what dey du. Hu is to be blamed ? A white man a black or Indian guy ..? The only guys to be blamed ,arrested are dose who committed ds crime .why so lot of comments? The antsa is simple the late sanders was a champion of th world ,a welkown ,celebrity bcs of wt he do in his life time . All ds have nothing to do wt colour lets stop mixing things bcs we will be getting nowhere.

  • henk.f.prinsloo - 2012-09-24 09:12

    Can we say the ineptitude is the reason? Certainly, we may do so! But it is far more and the picture is far more scary. The ANC's only justification to rule, is a programme of genocide and wanton crime is to be the means. The govenment is not just disinterested; it encourages this type of way in which their own dirty work is done. It has reached such proportions that the world at large is beginning to gear itself up for punitive action. The irony is that while the European and European originated countries such as Australia is reacting, applying pressure on its governments to do something, for it was with great haste that sanctions were imposed upon the previous regime. The public sees something in the present South Africa that is by far uglier than that which it replaced. It sees South Africa embodying the freed Africa in a way which groups it with Uganda under Idi Amin, Zambia under Kenneth Kaunda, and now Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe. We, having been disarmed by this government; a process started by Thabo Mbeki and aggressively completed by Zuma, are now offered as targets for criminals of the worst kind. Am I racist in my views of this heinous crime? It is standard procedure in this country that, if the perpetrators of any crime, especially ,violent crime, are black, the race of the criminals may not be mentioned. This applies especially where the victims are or were white.

  • henk.f.prinsloo - 2012-09-24 09:28

    But, on the other hand, if it is a case of white on black, the racial difference must be given prominence. So, I may ask if the racial issue here is fair. The answer is a certain, "YES!" But, this is not a general representation of interracial life in our country. South Africa is being destryed by corruption and by some difficult to conceive, programme to destroy this country! The guilt which so results and deepens the poverty, can then conveniently be blamed on the previous regime. Africa has more than fifty years of a smelly history where governments can blame their nepotism, greed, and powerhunger on the previous colonial powers. Powers which, ironically, hepled to build up the infrastructures of the countries they ruled. These countries were guilt driven to exploit their own taxpayers to keep heaping up the financial gains for the liberators who since have turned dictators who despotically rule by means of fear. So, the world is involved in even this crime. Europe and the USA and their relatives in the South Pacific, will react with another wave of guilt, The other countries, we are to discover, such as the Muslim, the Chinese communists and others whose prerogatives are of an uncertain nature, will make use of this and we, will be the losers. We, the white, black, Indian, and the coloureds who are indigenous to this country; formerly citizens, now, increasingly, subject!

  • christo.t.ferreira - 2012-09-24 09:36

    I think the time has come to ask all overseas Sports Teams and sportsman to boycott South Africa until such time as the Government decides to do something about crime in this country. Imagine the revenue the Government will lose withot Super 15, Tri nations, cricket tests, boxing etc etc OR are we going to wait for some foreign sportsman to be murdered tooo ????

      elizadorcas.deu - 2012-09-24 11:02

      how much did the apartheid lost. it was sanctioned mos

  • makgesa.joseph - 2012-09-24 09:38

    I feel sorry 4 the kids but they'll always b proud of their dad who did what every parent would've done may his soul RIP

  • paul.korb.9 - 2012-09-24 09:56


  • garth.philpot - 2012-09-24 10:01

    @Themba Twala.... TW@T

      themba.thwala.98 - 2012-09-24 10:13

      Philpot, don't assume that everyone is an @ss-ole just because you are

  • tshivhombelaf - 2012-09-24 10:01

    It is a sad manner that this brave man lost his life protecting his daughter when there are tenth of thousands of men in uniform who are payed to protect us. A gun shot can be heard in a radius of several kilos and do you want to tell me no police officer heard the sounds of gun shots? As long as MEC and mere mayors have bodyguards, we will never know peace.

  • richard.sloman.5 - 2012-09-24 10:04

    Its time the revolution began...

  • gerrit.vanpletzen - 2012-09-24 10:17

    Go well, Corrie. May you rest in peace.

  • AdeleFHM - 2012-09-24 10:27

    It's so sad to know that we have so much hatred in South-Africa. Robbers won't even think twice, they shoot first and then flee with absolutely NOTHING, but your blood on their hands. This is absolutely sickening! I'm not sure if a nation wide strike will fix this, might just make it worst. Death penalty might bring a little bit more discipline to the table, but I think we sitting with a education problem, too many uneducated people that only knows one thing, to commit crime! I do hope our "precious" government will wake the hell up & actually lead us in the right direction & not 6 foot under before our time.... Let's wait & see...

  • gillian.sanderson - 2012-09-24 10:51

    I'll frikking march!

  • michele.lavagna - 2012-09-24 11:24

    How much longer are South Africans going to sit by, while innocent people are brutally murdered???????? How is this young girl supposed to get over this?????

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-09-24 11:55

    The time has come to put an end to savagery.

  • Mike Peach Purchase - 2012-09-24 12:03

    Luvo you need to wake up boet these okes are agents sent by you know who.

  • lerato.mashiloane.9 - 2012-09-24 12:11

    Des more on the story than meets the eye .Rest in peace Corrie!