Couple injured after hitting large rock on highway

2012-06-23 08:42

Johannesburg - A couple was critically injured when their bakkie struck a large rock on the R70 near Roosendal, Free State paramedics said on Saturday.

Netcare 911 spokesman Jeffrey Wicks said the bakkie overturned and rolled on Friday evening after hitting the large rock, which was placed on the highway.

"Paramedics found the couple in a critical condition, both sustained multiple injuries and were taken by ambulance to the Senekal Provincial Hospital."

Wicks said police were investigating the accident.

  • tumisang.kolobe - 2012-06-23 08:46

    Evil seems to pravail againts good nowadays!!!silly things are happening!!

      Richard - 2012-06-23 12:34

      Wow, Alicia, I would really like to see that research study, sampling methodology and cumulative data upon which your statistical fact is based... The cumulative data should preferably also include the actual numbers of people in heaven and in hell, quantitative or qualitative definitions of wicked and righteous, and the correlation coefficient between wickedness and going to hell.. Could you also include a sample of what you people are smoking or inhaling in Somerset West??? lol

      Richard - 2012-06-23 16:49

      Alicia, if research includes clicking on your name, "Alicia", no problem, only took a split second... Elbie, thanks for trying to explain it to me, but are there are more bad people around than good people....??? Your own statistics?? I like to think there are more good people in the world than bad people... Guess it's just an individual's outlook toward the world that determines that, right??

      cherri.pye.5 - 2012-06-24 01:54

      Good grief Richard, you are a pain.

      philip.harris.967 - 2012-06-24 05:53

      @ Richard : "I like to think there are more good people in the world than bad people... " Is it "the world" we are talking about Dickie ...or are we talking about SA ? "Liking to think" is all well and good ....but I suspect it will be of little use against the evil doers of SA who want to make you and your loved ones a statistic. You seem to know a bit about about statistics ...although I suspect you are short on life experience tell us what the chances are that your family will suffer a life-changeing ultra-violent encounter with some of South Africas finest? Statistically ...of course.

      Richard - 2012-06-24 07:46

      @ Phillip - The chances that me and my family will suffer a life-changing ultra-violent encounter with some of South Africas finest (if you are referring to the police), will hopefully be .... zero ... The police would hopefully be there to help serve and protect us, right... :)

      jabu.zimu - 2012-06-24 08:04

      South Africans, we are unique and never failing a sticking it in the wrong hole. Could this unfortunate accident result in such insensitive jokes? It is a sad day indeed.

      glenda.mackay.18 - 2012-06-24 11:56 seem to be one of those 'edumicated' Trolls. Go back to your books and leave the computor. Alicia is a breath of fresh air, you are a breath of stale air!

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-06-24 12:47

      What a silly exchange between adults about a tragedy. I take Richard's point here that generalisation and religion should not enter into these discussions and I also see Alicia's post in much the same light as a light bit of generalised comment regarding good versus evil people in the world. Personally I don't buy into heaven and hell afer death nor do I buy into the die hard evolution/creationist issues. I believe each of us is here to learn from our experiences and situations by making choices in a given time and place. Depending on the choices we make or the good/bad things placed in our walk which is individual and unique life HERE is heaven and hell. When we die our souls join the ether around us and we can watch others negotiate their paths in their unique walks. Just as we choose what to read or comment here our experience will make us happier or sadder. Pitchforks and angels do not enter my mind. When you die your spirit leaves an imprint on those around you and is carried in their minds and souls and influences their choices perhaps but bottom line is that your suffering choices and consequences as we do in our corporeal life is over. We are free as a bird soaring in the actual heavens of sky. No judgement on our choices except perhaps in the manner of our death but we have no choice in that. The manner of death is random - nobody can control that except someone who takes their own life which is why it is discouraged and condemned. Statistics - Pah!

  • michael.deyzel.1 - 2012-06-23 09:03

    Inverted pothole?

      Fhedzani Sadiki - 2012-06-23 10:32

      could be lmao

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-23 11:06

      Very creative!

      Blackpoison - 2012-06-23 11:40

      Had the outcome not been so tragic your comment would have been freakin hilarious.

  • Barend - 2012-06-23 09:14

    If the police where patrolling the highways like they should this could have been avoided. But really who wants to patrol the highways when you can have a peaceful nap in the warm station? The person that put that rock there could be capable of much worse if he haven't done so already.

      Squeegee - 2012-06-23 10:10

      Last week, on way to airport, it hit a rock on the N2 near Spine Rd. The wheel deflated and I had to stop on the Spine on-ramp at 5AM. Needless to say I was concerned as this is a hotspot for crime (previous day motorists were attacked). I started to change the wheel and within 2 minutes a cop stopped to help. Before I finished a second cop vehicle stopped. Great relief. Well done Cape Metro. Really helpful. Western Cape!

      Bless Boswell - 2012-06-23 11:05

      Nice that you said something. There are some good guys out there

      Irene - 2012-06-23 14:28

      Western Cape cops. Wonder why.

  • kaymolatelo.mahlaka1 - 2012-06-23 09:24

    Perhaps it is service delivery March,How could such a large rock lands on the road!

  • MyThoughtsToo - 2012-06-23 09:35

    Find the bastards who placed the rock in the road and give them what they deserve!

      robqb - 2012-06-23 13:40

      Wot? A slap on the wrist with "Please don't do it again."?

  • braamc - 2012-06-23 10:31

    Probably some "service delivery protest" any burned tyres around?

      Tefo Buccaneer Mokoena - 2012-06-23 16:20

      maybe its the ANC ..what do u say ,or a racist cast the stone hey ,cum guys out with it the stage is set

      Richard - 2012-06-23 16:58

      Tefo, I think I understand what you are saying. Every article somehow becomes a platform for many regulars on this forum to hate South Africa, blame the ANC, blame the government, and blacks (normally referred to as "they") generally.... even if the article is about a rock put there by a criminal in the road....

      philip.harris.967 - 2012-06-24 06:00

      @Richard : " Every article somehow becomes a platform for many regulars on this forum to hate South Africa, " In your imagination only Dickie your imagination. " blame the ANC, blame the government," It may well have escaped your short attention span ......but the ANC IS the Government. That is a fact. " and blacks (normally referred to as "they") generally.... even if the article is about a rock put there by a criminal in the road...." It seems that only you on this thread has the skin colour obsession. However , the facts of the matter are that most of SA's ultraviolent criminals come from section of the community.

      Richard - 2012-06-24 08:48

      Thanks, Philip, but you give me way too much credit for being the only individual on this forum with a skin colour obsession. The point that Tefo, I and many others have is that every article becomes a platform to politicise or racialise issues in South Africa, sometimes unjustifiably so.... my short attention span and limited life experience aside... A tragic event, possibly caused by criminals should galvanise the SA population collectively, not polarise... And many times, the only purpose of this forum is to polarise and spread more racial hatred...

  • Nicholas - 2012-06-23 11:13

    "the police are investigating the incident" This will be the last you hear of it!

      gailcarolynhayes - 2012-06-24 12:59

      What the heck are the police supposed to do? Investigate incidents such as these and generally finding the culprit is a daunting task whatever the incident. We hit cows on the road at night and my husband was killed aged 52 - of course the police investigated it as did insurance. There was a resolution and we set a precednt in actually being compensated by owner of attle - took nearly 4 years. Those cattle had been remoed from the road earlier in the day by the police and they were on their way to remove them again only we were in wrong place at the wrong time. The fact that we received compensation was not newsworthy enough for anyone outside our immediate circle to be interested in. Give the cops a break too.

  • Hannes Truter - 2012-06-23 11:25

    And the spearhead told the world South Africans and tourists are safe in SA..

  • Dave - 2012-06-23 22:32

    Is this road part of the SANRAL network? If so, why is it not monitored as the Gauteng Toll Roads are supposed to be monitored? Or is this road not a cash cow. Mr. Alli, we await your answer.

      adrian.strydom - 2012-06-24 05:08 carefully please...Roosendal in the Free State !!

  • raj.maharaj.520 - 2012-06-24 00:34

    Wishing the couple a speedy recovery. It is strange enough that on Saturday night I received a blackberry message that stated there was a large rock on commonly known as 'dead mans bend' which is as you come off the N1 onto the old road towards Potchefstroom/Kimberley. The blackberry message also stated one should beware as there was a opel corsa parked on the side of the road just after the rock with four men standing outside. I am not sure whether these men were suspected hijacker/robbers or if they had a breakdown. The message only served as a warning. Social media can be helpfull sometimes.

  • Sechaba30 - 2012-06-24 11:52

    A friend of mine hit one in Hanover , Northern Cape

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