Crime stats: Positive picture, SAIRR says

2011-09-08 18:11

Cape Town - The annual crime statistics released on Thursday indicate a positive overall picture emerging, the SA Institute of Race Relations said.

"Year-on-year most major crime rates expressed per 100 000 of the population are down by between 5% and 10%" deputy CEO Frans Cronje said.

The murder rate, for example, was down by 6.5% year-on-year and more importantly was down by 50% since 1994.

"What must be remembered, however, is that it is still significantly higher than that in most other parts of the world."

Cronje said the types of crime South Africans feared the most remained serious problems for the police.

The net number of house robberies was still 100% higher than in 2003/04, and the net number of business robberies 300% higher than in 2003/04.

By international standards South Africa remained a dangerous society, Cronje said.

"However, the data suggests that progress is slowly being made in securing a safer society. This is most probably due to the joint efforts of the SA Police Service and the private security industry."

The private security industry now had twice as many active personnel as the police, he said.

  • the kid! - 2011-09-08 18:26

    THESE STATS ARE A JOKE!!!! ask anyone that has been the victim of crime to pull the police docket (if a case was ever opened) and have a look at the charges. I have done that a month ago, all cases I have opened the charges have been downgraded to less serious crimes. In one case 3 charges were removed completely!!! They are adjusting the stats to suit them!

      Met - 2011-09-08 19:17

      Snr policemen in the know will tell you that these figures are manipulated. Experiences by bloggers here would seem to confirm this. What raises questions, is how an org. like the SAIRR would accept what is presented to us, so readily?

      eh eh eh - 2011-09-08 19:23

      Yebo, some crooked cop doing the stats!

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-25 18:08

      Rubbish, firstly the minister in charge of all this has been up for fraud. The same guy has a mandate to reduce crime, if he meets the mandate he gets a fat bonus. He was found messing with the stats but still got his bonus. The other point is this, South Africa now have a bill to control what gets out in the media, the prime reason for this is to cover up the crime, corruption, fraud etc. Why? Because the current exposure is hurting the ANC bad, they are going to lose votes, international relationships are breaking, there is media all over the world naming and shaming them. There are more and more ranking sites coming out, comparing countries in terms of economy, corruption etc. South Africa is failing bad at all of it… So what do they do to avoid this, they create the info Bill. Smart, but so evil and the nation will forget about it in a few months.

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-25 18:10

      And I wonder why some of my comments are deleted, perhaps it's because I strike hard at the truth of the matter. Shame... so much for freedom of speach.

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2012-01-19 00:39

  • Lorax - 2011-09-08 18:36

    Not an accurate reflection, sorry. Executed 3-year-old Willemien Potgieter is still fresh in my memory. Don't tell us it's getting better. And the crime in our suburban street is worse than it ever was. Don't LIE to us!!!!!!!!!!!

      Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 18:46

      Thank you Nathi for the best crime fiction ever. Now go stuff yourself and have the the rest of SAPS join you! We don't trust you; we don't believe you and as a matter of fact we simply abhor your fiction. It reads like a dictionary for illiterates.

  • MOOSEtheGOOSE - 2011-09-08 18:47

    a big joke a dangerous country with cops who are useless

      africanwolf - 2011-09-08 19:12

      Will you endanger your life for R 3000 ? just asking

  • MOOSEtheGOOSE - 2011-09-08 19:19

    what a big joke in a country where people lock themselves in their homes after work and cops who dont care.....................

  • Robbie - 2011-09-08 19:24

    What a fuc_ing joke.The worse part about it is that most people will believe that the stats are correct!!!!!

  • Leon Groenewald - 2011-09-08 19:29

    Positive picture; a population being massacred as opposed to slaughtered. Positive indeed! Get stuffed Nathi and take your corrupt criminal force with you!

  • Woofix - 2011-09-08 20:10

    "House robberies 100% higher and business robberies 300% higher than 2003/4 & by international standards S.A. remains a dangerous society & private security now had twice the active personel than the police" Doesn't sound positive to me. Goodness i am so glad it isn't negative!!!

  • Marvin Caldwell-Barr - 2011-09-08 22:38

    The crime stats indicate progress is at last being made in the fight against crime. Welcome news indeed.

  • Jillian - 2011-09-08 22:58

    The government uses crime statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post - for support, rather than illumination! What about the forensic labs that are more than 20 000 cases behind and the normal wait for a result in a rape or murder case is 5 - 8 YEARS?? Despite the ANC's best efforts, not all of us are idiots yet.

  • Jillian - 2011-09-08 23:27

    The government uses crime statistics like a drunk uses a lamp post - for support, rather than illumination! What about the forensic labs that are more than 20 000 cases behind and the normal wait for a result in a rape or murder case is 5 - 8 YEARS?? Despite the ANC's best efforts, not all of us are idiots yet.

  • d.j.brits - 2011-09-10 18:00

    This is all a lie, cele you lying through your teeth that other countries dont see what a useless, disgrace of a so called police we have.The SAPS is nothing but a criminal organization in this country............

      Kwankung - 2011-09-14 09:11

      totally agreed, they are a bunch of criminals run by the gvmnt to suit their own purpose of gathering money and power. this wobling system is going to collapse soon.

  • Kwankung - 2011-09-14 09:09

    its clear that no-one believes this crap. ive heard more gunshots in my area now than ever, at least 1 set of gunshots a day now, last year there was still nothing like that. where is the decrease in crime? oh ye... its a decrease in law enforcement, not in actual crime. There is a daily backlog of 2500 cases a day at the department of justice. wonder how that fits into these stats.

  • jody.beggs - 2011-11-24 13:39

    Animal farm was so accurate ? Damn the Man , save the Empire.

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