Court hears of call from judge's home

2012-08-07 22:39

Cape Town - The Western Cape High Court heard on Tuesday that a call was made from the home of acting judge Patrick Maqubela to the court on the day he died.

The detailed billing was presented during the murder trial of the judge's widow, Thandi Maqubela, and her co-accused, businessman Vela Mabena.

Prosecutor Pedro van Wyk told the court that witnesses were scattered around the country.

Only one witness, Telkom specialist Manie Visagie, was available for Tuesday's proceedings, as the others had returned home when the trial was postponed.

The significance of Visagie's testimony was that a man, who allegedly pretended to be the judge, phoned Maqubela's chambers at the High Court on the day Maqubela died.

The trial resumed on Monday after a week's postponement when Maqubela's lawyer, Marius Broeksma, fell ill.

Maqubela's body was found in his luxury apartment in Bantry Bay on June 7 2009.

The State alleges he was suffocated, while the defence claims he died of natural causes.

  • Sakhiwo - 2012-08-08 04:45

    Wish this could come to an end.

  • sekwati.robinson - 2012-08-08 04:58

    women,this trend of yours need to come to an end...marrying rich guys you don't love for the sake of great and luxury lifestyle then murdering them and inheriting their wealth to spend with the one they truly love....sickening...

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