Council happy over Basson's ruling

2012-01-27 21:43

Johannesburg - A ruling that cardiologist Wouter Basson still had a case to answer vindicated the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA), the body said on Friday.

Council CEO Kgosi Letlape said: "This decision recognises the council's legal mandate as a statutory body to protect the public by investigating unethical conduct of healthcare practitioners.

"We feel vindicated by the ruling and hope Basson and his legal team will co-operate to ensure that this matter is expediently concluded."

Earlier in the day, a professional conduct committee of the HPCSA granted Basson a discharge on two misconduct charges and part of a third charge against him, but ruled that the hearing on four remaining charges should continue later this year.

The committee's chairperson, Professor Jannie Hugo, said it could not be said that there was no evidence on which a reasonable man could convict Basson.

Basson is accused of having breached medical ethics while he headed the apartheid government's chemical and biological warfare programme in the 1980s and early 1990s.

  • Rijger - 2012-01-27 22:08

    A clear cut case of trying to exact revenge on one of the best cardio surgeons in this country, but the HSPCA fails to act against a fraudster that was practising as a neuro surgeon. And here I was thinking that the conduct committee was supposed to be unbiased?

      Marcell - 2012-01-28 00:36

      The question is a simple one. When you need a cardiologist, would you prefer Basson or the Cuban next door?

  • Cracker - 2012-01-27 22:09

    Witch hunt. Basson is obviously doing quite well as a practicing doctor. No fears that he will start using tear gas and arsenic tablets on his patients. Stupidity sometimes goes overboard.

      ivan.coetzee2 - 2012-01-29 21:09

      Exactly rite it is a politically motivated witch hunt

  • Len - 2012-01-27 23:04

    Het enige van julle n idee hoeveel lewens die man al gered het, en hoeveel hy nog kan red ......looks like a witch hunt. Sterkte Wouter

      Juan - 2012-01-28 00:25

      And with all the good doctors that had left the country we must retain the good ones we still have.

  • SM1012 - 2012-01-27 23:06

    It's so funny how some comments can illustrate the person state of Mind, when was a Colour an issue here, the fact is that he got so called a TENDER to kill the POLITICAL ACTIVIST...I wonder why AFRIFORUM so quiet about such things...I'm afraid some people can't wake up from their RACIST upbringing...always BLACK people have to compromise...pathetic.

  • Grant - 2012-01-28 00:31

    Twenty years after the crimes were committed and still the HPCSA are harping on. I thought the TRC was supposed to put all this to rest?

  • hein.huyser - 2012-01-28 00:43

    A bit one sided there don't you think Mathibela? Your current government is directly/indirectly responsible for more deaths that any "your kind" (sounds quite racialistic without the actual words) of government killed in the last 300 years. I recon about 15-20 million African Black people died in the last 20 years or will die in the near future because of the lack of availability of anti-retrovirals. The pathetic law enforcement situation will be a direct or indirect result of another few million to die because of violent crime The pathetic schooling system will cause another few million to be forever ignorant and also fall in the aids or crime trap the current government is responsible for, and you have the guts to call the previous governments of killing people with "impunity"? Wake up to your own ignorance and realize that blinding racialistic attitudes are better buried deep and far and let us both grow our environments to emotional en spiritual maturity. Lets keep the kids-type of arguments amongst the Malema-types, because therein is zero progress, just like your lack of spelling ethic shows a lack of self-respect.

  • Pietertjie - 2012-01-28 02:23

    I am a doctor and I am SAD to say that I also need to be registered with the HPCSA. Now this is what you call a racist organisation, full of old men in suits, trying to justify their salaries. And they register Congolese quacks which they are supposed to block, while trying to pick on the good white doctor who only acted on orders from his superiors. To crown it, this happened in a legitimate war, when the "pawns" are ordered to kill as many as they can, in whatever way. This just shows how absurd this is now 20 years later. Stop diverting attention to your own inadequacies, and do the job you are supposed to do. And to Paulmandlinkosi, why can you not forgive and forget: the war is long over. You are still fixated with your war on whites. Grow up man, and make your dentures! My point is: I am ashamed of the HPCSA. Wish I could "contract out" from them. They should rather look at the poor quality and ethics of the "doctors" in the Eastern Cape, etc, and please Paulmandlinkosi, I am not referring to race.

      Bill - 2012-01-28 09:29

      Ethical misconduct must always be investigated; unethical conduct, even by brilliant doctors is inexcusable and hurts the profession.This is not a racial issue. Relativistic arguments are not relevant - corruption in the registration process with FQD's does not invalidate the duty of the HPCSA to follow up this case. Mengele was also brilliant,also a "good white doctor", and also followed orders!

      Cracker - 2012-01-28 18:17

      @ Bill It is about finding that stick to hit him with. They tried, unsuccessfully. All medical personnel ever involved in wars ans struggles need to be investigated. NOW! It seems quite obvious. To even compare him and the Nazi war criminal is silly. You of course do realize that those prison doctors and district surgeons that were employed to look after the welfare of prisoners should now also be investigated? They DID after all contribute to the apartheid regime's grand plans and image? As should every motor mechanic that did work on vehicles? All added to keeping apartheid legitimate. Or what am I missing?

  • Pietertjie - 2012-01-28 02:27

    Wouter Basson is a fantastic Cardiologist, and I salute the man, who, in spite of all the unfair persecution against him, still manages to be the best in his profession, and who, in spite of everything, remains in this country to try to make a positive difference.

  • Blip - 2012-01-28 04:33

    Bring 4 charges, have 2 dismissed outright as frivolous and the 2 remaining ones are still unresolved... so how is that any "vindication"?

      proafrikaans - 2012-01-28 07:20


  • John - 2012-01-28 04:34

    I can't bluddy believe this. So the TRC hearings were just a load of BS then. He is a well documented and respected Cardiologist, better than the Cubans who come here because they can't get work and are accepted by the HSPCA with open arms. If I were Wouter I would have taken my talents elsewhere and let this mob get on with it. These actions are purely REVENGE!

      Bill - 2012-01-28 09:56

      John, as a white South African doctor who has worked in the public service for nearly 30 years, I am very distressed by these comments. Doctors who are accused of practicing poisoning/ germ warfare techniques to injure or kill people violate the most basic commandment of ethical medicine; "primum non nocere est" - 'Firstly do no harm'. Dr Basson must satisfy the council that his conduct was not disgraceful or unethical, otherwise none of us are safe! I don't personally have an issue with him, and I assume he will be vigorously defended...but I suspect he will have great difficulty getting work anywhere else in the world unless he absolutely clears his name. By the way, I have worked very closely with several Cuban doctors over the years and they were some of the very best, most intelligent and committed doctors I know.

      Patrick - 2012-01-28 10:10

      JohnB and all the other folk trying to make Basson's crimes an OK thing. As a doctor did he or did he not assist the apartheid government design chemical warefare products designed to kill people? A simple yes or no will be sufficient.

      Judith - 2012-01-29 08:17

      He probably loves this country of his birth, just the way I do. To be forced to live a lonely, homesick life in another country is sadder than having your medical licence taken away from you.

  • raymond.kok3 - 2012-01-28 05:36

    if you are in the employment of a goverment doesnt matter which one you at the time believe that wht you do is to the good of the country and you get a order to do whatever to safegaurd againts any threat , what are you suppose to do.even the oh so holy anc leaders of today did the same and worst against their own people in exile and nobody has been prosecuted for that.what about the so called necklace it was a way to a means.i still think that the good docter should be left alone, and by the way the goverment still uses the same tactics today so leave it be people

  • sycomachinery - 2012-01-28 06:48

    Hy lyk na oraaite ou, kan harte opereer ens, maar? kan die perd Braaibootjies maak? Dit wil ek graag weet.

  • Xolani Ziqubu - 2012-01-28 07:00

    And dumb idiots wonder why the poor uneducated african blacks (wonder if there is a european kind of un educated black) still vote for the anc. As bad as they are white South Africa has not changed. If you think a man like Basson is an upstanding citezen then u really need to be on the first Quantas plane. Oh just as a side note there are way more black university graduands then there are white so maybe we should cut down on the dumb blacks comments.

      proafrikaans - 2012-01-28 07:19

      It is rather morons who burn tires due to poor service delivery the one day, then vote for the same ANC causing the poor service delivery the next day, who are the retards. What does one expect from a race who could never even invent the wheel or the written word, however? And FYI, Ziqubu, this is MY country too. My ancestors weren't scared of the mightiest army on earth. Bring it on, your AIDS-infested Azanian "defence force" WILL not get us to emigrate to Aus.

      Stuart - 2012-01-28 09:09

      Zolani, I largely agreed with you until you played the side note "race card" regarding universities - surprise surprise... As a 46 year old father of a second year university student I can state that the reason for the disproportionate amount of black students is because of the republics enforced and encouraged policy of admitting blacks before whites in all south african universities. Whites with much top school marks are not admitted while all other races, with vastly inferior marks are hence the skewed graduate numbers.

      Bill - 2012-01-28 10:06

      Xolani, its a sad comment about our society that a discussion about the alleged unethical/dangerous/murderous actions of a senior doctor becomes a racial brawl. We all lose when the HPCSA fails to do it's job - whether by allowing poorly trained doctors to practice, or by failing to investigate such serious cases of ethical misconduct. Best for all of us to keep above the petty comments and stick to the important issues.

      Ryan - 2012-01-28 12:14

      yeah Zolani....more black university grads....with 30% required for entrance....and degress that are no longer worth the paper they are written and your banana republic government must be sooo are pathetic!!

      comurray - 2012-01-28 17:34

      Yes with university entrance matrics where their pass rate is 30%, once in university they drop out like ten pins as there are no more free bies marks, there you have to earn them. They are incapable.

  • Grant - 2012-01-28 08:40

    I just wish the HPCSA would investigate the docter who had Shaik certified as being terminally ill.It's been almost 3 years and Shaik is still able to play a round of golf. At the same time they should order an independant second opinion on Cele. It's all about money - a lot of docters will say what they've been paid to.

  • coetzee - 2012-01-28 08:59

    DR. Wouter Basson helped me when I had problems with my hart. I will help fight if you need me Dr. Basson.

  • Cilla - 2012-01-28 10:41

    Perhaps now that the HSPCA feels vindicated the rest of us with cases against genuine a**eholes who've ruined lives will get some attention.

  • Freddy Williams - 2012-01-28 11:42

    Let him rot in H**l and all you white bigots that feel he is a saint, take him and employ him as your garden boy... Case closed!

      Andrew - 2012-01-28 11:57

      Harsh words for a person of your standing. While I do not condone the actions of the past government and at my age have learnt to forgive and not live in those black days. The trouble is too many people live in that era instead of looking and building for the future.

  • comurray - 2012-01-28 17:27

    Mr. Basson must leave RSA and go to where his skills are appreciated. Here the powers that be will hound him until his death. To hell with their so called ethics for the want of a better name. Mr. Basson I'm sure a country like Australia would welcome you with open arms for the skills you posses and pay you at least 8 time more than you could ever earn here.

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